Wudalianchi Three Day Tour Complete Guide

1. Determine the itinerary and date. Originally expected to be a two-day tour, but I always feel that it is not thorough, and temporarily changed to a three-day tour.

2. The temperature in Wudalianchi is a few degrees lower than that in Harbin, so be sure to wear more clothes. You must wear long sleeves in the cool summer evenings. It is best to wear winter clothes in autumn. Do n’t be surprised to see Russian beauties wearing down jackets in Wudalianchi in autumn.

3. Must-have map of Wudalianchi Scenic Area. Wudalianchi Hand-drawn Maps are sold at the Wudalianchi Scenic Area Visitor Center or the ticket office of scenic spots. With hand-drawn maps in hand, you are not afraid to get lost in the scenic area.

The transportation in Wudalianchi Scenic Area is fairly convenient. If you have a car for 4 people, it is highly recommended to travel by car. Self-driving Harbin-Wudalianchi Scenic Area highway tolls cost 154 yuan, the whole journey is 360 kilometers, and can be reached in more than 3 hours. It is recommended to take a train for one person. Harbin-Bei'an is less than 50 yuan. The bus from Bei'an to Wudalianchi Scenic Area is half an hour during the peak season, 15 yuan / person. There is a shuttle bus between the scenic spots in the scenic spot, every 20 minutes, ranging from 5-20 yuan.

Every time I go to Wudalianchi, I live in Marriott's Mingyuan Business Hotel. The standard room is more than 300 a night (including breakfast). The hotel has a good environment and the dishes are not bad. In fact, there are many affordable hotels and nursing homes near the Wudalianchi Scenic Area, among which the hot spring hotels and workers' nursing homes are more distinctive. The hot spring hotels have indoor hot springs and outdoor hot springs, and tandem bicycles are provided free of charge. Russians who live here can physiotherapy with the Russians and go in and out with Russian beauties. If you want to stay in Wudalianchi for a long time, it is recommended to borrow from the nearby farmhouses. It is cheap and you can experience the rural life at the foot of the volcano.

Wudalianchi is most famous for mineral water, mineral fish, mineral eggs and mineral tofu.

You must drink mineral water in Wudalianchi. You can drink it in South Drinking Spring, North Drinking Spring and Erlongyan Spring. The difference is that Nanyinquan and Beiyinquan require tickets. The price of Nanyinquan is 6 yuan, and the price of Beiyinquan is 20 yuan. The water in the north and south is a variety of minerals. The taste is a bit killing, and most people may not be used to it. . Erlongyan Spring is at the foot of Yaoquan Mountain. The water is free, cool and cold, and the seasons are not frozen. It is strongly recommended to take some home when you go.

Mineral fish, 36 species of fish in 9 families that grow naturally in the water of Wudalianchi Lake, are rich in various minerals and trace elements. They are called mineral fish and are a must in freshwater fish in China. It is rich in carp, crucian carp, silver carp, catfish, grass roots, fangs and other fish, as well as three flowers and five loins. The meat is fresh and tender, which is obviously better than ordinary freshwater fish. When you go to Wudalianchi, you must eat mineral fish. If you come to a fish feast, it will be icing on the cake.

Mineral eggs, ducks raised by farmers who live by the volcanic dammed lake, do not feed, grow in the lake, and lay eggs after eating small fish and shrimp in the lake. The yolk is deep red, oily, and nutritious The taste is good, the duck eggs eaten in peacetime are definitely different.

Mineral tofu is also a major feature of Wudalianchi. Organic soybeans produced in Wudalianchi contain a variety of trace elements. The tofu produced by Wudalianchi mineral water and selected mineral soybeans, which are made by traditional methods, are rich in plant protein, minerals and other nutrients. Cook for a long time. Dried tofu is as thin as paper wings, and can be lighted with fire; soy tofu is delicate and tender, and the taste is soft and delicious. The most famous one is a king's donkey tofu. The locals all get up early to buy a piece of tofu, or simply sit in the store and have a bowl of hot tofu brain. You can also order a table of tofu feast at noon or evening to satisfy your own Taste buds.

For farm meals, there are many small farms around Wudalianchi. The crops, poultry, cattle and sheep are bathed in natural mineral water, and the mineral content is very high.

Mountain wild vegetables, Wudalianchi is rich in original resources, rich in mushrooms, agaric, hericium, fern, daylily and other wild mountain wild vegetables, fresh texture, rich nutrition, is a rare delicacy.

Wudalianchi beer is especially recommended. The original juice is better. People who do n’t drink usually drink a glass of smooth alcohol and have an aftertaste.

