New Zealand's North and South Islands day Trip (1, North Island 3 days) - New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand (English: New Zealand), also translated the New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, the political system is a constitutional monarchy mixed British-style parliamentary democracy, is now one of the Member States of the Commonwealth. New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean southwest of the territory by the South Island, North Island and a number of smaller islands, separated by the Cook Strait, Antarctica near the South Island, North

A pair of shoes for some culture, the Chinese shoe culture museum takes you through the history of Chinese shoes - Travel Guide

Shoes with you all day as partners, which go hand in hand with you forward, Yimapingchuan help you, help you through the various obstacles, but do you really know them? A pair of shoes is a piece of culture, Chinese shoes development has become a section of fascinating history, as the Chinese shoe culture museum tells. Tianjin, China shoe culture museum is located in the Ancient Culture Street, is a century-old "old United States and China" on

什么是幸福的人?——其中一个可能是…… - 澳大利亚游记攻略

20 draft: WOOFER), far more than it can do something! You can become ten happy people! ; - it should be called "farmers should when" right? "I have an ideal, …… "I grew up to become a singer," "I want to grow up to be president." "I grew up to become a teacher." 345353—671615—671651656353231— or……… ————

When went to see the snow Rime Island, Man Choi inn this winter the best scenic spots please accept! - Jilin City Travel Guide

Rime Rime Island due to many and named after the beautiful, the terrain here is relatively low in Jilin city, surrounded by the river there. Hot and cold air in the intersection here, almost every day, winter tree hanging, sometimes for days not falling. Rime is fog and moisture freezes on the leaves ice crystals, granular and crystalline divided into two kinds. Rime granular compact, small form capsules ice, and the crystalline structure rime

Early winter, the warmest encounter Jinan - Travel Guide

In honor last winter and a friend spent a few days in leisure time in Jinan, Jinan three spots of course non-Thousand Buddha Mountain, Daming Lake, Baotu must go, after we settled in, the first stop is going to the sudden jump spring play. Into a garden, it is a surprise. The road across the walls, desolate winter goes as far as to isolate the North, still hanging on the willow few yellowing Egeria particularly eye-catching, see bridges the gap

Wuyuan Huang Ling autumn sun, Mountains in wonderland, looking for the most beautiful autumn - Jiangxi Travel Guide

Autumn is the season for hiking, autumn Nama sense of loss in the atmosphere, people can not help but want to drop everything and running away. Autumn is a season of self-seeking, all the scenery in autumn even more delicate abundance. The trip to Jiangxi Shangrao, feel the "unparalleled in the world blessed," the first Xianfeng Jiangnan "Taoist mountains - Mountains in Wuyuan and to enjoy China's most beautiful countryside Autumn. Day1 Guangzhou

Nice quiet trip Shu Kee Belgium - Brussels Travel Guide

Travel will change my mind, let me state becomes different. I should not have stalled, we must try to pursue their dreams. Bags packed, ready to start, to change lives. I walked, I suddenly re-understanding of their own, will want to know a lot of things. Time is very precious, you have to remember the thousands in, read books, to travel, do not tangle is the first out of the house, or the first opened the book and read a lot of the time. Go to

"Shadow way" in the second quarter Episode | line photo Sea Garden appreciate the hundred islands dongtou! - dongtou district Travel Guide

Shadow way to open a new journey Hello Hello everyone, welcome back to "shadow way", also thank you to continue to support us. Before today's share, I would like to ask you: Once upon a time, do you have a moment, just across the bustling markets and lively crowd, find a quiet island, facing the sea, cast aside worries .. .... If you had such a moment, then it would please fasten your seat belts, we go along with the sea garden - hundred islands

Play Lianyungang, met niche dwelling gift of joy, with the view of the mountains we see the sea! - Lianyungang Travel Guide

Lianyungang went twice within three months, you should write requirements Raiders. Our whole traveling by car, along with a few friends from Xuzhou, one-way tolls 105, a total of 240 kilometers, about three hours by car. Many people say the Internet is not fun Lianyungang, in fact, I think as the waters from the nearest city of Xuzhou, in fact, playability is still very high, Lianyungang Huanghai Sea belongs to this, so do not give it too many

And friends together Suzhou tourism, super super regret - Travel Guide

A weekend in early November, my friends and I were together eight people, from Shanghai drove to the hearts of the coveted paradise Suzhou River, opened a long-planned trip to the Chinese garden village. 7:00 departure from Shanghai, probably less than two hours, you can go to the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou ancient city, known as one of China's four famous gardens, is a model of Suzhou Gardens, it was still very dramas place, divided