Say the itinerary as you go, feel free (middle)

Seeing Zagreb for the first time, I couldn't help comparing her to Ljubljana. This country next to Slovenia, but did not join Schengen. How many people did not choose here because of the visa! In fact, many Schengen countries are now able to sign multiple times and hold multiple Schengen to enter and exit Croatia. It is predicted that Croatia will soon welcome a large number of Chinese tour groups. Most Asians currently seen in Croatia are from South Korea and Japan. The Chinese have met a few, but there is no team. Most of them are Chinese students studying in Europe. In fact, when it comes to the quality of the team, in my opinion, the Korean aunts are also chattering and speaking very loudly. The little girl in South Korea took one mouthful of bite and suffocated her to death. She wished her to hold her on the street, a typical princess. These are off topic ^ _ ^

The first feeling is that the old Ljubljana in Zagreb may also be psychological. Later, Zagreb visited a lot, and felt that Zagreb had a lot of cultural heritage. Her staleness was just because she was full of history.

Entering Croatia, a vehicle came down to line up to check passports.

Tram in Zagreb.

Street architecture

Hotel 17 Zagreb. Although small, the location is so good that it is right next to Republic Square. Below the windowsill is the famous bar dining street

This is what we can see from the window sill. The lower row is full of bar catering. From morning till night, it is very lively.

Sing on the street.

Zagreb Cathedral is a landmark of Zagreb. It is the commanding height of Zagreb and even Croatia. The church adopts Gothic architecture as a whole and is magnificent. Two 108-meter-tall minarets are being maintained in rotation all year round.

Entering the church, the medieval altar is worth a visit. The ground of the church is also very beautiful, very Croatian.

St. Mark's Church is located on the hillside of the city, and it can be reached from the cathedral all the way up. Its roof is very special. The Croatian coat of arms made of mosaics looks like a beautiful sweater for the whole building. There are 15 sculptures on the door of the church. Although we don't understand what it is, the sculpture itself is very beautiful. But I still prefer to set my sights on the roof.

Today's task is to walk through Zagreb and drive to Plitvice Lakes in the evening.

Zagreb is also very close to life. The famous Dolac bazaar is located in the city center, and visiting the market has become a way for tourists to integrate with the locals. The market is open from morning until two o'clock in the afternoon, from fresh vegetables and fruits to flowers and handicrafts. The bazaar is open-air, and there is an indoor market next to it, specializing in the sale of fish, seafood, meat and other chilled products.

Fresh radishes are delicious. 5 Kuna bundle.

The main street is just a few steps away is a museum, a variety of museums. The most famous is the world's only museum of broken relationships. There is only one exhibit about China. It is a commemorative coin for a German to marry a Chinese. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only a few months. We guess it's just that the Chinese woman wants to get a German identity ^ _ ^, which is another problem.

Every exhibit in the museum has a short story. Some of the stories are quite strange, but they did happen.

When you visit the museum where the tickets are sold, they will ask where you came from and what language guide book you want. Thank god, there are traditional Chinese characters, so that you can easily visit.

In the evening, rented a car and followed the navigation to Plitvice Lakes.

This time without the luck of the last time, I got the little Opel. Fortunately, the car is new. Little Opel wants to accompany us all the way.

If you take a short highway, you will be behind a mountain road. 30 kilometers away from the park, the waterfall has been seen flowing water, and seems to be a park. We almost thought we were wrong. With trembling onwards, I continued to drive forward, only to see the sign before I was satisfied.

The booked homestay is in a small village about 1 km behind the park. The village is built next to the ski slope. When I was having dinner, I picked up a handsome waiter and asked if this large grassy slope was slippery? Others say no, skiing in winter. I guess I was asked a little bit by others.

We almost mistakenly thought that this was our destination.

Bed and breakfast room

Large ski area.

The day I wrote this text, Brexit was out. Although it has nothing to do with me, but I am a little blue. I feel that the yellow stars on the blue background will not form a circle. I ’m not a Virgo, but I ’m paranoid.

Plitvice Lakes is known as Jiuzhaigou in Europe. I have been to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan in the most beautiful season, so I am convinced that "Jiuzhai returns without looking at the water." But because someone has never been to Jiuzhaigou, he insisted on including Plitvice Lakes in the itinerary.

