"Fat series go everywhere," the ultra-poor province of Beijing and Shanghai freedoms - Travel Guide

Foreword Super busy I do not know Zijun recent years transformed, only you have forgotten to give yourself tour in August in Beijing to make a summary, then re-open No. start recording it sloshing around days. Saying this is my second visit to Beijing, said before the trip that stay away, the failure can not fail, on their way back and forth to remove a weekend time, after the first rush to the sea, plus Wangfujing ate a duck to Hui Hu a. So take

In November, Wushan Travels - Travel Guide Wushan

Wushan County, Chongqing City, located in the northeast, north shore of the Yangtze River and Daning River Interchange. Here a long history, temple ruins keel slope of ancient human fossils, 201-204 million years ago found fossils of human incisors, is found in our country the earliest human fossils. World-famous, canyon, river scenery, represented by the Three Gorges, but also to start the tour from here, there are deep and beautiful, with

Haikou cold air is beat people want to eat the hearts of tea Dad, why do not you see - Haikou Travel Guide

Cold air is beat Haikou, or you see Central Communist Youth League published a recent cold air forecast map on the microblogging, I looked after inner calm no waves and even a bit like laughing. As a people of Hainan, the Hainan November drag hai shorts + T Xu is not entirely virtual. Standard equipment completely enough. Not on a high with. Small electric donkey with "standard equipment", a product towards the sea Holiday House shop, eat tea Dad

"I do not know the situation from the one to the deep," - The Peony Pavilion, a Xianzu Fuzhou wrote love letters. - Fuzhou Travel Guide

It was a sunny autumn is a good time to travel, happened to be invited to Jiangxi's Fuzhou Tourism Bureau, participated in the national activities of people into Fuzhou three days and two nights, neither long nor short, just enough to spend a pleasant weekend, and now I will take you to look at, Fuzhou - this is a place to dream me. From Nanjing to Fuzhou, in fact, we have direct access to the motor car, but since I did not want to shift, can

Central Plains small Jiuzhaigou, Henan traveling by car first choice! - Henan Travel Guide

In Luoyang, Henan Province, Jiuzhaigou dare to have a place to fight Yan to forests, flowers, underground stream, rocks, underground lakes as the main body. Water, waterfalls, layered baptism, really wave after wave Say, God Luoyang, in the United States and eight hundred Mountain, for people who have not been to Luoyang is a fantastic dream, full of mystery, for people who have been, it is a permanent division of care. Bamboo Palace in its

Do not lose scenery in Zhangjiajie, Henan actually hidden beauty of this masterpiece - Henan Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie in western Henan Yellow Emperor are close to Green Mountain, Ssangyong Canyon Moon Bay. Zhen swing boat on the lake, Extraterrestrial Sky. To Green Mountain is the world geological park, provincial nature reserves, provincial scenic area, an area of ​​76 square kilometers, is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, the new County to Green Town "Shan Hai Jing" records, "Green to the mountain, but the real secret Emperor are"

Gold Gold Prague's wedding how to do - Travel Guide

Gold Gold wedding in Prague The most beautiful love than most childhood era, we should have seen the childhood story of Mole, yes this lovely story from today's destination, Golden Prague! Prague's charm is that you can still stroll through the cobblestone streets and marvel at the magnificent Gothic church, listen to the Pentium Vltava river. This has been for many years the people praise the city, such as picture-like spread slowly in front of

Changsha Changsha people say! Buddha, Changsha trip! - Travel Guide

Changsha Travel preparation: Changsha to play, the proposed small partners, be sure to wear comfortable shoes with a good-looking, because you will not only pat fear, you will flee for food everywhere. Changsha autumn morning and evening temperature a bit large, must take a good warm clothing. Accommodation Transportation: Changsha hotels and B & Bs choice is varied, if the budget is small enough partners, small advice you choose B & B on Floats,

Snow Village truly is not deceptive to Wang Zhenbin family hotel, take you this winter Play Snow Village! - Snow Village Travel Guide

"Northland scenery, ice, A thousand Piao; see the Great Wall, but I vast, and down the river, will lose their surging ......" Snow Village in China, the largest snowfall in parts of the country, still retains the rare romantic winter snows. Snow Village on the basic necessities of life, as well as Snow Village all the details, I will be a native of the northeastern his right to you. Because his family is here, more convenient, I go every year to

2019 Autumn flowers Chizhou map - and Chizhou Travel Guide

Autumn quietly slipped away, Lidong had gone Chizhou autumn What color? In addition to ginkgo everywhere, cenglinjinran many colors waiting for you to enjoy the colorful autumn, It intoxicating Seize the autumn tail, These flowers point you punch yet Weekend rest may wish to bring family, friends about the Together to go to a feast flower clusters Kam save it ~ Xiao Bian is ready for you 2019 Autumn flowers Chizhou map It quickly by drawing