Huinan, a picturesque place

On April 18th, with two friends from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, I took a soft sleeper k25 from Shenzhen Luohu to Huangshan at 1:30 in the afternoon. I arrived at Huangshan Station at about 10 am on the 19th. The friends contacted me and thought that the driver master, we packed a van Take us to Hongcun first, and lived in Hongcun at night. This season is the rainy season in Huinan. It rains every day, but after the rain, Huinan is more flavorful,

Early summer, meet Lombok

This is an unexpected trip. To tell the truth, I thought I would not go to Indonesia again in three or five years. After all, I have visited Bali in depth. Indonesia outside Bali seems to have no beautiful scenery. I have always thought that until my return this time, my point of view was subverted: If you meet Lombok, you will find that Bali is not the only label in Indonesia. The owner's Sina Weibo account: dora_mi2. Regarding travel issues, if

I wanted to wear too little to Bei Nai all the way

Transportation: Green leather train hard seat. Harbin-Daqing: around 20; Daqing-Qiqihar: around 30; Qiqihar-Bei'an: around 30; Beian-Wudalianchi scenic spot: around 70 per person. Bei'an-Harbin: Around 50. Accommodation: Qiqihar one night 50; Bei'an one night 50. Must eat in Daqing is that the pit roast is very unique. It is best to book a table in advance or you have to wait. It takes more than an hour to wait for food after having a place. Get

Two foodies in Thailand's second honeymoon trip

The second honeymoon trip, ha ha ha, in fact, as long as you want, you can always find a reason to travel. This time, my wife and I decided to come to Thailand. The point is, eat, eat, who calls us Taurus ~ The phone card remembers that China has bought a happy card with 7 days of unlimited data. In many places, it is about 50, but I asked the customer service directly on the lazy cat travel. I sold it for 35 yuan, which is much cheaper. I took

Trip to Jeju Island before midsummer

Actually, our trip to South Korea was decided almost a month ago, just to release pressure on ourselves, just come and talk about the trip! Simply take off! Of course, you must taste the most authentic beer fried chicken! ! Let's start eating! The best drink here is banana milk, I love it! ! Snacks buy buy buy! There are two major duty-free shops DFS in Jeju Island: Silla and Lotte! Personal suggestion is that Silla is slightly better than

National Day 2016: Self-driving Xiao Xing'an Mountains, embracing the colorful landscape

Full itinerary: Beijing-Chengde-Pingquan-Jianping-Chaoyang-Fuxin-Siping-Changchun-Harbin-Suihua-Helen-Beian-Sun Wu-Xunke-Jiayin-Tangwang River-Yichun-Uma River-belt Ling-Langxiang-Tieli-Qing'an-Suileng-Helen-Harbin-Changchun-Siping-Fuxin-Jinzhou-Shanhaiguan-Beijing, the total distance is 4000 kilometers. The main destination: Lindu Yichun, where summer is summer and summer is snow, but I think autumn is actually the most beautiful. The beauty of

Journey to Ceylon, Song of Mountain and Sea

"Sri Lanka is located in southern Asia and is like summer all year round. It is called" tears of God "and" pearls of the Indian Ocean "because it is shaped like water droplets. There are beautiful seasides, mysterious ancient cities, rich natural resources, and Unique and charming culture, considered by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island ... " This journey stems from an accidental reading. A brief introduction disturbed my pool of spring

excitement! Fly to Phuket to learn fishing

It has been a few days since I came back from Thailand. I have been looking for time to record the feeling of a day fishing trip in Phuket, Thailand. I have been a reporter for so long, I have climbed the mountain and crossed the sea. My life is always full of soul and empty wallet ... friends who are checking Phuket fishing guide, I hope my travel notes can help you ~ Frankly speaking, I am not a fishing enthusiast. Even before, I always felt

The most comprehensive guide to diving in Redang Island

Recently, I just went to Redang Island in Terengganu, Malaysia, which is the shooting location of "Summer Tea" that everyone is familiar with. Redang Island has a natural snorkeling environment, clear to incredible waters, and as thin as unimaginable white sand beaches. It feels very good, so I want to share with you every bit of this trip. Because this is my first time to Redang Island, I try to understand the situation as much as I can. After

Travel freely, visit Bali in your dreams

Bali, the island of dreams. In fact, all my impressions of Bali come from Korean dramas ... I always feel that it is a very romantic place. In fact, I have been there for a long time, and I have never come to write travel notes. Make a record. The sky and sea in Bali is really beautiful, we left a lot of photos, full of memories. After this trip, the total cost is about 8000 to 8500, and many of them have not been calculated. A rough idea, give a