First trip with girlfriends

July 9th-July 15th, 2016

DAY1 (Saturday, July 9): Zhengzhou-Bangkok

DAY2 (Sunday, July 10): Bangkok Grand Palace-Koh Samet

DAY3 (Monday, July 11): Koh Samet (Half day free)-Pattaya

DAY4 (Tuesday, July 12): Pattaya

DAY5 (Wednesday, July 13): Pattaya-Bangkok

DAY6 (Thursday, July 14): Bangkok (KingPower Duty Free Shop)

DAY7 (Friday, July 15): Bangkok (Anthony Shemale Show)-(Suvarnabhumi International Airport)-Zhengzhou

The three of our girlfriends are group tour, 4000 group, really tired of the group, still can not be lazy, book tickets in advance, hotel, do a good job Raiders, or spend most of the time in the car, shopping, The itinerary is particularly hurry.

1. It is better to exchange the baht in the domestic Chinese bank in advance. Relatively speaking, the domestic exchange rate is a little higher, you do n’t need to change too much, you can combine your own situation, buy large items can brush VISA, 7-11 supermarket can also directly scan Alipay ,very convenient.

2. English is not good, but Thai is incomprehensible. Download the translation software on your mobile phone, such as Youdao Translator, and translate it to Thai people for easy communication. Thai people almost speak Mandarin, download APP to prevent expressing in an emergency clear.

3. Buying HAPPY card (seven-day unlimited Internet card) on Taobao is very practical. I bought it for 35 yuan. I bought it locally or from a tour guide for about 50-60 yuan. I am two mobile phones, one is Unicom. If Unicom can't use it, I sell it to the groupmates. Unicom's mobile phone is OK to link its own hotspot.

4. High multiples of sunscreen, sunshade, sunglasses are essential.

5. The hotel does not have disposable slippers, and toiletries are best prepared. Some hotels do not.

6. Tips for staying in the hotel, the rules of Thailand are also deserved, not much, 20 baht is OK.

7. Be careful of the speeding party when walking on the street, take your own bags and mobile phones to avoid being robbed.

The plane at 10:00 pm on the 9th

It happened to be thundery showers in the afternoon, and there were many traffic jams. We arrived at the airport at 7 a.m.

We are college classmates, they are married and have children, and they are busy. This is our first time traveling together, looking forward to and excited

Arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 2 am and wait for the landing sign. There are so many people and people of all skin tones. When I see the local Thais at the airport, I think of the characters in the Thai drama. The Thai star is pretty.

After finishing the visa, meet with the local Thai tour guide and go back to the hotel. The island is white and clean, a little bit of a mother, let us call him P (nickname of brother and sister)

It was three or four o'clock in the hotel, and I was sleepy. I had to remove makeup, take a shower, and we fell asleep. . .

The 6:30 table I ordered was the first one I got up because we had to get up early to put on makeup and freshen up. Hey, our group can only toss us, one is better than the other

Breakfast is very rich

The Chinese tour guide said that I am like an Indian haha ​​people who just want to dress up to go to the Grand Palace

The traffic jam situation in Bangkok is similar to that of my Grand Zhengzhou. I depart at 8:30 and arrive at the Grand Palace at 11 o'clock. I don't wear a shawl. I have to wear clothes with sleeves and skirts to bare feet. The control is very strict. Those who sell skirts can buy clothes if they are unqualified, which is about 30 RMB

There are so many people, it ’s not easy to find a place where no one is taking pictures

The architectural style is magnificent and very big in Thailand.

I bought a bottle of drink honey chrysanthemum crystals at the Grand Palace for two sweet dollars

I had a buffet at noon, and the fish ball rice noodles were quite special, and they were full

After eating, take a car to the pier and take a boat to Koh Samet. . .

