A city blindly | decades of creative Fujian private kitchen, a 20-point, good point slotless, it must - Travel Guide

Each delicious eater, probably will encounter the same problem: find a restaurant recommendation! Regardless of dishes do not ask the price, location, is a virtual first Pakistani Brain ask you: seek good restaurant recommendation! Something like that happens, usually recommended, or to be asked again: per capita, cuisine, location, environment, etc., then the layers of filtration tell you: It seems inappropriate! So, is there a restaurant? We

Hulunbeier to a prairie dating - Travel Guide

每年寒署假都想带孩子出去走走,却总是因为种种原因未能成行,再不出发就真的老了,在儿子的提议下,我们选择了内蒙古,于是开始每天下班后在网上搜攻略、看游记,选择出行方式。参团虽然省心,但商业味太浓,走马观花,吃住不随心,不选择。自驾游风险大,不熟悉当地的路况,一个人开车也容易疲劳,安全容易出问题,不考虑。最后决定包车自助游。于是开始在网络上研究包车,司机的驾驶技术直接决定了出行安全,自助游的成败很大程度上取决于有没有遇到一个负责任的司机,经过几番联系,最后我们选择了越野车,一位中年司机——王师傅,事实证明我们的选择是正确的,师傅开车很稳,人也极好相处,在他的耐心陪伴下,我们度过了愉快的六天。 海南直飞海拉尔,下午到达,王师傅来接机,入住七天连锁酒店,自已提前在携程网上预定的,放好行李王师傅带我们去吃了铁锅钝鱼,味道不错,就是菜盘太大了,一定要比平时的菜量少点一半才不浪费,还在旁边的小店点了些烧烤,服务员态度很好,看着菜太多了我试探说后边的菜不想要了,服务员二话不说就给退掉

Sanya happy winter time, go to a coconut Rhine dating - Travel Guide

Always felt that people should travel at a young age, taking advantage of a temper installed chic, playing personality has the capital, opened and closed seen leaving the city to escape the chaos around him, so that to find a quiet place and clean heart that he become general with crystal clear, then take some beautiful pictures cry, left to their own old age. Wake up early in the morning, catch a plane, and some sleepy, slept on the plane, you

Tianjin to these places early winter feeling the last touch of gold - Travel Guide

Today, Tianjin has bid farewell to the heat, this time the leaves turn yellow, Tianjin is the most beautiful season. Tianjin is a beautiful, red and yellow everywhere phase, colorful; colorful leaves, the wind drift, picturesque generally beautiful, the city leaves, covered the streets of Tianjin. Xigu Park Early Xigu picturesque, a bridge and water, Temple tower, the famous "peach lieu de" that Xi Gu, Dingzigu range, in ancient times called "Xi

2019 Day Hill Terraces European family - Qingyuan Travel Guide

October is the harvest season of rice, Rice said floral harvest, listen to frogs one. Hill Terraces most beautiful scenery, hill terraces and Montenegro have terraced home Europe. On a mountain layers of terraced fields, winding around the winding clouds and static but exquisite hanging in your eyes. Hong array through the sky terraces, mountain do the Golden Flower layers of the mountains, the end of September to late October is the reward

Southern winter is very short, how can you not come Wuzhen - Travel Guide

I heard that the South fall short, you can stay with me. Autumn always knew, the moment they disappear. Old wall ivy from green to yellow if also the night time. From the north, the winter will also be followed up. Hold paper umbrella, sitting rowed boats, and other inter snow, as well as bridges guxiang, autumn and winter Wuzhen seems to gradually return to calm. Wuzhen reward "blue", is not limited to looking at distant long days, a top river

Cairns, Australia Day Tour - Cairns Travel Guide

Cairns (Cairns), Australia Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland East Coast, Brisbane, Sydney overland distances of 1700 km and 2420 km. An area of ​​488.1 square kilometers, population 152,000. Summers are hot and humid, warm and comfortable winter, Cairns is Australia's premier tourist destination, tourism is a pillar industry. It is rich in tourism resources (such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland tropical Wetland Park,

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Dali's early in the morning, have their own unique flavor, no noisy busy city, some a tranquil and quiet, and vent their slow life! In the ancient city of Dali from south to north with five across the street from west to east Zongchuan the eight streets, the city was a checkerboard layout. Dali Fuxing Road is the main street from south to north, the deep quiet street lane, all-green tile roof, simple, chic and elegant. Hongwu fifteen years from

Romantic place to go, to experience the comfortable life - Sanya - Travel Guide

Initially want to go to Sanya, I heard that there is very suitable for wedding photographs, many of my friends have come here to take pictures, thinking "that this place will be very romantic in you, must come to experience a return." Coincided with girlfriends to from the wedding here, so why not take the opportunity to just enjoy it! In fact, throughout this trip I did not spend much money, because girlfriends arranged everything for me, large

November Bipenggou | gorgeous love of autumn, winter and look forward to the quiet beauty - Li County Travel Guide

Bipenggou late autumn is warm, It is romantic, but also the quiet beauty. I come to know, Here, you can promise once a year "about the fall of the" promise. Embrace the most beautiful color, storied dye, blue clarity, colorful. Leaves turn yellow from the first to the last leaf falling, the fall will be here to stay for a long time, only reluctantly turned away, feeling are profound. Gorgeous autumn colors in the forest, autumn mist-shrouded