A lot of styles mixed 【Romantic Vietnam】

The well-known station in Hoi An ~ Unfortunately, we arrived too late that day and missed the last train to the town. We could only turn around the platform ~ It had just rained, it was very beautiful, and it was very quiet

Alright, let's start our journey to Vietnam from scratch! The first-class cabin on Cathay Pacific ’s international flights is not bad. In Hong Kong, only a 80-minute transfer still sweeps a few bottles of perfume. It is still convenient for credit cards. There is no currency conversion fee for using the Visa channel. The more you buy, the more you save.

Finally arrived, the airport is very small. Before I got on the plane, I forgot to make an appointment with my friend. Where did I meet? As a result, she flew over from Shanghai and was late. I couldn't reach her after I arrived early. There was no wifi at the airport. Fortunately, the place is very small. After an hour, I finally saw my friends ~~

Near Ho Chi Minh Fan Wu Old Street, there are various cafes all over the place, it is a mix and match feeling, both Western style and more local features ~

The hotel is opened by foreigners, not many rooms, the elevator is very small, but very intimate. The most interesting thing is that it is a very famous gay hotel with good service ~ I did n’t even notice when I booked, and I joked with my sister to pretend to be a couple ~ In fact, many heterosexuals and friends live in it ~

The hotel lobby is very cozy, the boss will help recommend many places and will guide you.

The most famous Fan Wu Old Street ~

This street is full of people, and there are many tourists, very lively ~ countless bars, cafes, restaurants ~!

The most fun thing is that people here like to sit on the street and face the road like this. While chatting and watching the pedestrian vehicles coming and going, we have become a "view", and it seems to be waiting for a performance on the road ~

Santa Cafe is more famous, and is full of foreigners who drink, you can sit down and chat together

Natural stone tropical fruits in tropical countries are delicious, grapefruit is not recommended, lotus mist pineapple is a must ~

A three-step barbecue stall on the old street. I like this hawker with a small stove more than a food stall. The prawn skewers and chicken and vegetable skewers are very authentic ~

This small shell is thick and tender, and I like it very much. The locals roast them in a pan, add the blended sauce sauce and chives, and finally sprinkle with ground peanuts, which is especially delicious! ! !

Very full and attractive, right?

Vendors selling three-dimensional greeting cards, even the characters of greeting cards are so "Saigon"

In addition to bars and food stalls, there are countless massage shops on the whole street. Find the brightest and cleanest one. The younger man is skilled, suitable for strolling and resting. However, it still cannot be compared with domestic massage ~

In Saigon, drink Saigon ~ very light

I searched for a breakfast shop early the next morning and chose a cafe at the hotel's alley. The simple breakfast was not cheap, but I forgot the price after a long time. . .

It's raining and it's raining all day long, so that some raincoats can't parry, we got into an ice cream shop and tried to avoid the biggest moment. Many tastes are free to choose ~

The styling is very careful, and the taste is definitely not as good as the real Italian handmade ice cream. . . But I also saw the Vietnamese style straw hat, I really like it ~

When the rain is small, we continue to the Bianqing Market. After a bit of shopping, it is actually a large wholesale market. You can buy some daily necessities or something, but it is very daily life and there are no tall or solitary goods. . . We come out soon

I found a literature and art bookstore on the roadside. These coasters with movie posters on them were really unstoppable. Finally, I put together a set ~ # Bring home and found that there is no mess. #

Not many books, but most of them are poetry, movies, literary works

I also scouted four postcards, guess which one I left?

One pass was attracted by a very French-style building. It was no wonder that it turned out to be the town hall! ! ! It's beautiful, but it's not open at any time, but unfortunately I can't go in and find out. Directly opposite the city hall is the local very luxurious shopping mall, with a high cold atmosphere, and also encountered local local tyrants who bought several kinds of Chanel bags for beautiful women. . .

The City Hall is moving forward. The vertical roadside is the Grand Theatre. It is also a building full of European style. Go in and see the performance table. Today's performance is sold out. It is recommended that you do some homework in advance. It is best to buy tickets in advance. Some performances are worth feeling.

The aunts at the roadside stalls sell roasted bananas, which are slowly baked with a warm charcoal fire. They are delicious and very chewy.