Departing by car at 7 o'clock, the scenery on the highway is also excellent. Arriving at the scenic spot at 10:30, check in first, and take a break after lunch. Longmen Shizhai walks up. The entrance fee of Longmen Shizhai is 50 yuan. It is a lot of stones formed by the eruption of Longmen Mountain volcano 280,000 years ago. It looks like a high wall like an ancient moat and looks like a collapsed ancient city wall. It had just rained the day before and the sky was a little dark, but it did not affect the mood of taking pictures and playing.

After coming out of Longmen Shizhai, the sun was about to go down, and rushed directly to Sanchizi to watch the sunset. A cloud of fire hung in the sky, and the volcano was particularly magnificent against the setting sun. Only then did I really understand the poem that "a river of residual sun spreads in the water, half of the river is half of the river".

After dinner, walk for 10 minutes to the Volcano Performing Arts Center to enjoy the musical "Five Lotuses of the Holy Mountain and Holy Water". Through the love story of Awu Aduo, the musical will pray for the local ancestors to pray for the rain. The celebration, the black dragon and the white dragon showdown, the representative elements of the regional legends such as the beautiful lotus fairy are assembled and reproduced. While learning about local folklore and mythology, watching the 3D holographic projection for the first time, the dynamic interpretation of dancing beauty, lighting, and sound effects, it is very shocking. On the whole, it is a performance worth watching. The fare of the musical is different according to the location of the seat. We chose the position of 100 yuan / person in the front row.

Waking up at 5:30, I decided to go to Yaoquan Mountain to watch the sunrise, but it turned out a little late, so I went to Sanchizi to see the wild scenery. Sanchizi was quiet and elegant in the morning. I also saw the habitat of egrets and wild ducks. It will be an unforgettable experience to see the local sunrise and wild scenery. I lingered in Sanchizi for a long time. I had breakfast before 8 o'clock because I was going to climb the old Montenegro, so I took 2 extra eggs at the buffet to prepare for unexpected needs.

Laohei Mountain is the youngest volcano among the 14 volcanoes in Wudalianchi. Tickets are 78 yuan / person and sightseeing car is 25 yuan / person. It is not recommended to walk because the main entrance of the scenic area is still some distance from the foot of Laohei Mountain. Already tired. There are free audio explanations on the sightseeing bus, so you can get to know the history of Lao Heishan while riding the bus.

Laoheishan has two roads: steep slope and gentle slope. It is recommended to "steep slope and gentle slope" because it is energetic and suitable for walking on steep slopes when going uphill. It is relatively easy to walk on gentle slopes when going downhill. Huoshao Mountain and Jet Cone, not far from Laohei Mountain, are also to be seen, and can be reached by sightseeing bus. If you are out of time, lunch can be eaten in the scenic area, but the price is too high. It is recommended to eat outside the scenic area or bring your own food.

In the afternoon, go to Beiyinquan to drink mineral water, watch the reeds, see Yaoquan Waterfall, and swim in Yaoquan Lake. It is not uncommon to encounter Russian beauties here.

After a day of mountain breeze, the bubble hot spring is the real thing. There are currently only two small hot springs in Wudalianchi, Bingquan Hotel and 48 ° North Latitude. Although the hot springs are not very large, it is absolutely different to be able to take hot springs with Russian beauties! It is said that Wudalianchi is constructing a large hot spring, looking forward to it!

Earlier, I went to Erlongyan Spring to drink water and wash my eyes. It is said that "I wash my eyes with the spring water of Erlongyan Spring, and the blind people laughed." Although the effect is not so obvious, after washing the eyes, I do feel much clearer.

The original plan was to go to Tianchi, but as a result of the Daqing Marathon road closure, it could only be postponed until the afternoon. Change the itinerary directly to Wenpo. 50 yuan per person for Wenbo tickets, enter from the east entrance of Wenbo, visit Libo, Bibo and Jingbo in sequence along the plank road, see lava terraces of different shapes, and enjoy the wonderful and magnificent underwater world. The landscape is definitely not exaggerated.

After lunch, head straight to Nangla Ball Mountain (Tianchi). Tickets are RMB 50 per person. It takes about half an hour to climb to Tianchi. There is a clear blue water in the crater, which is extremely beautiful. After Tianchi went down, he returned at 4 pm.

1. Mineral water, the minerals in the north and south drinking springs will be precipitated the next day, and you can't drink them. The water in Erlongyan spring is stored for a longer period of time. You can take some to drink or give away.

2. Volcanic mud mask, volcanic mud is rich in minerals, it can deeply clean the dirt in the pores, make the pores delicate, and help the skin to remove excess water to prevent facial swelling.

3. Volcanic stone, natural volcanic stone has the function of removing the smell of the refrigerator, and the foot rubbing stone made of volcanic stone is also good.


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