The sky is so beautiful, it is suitable for hiking. There are not as many people as Jiuzhaigou in China. Many large and small waterfalls. There is a hiking trail. Because the rain was too large the previous day and was submerged by the lake water, tourists could only take off their shoes and socks and go barefoot in the water before the ankle. At first it was fun and exciting. When I really stepped into the water, I regretted it-my feet were like a knife. The ground is sand and gravel ground, and the sharp sand and graves plus the lake water of only about 3 degrees, the entire foot is like walking on a knife. I was shaking one step at a time. But when I saw foreign children insisting on going, I was embarrassed to call again. It's about 200 meters long walk.

In the morning, we can see from the window of our room, the blue sky and green land, and our little ash.

Simple restaurant in the homestay.

The Shenmu here makes people associate it with Jiuzhaigou, right? But to be honest, although the hiking design of Jiuzhaigou is not as good as here, the scenery of Jiuzhaigou is definitely more beautiful than here.

It was this trail that was flooded by water.

The water is cold and biting, and the gravel is sore, so you can only walk slowly step by step.

When a ship sinks to the bottom of the sea ...

Europe gets dark late, which allows us to spend more time on the road every day.

Depart from Plitvice Lakes at 4 pm and head to Zadar. The sun was still strong when we arrived in Zadar.

Zadar is the best place to watch the sunset, thank God for giving us the best sunset.

Sitting on the edge of the sea organ, watching the locals or tourists walk, ride or play roller skating on the glass ground, the glass ground reflects their vitality; the couples sit on the beach whispering; the sea organ whispers because of the beating of the waves The irregular rhythm of the sun; the setting sun slowly softens, turning everything in my eyes red ... I keep pressing the shutter in my hand, every moment is a different beauty. I've seen the sunset over Jimbaran Beach in Bali, the sunset over Langkawi, and the sunset over the Maldives ... The sun is the same, but it feels different when set on different coasts. The sunset in the Adriatic can definitely win.

This step is the sea organ

In Zadar, we were out of luck. In addition to being rubbed as soon as the car arrived in Zadar, we also paid an extra 12 yuan for the parking fee. Because parking on Sunday should be free, but we asked the police, he asked us to go to the automatic machine to buy parking fees. I'm in a bad mood!

Fortunately, I heard the beautiful bells, and I was fortunate to be invited by the grandfather ringing the bell on the roof to go to the bell tower that no one knew. The narrow doors and corridors allow only one person to pass through. Then the grandfather showed us the chapel he managed. Although the whole language is not accessible, the grandfather is very simple and still plays the harmonica in the tower to listen to us. The grandfather is estimated to be in his 80s, and should be suffering from Parkinson, because his left hand is always shaking, but he is not ambiguous when he rings the bell. It is inexplicably distressed and admired to think that he still has to climb so high, so narrow, so steep stairs at his age. This experience is great, sweeping away our bad luck. The mood is clear.

Round church

Visiting the interior of the circular church is actually very worthless, there is nothing in it, the fare is 20.

Walking in this alley, I heard very beautiful bells. Looking forward, it was from this tower.

We stopped, and the grandfather ringing the bell waved to us, signaling us to go up.

From the bottom of the tower, the door is very narrow and can only be stooped to enter.

The view from the tower

The view from the tower

Ancient clock

Grandpa ringing the bell

Invite me to ring the bell

By the time of Sibenik and Trogir, the aesthetic fatigue was already severe. All are located by the sea, all are ancient cities, all are churches, all are hillside alleys, all are green shuttered windows, all are as bright and sunny as Andalusia ... Medieval wind blowing.

Especially when I go to Trogir, I do n’t want to go shopping anymore, I just want to find a place to sit down and have a cup of ice coffee, and discuss where we will settle this night. Yes, at more than 4 pm, we have n’t decided whether we will be in Trogir or Split this night, or simply drive to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the way to go and go. You do n’t need to arrange too carefully or study too thoroughly. As long as you have a copy of "Going Around the World", you will never lose direction.

This top is a little Chinese.

After a good cup of iced coffee, we have a conclusion. Now that you are tired of the medieval style, say goodbye for now. We decided to drive for another two or three hours and leave Croatia to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After passing the border inspection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then driving for another 2 kilometers, there is no high-speed, all are Panshan Road. For the two-kilometer high-speed highway, a toll fee will be charged, 1.2 Bosnian mark, refused Kuna, refused the euro, only the mark. When we were unprepared, we said that we could swipe the credit card. That's a good solution.