This is a restaurant recommended by the hotel owner and many people. It is a small distance and suitable for strolling and searching. Let's cool down with a cup of herbal tea

There are two major characteristics of Vietnamese food. The first is that almost every dish is accompanied by this small dip on the left, with chili, which may be a bit sweet and salty, and some are hot and sour; the second is that any dish will be given a plate before it is served. "Grass", mainly Houttuynia cordata and mint leaves, can be eaten directly with dip and can also be paired with dishes. This is steamed snail and it tastes great!

Steamed to keep the original flavor of the ingredients to the maximum and not affected by other spices ~ Snail meat is very crisp and crisp

Without further introduction, this kind of powder roll is the most representative Vietnamese food ~ the dip is still indispensable

We ordered a roll of powder that you can wrap yourself ~ The dark green strip in the lower right corner is actually fish meat wrapped in nori seaweed. It has been lightly cooked and can be directly rolled up to eat ~

Cucumber slices, peanut spicy sauce, powder (filament-like rice noodles), mint leaves, seaweed fish sticks, chili, fresh coconut meat, and finally squeezed with lime juice, refreshing and delicious ~

Vietnam's signature soup powder is actually very similar to the domestic sweet potato powder, but the soup is very careful. This is directly cooked after the fresh crab meat is dug out ~ the seafood is full of flavor!

"The Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral Royal Palace", commonly known as the Church of Our Lady. Located in the center of Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City. For 125 years, the Church of Our Lady is both a chapel for Catholics and an intimate object in the hearts of Saigon people. The Church of Our Lady of Saigon is located in the first county and was built by the French. It is an architectural masterpiece with rich cultural and historical value. Its unique shape, similar to the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, is the largest Catholic church in Ho Chi Minh City, with a choir that can accommodate hundreds of people to worship. In 1960, the Vatican Holy See established a large parish in Vietnam, with three general parishes under Hanoi, Hue, and Saigon. The church was renamed Saigon Chapel. In 1962, the Vatican Holy See upgraded her to the Palace of the Templar, henceforth called the Palace of the Holy See of Saigon. In front of the church is a park with 4 roads crossing each other in a cross shape. Standing in the center of the park is the Statue of Our Lady of Marble, which is 4.2 meters high and weighs 3.5 tons. He holds the earth with the cross in his hands, and steps on the poisonous snake, expressing the human desire for peace. The Virgin Mary is also known as the Virgin of Peace. This is the work of sculptor G. Ciocchetti in 1959.

The church is 93 meters long, 35.5 meters wide and 57 meters high (from the ground to the top of the bell tower). It is not large in scale, but it is breathtaking for its classic beauty, interior decoration and rare cultural relics that blended with the Roman style and Gott style.

The first thing worth mentioning is the huge harmonious chime, with a total of six rings. The sound levels are sol, la, si, do, re, mi. They are made in France and shipped to Saigon in 1879. The total weight is 28,850 kg. The right side of the clock tower has four ports of sol, do, re, and mi, and the left side has two ports of la and si. The pattern on the clock is exquisite and unique. The "sol" clock is one of the largest clocks in the world: it weighs 8875 kilograms, has a caliber of 2.25 meters and a height of 3.5 meters (from the rim to the hanging button). The bell sounded deep and the sound was extremely strong, just like the bass part of the chorus, it only sounded once a year on Christmas Eve.

Inside the church, a hall and two small halls connect two rows of prayer rooms. All lines and patterns are in Roman and Gott style, solemn and elegant. The sacrificial altar is made of a whole piece of marble, with 6 angels carved on it, holding the countertop. The base is divided into 3 compartments, carved with biblical stories. Each prayer room, each window, and each vault is a work of art. The interior is filled with soft light, giving a sense of serenity and holiness.

The post office is located in the first district of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. This post office and Ho Chi Minh City Central Post Office adjacent to the Church of Our Lady of Saigon are both a famous attraction and retain the functions of the post office. This French-style building that almost every tourist visits was built by France from 1886 to 1891 and officially opened in 1892. It was the first post office during the French colonial period.

The architectural style of the post office is a fusion of Europe and Asia. The exterior and interior of the post office are all delicately processed and detailed. The spacious and bright hall is richly decorated, the floor is covered with beautiful classical ceramic tiles, and the unique dome structure allows The post office is taller, wider, and cooler, isolating the sultry weather outside, and two historical maps hanging on the wall.

On both sides of the post office are business counters and several small rooms for phone calls; the counter in the middle sells Vietnamese crafts and postcards. People who come here to travel here can buy postcards for friends if they need to buy them here. Next to the wood Fill in benches and benches.

