Take children to experience the beaches and seafood in Vietnam

My daughter and I had a cold and fever from the wrong travel date for visa application to the time before travel, and I always felt that it was not smooth. On the New Year ’s Eve airport, the flight was cancelled due to heavy fog. After waiting for four or five hours at the airport, he drove back to his home and spent a year with no new taste. For the first time, I developed "resentment" that I didn't expect to travel so much. It was only after two nights of transition in Hong Kong that I gradually calmed down. In this way, the trip that was almost canceled between thoughts began.

The hotel is next to the Chinese embassy, ​​and the open-air restaurant next to it is full of locals. We also went to join in the excitement.

In the evening, the plane landed at Ho Chi Minh Airport, and the beautiful sunset greeted us.

Beer and strawberry soda.

Vietnamese hot pot

The army of motorcycles is obviously not spectacular at night.

The only day in Saigon. Today's plan is a city tour. Famous attractions are still here. Central Post Office, Red Church, etc. Walk all, and count where you go. But in fact, I really want to experience their "guest die first".

The Central Post Office is actually not too big. There are shops on both sides of the entrance, selling tourist souvenirs. At the center of the post office is a photo of Ho Chi Minh, the most eye-catching position you can see when you enter the door. I took a few pictures in a hurry and came out, so I thought I had visited here. The shop can choose postcards and send them at the post office. However, none of the postcards are too distinctive, and I did n’t choose them.

The red church is opposite the post office. The hue is good. Inside, it's a bit normal for people who have seen European churches. Just happened to meet a Vietnamese girl who married a white husband and took a wedding photo outside the church.

Walking out of the red church, through a green area, is the city hall. Tickets are required to visit the City Hall, and we are not interested in such visits. I walked aimlessly, walked through a restaurant, especially sentimental, shot for a while. Although breakfast time has passed and lunch time has not yet arrived, we still agreed to go in and sit down, at least to experience Vietnamese coffee. I accidentally glanced at the poor travel tips in my hand, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is the famous Angon Pavilion. Hey, we feel really sensitive. Of course, in this way, it is not just to drink coffee, to order all the recommended dishes in the kit. Environment > Famous > Taste. After drinking coffee, I ordered all the dishes recommended in the kit. Environment> Fame> Taste, this is my evaluation.

I went to Fanwu Old Street because it has always been a pilgrimage site for backpackers and freelancers, and its status is like Khaosan Road in Bangkok. On the one hand, we want to find civilian food, and on the other hand, there is a compulsory reason to buy a sleeper ticket to Mui Ne that night.

There are multiple operators of intercity buses in Vietnam, the most famous being New Coffee. Because it has multiple operators in Vietnam's intercity bus, the most famous is New Coffee. Because it was the first to operate, the car is in an older condition. We also wanted to admire the new coffee at the beginning, but the first thing we saw in Fanwu Old Street was the phuong trang, an orange car body. It looked pretty new from the outside, so this is it.

Vietnam is one of the few countries to celebrate the Spring Festival. They even have the Spring Festival. There are many passengers going to Mui Ne, and everyone has bought tickets in advance. When it was our turn, there were not many moments to choose from. It is a sleeper anyway, so simply spend the night in the car and save one night. After buying a ticket at 11pm, we started shopping again and saw many people sitting in line to buy shake, and we followed suit. Very tasty and cheap. The husband said that this is also recommended by netizens.

It ’s too late to go to the Bianqing market, and many shops are closed, perhaps because of the Spring Festival. I picked a lacquer painting and took it home to decorate the new house. Lacquer painting is a special feature of Vietnam-this is what I learned when I read the Vietnam introduction on Cathay Pacific flights.

Looking at the advertisements on the road, we have the feeling of China in the 1980s-in the end is a socialist country.

Mui Ne-why is it so beautiful!

This is everyone's comment on the name of Mui Ne that accords with her temperament.

Before, she was just a small fishing village, famous for making fish sauce. Later ... come and experience it, a world-renowned kite surfing resort.

From Saigon, you can reach Mui Ne after a short nap for five or six hours.

Our phuong trang car is good, very clean and comfortable, it is not the domestic sleeper car I imagined, dirty and messy, full of odor. The motion sickness's daughter did not go out this time and slept soundly, so I decided to take a sleeper car for the rest of the trip.

Before driving, the driver or assistant will ask each passenger the destination. They will do the registration and will wake you up when they arrive, so do n’t worry about finding the hotel after you have sat on the station or got off the bus.

Mui Ne is just a road, so there is no problem of detours.

Our hotel is called Zenora Beach Resort. It was not yet dawn when we arrived. We woken up the hotel staff very embarrassedly, but there was no room available for us to check in. We could only curl up in the hotel where we had breakfast and waited till dawn.

The beach before sunrise is quiet, and you can see the early fishermen working in the distance.

