Meet Seoul, meet Han City

The first words of the volume must be dedicated to Huang Xiansen who contributed to this journey.

I was temporarily asked to go on a business trip in Seoul. I happened to be on the summer vacation, and I rubbed up. I was so hurried that my visa was almost too late to do it ~~ I thought about Huang Xiansen's work, I can go shopping and eating together, feel the thought The taste of Mida, but the fact is-

I ate a buffet breakfast leisurely in the hotel, Huang Xiansen went out to work with a piece of bread in his mouth;

When I was patting in Gyeongbokgung Palace, Beicun, and Mural Village, Huang Xiansen spoke happily in Chinese English and various Korean English;

When I was buying, buying, eating, and eating in Hongdae, Ewha, Myeongdong, Huang Xiansen was busy testing various products;

I was tired of playing and went back to the hotel to start editing photos and send a circle of friends. Huang Xiansen could only deal with the computer for a day, and by the way, I charged my various machines and my wallet.

at last! The return flight was set at night, Huang Xiansen had an idle day, however ... Raining all day ...

Huang Xiansen ’s Seoul trip came to an end amidst the rush of work and the rain, but my Seoul trip is different-delicious! Fun! good looking!

Put a photo of Huang Xiansen in town!

Visual impression: high face value!

The ground is full of long-legged Oba! The average height is basically 180! Even if some of them are not tall enough, they look very tall. It is also very simple and stylish to wear. The casual top is paired with a little tight-fitting trousers. It is rare to see fat Oba, not to mention Matt.

In the past, Ernies were white and beautiful. No one was holding an umbrella on a sunny day, but they were drying hard, but they were very white! Ernies like to use bright red lipstick with the same color eyeshadow. Even the elderly Ernie will use bright color lipsticks. In general, they are very careful about the appearance.

Body impression: Every day is running away! ! !

I saw many titles in Seoul's travel notes before. I didn't know until after I went there, it was really violent!

In fact, the transportation in Seoul is very convenient. The subway can be extended to almost every place you want to go. My record of 80% of steps is from the seemingly close temptation and the temptation of going uphill and downhill. Then there is the same subway. Transfer within the station!

For me who doesn't like sports, this data is really great!

D1: Ewha Womans University, Hongyi University and its surroundings;

D2: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Qingwatai, Sanqingdong;

D3: Namyangsan Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, Myeongdong;

D4: Ewha Mural Village, Guangzang Market, Cheonggyecheon, Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeongdong, N Seoul Tower;

D5: Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Ewha University is ranked very high in Seoul's strategy guide. Ewha Campus is like her purpose "truthfulness, beauty, beauty", gentle and demure. With the elegant European-style architecture and the characteristic sinking square, even the pear trees in midsummer are filled with a gentle and beautiful atmosphere.

The surrounding area of ​​Ewha University is also very young, like the student street in China. I saw many girls like to travel there before, but I am not very comfortable. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't find a place to start the so-called pink high-heeled shoes on Lida Women's Street. I couldn't shoot it. Compared to Myeongdong, the tranquility and some old-fashioned atmosphere here are difficult to stimulate my shopping desire.

Then, after a very deliberate search, I arrived at Hello Kitty Cafe! ! ! The two-story mountain cottage, even the toilet is pink! What a joy! The mousse ordered is a bit big, which directly affected my dinner

The No. 1 must-visit attraction ranking is actually too general for the Chinese. It is equivalent to a shrunken royal palace, including the folk museum visited on the last day. It is the inheritance and inheritance of my country, but it is not as good as .

But today's biggest fun is meeting two small friends who also passed from Shenzhen. They just wandered this spot all day.

The biggest feature of Gyeongbokgung Palace is that you can get a ticket without wearing Hanbok!

The side door next to the ticket office went out. There are many small shops around Insadong across the road. We chose the one at the street to rent clothes. The texture is still pretty good. It also includes hairstyles and skirts.

With friends, today's schedule becomes a pat!

After finishing packing, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon ~~~ We went to eat the recommended local folklore ginseng chicken soup in No.1! Really well-deserved! The chicken was so tender and fat. I ate the whole chicken. On the last day, I asked Huang Xiansen to accompany me to eat again.

The store site is on the west side of Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the three characters of a large folk village are written in Chinese characters in the street. Welcome to watch ~~~

It ’s almost 5p.m. after eating. I ’m starting to feel a little panicked about today ’s plan, but it ’s so tiring, Sanqingdong, Bukchon, and Cheonggyecheon. In the direction of Sanqingdong, it turned out to happen to pass through the Qingwatai.

From the appearance point of view, the Qingwatai is still a bit rudimentary, and the security is also relatively simple. Except that the road surface at the door will change, nothing special has been found. It seemed that I met the Swiss leaders that day with some traditional guards of honor, but the mental state of the Obamas is very general, and they are not arranged neatly. When we were taking pictures, we laughed mischievously. Oh, please be serious.