Very traversing feeling, great!

This hanging image is even more conflicting. Such a Western-style building, such a socialist LOGO, is interesting ~ do n’t forget to buy a few postcards in advance and send it from here ~

On the way to the Reunification Palace, passing a large forest park, many citizens rest and play here, very comfortable! Suddenly, one of the social styles appears again, which is really fun

This is the best dessert for the whole trip to Vietnam! ! ! ! Cream cheese, but I don't know what the secret recipe is, it's very mellow but not hard, and it's enjoyable but not greasy. It's great! Forgot the store name. . . But still remember the location clearly

Another pudding is also recommended!

It can be regarded as the most senior livehouse bar in Vietnam. Many well-known Vietnamese musicians and bands have performed here ~ There are four bands on the day. Although the music is still unstoppable, there is no seat and standing area at about 19:00 There is also a constant influx of people ~

Hahaha, Mick Jagger behind the bar table is very eye-catching ~ Soon the whole bar is full of people, there are all countries, it seems to be famous! The atmosphere is lively and exciting, everyone is twisting and shouting ~

We squeezed close to the bar and sat down. The name on the wine list was bells and whistles. I chose these two cups. My is sour. The coconut milk added by my partner is very fragrant ~ This position is just on the left side of the stage. Look at the movements and small expressions of musicians from various angles. The styles of the four bands tonight are more mixed. The first is two copy bands, pop and punk, and the latter one is only original.

The bar is located in a relatively cheap location, and Google's positioning search is also a bit biased, so you may need to ask a lot and find it slowly. However, the decoration at the door is very special ~ the atmosphere is put in place by the lights!

The old-fashioned beetle made a different decoration at the door ~

Because of the distance to the hotel and the next day's itinerary, we can only leave early. On the way back, I met a small squid silk vendor, so I decided to try it

They do things slowly and reasonably, and such a slow pace really doesn't make much money overnight. However, it may be our problem to be in a hurry and to consider making money. The lady boss carefully shreds the dried squid and uses scissors to cut some spices into the oil pan and fry it repeatedly.

This is another vegetable stir-fried noodles sold in the stall. The noodles are delicious!

On the third day, I continued to stroll. I got up next to the hotel in the morning and passed a temple. The gate was closed and I could not know its history. . . But how many guesses are related to the Chinese ~

Street dark cuisine is always an important goal in my travel, ha ha ha, in fact, this is the essence of the most local! This is similar to fried flower branch balls or fish balls ~ It is a snack sold in a convenience store

This is another magical snack. What you ca n’t see below is similar to Hong Kong-style steamed shrimp dumplings. The top is fish fritters and fried shrimp skin with garlic slices and green onion. It's delicious! ! ! !

Yes, you can often see the well-prepared hawkers on the roadside next to the market.

Grandma's rice noodle soup is still brewing ~ sit down and eat a bowl and become a Saigon!

It ’s a pity that I ’m full, otherwise these are really good to try ~ Rice dumplings and banana leaves are basically rice flour and sweet glutinous rice, and the yellow ones are fried ~

En, roast bananas! ! ! ! Some are grilled directly, some are wrapped with glutinous rice and banana leaves ~

Have a copy! Very sweet and glutinous, with the fragrance of leaves. The sauce can be sweet or salty made from coconut milk ~ ecstasy!

As an important rubber production area, and gradually catching up with China to become an important shoe, hat and garment processing country in the world, the most cost-effective thing in Vietnam is actually slippers! ! ! Must choose the local brand of local raw materials produced locally, a pair is equivalent to more than 30 yuan, from lightness, softness to comfort and support when walking, completely kill the famous brand of Havana! My friends and I brought seven or eight pairs, and even the rubber insole at the top was not let go, haha ​​~

La la la, take a photo ~ The eyes of my partner are completely opposite to me, super big!

The Reunification Palace is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It was built by the French governor Lagrande on February 23, 1869 in order to strengthen its rule in Vietnam. "In fact, it is also the Government House of France in the entire Indochina region. It covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and the project took three years.

