Go to Kenya to see the animal migration

Every year from July to September, millions of wild animals on the savannah of East Africa begin an annual migration. Millions of herbivores such as wildebeests, antelopes and zebras struggle from south Africa to survive Migrate north, trek more than 3,000 kilometers, survive at the foot of the grassland lion and leopard, escape from the hidden crocodile mouth, and experience the legendary "death of death". Hungry, thirsty, weak, and preyed by

Honeymoon, Haohai and Blue Sky-Bali

Air travel is the best choice for travel in poor travel. Book a ticket about 1 month in advance, and each person will return 3400 yuan ~~ After I got on the plane, I found out that AirAsia ’s air-conditioning was enough. Lao Tzu survived for a few hours, but I could n’t stand it anymore. I spent 10 MYR and rented a blanket. So, it was still frozen ... . Arrived in Bali at noon the next day, a local guide came to pick us up, Erine is a native of

美好的国度, 让一切都温暖起来

I often feel that I am lucky ----- It is a kind of luck to get the elders' understanding. It is a kind of luck to have a partner who has grown up together for many years, a healthy body is a kind of luck, and an indelible curiosity about the world And enthusiasm is also a luck. Since passing the early pregnancy period with good indicators and no morning sickness, as a healthy pregnant woman, a traveling heart is almost ready to come out. Although

The perfect holiday in Bangkok, Phuket with kids

I went to Thailand to visit in early February 2015, because after I came back, I caught up with the Chinese New Year, plus I was too lazy to write and dragged on till now. In fact, every trip has new feelings and new experiences, which are worth recording. Today, we can finally overcome the inertia and sort out the things worth remembering in Thailand travel. The reason why we called it "pure vacation trip" for this trip is because we didn't go

India-shock of extreme wealth and extreme poverty

Before going to India, there are many legends on the Internet: "Lonely Planet" said that India is a "final exam" for backpackers, making travel extremely difficult. If you have crossed India by yourself, nothing else. The media is full of incredible news: "India married rich woman and poor chauffeur eloped their brother on the street to behead", "Indian woman raped in ICU hours after caesarean section" ... etc (These news are available on Baidu)

A romantic appointment with York in the UK

Here at Zhongshan Port, you can directly apply for Cathay Pacific boarding passes, hang luggage directly, and do not need to carry luggage when you board or disembark. When you arrive at the airport, the luggage will be transported directly to your flight. It was another early morning at 5:30, and this time we had to catch the boat and the plane. Everyone was very nervous. With the rain, we set off to London Heathrow Airport. After receiving the

Go to Malaysia to watch the sea in winter

It has been half a year since I came back from Malaysia. Later, for various reasons, I gave up this idea. What is the meaning of travel? I've been to many places before, without text or photos, my memory will be blurred after a long time. Malaysia is so beautiful, how can you forget to forget. The pastures of Shenshan, the fireflies, the air of Semporna, the sea water of Madagascar, and the murals of Penang. While still remembering, record the

Traveling with you-Philippines

Where to go during the Spring Festival, the air tickets have turned around more than usual, booming straight up, and finally compared, only the ticket to the Philippines during this period is the cheapest, but it is also a lot more expensive than usual, but the total It is cheaper than going to Sanya, China (about 500 yuan cheaper for one person back and forth), of course, the two choose Boracay in the Philippines, because Boracay (also known as

Chen Muxi took photos together, and the beautiful island tour-4 days and 3 nights

A dream wedding, a romantic journey, and a set of beautiful wedding photos are the best memories you left me with this island trip. Your right hand is holding my left hand. In the shallow time, we made a life-long commitment to each other-hold the hand and grow old together. Isn't this season a good season for tourism? Let's go, so my husband and I started to search various information on the Internet, such as the poor travel network, Ctrip,

The family's old island is a big year-perfect in Sibu Island, Malaysia

The reason why I wrote this travel journal is because of two reasons, one is to make a record for this beautiful Spring Festival, and the other is to let more people share the joy of this Spring Festival trip with me, and also hope that I This trip will allow more people to have a perfect plan for the Spring Festival in the future! Well, there is not much gossip, let's start the main story! It is unimaginable for many people to celebrate New