From Bali to Java Island, take you in-depth experience of Indonesian style

[Across the equator, scattered in the southern hemisphere of the country of Wandao. 】 Indonesia (Indonesia) is composed of about 17,508 islands. It is part of the Malay Archipelago and the largest archipelago country in the world. The territory spans Asia and Oceania. It is also known as the "land of thousands of islands" and is also a country with many volcanoes and earthquakes. With a coastline of 50,000 kilometers, it has more ocean area than

Bali-there is the sea, blue sky and white clouds I want

A group of six people, two couples and one couple. The first day is basically spent on the road, but the journey that is full of expectations for travel is always long and beautiful. Take a photo with your favorite store When I arrived at the hotel, I was familiar with the surrounding environment. I went to the lobby at midnight to change the hair dryer. By the way, I chatted with the front desk for a long time and learned about the car rental.

A crazy trip across the ocean-New Zealand

Time: 2016.09.17-2016.09.29 Number of days: 13 days Location: South Island, New Zealand Way: Self-driving tour Members: 4 people (sister and brother) Kilometers: more than 2000 kilometers Cost per capita: 25000 The first self-driving trip to a foreign country was dedicated to this beautiful island country-New Zealand This year's travel plan originally planned for two places, one in Tibet and one in NZ. But some people's desire for skydiving and

Phuket 6 days free travel, the most grounded travel

本人第一次去泰国,行程安排的不是那么完美,在下边我会指出不恰当的地方,让大家少走一些弯路。有什么疑问可以微博私信我,微博账号为做人嘛最重要的是开心啊啊啊啊啊。先来看看我们需要准备什么吧,首先第一点就是电话卡,照片不发朋友圈怎么能行,在淘宝上可以购买的到,一个大概是二十多元,七天1.5G流量和500分钟通话,很方便。签证我也是选择了提前签好的,也是通过万能的淘宝,多花不了多少钱,省去了排队的烦恼。普吉岛的酒店插口和我们的一样,所以不用买转换器就OK。然后就是防晒霜那里的紫外线瞬间就可以让你晒伤。 到飞机场啦。 我预定的新加坡老虎航空公司,在新加坡转机飞普吉岛,我也是第一次坐国际航班很多都不懂,飞机在国外转机需要购买中专手续,但是去哪网上没有提醒,大家要小心,如果可以的话尽量买直飞的,购买的国际航班的飞机票他会往你邮箱里发回执单,记得打出来带在身上。 出境啦 我是早上八点的飞机,国际航班尽量提前三个小时到达机场,中间在新加坡转机,回家以后一定要好好补习补习英文,我这蹩脚的英文

You still have to miss a few cherry blossom falls-Tokyo Cherry Blossom Guide

Every year on March 15th is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. Many men and women who admire their visits, full of love-like longings and wishes, watch the large piece of soft cherry blossoms that gently fall in the cold wind. The flowering period of cherry blossoms is very short. There is a proverb of "seven days of cherry blossoms" in Japan. When the flowers bloom, they are full of beauty, charming and graceful; A moment. Starting from March

Kitakyushu with cherry blossoms

People: Three generations of old, middle-aged and young, five people (Parent age 60+, male treasure age 2 years and 2 months) Number of days: 8 days (2016.3.20-3.27) Location: Kitakyushu (Fukuoka-Kumamoto-Yufuin-Beppu-Fukuoka) 1 Visa: A travel agency of Taobao, signed in about 15 days, the specific materials vary from person to person 2 Air ticket: Ctrip reservation! Depart from Shanghai! 3 Hotel: Booking! 4 JR Pass: Kitakyushu 5-day coupon

The style of painting is abrupt, different from Singapore!

Many years ago, I wrote in a travel note, "May my lens allow you to see the prosperity of the world." By now, this "you" has become an abstract you. It ’s not that I do n’t find that there is no such person in the world. I can share it with my friends on Qunar. I can also read my travel notes and want to go to Singapore ’s Resorts World Sentosa to experience [hotel, casino, Universal Studios, Halloween] you guys share. It's just that "you" has

Australia has given me something different

Naru Lake catches Pipi shrimp and mud crab, just like back to childhood Shearing performance, Hi Leather Qantas throughout, great The second group set off to find MH370 Little handsome guy-helicopter pilot Pearl of the Sea Looking for the return of Malaysia Airlines Integration: Enjoyment with local residents Two groups of friends Semi-submarine observation to enjoy the beautiful scenery under the sea Is the "five games" swimsuit photo okay?

Follow me to explore the mysterious and ancient South Africa

It's only a few years since Mo Ji first voiced the account on the Internet. It's a bit boring ... It's expensive to record. In some cases, the wrong photos are also supplemented by the mobile phone as the main camera, so some of the films are really bad, but 100% are me. This trip to South Africa has exceeded expectations and highly recommended Cape Town Board the plane and discover the Ethiopian Airlines flight attendant! I drank 2 small bottles