The Reunification Palace is one of the most important attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, because through a Reunification Palace, you can almost see a whole history of modern Vietnam. The Reunification Palace was established by the French Governor in the South of Vietnam, La Grandiet, in 1868. It was also called the Governor ’s Palace at that time, and was named "Norodom Palace" after it was completed in 1871. In 1954, Wu Tingyan, the Prime Minister of the Saigon regime, took the Norodom Palace from the French government and renamed it the "Independence Palace". In 1962, two pilots of the Saigon army drove a fighter jet and bombed the left side of the Independence Palace. It was rebuilt the same year, but in the following year, Wu Tingyan was assassinated.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Independence Palace in 1966, Lieutenant General Ruan Wenshao, chairman of the National Leadership Committee, and Major General Ruan Gaoqi, chairman of the Central Executive Committee, presided over the inauguration ceremony. At this point, the Independence Palace became the decision-making center of the Saigon regime. The entire Reunification Palace is very large, and the multi-storey space retains the appearance of the furnishings at that time, including some telegraph rooms and conference rooms in the underground rooms, which restores the sense of history and tension brought by politics. Outdoors are very beautiful green plants, more like a park, especially the large lawn and fountain in front of the main entrance, straight to the main trunk road, even if the palace is not particularly high, there is still a dominant posture overlooking Saigon ~

Come here, take a photo ~

On the way back to the hotel, I encountered a passionate peddler selling coconuts, chatting and chatting, and "friendly" to give us coconut drinks! but! ! ! ! ! ! He is a liar! ! ! Fuck! He took the initiative to take a group photo with us. It was really hard to hit his friend. He took a photo together. Since the rain began to fall, we were embarrassed to drink coconut free of charge and asked for the price. It only took five minutes to go out and it was suddenly counted, which was ten times more expensive than usual. This "photograph fee" is really a bit high. . .

When you come to Vietnam, you will not miss the "new coffee" bus. Because important cities are distributed along the east coast, basically in a long and narrow transportation hub, Xin Coffee is the oldest and most mature bus operating company throughout the country. So as long as you visit more than two cities, everyone usually chooses it. Regular and safe, maybe not the cheapest, but cars and services and bus stops are relatively reliable. At the next stop, we need to take the night train, first go to the business office at the departure point to check in the train, the staff will assist with the luggage tag and arrange checked luggage

The bus, especially the night bus, is relatively new and clean. The upper and lower floors are relatively small. There are three rows in total. You need to climb in, but you can put down the backrest as long as you sit well. Be sure to bring a thick shirt or other thick long-sleeved clothes or a small towel blanket, otherwise no one on the air-conditioning in the car can parry!

Stopping at the rest stop halfway, steaming buns is the common love of Asian people! ! !

This hotel + bar is a very conscientious service, not only has the intimacy of the homestay, but also has excellent resort facilities, and the key to include breakfast is really not expensive ~

Walking through the tropical style of Datang, the furniture on both sides is very comfortable and comfortable

And play for kids

There are many room types to choose from, some of them are this kind of separate small building

Wear a swimming pool by the sea, multiple pools are connected together, you can soak in the water while watching the sea ~ while drinking a cocktail!

Mui Ne ’s sun is hotter and needs sunscreen!

The foreigners who watched the jet on the surface not far away were planted in the water again and again. . .

Aunt Coconut is here, the other

For lunch, I chose fresh seafood in a restaurant with a good reputation. The grilling method of small shellfish is basically the best local food. It also retains the aroma of the ingredients. The coconut is a big one, enough for two people! The fresh shrimp rolls are more delicious, although the oysters are not big, the chilled taste is like jelly, haha

We still do n’t forget to roll our own seafood rolls. This is made of sashimi with special marinade, great! As a vegetable expert, every meal has a lot of fresh leaves to chew, and I am very happy!

Fill your belly and experience the original undeveloped Mui Ne ~ Shenxian Spring is actually a narrow and shallow spring water, with soft waxy fine sand on your feet, warm and comfortable, you can walk for more than a kilometer, all of which is red sand

The iconic bay, Mui Ne Fishing Village is basically rated as the most beautiful beach by several authoritative organizations and media around the world. Open your arms consciously.

It is really hard not to stop, almost every city in Vietnam can rent a motorcycle, and only the motorcycle is the most convenient, without a driver's license. We stopped and stared at the scenery seriously ~ The sea breeze and skin warmed for a long time

The white sand dunes and the red sand dunes are relatively speaking ~ first go to the white sand dunes to find out

The most fun is the sand motorcycle, it's too cool to accelerate! ! ! Pay attention to control the direction, otherwise the dune bully will make you deviate ~ There is a motorcycle rental at the entrance of the white sand dune. Simply bargain, the driver will check it for you, and then you can drive it handsomely!