From Slovenia to Croatia, I feel that Slovenia has a better road than the country of Kyrgyzstan. When I reach Bosnia and Herzegovina, I will miss the high speed of Croatia. The whole mountain road in Bosnia and Herzegovina is just a lane. Fortunately, there is tom navigation so that I can remind my driver in advance that there is a sharp turn ahead.

Border inspection in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Proof of car rental is required. We didn't adapt to their English for a while, thinking that it was all for us to get off for inspection.

This is the mountain road.

Turn sharply if you don't agree.

The hotel is located in the Islamic District and has a good location. You can cross the road to the Old Bridge and Old Street.

The interior of the room is also quite cozy, that is, the toilet is too small. Because it is located in the Islamic District, it is a bit uncomfortable to hear them reading the Quran in the morning and evening.

Very old street with Turkish style. The souvenirs sold are similar to those in Istanbul.

It's getting late and many shops are closed.

The stone pavement of the old street.

Standing on the old bridge.

Standing on the bridge and looking at the two sides, different religions and different races are distributed on both sides of the bridge and live together peacefully. These buildings have witnessed that cruel war.

Passing by a restaurant, which happened to be the second in the owl, I went in and sat in the yard.

Clicked on the "Aiyang" featured in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the guy also corrected my pronunciation. It ’s just yogurt, and it ’s very thin, not as delicious as I ate in Xinjiang.

I did n’t dare to try food that I did n’t know, so I only ordered grilled fish.

The husband ordered the local specialty "Cheva Pucci", which is a large naan stuffed with onions, barbecue meatballs, etc. Unexpectedly delicious.

There are many cats in the yard, not afraid of birth. I probably smelled my roasted fish, and all came running to squat beside me.

Mostar beer

Visit the Old Town of Mostar during the day. There are many shops in Old Street selling war-related souvenirs.

We were looking for the best place to shoot the old bridge, but we met a "guide" with a sign saying that we would take us to visit the mosque or something. Originally, the time we reserved was short. Besides, we like to walk freely and do not like to visit step by step, so we rejected him. The "Guide" showed his true face, asked us for 15 Euros, said he took pictures for us, and complained that he wanted to raise three children or something. I reasoned to fight, and finally dumped him 1 euro to let him leave us. Later, he met him outside the mosque and was also soliciting other foreign tourists. Seeing what we said, why not ask him to lead the way? In fact, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are very kind and enthusiastic. When we find a way before, they will take the initiative to come up and ask us what help we need, and then return to the direction enthusiastically. Except for the "wizard" that the lion opened his mouth.

The Neletva River flows through the canyon.

In the lower right corner, don't forget 93. That war destroyed the entire bridge. The current bridge was rebuilt after 2000.

Often young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina jump from the bridge into the river and call for guts. I do n’t know if this kind of performance has evolved into a performance now, so I jumped after giving money. Of course, this is just my guess. Because I waited for a long time to see him swing his foot and didn't jump down.

War-related memorabilia

There is a big rooftop where we live. Climb to the rooftop to see the panoramic view of the old city. It's a panoramic view. There are many dilapidated houses that have not been repaired. I do n’t know if they were destroyed by that war.

Before leaving Mostar for Sarajevo, we went to Bragaj, 12 kilometers south of Mostar.

Bragay is a strategic location connecting the Adriatic Sea and the land behind it. There was a fortress before Roman times. During the Ottoman period, the monastery of the Islamic Mystic Order was built. There are also ancient city walls and fortresses built on the hills.

At noon, it was too hot, we gave up climbing hills to see the city walls, and walked along the cool river. Tickets are required to visit the monastery. We detoured, from the backyard of the restaurant to the half-hill cliff opposite the monastery, just to see the monastery panorama. This monastery complements the water of the mountain cliff river and was designed as a tourist brochure and stamp for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Haha, don't ask how we found it. We just like to walk around with cheeks. Unintentionally discovered beauty is more interesting than step by step beauty.

The river is clear, and both sides of the restaurant are built with river views.

Day10-Day15 See the next chapter for details


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