The most affordable diving trip in Semporna --- Bonbonsiribs

If you like a romantic water house, then go to Kapalai; if you like the white sand beach, you can choose Madagine; if you both like to dive and love diving, you must go to Bang Bang Island. Then the pig head and I really came. In fact, the main reason is because we saw the flying fish family's Bang Bang Silibers diving package is super cost-effective. We decided to come. Bang Bang Silibers is the most cost-effective of the entire Semporna diving

Thai and Thai, charming smile of Sawadika

For Thailand, too many impressions are intertwined, which is also true. This is a yellow robe buddha country. Over 90% of the population believes in Buddhism. Temples and pagodas are the most common sights. This is a country with a sharp tongue. Whether it's a unique Thai food, or a variety of street foods, tropical fruits, there is always a taste you are obsessed with. This is also a country of ambiguous temptation, enchanting shemale, night

A black tea and a Ceylon dream

Because I was about to graduate, I always wanted to find an opportunity to go on a graduation trip. I didn't start the graduation trip until the paper was written for review in April. Before choosing Sri Lanka, I never thought that the final destination would be here. I wanted to go to North Korea before, but after reading the itinerary, I felt that it was too unfree, and I gave up the idea decisively. Later, after reading other people's travels

521, go to the small town of Chiang Mai to abuse the dog

Bib @ 大 卧 絲 小 米菲 Questions are welcome. 【about us】 The two ordinary people in the third-tier cities know each other because of the fate of their work. Oh, of course, Mr. Young chased me. I in Scorpio, I hope Mr. Young will ban it, but Taurus will love to think twice. After I have urged him to watch airline tickets, accommodation, travels to no avail many times, I have the responsibility of making plans. What a fool? 【THE MOMENT】 Travel, for me,

Blow along the South Island of New Zealand

After a year and a half, I finally came to write this travelogue. Hurry up and record while still remembering I remember that I was going to go at the end of October 2014. I wanted to go a little longer. So I chose to leave for the Spring Festival. I wanted to go deeper in the South Island. When I was in Australia, I went to the North Island again. It seems that the time is 15 days, the actual time in New Zealand is 12 days, and the rest of the

Thailand Escape from Frozen Sunshine (Part 1)

In the first year of 2016, the overwhelming cold wave that swept across the Asian continent made Kunming, which was originally like spring and flowers undefeated, instantly enter the frozen mode. For Kunming people who can bathe in the sun, for more than a month, they gritted their teeth every day and endured the pain of the cold wind invading their muscles. , Escape from the cold and cold Kunming City, fly to the tropical seashore at 8 degrees

Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, a family of three Malays

It has been half a month since I came back from West Malaysia, and I thought that my belief in writing travel notes will become weaker and weaker. But looking at the photos of the game today, and thinking about the people and things in the journey, I can't help but have the urge to type the keyboard again. In addition to my parents, this tour also has 3 friends and 6 people in total. The itinerary has a total of 8 days. I booked an AirAsia ticket

Second trip to Korea, a journey of shopping and buying

The last time I came to Seoul was a bit blurry, but what I remembered was that a whole box of beautiful clothes returned from Dongdaemun's two days of fighting was left in a taxi. At that time, I spent 200 yuan. I first tried the radio station to find things, and finally ended up with regret. At the beginning of 2016, I met Seoul again, the coldest winter in history. From the perspective of the high altitude of the plane, the entire Seoul is

Flowers bloom in Chiang Mai and Bangkok in June

Sometimes traveling abroad does not require you to be fully prepared, but it is not so simple to really go wherever you want to go. There is also an opportunity to come and just play Thailand once. This summer, I believe you will fall in love with Northern Thailand! Time: June 11 to June 17, in fact, the time to travel is not how long we set in advance, but it is just in time to catch up with friends and suddenly want to travel, there is not much

Travelling with a suitcase-Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama

The Shinkansen fare basically varies between 600-800, depending on the seat you choose! Katy, what I suggest is that you do n’t have to buy a special seat for a specific time, you only need to buy a regular seat to ride the car at any time! Here you can choose to purchase by referring to the specific price shown in the APP case, or again to emphasize that the route recommendation of the APP must be used more, very accurate! As shown below Let me