There is a pond beside the sand dunes, many fish, sparkling against the sunset

After communicating with the driver for dinner, he recommended this restaurant. The main seafood stalls are boiled seashells and white shellfish. They are never disappointing. The sweet and sour taste, hot and sour raw fish, smoldering prawns, the biggest is cheese baked lobster, only RMB More than 100 ~~

Leaving Mui Ne and continuing to take the bus to Da Lat, this is a fantastic and unique city ~ rent a motorcycle first, the pink helmet also shows the literary retro of this place, haha ​​~

We stayed at the most basic hotel in Da Lat, with a long history, the lobby is simple but tasteful

I'm surprised to see such an elevator, I like it!

Open the elevator door yourself ~

The golden stair rails are so sexy ~

In the morning, follow the navigation through the i wrong fork and finally arrived! "Crazy house"! I never knew where it was "crazy" until I saw it! Crazy House is a hotel itself, and at the same time it is a tourist attraction in Dalat because of its peculiarity. This building will subvert all your concepts about houses. Because all kinds of fantasy imaginations become reality here, everything has a taste of forest fairy tale.

I have never been on a trip and will visit a hotel or something. This is the first time. So what is the origin of this crazyhouse? Entering the hotel, you see such a strange tree house, these glasses should come from the glass windows of the hotel room. Crazyhouse has various Chinese translations. Some people translate it as strange house, crazy house, wonderful house, etc., but I still like the straightforward and appropriate translation of "crazy house". Because the feeling here is indeed: So So Crazy!

The layer-by-layer and crooked layout makes people feel like they are in a labyrinth

The exhibition wall on the side is full of historical materials. I ca n’t imagine that the building with such a big brain and Gaudi ’s body is actually from the hands of such a gentle and gentle girl. Ah, the Shanghai School returned with a passion for retro.

Walking into the crazyhouse, the first one feels like entering a jungle adventure zone. The buildings here are mostly connected by dry branches, which are intricate and strange, but it is easy for people to fall in love with it at first glance, because the childlike innocence, we will immediately think of the cartoons or comic books we watched as children. The scenes about forest fairy tales make people love and fear.

The delicate design of the house has a lot of magical feelings. The inconspicuous corridor on the roof can connect all the houses. Very Gaudi style The ingenuity and surprise of everyone, let ’s see it for yourself ~ Of course, you can also stay, but you may get lost or feel a little scared at night, hahaha

Continue to ride the motorcycle halfway and the rain did not stop us from rushing to Baoda Palace: This palace was built in 1933 and was the summer residence of Baoda, the last emperor of Vietnam. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Although the exterior is not conspicuous, the interior decoration is extremely luxurious. The entire summer palace is a walled courtyard, a two-storey building with a light yellow flat roof and brick structure, with clear and concise lines. Indoor equipment, including furniture and bedding, etc., are kept intact ~

However, compared to the palaces of our country's monarchs, it is still a bit shabby, hahaha ~ parlor

In the conference room, that is the last emperor ~ tell the truth. Here I saw the photos of those royals at that time. I really felt that the temperament was extraordinary, very noble, not only different from modern people, but also different from ordinary people. Big difference. This is much more beautiful, chic and noble than Puyi's generation of royals in the late Qing Dynasty!

Come to the favorite station of the art and refreshing dogs ~ Dalat Railway Station is an attraction in itself. The railway station originally built by the French mainly used orange and yellow. The three pointed roofs were erected in the center, and they were decorated with colorful carved windows, all showing exotic feelings. Several retro cars and steam locomotives are still kept in the train station for tourists to visit and take pictures. This is one of the places that locals will not miss when photographing wedding dresses. It is known as the most beautiful train station in Vietnam.

Dalat Railway Station was designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron in 1932 and opened in 1938. It was abandoned in the later period of the Vietnam War and was not used again until the 1990s. The reopened railway line was 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) in length. The railway used between 1928 and 1964 is still partly preserved. The rails are toothed. It is available for tourists to watch and ride. The railway connects Da Lat to Thap Cham and ends at Lingfu Temple. This line becomes a tourist project.

Don't worry too much about what the end point is. Sitting in a nostalgic car made of wood, and recalling the passing years with a bang, is a romantic thing in itself.

Looking back at the station, there is also the beauty of crossing. The main color of the train station is eye-catching orange-red. The three pointed roofs and stained glass highlight the ancient exoticism. Only a few sections of the retro carriage and front are preserved.

