That is a dream full of sunshine-Jeju Island

Why travel? It just so happens that there is someone who is willing to take pictures of you with your backpack ... How to choose each destination? Tell yourself that you just want to go, and you want to go where you have n’t been? (It can also be said that I am passionate about holding a passport to collect stamps.) Of course, I must comprehensively evaluate my time and Grandpa Mao's strength. Why did you choose Jeju this time? If you want to


Talked to Xiamen's buddies at 3 am until dawn and hurried to the airport to watch the sunrise. . . Transfer on Singapore Airlines in Singapore, Singapore is so far from Beijing! ! It took nearly 7 hours to fly. . . exhausted! Transfer between two terminals in Singapore, glance at this small city, clean and simple A 1.5-hour drive from Phuket Airport to the famous Patong Beach, the bustling and lively night market! There is a tossing day to

Ancient Road with Grey Walls, Mo Shang People-Xidi Hongcun

On the May 13th holiday, he accompanied his father to Xidi Hongcun to play. He came very close from Anqing. He took a bus to Tunxi District of Huangshan and stopped at the bus terminal for about three hours. When you arrive in Tunxi, buy a ticket and go to Xidi. Hongcun is a little bit farther than Xidi, so many people go directly to Hongcun and play on Xidi the next day. Xidi and Hongcun are about the same size. If you go fast, you can go

Follow me to explore Meixi

Looking for a long time to resign and go where to go, it is rare that there are two months in the middle to be empty, many places are almost in line, and finally fell down under the pomegranate skirt, the largest country in the universe, with the people of his country who came to my heavenly pilgrimage just like 300 years ago. In awe, I went to the United States ... This trip also opened a trilogy of travel in the next year: America, Europe,

Hokkaido-Donan 8-Day Free Tour with Basic Japanese

The idea of ​​going to Hokkaido began in June. After a month of fighting with the group vs not fighting with the group, I finally chose to go free because of the too boring route with the group. The previous experience of applying for a visa, buying jr, "doing a strategy" (the reason for using double quotes is that there is not much time to actually do a strategy, basically it is only a day before departure, which specific place to play) is A new


Between movement and static, to the purest and the most beautiful Huangshan was called Yishan in ancient times. Because of the Tang Dynasty Taoist "Zhou Shuyi" made up: After the emperor came to this mountain to practice, he became an immortal. Emperor Tang Ming said that Taoism is convenient for the sixteenth year of Tianbao (747 AD) to change Yishan to Huangshan on June 17th. Xu Xiake, a great traveler in the Ming Dynasty, visited Huangshan

No cherry blossoms but worth visiting-Japan

I came to Japan with the group 2 years ago. Among the six cities, I like the quaintness of Kyoto and Osaka, which is both inside and outside. This time I finally took the opportunity to take a vacation to Kyoto Osaka. The plane of Eastern Airlines T2 leaves at 10 o'clock in the morning before 7 o'clock. I found a meditation room in the waiting room, and suddenly felt that internationalization was better The cloudy sky plus the blue sky itself is

Walking Sea of ​​Eagles-Langkawi (Langkawi Superfine Raiders)

I ca n’t remember which geography book I learned about the Strait of Malacca. I thought, what does it have to do with me? Don't remember how many eagles I saw at the zoo, when I thought, could they ever soar? I do n’t remember the first time I went to the northern seaside. At that time, did I think there was the pure sea in the picture? Now I remember that on the strait of Malacca that connects the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean, there is a

Falling in Jeju

Jeju, my friend and I planned a long National Day trip. Something went wrong because of something at home during the trip. The 7-day travel time that was originally scheduled was only 4 days in the end. The time is short, and the meaning is still unfinished. In addition, most Chinese girls like to watch Korean dramas, O (∩_∩) O haha ​​~ Forgive our little girl's feelings. I chose Jeju Island because Jeju Island is now a visa-free system for China

Super beautiful Semporna! ! !

The sea is awesome and makes people fall in love with its beauty! ! ! So be sure to go diving ~ plunge into the arms of the sea ~ see the beautiful marine life ~ shock your soul ~ la la la la ~ just like this ~ a fun and tragic journey began ~~~ (personal advice !!! If you go on holiday, you must make a reservation 3 months in advance) Long-sleeved floating clothes (two sets are recommended, in fact, go to sea every day ~ other clothes do not