Go to Sri Lanka to find the fairy tale world in your dream

At 3:30 in the morning, the Didi Express was scheduled to be sent to the airport in about an hour's drive from Guangzhou Tianhe District to Baiyun Airport. Now there is only one package left to choose from, 9G data. From the airplane window, I slowly saw the winding coastline of Ceylon, the blue water, and my heart began to roll along with the waves. Everywhere in Sri Lanka, students wearing British style school uniforms are mostly white, and

Do not look at the maple leaf cherry blossoms, go to Japan to feel the warm winter sun

#From three people to four people, Japan is an appointment before high school graduation. Later four people realized it together. #Many people say that traveling can tell if a person fits or not, I ’m glad we match #From Hangzhou to Shanghai From Guangdong to Japan I do n’t know how many corners I can walk together #But I'm glad I always have you on my journey Routine first picture? 1.27: Guangzhou-Tokyo 1.28: Tokyo Disney Sea-Tokyo Sky Tree 1.29

2016 Huangshan Tour

Huang Shanxing, whose son has been talking about for a long time, finally got his wish this year. On the 3rd, we drove to the city by ourselves, visited the ancient town at night, and tasted the tofu (recommended the old street crossroads, the following photo, the taste is really delicious), try Hui Hui dishes recommended on the first floor, it is recommended to go early, if you go to dinner, It is estimated that queuing for the number will take

Raiders to experience Myanmar customs and characteristics

When the news said that Myanmar became the penultimate country in the world to lift the blockade on Facebook, I thought to myself that if this country does not go, it may be too late. From the beginning of the democratization reform in 2010 to the implementation of universal suffrage this year, Myanmar, which has been closed for decades, began to enter the world family. Although economic development and life are improving, for a traveler, its


I went to Lushan in July. Afterwards, I suddenly didn't have much passion for domestic attractions. Instead, I wanted to go abroad to play. Because of the shyness in my pocket, I can only go to a small country in Southeast Asia. Of course, Thailand is my first choice! As a result, travel notes and strategies seem to start to pay attention to AirAsia's WeChat at the same time. Originally, I went there in November, so I have been paying attention


This is the first time I write a travel note, please write it down, please forgive me ~~ (′ ▽ `〃) Thailand travel was prepared by my friends and I from the previous year, but it was delayed until this year due to work relationship. I was almost cut off during the second tour, because when I started to check the flight ticket, I saw that the price of the ticket was very cheap. At that time, I thought it was a matter of ordering later. Later, I

Take your baby to a lazy vacation in Sanya

In the fall of 2016, I wanted to change my job to go to my brother to squat for two days, and to stay with my son and mother for two days, which is a simple small holiday. But because my son and mother wanted to go to Sanya, after the job was basically confirmed, I immediately booked a ticket to Sanya. For me, an office worker who was difficult to change classes and could not leave his job unattended, it was a trip to go. Too. Total cost for

My girlfriend and I spent 10 days in Sri Lanka

Last year I went to the Arctic Circle to see the aurora. Alas, my mother has frozen my child who has never seen snow in the south. My friends and I said that we would go to a sunny and warm place this year, and then we came Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an electronic sign. You can register on the official website over the wall yourself or spend some money to find Taobao. (I am lazy, I admit) Taobao 238 does it. Weather The typical tropical climate of

Exploring Singapore, ecstasy of food during the day, horror at night

For Singapore, I have never walked in before, but I always have a strange familiarity. I almost fell off the plane and looked at the rain trees on both sides of the car. I fell in love with it. This departure from the airport can cross the undersea tunnel in half an hour and reach the resort world of Sentosa in the south. The land area is only 1/6 of Shanghai; it is completely possible to communicate in Chinese, and 3/4 of the countries where


I used to think that I had to go abroad to play when I was playing in the country, but now I have discovered how wrong this idea is. When there is time, opportunity, and conditions, go wherever you can. For example, after her daughter ’s coquettishness and coercion and coercion, she finally agreed to travel to the island, but the domestic islands are simply memories of evil, expensive and not fun, so she found travel guides everywhere, from Sabah