Lifting the veil of "Tianzhu Maiden"-Indian Spring Festival Tour

After sending a circle of friends at the Melangar Fort, I immediately received a congratulatory message: In order to capture the moment when the pigeons were flying over the castle, did you raise your arm and cripple? Recalling this time last year, there was a long queue of 3 hours at the entrance of St. Peter's Basilica. The only entertainment activity was to hold the camera to the sky, find an angle and wait for the birds on the square to

Tranquil sea and noisy city

What a beautiful feeling it is for people to chase happiness and spread happiness to every corner of the planet. Hua Hin is full of purity, nostalgia and longing, and his heart is like falling in a piece of crystal clear green, dreaming of a spring, so drunk. Sitting in the place closest to the sea, I can think about anything, I ca n’t think of anything, take a deep breath, open your fingers upwards, stretch your body backwards, look up at the

Just a simple trip to Korea

The open government office area is very good 시청 City Hall is a square in summer and a skating rink in winter A bit rich Chicken. One is 2,000 won. 鸡肉 串 个 2000 元 还 可以 西域 的 味道 Won't feel cold hands in winter Occasional filming advertising in the winter to wear short sleeves hard work you Quite creative Korea's No. 3 treasure Not far from the temple is Insadong Very unique stairs Photo studio Painted on the ground like this Jongmyo World Heritage

Take the snow country train and see the ice and snow in Hokkaido moving

Before the winter vacation came, a few pig friends discussed taking their children to vacation. The originator is that we all have a round-trip flight ticket between Japan and South Korea redeemed by China Eastern Airlines Points, but excluding Hokkaido. Coincidentally, three mothers and three daughters did not take her husband for a trip. I ’ve been to Tokyo, and in 2015, it ’s warm in winter and it ’s not snowing. Why ski? I didn't want to

In 2015, my graduation trip was staged in Thai embarrassment

Before July 1, 2015, I was still a college student, and like most college students, I was looking forward to a good graduation trip, but the reality was very cruel. The people who said good graduation trip together, to the end How many people can really walk together? But it is also very understandable. After all, graduation is an important turning point in life. Some need to find a satisfactory job immediately, some may marry immediately, and

Traveling with parents--Taiwan-Singapore horse ran away on the 10th

I have long wanted to go abroad with my parents and have a look. It is natural to choose the high-performance Thai-Singapore 10-day tour. The itinerary is not too special, almost all the groups take the same route, and there are not many strategies to share. After ten days of running down, the deepest points are written in front. 1. It's really too long to follow the group for ten days. My parents are some years old. I'm really tired after a few

A ten-day tour of Thailand in endless words-Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket

This is ... an endless journey. Simply put, it was a heavy loss, and the camera that had been swinging around with me fell into the Indian Ocean and died. So this running account is so weird The decision to go to Thailand was about half a month before departure. I mainly did these things: set the itinerary, book airline tickets, book a hotel, book a day trip, apply for a visa, change baht Go through the almanac. 【stroke】 Because it was the first

In addition to Phuket, Thailand still has such a beautiful island

After getting off the plane, I took a shuttle bus to the airport. The ultra-small airport didn't take long to reach the customs. The counter finally waited for a staff member to start queuing through the customs. The position on the right side of the picture is where the landing sign is processed. After picking up the luggage, you will see a row of car rental company counters on the right hand side. Because most of the foreigners in Krabi are

The island is not only bikini but also stormy-Philippines

Every trip is a new tragedy! Do n’t ask me why I do n’t have photos of various recreational facilities on the beach, and why I do n’t have diving, snorkeling and various walks under the sea ... The big typhoon Tianlian even erected a 5-meter high typhoon barrier. You thought I would say ... Because the weather was extremely bad this time, it took 8 days and one and a half days of sunny days, the rest were all stormy, and the basic mobile phone

Dynamic Family Fun in Bali

The trip to Bali was an unplanned trip. I originally booked a Singapore air ticket and would stay in Singapore for 10 days. Although Singapore is a small pocket country, there are still many attractions to see and see. Despite this, my friend told me that you will be bored if you stay for so long. . . can you? Okay, let ’s find another nearby island, with Singapore as the center and a 3-hour flight as the radius, on the condition that we are