A lot of styles mixed 【Romantic Vietnam】

The well-known station in Hoi An ~ Unfortunately, we arrived too late that day and missed the last train to the town. We could only turn around the platform ~ It had just rained, it was very beautiful, and it was very quiet Alright, let's start our journey to Vietnam from scratch! The first-class cabin on Cathay Pacific ’s international flights is not bad. In Hong Kong, only a 80-minute transfer still sweeps a few bottles of perfume. It is still

"The more beautiful Vietnam": Vietnam tour in Vietnam

Vietnam, I put aside all concerns I will feel it slowly with my heart ☂ Note: All pictures are without PS effect, the full text pictures are uploaded from the original pictures. When you see this title, you should think about whether this trip has a lot to do with Vietnam and China. Actually, it does n’t. It ’s just that when I was in Nha Trang, I had a bit of bad luck. I encountered some minor twists and turns. Nha Trang told us that during that

Meet Seoul, meet Han City

The first words of the volume must be dedicated to Huang Xiansen who contributed to this journey. I was temporarily asked to go on a business trip in Seoul. I happened to be on the summer vacation, and I rubbed up. I was so hurried that my visa was almost too late to do it ~~ I thought about Huang Xiansen's work, I can go shopping and eating together, feel the thought The taste of Mida, but the fact is- I ate a buffet breakfast leisurely in the

Say the itinerary as you go, feel free (middle)

Seeing Zagreb for the first time, I couldn't help comparing her to Ljubljana. This country next to Slovenia, but did not join Schengen. How many people did not choose here because of the visa! In fact, many Schengen countries are now able to sign multiple times and hold multiple Schengen to enter and exit Croatia. It is predicted that Croatia will soon welcome a large number of Chinese tour groups. Most Asians currently seen in Croatia are from

Writing poems for you, Chiang Mai in April

It ’s been a year, and I have n’t traveled for a year. There are a lot of things busy in this year. I installed a house this year, challenged to cook (of course not me), and thought about life (saying this is to shorten the distance with young artists) Everything changed from childhood to major events. For example, I slowly tried to lift bangs. This decision was finally made after numerous castrations, although it is still in the head of the

First trip with girlfriends

July 9th-July 15th, 2016 DAY1 (Saturday, July 9): Zhengzhou-Bangkok DAY2 (Sunday, July 10): Bangkok Grand Palace-Koh Samet DAY3 (Monday, July 11): Koh Samet (Half day free)-Pattaya DAY4 (Tuesday, July 12): Pattaya DAY5 (Wednesday, July 13): Pattaya-Bangkok DAY6 (Thursday, July 14): Bangkok (KingPower Duty Free Shop) DAY7 (Friday, July 15): Bangkok (Anthony Shemale Show)-(Suvarnabhumi International Airport)-Zhengzhou The three of our girlfriends


Mentioned that the maple tour of Shenglong Road in November this year had to mention the transportation of several cities on the trip. My habit is to book a flight ticket half a year in advance and have a preliminary understanding of where to go when booking a flight ticket. I have outlined the basic itinerary in my heart. In this way, it can be determined whether a round-trip flight or a gap flight is scheduled in the same city. Contrary to the

Cherry blossom season visiting Japan-the well-known beauty

This article is pure picture. During the cherry blossom season, I went to Osaka and Kyoto. I love Kyoto so much that I like tones everywhere. Exquisite, petty bourgeois, simple and fashionable, suitable for walking slowly. Helpless time is too limited. The Japanese food, the cherry blossoms, and the kimono beauty young woman are unavoidable ... In fact, I took a gorgeous kimono art photo in Kyoto. Thanks to the brother-in-law who has life

Take children to experience the beaches and seafood in Vietnam

My daughter and I had a cold and fever from the wrong travel date for visa application to the time before travel, and I always felt that it was not smooth. On the New Year ’s Eve airport, the flight was cancelled due to heavy fog. After waiting for four or five hours at the airport, he drove back to his home and spent a year with no new taste. For the first time, I developed "resentment" that I didn't expect to travel so much. It was only after

Wudalianchi Three Day Tour Complete Guide

1. Determine the itinerary and date. Originally expected to be a two-day tour, but I always feel that it is not thorough, and temporarily changed to a three-day tour. 2. The temperature in Wudalianchi is a few degrees lower than that in Harbin, so be sure to wear more clothes. You must wear long sleeves in the cool summer evenings. It is best to wear winter clothes in autumn. Do n’t be surprised to see Russian beauties wearing down jackets in