The rest of the hotel on the first floor was boring and clicked a few pictures

Disembark to pick-up truck to Koh Samet, stay at SAI KAEW BEACH RESORT hotel, the hotel is very green, a small house is a suite, very clean, blue green

The hotel waiter was very caring and gave us delicious drinks sweet and delicious

Can't you find me when I was photographed while eating dinner

Dinner is stir-fried bamboo fungus ribs soup super delicious

After dinner, I went to the beach to take a sea breeze for a walk. There was a crooked man who asked me which country I am haha. Do I look like a Chinese?

Compiled Deng Ziqi's half head with dirty braid equivalent to 50 yuan

There is a cart that sells banana cakes for 50 baht. The portion is very full and fragrant. As long as the fruit is covered with fruit, it is very delicious.

Sitting in a small bar would blame us for the bad English. I could n’t understand the wine list and did n’t know which one was delicious.

When I returned to the room at night, I discovered that I forgot to close the curtains. At that time, the unicorn who wanted us to be inflated must have been found by others. (What to do)

Later, the sister of the traveling friend who said that I passed the room and saw our big white horse. It was strange why my room did not have other people's room. Is it a luxurious configuration?

Because the trees are all around, the hotel is very intimate. There is also a soffell mosquito repellent trial kit. It is especially magical. It was wiped before bed and was not bitten. It is also a must-buy in Thailand

At 6 o'clock in the morning, I woke up my girlfriends for a long time on the beach. I can't waste my time on sleep.

Every day my girlfriends repeat N + 1 times. What do I wear? What earrings do I wear? I have a suitcase with a suitcase and still think I have no clothes to wear

We ’re going to have breakfast before we refresh and dress up. We turned out to be the first person in the group to have breakfast

I think the richest meal of the day is the breakfast. Eat more and eat the full, still salad bread, juice. . . very delicious

Enjoy a perfect breakfast holding our unicorn go swiming. . .

The two of us lifted the horse's head and lifted up the horse's tail.

My girlfriend took a picture of me, my phone was dropped in the swimming pool, and it was fine after a day. The quality of my iPhone is really good.

At noon, take a boat and then a car to eat at the Michelin Green Light Forest Restaurant in Pattaya. The environment is like a big forest dish.

On the way, the Thai tour guide forced us all to participate in the self-funded project of 1,000 yuan, including fruit buffet, sashimi, chicken and bell, one hour SPA adult show

Our group has seniors and adults with children who ca n’t join us. We asked to pick up a tour guide and were unwilling to make it very unpleasant. The tour guide was angry and immediately ignored our face.

In the afternoon, we went to Dongba to watch the elephant show. It felt good. Poor trainer took the hook and hooked the head and ears of the elephant.

It ’s also a national treasure. Our Chinese pandas are so well treated. Are Thai elephants so sad that they remind us of how sad the little elephants are behind the performance? . .

The group fee includes an hour of Thai horse killing chicken. Unlike the domestic, the Thai style is based on meat and muscle. The domestic is based on acupuncture points. It is very comfortable. Come to Thailand to experience it.

Stayed at the SAISAWAN BEACH RESORT hotel in Pattaya at night. I stayed at this hotel for two nights. The boy who sold things in the small shop opposite the hotel was very cute. Later we added WeChat for shopping

He is a Burmese, we can understand Henan dialect, he can understand

Bought a cherry-flavored drink 20 baht delicious

The Thai guides and guides did not take us to play our group. The people were very united and called two pickup trucks to take us to the pedestrian street in the red light district.

Thanks to our group ’s Chinese sister in Australia who has a good English level to help us organize communication and worship her

I always feel that the crooked nuts in the red light district, especially the eyes of Indonesians are scary and want to grab the bag. We are holding hands to prevent the consciousness is still very strong, hehe

I wanted to watch the adult show, but I was scared and a little too late.

Many people holding yellow cards feel dirty

Russian girls have legs under the chest

The skewers are particularly delicious

It ’s so nice to see McDonald ’s milo

In the morning, I went to the town of Chiang Mai to ride an elephant. The tour guide deliberately spoiled and urged me to go to the car to see the general platform.

Do n’t buy a ring made of elephant bones by the trainer

After riding the elephant and pulling us to the general guide, we did not even take the car and told us to go up and get drunk. . .

