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2015 年春节假期旅行(上)

2月13日:昆明—香港 港龙航空 KA761:KMG 15:30 ~ HKG 17:40 2月14日:香港—吉隆坡 国泰航空 CX729:HKG 16:05 ~ KUL 19:55 2月15日:吉隆坡 2月16日:吉隆坡 2月17日:吉隆坡—科伦坡 亚洲航空 D7182:KUL 14:00 ~ CMB 14:50 2月18日:阿努拉德普勒( Anuradhapura) 2月19日:丹布勒 (Dambulla )、锡吉里耶 (Sigiriya) 2月20日:康提( Kandy) 2月21日:努瓦拉埃利亚( Nuwara Eliya ) 2月22日:雅拉蒂萨马哈拉马 (Tissamaharama) 2月23日:美蕊沙( Mirissa beach) 2月24日:加勒( Galle ) 2月25日:美蕊沙 (Mirissa beach) 2月26日:科伦坡—吉隆坡 亚洲航空 D7183:CMB 16:05 ~ KUL 21:55 2月27日:马六甲 2月28日:吉隆坡—曼谷 亚洲航空

Exotic Autumn-Eleven Free Tour in Seoul, South Korea and Jeju Island

It is already the fifth travel travel. Uh, I went out to lose again, ha ha ha, although I felt guilty, but I was big-hearted and embarked on the journey with anticipation. I have to say that our two little girls are really bold. Last time I went to Thailand for a free trip, my friends were really worried for a while. This time, I decided to go to South Korea for a free trip. After fear, after all, traveling with a beauty, I always feel that the

Sanya | The most beautiful years we walked together

Originally, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday was planned to play with my two children in a city where the high-speed rail can reach for three days. However, after a trip to Huizhou on a weekend in August, we inexplicably formed "Find Friends" "Team. Unfinished, we decided to use the Mid-Autumn Festival three days to continue to go out to "find friends", first set a small goal, go to Sanya! | How to play in Sanya | 1. Leisurely vacation. If you

Playing in Seoul for seven days

The story took place in July, between two little clerks who were bored. I am worried that I have nothing to do. Where can I go to scrutinize the ticket? Given that the salary of the small clerks is about two or three thousand per month, it must not be far away. ! Immediately ambitious, decided to blame! Regarding airfare, we are on, where Qunar compares the prices, and sees that the air ticket of Hong Kong Airlines is very suitable

Thailand Escaped from the Frozen Sunshine (Part 2)

Time: February 9 (the second day of the first lunar month) Location: Krabi, Thailand sunny Today, I mainly stroll around Ao Nang Beach. In addition, not far from La Paya (the entrance of the hotel out of the alley) is the Pakasai Resort, which is simple and modern, yet the gorgeous and dignified hotel door stands on the side of the road. I ’ve seen it in general, and it ’s pretty good overall. The only thing I do n’t like is that the vegetation

A pleasant trip for a family of three-Huangshan in Anhui, West Lake in Hangzhou

The travel destination chosen by the son for this trip is also the first paid vacation after his son works, and this is the opportunity for this tour! Since my son works in the north (Baoding, Hebei), our family lives in the south (Chongqing), so our itinerary is to divide the two soldiers and meet at Huangshan City (that is, Tunxi)! Huangshan-known as Yishan in ancient times, in 747 AD, it was renamed Huangshan because of the legend that the

Come on a trip that says go away-Koh Samui trip

I made sure that the itinerary was the day before I left. Without much preparation, I went directly to the travel agency and asked about the free package to Thailand. I chose the itinerary that has a very good price and flight time, so I started a "travel" · Choose travel agency: It seems to be a youth travel agency that can be seen everywhere on the street · City selected: Koh Samui · Selected flight: Departure 16: 30-18: 30 Back to city 20: 50

Guerrilla Thailand with parents-everyone was a child

Traveled more than a year ago, travel notes written in 2015! Today I suddenly want to share it with everyone! Everyone was a child and loves to play! At the present age, I occasionally feel that I am a little embarrassed to do something. Maybe I will borrow a reason to play with the child, and I will play more freely and casually! My parents are too. 1. Query the route, and select the corresponding scenic spots and processes according to your

Three cities and three cities, my love walks on the road

One year after graduation, I am used to working step by step every day The whole year did not go far In the last 15 years, Mr. Yan said he would go to Australia The sun is still climbing up to the night, it's like the night, it's like three o'clock, some people are sleeping, some people are sober, I leaned on the door and said lightly. How to take it seriously? In this uninterrupted time Those literary and wandering seeks mixed in the blood seems

One person's trip to Australia

Speaking of this trip to Australia, I have to mention that the Shanghai Fourth Ring Race participated in New Year's Day at the beginning of the year. The temperature was only 4-5 degrees on that day, and everyone couldn't freeze it, but when the lucky draw results after the game were announced, my heart was It became very hot. The winning news announced by the organizer included my number and the first prize. After seeing it, I was stunned. Six