Cherry blossom season visiting Japan-the well-known beauty

This article is pure picture.

During the cherry blossom season, I went to Osaka and Kyoto.

I love Kyoto so much that I like tones everywhere. Exquisite, petty bourgeois, simple and fashionable, suitable for walking slowly. Helpless time is too limited.

The Japanese food, the cherry blossoms, and the kimono beauty young woman are unavoidable ... In fact, I took a gorgeous kimono art photo in Kyoto.

Thanks to the brother-in-law who has life experience in Osaka, we have been both an interpreter and a guide, and also took us to taste the local cuisine. An unforgettable tofu dish in Kyoto, a soba noodle restaurant with an excellent environment; Kobe's iron plate Kobe beef; and also took us to experience "Japanese food". As a foodie journey, it deserves its name.

Ultraman train.

The tidy car and seats can be adjusted in the forward direction or backward direction as required, and the operation is convenient and the design is very user-friendly.

The origami on the hotel bed is warm in details.

Enough mini single room.

Tickets for Osaka to Kyoto.

A 70-year-old man dressed meticulously as a taxi driver.

Make a wish under the big cherry tree.

Starbucks has a good mood.

Highly recommend this restaurant, near the Heian Shrine in Kyoto.

Store name.


There is also a small garden

Tofu small hot pot. The pot is very special!

Another kombu pot.

Grapefruit wine. I still miss this taste.

This tofu tastes absolutely delicious.

Japanese beef. I don't want to say much, I know everything I've eaten.

This instant noodle is recommended.

In this environment, people will be drunk.

Finally, take a few artistic photos.


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