With you, walk to the end of the world together-free travel in Japan

Honeymoon! It is estimated that my wife is planning before I know him. Lesbians' honeymoon does not need an object. I started chasing my friend and started asking me where to take her on the honeymoon? New Zealand go bungee jumping to watch the galaxy? Australia to go parachuting by car? I even thought of taking a cross-border train across Mongolia to Lake Baikal, Russia! of course no I have been down to earth since I was a child, and have never

I heard that the beach sunshine in Okinawa has been waiting for you for a long time

It has been almost 2 months since I came back from Okinawa, and the problem is dragging. One year ago, Tokyo + Yufuin was still unsatisfactory to Japan. Taking advantage of the opening of multiple round-trip visas, this time I chose to enter Okinawa for the first time. In fact, I have n’t been to the beach for a long time. I always feel that the beach is going to take a young ride. So in the years after graduation, I ran various Southeast Asian

Take you into the world of local tyrants-Dubai

A local paradise, a luxurious oasis in the desert ... That's right! This is Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Oh, I have been longing for it, but for various reasons it has never been done. Bihai Sands, luxury hotels, magnificent buildings, tax-free paradise ... The UAE has many sides, but no matter which side of the experience will always make you deeply shocked, long unforgettable. There is the world ’s largest airport-Dubai Airport, and the

Meet again in Thailand (this time to take a wedding photo ~)

Two years ago, I toured Thailand with a group and made me like this place. I also left a lot of regrets, so this time I made a strategy and decided to go free. Thailand is a country that is very suitable for free travel. The language does not need to worry at all. Basic English words plus your rich body language, ok departure 2 heroines in this trip, beautiful -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- I am the

Go forever in your life 【Travel in England】

The UK is the oldest capitalist power in the world and one of the places that travel lovers will want to see in their lifetime. Boarding a British Airways flight at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 12:15 on June 11, 2014, all the way west to London. Although the flight time is more than ten hours, because the service on board is very good, I don't feel tired at all. About 15:00 London time (a difference of 7 hours from Beijing time)

Golden Week lurks in Vietnam

As the first free travel abroad, I have to say that I am really a big-hearted existence. Although when I said that I only spent one night booking air tickets and one night discussing hotels, I was deeply despised by her companions (she did make a lot of efforts behind the scenes silently, various comparison and screening, so finally presented I was given elite options, I naturally just have to take charge of nodding, of course, this is what I

7-Day Phuket, Sun, Beach, Seafood

Thinking about the topic for a long time See you first—I love you: Dancing low in the heart of Yangliulou, singing the fan-style wind Goodbye-melancholy: Tonight is a photo of Yin Zhi, fearing to meet is a dream This can be said to be a trip to go, and my college buddy. No plan, just watch while walking, even lying on the beach in Phuket for seven days. On the morning of July 13th, I departed from Beijing South Railway Station and went straight

"Thai" Fun in Pattaya, Bangkok

On April 09, 2016, I booked this travelogue with myself, when I said: May 30-June 8, I plan to go to Thailand. Before leaving, I typed these words: Bangkok Pattaya We did not apply for a visa in advance because of time. Fortunately, we only queued up for an hour, which is far less than our estimated 3 hours. Very lucky! Thailand is to sign a valid passport and air ticket directly on the ground. Longman Airport is a smaller airport in Bangkok.

People need to be brave and impulsive, my first Malay memory

Traveling abroad for the first time in life ... This is my first trip abroad, and the first time I take a plane, the first time I travel alone by myself .... I have graduated for 5 years. During my studies, I had a wish to travel once a year after graduation But this wish will only be realized after 5 years ... In the summer vacation of 2014, I already had the idea of ​​going to Sabah to play. At that time, the hotel added air tickets to 2000+,


South Korea's Open Day Festival plus Saturday and Sunday three days holiday walk up Gangwon-do East Seoul-Gangneung ticket 14600 Gangneung MOTLE 50000 Lunch 9000 Bus stop-Gyeongpodai 1200 Gyeongpo Seaside-Bus Station 1200 The bus station did not find a way to take a taxi to take the 109 road 2800 Bus Stop-Jeongdongjin 1200 Rain to buy an umbrella 3500 Dinner 7000 Jeongdongjin-Jiangling Bus Station 1200 Breakfast 6000 the next day Gangneung-Sokcho