The small pineapples sold at the door are particularly sweet and fresh, 50 baht, 7 boxes

When we take pictures of girlfriends, it is called a disregard for the image haha

Lazy cats, cats, dogs and dogs can be seen everywhere in Thailand

Plumeria picked from the ground

Go to the Songkran Festival in the afternoon. I do n’t like chaos very much. Just watch the boring and take a selfie with my girlfriends.

I bought a durian cake in the style garden. I forgot to take a picture. 50 baht is really super delicious. I usually do n’t eat durian.

It's like an egg pie on the outside, it's wrapped in durian mud

Those who go must not miss it

In the evening, I went back to the hotel and my girlfriends could n’t find the room card. I asked the Chinese tour guide for help. The Chinese tour guide said that he could n’t speak Thai.

I feel particularly irresponsible. The entire Chinese tour guide has the same role as the air. The tour guide has not lost 300 baht for the room card.

It ’s okay, the episode wo n’t affect our good mood on vacation

Going downstairs to swim is too tired to take the camera and go to someone else's swimming pool

Before leaving in the morning, I put a 20 baht tip on the room table. The breakfast was still salad bread. . .

Today's itinerary is a shopping spot for Fugui Golden House with latex and silk quilt

My feet haha

The colorful rooftops look like Zhang Xinyu's dress on the red carpet in Cannes.

Daomingsi ’s super big lunch, where I ate, the buffet was rich and full

At dinner, the stage shows a shemale show. There is a white long dress. Shemales are particularly beautiful. Their arms and legs are as beautiful as fairies.

The boa photo taken by the girlfriends I can say that it is like a poop. Haha, then the girlfriends turned their faces and the friendship boat turned again.

I do n’t want to say more about the middle of the shopping, and the silk is felt that I do n’t have a good latex pillow in China, but I can buy it, but the price has doubled compared to previous years.

See how stupid my two big girlfriends stand in the red dress.

When it came out, it rained heavily and drove to the steamboat for a buffet

The creamy mushroom soup of the boat meal is delicious

The girlfriends also sang karaoke, and the small video was not uploaded

so happy

Close to Erawan Shrine is very lively, many Korean people still greet me

7-11 things are really cheap

We bought a bunch of snacks for only thirty or forty yuan and it ’s really convenient to pay Alipay

I'm really kneeling for European and American women's big ass

Kim Kardashian is no different

Bangkok after the rain is really super blocked to the hotel already ten o'clock

Staying at Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit opened in 14 years and the new hotel renovated in 15 years is very good

There is water in the refrigerator that Andy drinks

Dinner at KING POWER for a buffet. It looks like there are many varieties but it's really not tasty

We were in a hurry to buy something, just grabbed a few bites and went downstairs to shop

Many Armani lip glaze colors are incomplete

The perfume is quite complete. One person bought a bottle of Bulgari, which is more than 300 cheaper than domestic ones. It is very cost-effective.

Helped my colleagues purchase eye cream for watches

MK's bags are not very complete

May be too tired to get up late in the morning and rush to pack up and go downstairs for breakfast

These three are the Australian sister family. Her parents are intellectuals. It ’s good to leave each other on WeChat.

The shemale of Jin Tony's Shemale Show is really beautiful

The shemale I took a picture is a bit like a Korean

I like the shemale with a feather on her head

Can only say that people are not as good as demon

Group photo 20 Baht Touching chest 100 Baht

I just want to say that the texture is very good haha

The mango glutinous rice sold at the door is super delicious

Sweet rice is super glutinous

I couldn't help eating the instant noodles bought at 7-11 when I waited at the airport. I can only say that I can't hold the seafood taste.

The next trip will definitely not be with the group again. In fact, the first two days are pure play. Every time spent in the car and getting on and off are shopping spots. . .

However, we are still very happy to fight and fight every day. The people in the haha ​​group say that we are not used to arguing when we do n’t see one day.

It feels like a dream, the holiday is over like this

Looking forward to the next trip. . .


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