Zhenze town, is worth a stop and slowly place taste - Suzhou Travel Guide

Zhenze, I've been over two decades ago when the silk factory engaged in design work, which is a small town with well-known silk, know very well preserved old town, but each time come and gone, but to the nearby factory, has been without the free walking slowly in town. Later left the silk industry, have become rare opportunity to Wujiang, the town became my feelings people feel old silk thoughts. A few days ago, a friend invited me to play in

A city Panda rhyme Millennium tribute tea - better met Ya'an - Ya'an Travel Guide

Ya'an "Fuyi nearly, then travel by the public, insurance beyond, to those who are less, and the world of Kiwi Rose strange good-tenths of insurance is often far away, and the rare person to Yan, where there is not to be so non . " Tea Rhapsody, tea is the time. Yangtze River Water heart, Meng top tea. Always thought, Ya'an would like a laurel tree in the mountains, old, quiet, but indulge soak into the depths, from the grandfather of tea began

Baishahu, next to the Pakistan-China friendship road beautiful landscape - Travels Raiders

Baishahu, original 名恰克拉克 lake, and Ming Bulun mouth reservoir, located Akto County Buren Township Chuck Mubarak village, the south bank of snow-capped peaks of kongur, the North Shore is the dune stretches without a break. We drive today for taxkorgan, the way will be through this beautiful "human Fam." 9:00 departure from the ancient city of Kashgar, along the 314 national highway, we drove children singing, like warriors, like, all the way up

Suzhou Grace featured live - Suzhou Travel Guide

Taking advantage of the weather is not cold, you can wear nice clothes, play out, and several small partners about the Suzhou to play, finally about to the last get together before or three months, this time we several chose a new hotel, I feel pretty good, for everyone to share! ! ! Should be a one-star hotel, named Grace featured hotels (Suzhou Industrial Park shop), located in Suzhou Industrial Park, a free trade zone, the traffic is very

[To Liuba, encounter the most sultry autumn] - Shaanxi Travel Guide

Many years ago, the fall of Yongzhen innovation failure of Liu Yuxi was demoted Langzhou, chant the phrase "mountain out of water net night comes frost, the number of tree crimson light yellow." Dash gloomy year, it has long been forgotten, the song "Autumn word" but never in the annals of Chinese classical literature, so that people chant so far. In late October, came Liuba deep in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains, leaves to go to a