Back to the main city (although Da Lat is very small), it's getting late. I can see this restaurant by the lake is the most eye-catching. For restaurants or resorts in Mao around the world, I like to call it "Blue Water"? !

It ’s Western food, next to Chunxiang Lake

Looking across the lake is also beautiful ~

The streets of Da Lat are not big, but the trails are very dense, and there are some ups and downs, so the navigation can turn the wrong intersection with a little inaccurate positioning. . . We went around several times and asked a lot of people, and finally found this recommended restaurant, which has a distinctive fusion of Vietnamese food.

Windmills is a small cafe with a local sense of literature and art, which is more modern and a bit Italian. You can come and sit ~

Looking at our hotel at night, the outside is still quite old-school and magnificent, hahaha ~

The church next to the hotel under the street lights is particularly quiet

Later, I learned that this western restaurant opposite the hotel is famous for its exquisite western food with a sense of history. We had no choice but to rush for breakfast before leaving. Breakfast is actually not too cheap, and average. Should be better at dinner

After a few hours of bumps, I reached an important destination-Nha Trang ~ come to the cathedral first! Nha Trang Church is a Gothic building, built in 1928-1933, compared with the church in Notre Dame de Paris, of course, much inferior, but also very French, the surrounding terrain is higher, you can see The whole Nha Trang.

There is no one, and the open space in front of the church is very relaxing. Unlike Da Lat Pink Church and Ho Chi Minh Red Church, Nha Trang Church is pure stone color, and it looks very majestic without any colorful decoration.

Outside the church is a noisy street, but inside the church is quiet and peaceful, just like another world. The church holds a mass event every morning and evening.

My little partner ~

A couple of couples are taking wedding photos, the two are very right, we started secretly taking photos with them, hahaha ~

The bride is very beautiful, at least better than most of the Vietnamese girls we met in a few days!

The church has a bell tower and skylights that are as beautiful as flowers and painted with the stories of the Bible. The internal walls made of stone give a cool feeling.

Maybe God is closer at this moment ~

After coming out of the church, go to Po Nagar Tower ~

The Po Nagar Cham Towers were built in the 7th-12th century AD and are Hindu architecture. The architectural style of Cham Tower is similar to that of Angkor Wat, but the scale is much smaller and the carving is not so detailed. Po Nagar is a transliteration, there are also translated as Tianyi Goddess Temple. The goddess of worship (Po Nagar) is enshrined here. The goddess of heaven is a goddess blessing the southern part of the Kingdom of Champa and protects fishermen who eat by the sea. However, it is said that as early as the second century BC, Hinduism was dedicated to the Hindu god Siva. There are not only Vietnamese but also many local Chinese who come here to visit the temple. Don't forget to take off your shoes when you enter.

At the end of the movie "Lover", the heroes and heroines stand by the reefs on the seashore and make their final farewell-the shooting location of this scene is Zhongyu Stone Beach in Nha Trang. The headland of Zhongyu Stone is located in the north of Nha Trang City. The protruding rocks extend toward the sea. Standing on it, you can feel the shock of the stormy waves. When the waves are calm, this is another romantic taste.

The shallow sand and fine sand on both sides of the rock are worth a visit whether you are taking pictures or strolling on the beach.

The stones are smooth and it is more convenient to walk barefoot ~

Evening glow is also aftertaste the plot of "lover" ~

We accidentally found a street where locals eat seafood. All night food stalls, very close to the people's prices, we drove a motorcycle to eat for three consecutive days ~ grilled conch, fresh cold raw fish skin, Baked grilled prawns and steamed crabs are all fresh seafood.

On the way back, I met a Martin shoe factory store. The slippers that are not common in China are less than RMB 150. We are excited to come and have a pair of handsome ones!

Nha Trang is located at the easternmost part of the southern coastline of Vietnam. The beaches of Nha Trang are endless. The smooth white sand, the tidal waters are clear, the corals on the seabed are colorful, and the colorful groups of fish follow the divers. The explorer is happy. Nha Trang is an ideal resort for seaside tourism. As early as the Vietnam War, the US military used Nha Trang as its resort. Come to Nha Trang to join the island hopping day trip

Four Island Tour: The first island is the Black Island (Mun Island). The boat stopped in the shallow water, everyone jumped into the sea to snorkel and swim, timidly can put on life jackets. Enjoy cruising in the sea and watch the beautiful coral from;

The second island is the first island (Mot Island). The boat still did not dock, only floating on the sea. The most lively entertainment activities are launched here. First, enjoy a rich lunch on the boat. The back of the seat in the middle of the row is put down, and it becomes a large dining table. With plenty of food and drink, the tour guide began to host the show, and the first officer and the kitchen master took on homemade instruments and became a band.

