Hangzhou South Metro Line to Xianghu Hangzhou Amusement Park

Hangzhou South Metro Line to Xianghu Hangzhou Amusement Park



Submitted byThrob on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 04:53

Hangzhou South Bus Station, take Road 327 (Linpu New Station direction)
Get on the bus at South Bus Station and get off at Xianghu Bus Station First: 06:30 End: 21:10 About 25 minutes / trip 6 stations at the same station of Xianghu Bus Station, transfer to No.712 (interval) (direction of East Xiaomen)
Get on the Xianghu bus station and get off at Hangzhou Paradise North Square. First stop: 06:15 End: 18:20 3 stops 55 minutes. Welcome to the green "adopt as the best answer", thanks

Submitted byMarlboro on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 04:53

汽车南站   上车
湘湖公交站   下车
首:06:30  末:21:10  约25分钟/趟 6站 
在湘湖公交站 同站换乘712路(区间)(东小门方向)
湘湖公交站   上车
杭州乐园北广场   下车
首:06:15  末:18:20   3站 

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