In South Korea, the symbol of kingship is Phoenix. At the front entrance of Qingwatai, there is such a flower garden that symbolizes the construction of the "all famous ethnic groups" ~

Finally, I walked past Qingwatai to Sanqingdong, and I felt so tired that I couldn't do it anymore. So I said goodbye with my friends and put on the street view of Gwanghwamun Square.

Today, the weather is fine, but I do n’t know why. Even if it ’s fine, it ’s hard to see the blue sky. Today in Nanshan, the sky is accompanied by blue sky. Although it is hot, it is also very comfortable. wait! Before I climbed the mountain, I went to a scenic spot-Nankang Hanok Village, which is really a pit! One of the most pretentious points is the artificial Hanok and some cultural introductions, but you can see Nanshan Tower.

┗`O′┛ Ao ~~ Tired, I will start climbing the next noon! After hearing the rumors that Nanshan is not high, it is not too high, but it is noon. I started from Myeongdong Exit 3 and began to climb continuously!

At first I was in a good mood ~~~ enjoy climing ~~

However, the sun is getting bigger! The stairs are getting steeper / (ㄒ o ㄒ) / ~~

Fortunately, I saw the tower getting closer ~

After I reached the top, the sky began to drip blue and blue ~~~ Here you can almost see the panorama of Seoul, and you can also take a selfie!

The biggest feature on the Seoul Tower is the colorful love lock, which is romantic in the air ~~

Thinking: There are also many padlock places in China, but most of them are metallic, which is a blessing, and the surroundings of Seoul Tower are all colored. It feels completely different!

After walking down the mountain, I decided to go around Myeongdong.

First, I went to Lotte Duty Free. The 9-11th floor felt like a Chinese special area. The environment was very bad. The waiter's attitude was also rare.

Then I went to Myeongdong, which is full of enthusiasm, so lively! A lot of delicious snacks! I got into two commonly used brands and started buying and buying. If you have n’t been to Myeongdong, you wo n’t be in Seoul ~~~

Go to the mural village and Luoshan Park, the roadside decoration is very park feel, haha ​​~~

Before going out, I saw the vomiting of Lihua Mural Village on the Internet, which is roughly the village is small, there are few murals and the like. However, this is one of my favorite spots on this trip. This small village located on the top of the hillside is worth going for a stroll, looking slowly, and blowing the wind.

Huihua stood out is a place similar to the red brick factory, the small shops along the road are all kinds of costumes.

Wandered in the village for more than a minute to find a small restaurant on the top of the mountain and ate something. Oh my God, the mountain breeze was blowing on my face, and Seoul had a panoramic view. It was so cozy!

I have to change places after I have eaten enough, and Po is really shaking, and my legs are weak. I feel that the performance of Korean cars is not bad. It is not difficult to stop on a steep slope ~

Because I saw the runner, I went to the Guangzang Market, but I am a crooked nut. Why should I go to the local wholesale market? ...A visit.

I entered from the north gate of the Guangzang market and exited from the south gate, and the result was Cheonggyecheon, surprise! However, it can be seen that Seoul is really small. I walked up the Cheonggyecheon River and went to Cheonggye Plaza (the place where Koreans wash their feet). Next to Cheonggye Plaza is Sejong Plaza!

The grass in the lower reaches of Cheonggyecheon has grown a lot!

There are some wall paintings on both sides of the river that are related to history and culture. Personally, the style is quite funny. It was later discovered that this style of painting is also in the Folklore Museum.

Gallery under the bridge cave

The more people wash their feet upstream

I thought today's itinerary came to an end, but the result was far from there. This day was really tiring.

Huang Xiansen was finally able to get off work. Waiting for his time, I went to Bukchon Hanok Village. It would be more fun if I wore a hanbok to go shopping. Unfortunately, I was already a little bit interested and patted.

I also checked the eight scenes of Bukchon online in advance, and only when I arrived did I find that I had no time to take care of it.

After visiting the Hanok Village, Huang Xiansen finally arrived, saying that it is really difficult to play near Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the red and green in Seoul are also super. In short, if possible, choose the subway!

I was a bit over-eating today. I tried Wang Fei's barbecue and DD's fried chicken recommended by major platforms at night

After eating, stop by and visit Myeongdong! yes! Here is the main store of Line Friends! Although I'm tired, I'm still willing to take a picture with the little cute ones

unbelievable! I actually climbed Nanshan again! ! !

It rained all day, rendering the sad atmosphere of the protagonist about to set foot on the airport. I was secretly happy that because of the temporary embrace of the Buddha on the last day, all the planned points have been gone!

Today, I visited the Gwanghwamun Gate in the rain again. It was raining. There were fewer tourists. I took a photo with Oba, who was in the middle of the city gate, and hurriedly ate the village folk chicken soup. This special solo trip to Seoul is coming to an end Too.

This city has a modern tradition and a radical civilization. It is prosperous but very orderly, and more refreshing is literature and art. If I went away for five days, my feelings would be counted as seven, seven, eight, eight. I like the kitty on the corner of the street, the Han Palace in the middle of the city, the blue sky on the top of the mountain and the mountain breeze on the rooftop of the village.

Finally, may world peace.


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