See the prosperity of Tokyo, brilliant lights

The relationship between learning Japanese has always been a longing for going to Japan to experience the feeling of integration into the local area. So I started my trip to Shanghai-Tokyo-Yufuin Hot Spring-Fukuoka-Shanghai. In retrospect, although it was tossing, it also gave me a better understanding of Japanese hee hee, which was good. Not much to say about visas, the country is a big travel agency, the materials to be submitted are similar,

Summer blown by sea breeze-Bali 11th free travel

Sunshine, beach, coconut tree, sea ... Bali, a beautiful island with honeymoon and weddings, is endowed with infinite romance. This travel note is not the most comprehensive and detailed, but it is the most authentic and fresh. I hope it can help some friends who have not yet gone and are about to travel. If you have any questions, you can leave a message at any time, I will take the time to reply in time. This time I wrote a profound

See the prosperity and finally be quiet-Angkor's trip

Angkor, once a splendid and prosperous king city, has been ruthlessly swallowed by the epidemic of war and slaughtered in the tropical jungle. Now, civilization is reappearing. Angkor is the ultimate art of Hinduism and Buddhism; it is the deepest oriental philosophy embodied in Founder and Existence; it is the spiritual pilgrimage when the body is climbing upwards; it is the position of finding people between mountains and water. Angkor made

Travel alone, go alone to Thailand

I saw a topic in Douban today and asked, is the reason for traveling alone because of loneliness or enjoyment? Some people say that the journey starts because of loneliness, and the journey begins to enjoy Reminds me of my first solo trip. So let's write this travel note. Of course, I travel alone, not because of loneliness, but because of the desire to experience the mentality of walking alone on the road. So I went. In fact, I am a boy, but I

The endless talk of classmates, the endless talk of southern Anhui

Many people may not have the experience we have. A group of elementary school students who have been playing with children since childhood, after more than 30 years of separation, have found each other again through the online classmates association, and this trip is a group of nearly 50-year-old naughty boys Longing for a long trip, the chief planner of this event is myself, and the financial controller is our handsome pot Xiaomi. We plan to

Free Travel Cambodia, Vietnam

This is a belated travel note. It's been a long time since we went out to play. I didn't want to write it, but finally decided to write it, just to give myself a memorial. My husband always wanted to travel abroad freely, so I found many places on the Internet and read a lot of strategies. Finally, in February 2014, I chose Cambodia and Vietnam as the first stop of our free travel abroad. Angkor's stone dynasty, which was once glorious, then

Chiang Mai-just want to meet in a country with blooming flowers

This place in Chiang Mai probably came to be known from Teresa Teng and Thais. The first time I went to Thailand, I only went to Phuket / PP Island. This time I gave up Bangkok and went straight to Chiang Mai. Those desires that drive us to forget our original happiness, just want to meet in a country where flowers bloom. . . Spitting. . . Leave some traces of coming. . . There is no very complicated strategy, the online strategy is much better


Actually, there have been a few trips that say go, but I haven't actually written a travel note. After playing, there are only a bunch of photos, and few written records. This honeymoon, I decided to leave a record, which is also a good memory. In the future, I will have the opportunity to tell our baby about our travel story. I've been to Sri Lanka, Saipan, Bali or something before, so this time we discussed changing the feeling of traveling and

Wander the cat and Sydney, forget about worrying travel in the southern hemisphere

Some books say, Travel allows you to find yourself more beautiful. Either study or travel. The trip plan was a bit rushed. It was a common dinner for a large family, but it became the fuse of this trip. Bring your own skin sac and run towards the other side of the earth. Let's put the poison first, and slowly talk about the following matters. If you have any questions to ask, you can directly add me to WeChat: Jianjianploy Visa: As mentioned

A trip to Sanya with shells and shells and grandma and grandma

Until now, I am still confused. I don't know where the courage came from. I took my three-year-old shells, shells, grandma and aunts to beautiful Sanya. Everyone knows that when Big Shells can't go to work, I actually refused at the beginning. I suddenly thought of the scene when I was lying on the delicate beach with delicious coconut. I have shaken. Perhaps this is my biggest motivation! Everyone knows that the journey is drunk and hard. When I