Packed an open-top jeep for a half-day tour. This should be a classic project that must be experienced in Mui Ne.

Because it is necessary to watch the sunrise, I made an appointment with the driver to pick up at the hotel entrance at 5:15. Facing the breeze before dawn, the road was so bumpy that people worried that the little broken Jeep would fall apart. About half an hour, arrived at the white sand dunes. The driver's time is still very good, and he did not race with other jeep all the way. I have been worried that we cannot catch up with Mui Ne's first rays of sunlight. But in the end, five minutes before sunrise, we arrived without having to wait too much.

Before dawn

It's about to break out of the ground, see?

The first rays of sunlight

The imprint of nature-see the little footprints on the ground?

The imprint of nature-the waves blown by the wind are too beautiful!

There is such a feeling of being in Flame Mountain-you are carrying me on a horse.

Sliding down a high, steep slope, remember to bring a sand board.

The meaning is still not enough, come again.

The second stop is the red sand dunes. After seeing the white sand dunes and then looking at the red sand dunes, it is not very interesting. The best time to visit the red sand dunes should be at dusk and sunset, when the light can dye the red sand dunes to a veritable red color.

The last attraction of the half-day tour is Fairy Creek. This is a strange landform.

Before going to Fairy Creek, we checked it online to see someone saying that Fairy Creek is not interesting. We also went to see it with the feeling of being here.

BOKE is actually a seaside food stall. The photo below is actually not taken at BOKE, but the best LAM TONG restaurant in Mui Ne watching kite surfing.

BOKE is actually not a specific gear, but a collective term for all gears. We also patronized a relatively large company and immediately found out that the problem-no waiter took care of you for half a day; the waiter didn't understand English, and ordering was a problem; the serving of food was very slow. One. We finally had to give up and go to another house for food.

I still recommend LAM TONG. As far as its location is concerned, things are not expensive, taste good, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery up close. While we were eating, a handsome guy kept coming to play handsome, which caused us to scream and applaud.

Farewell to Chennai, who is so beautiful, we went to Nha Trang by car. This time it is a bus that takes Korean coffee. The bed is shorter than phuong trang's car, but it is better than having car WIFI, which can be broadcast live on the Internet.

Nha Trang has a city, a sea, an island, and elements richer than Mui Ne.

As usual the city tour. Nha Trang Church, Cham Ruins, Longshan Temple. Then gave the mud bath half a day in the afternoon. The mud bath is worth experiencing, inject a mud of suitable temperature in a large wooden barrel, and a family of three soaks it. The mud is very thin and very soft, and a few coarse particles can also help exfoliate. There are also many Vietnamese locals who explain that this is not just a tourist-oriented project.

On the second full day in Nha Trang, we arranged to go to Vinpearl Island. The whole island has been developed into a playground, known as Disney in Vietnam.

Looking at Nha Trang Beach, Vinpearl Island is on the other side of the sea. We took a taxi to the pier, and there was a long line of places where we took the cable car. Tickets include transportation to the island. You can choose to take a boat or cross the sea cable car. There are not many people on the boat, so there is no need to wait in line; Fortunately, the management is orderly, and did not wait too long.

The island is divided into two parts, one is a land playground and the other is a water playground. Land playgrounds are mechanical games, flying chairs, roller coasters and the like. Children under 1.3 meters will not play except the carousel. So we mainly soaked in the water park, and there was no need to queue. The children were content with themselves.

The last day of Nha Trang.

We continue to slow down and move slowly to Nha Trang.

Zhongyu Stone Headland is the filming location of the movie <Lovers>. If it is not famous for this, I think it is not much different from other sea reefs in Nha Trang.

Try Vietnamese coffee again. I love coffee and have tasted coffee from many different countries. Vietnamese coffee is obviously different from other coffees, with a special roast smell, I feel that it is similar to mocha. Vietnamese coffee is very thick and thick, and locals use ice cubes to dilute it. This kind of thick is not as strong as the Italian espresso, because Vietnamese coffee is often brewed with condensed milk, so it is soft and soft. Wait for the coffee to drop from the drip pot drop by drop, like a time hourglass, slow life should be like this.

Slow down time, then slow down. At this moment, let me empty myself, just drink coffee, listen to the sound of the sea, and look at the blue eyes.

We still leave Nha Trang and return to Saigon in the sleeping car at night. This time it was a famous new coffee. But it turned out to be rumored, old, and not as clean as the previous two. The road in Vietnam is still bumpy, from Nha Trang to Saigon more than 200 kilometers, it takes 10 hours.

The trip is successfully completed. The kids are very satisfied, and the big friends find it unforgettable.

In the busy fast-paced life in the future, I occasionally think of the scenes on the journey, occasionally look at the photos at that time, and occasionally feel the state of mind at that time. This is the power of travel. Keep on walking.


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