Is there a taxi on Sentosa Island? Is MRT on the island free?

Is there a taxi on Sentosa Island? Is MRT on the island free?



Submitted byMISS on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 06:36

MRT is free. If you rent it, you will be sent to the island, or you have to leave the hotel to help you make an appointment. Because there are two bus lines on the island, it seems to be free, no need to take a taxi. There are only four stops on the MRT, and all the places to go are there.

Submitted byThe sea of tears on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 06:36

If there are taxis on Sentosa Island, you can also call a taxi in advance with the following taxi calling software. The MRT on the island is free, and you can ride anywhere on the island. very convenient. The taxi ride location is in an underground passage near Universal Studios, where you can wait for the bus.

Submitted byEstrus on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 06:36

Sentosa Island is small, and the main attractions on the island can be reached on foot. Taxi is to and from the main island, but public transportation is very convenient, there is no need to use a taxi. There are monorail trains on the island to be paid.

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