The third island is Tam Island. This time you need to go to the island and you will be charged VND10,000 for entering the island. Of course, lying on the beach by the sea is free. In addition to the natural landscape of verdant trees, there are many marine sports on the island, including windsurfing and parachutes. This is the third island, and the best. There are resorts on the island, everyone can go to the sea to feel the sun on the beach ~

The sand is fine and the people are not bad, you can rest under the lounge chair ~

Must pay attention to sunscreen

The resorts on the island are very large and mature, and there is a freshwater swimming pool, and employees perform singing and dancing every hour by the pool ~

The bar offers a wide range of drinks, you can order your favorite cocktail to taste (consumer care)

The swimming pool is irregular, it is a whole piece ~

Another local beer ~

The fourth island is an aquarium, which requires 20,000 VND for self-care tickets. Although everyone is not interested in the aquarium, this is probably the smallest and cheapest aquarium.

My friends are interested in Agarwood, and Nha Trang and Hoi An in Vietnam are important production areas of Agarwood in the world, so I went to a shop with her to find out ~

On the new day, we choose to experience the mud bath. It can be booked at the hotel reception desk. One day in advance, there will be a bus to pick up the individual passengers from the hotel one by one at the scheduled time in the morning, and take the boat to the pier to the island where the mud bath is located. In fact, this is a complete resort ~ the scenery is also well built ~

On the new day, we choose to experience the mud bath. It can be booked at the hotel reception desk. One day in advance, there will be a bus to pick up the individual passengers from the hotel one by one at the scheduled time in the morning, and take the boat to the pier to the island where the mud bath is located. In fact, this is a complete resort ~ the scenery is also well built ~

Come to the famous mud bath with your friends and put on the beautiful Lascana swimsuit. Although the young friends are full, the leopard pattern is still very confident and happy! # 变 小 泥人 儿 前 # Before you become a clay figure, you still need to take a picture, otherwise the mud appendage will not be able to appear, haha ​​~

One by one pool, the staff will help arrange according to the number of people, usually 2 people in the small pool and 4 people in the large pool. Each pool will soak for about half an hour. After the replacement, the mud will be changed ~ and then go to a fixed place to wash away the mud Go to the hot spring pool to relax and soak ~

This is a small post office in Nha Trang ~ to send postcards, haha

After leaving the super satisfied and favorite Nha Trang, the next stop came to Hoi An ~ Hoi An (HoiAn): Located in the central part of Vietnam, 30 kilometers away from Da Nang by the sea, it was originally the foreign trade port of Cham, known as "Dai Haikou ". As early as the 17th century, it became the most important commercial port in Southeast Asia with Malacca and the earliest China port in Vietnam. Hoi An is like Lijiang. It is an ancient town with small bridges and flowing waters. In the winding alleys, you can find all kinds of treasures, food, and old houses. It is very suitable for a few days of comfort. You can do nothing every day, just everywhere Walk around.

Hiding behind the vegetation on the right-hand side of the door is actually the large swimming pool above. Due to the long distance from Nha Trang to Hoi An, the bus is overnight, so it is not possible to check in when it arrives in the early morning. However, the hotel was very friendly and told us that after cleaning it was quiet, we could check in before 10 o'clock, we just basked in the sun by the swimming pool and waited slowly ~

The third floor of the hotel is very clean. In the evening, many low-wattage lights will be turned on. It is dim but warm ~

This hotel is surprisingly satisfactory, good value for money ~ and the service is very good, satisfied!

There is a small courtyard outside each room, which is very quiet, and you can also greet your neighbors.

Hoi An is the earliest Chinese port in Vietnam. As early as the 17th century, many Chinese businessmen came to take root here. For hundreds of years, Chinese people have prospered here and formed a prosperous Chinese community. There are many Chinese clubs. There are China Guild Hall, Chaozhou Hall, Fujian Hall, Guangzhao Hall, Qiongfu Hall, as well as emperor temples, Buddhist temples, ancestral halls of various surnames, etc. The hall building is magnificent and magnificent, with brilliant gold and blue, maintaining the traditional Chinese architecture.

The whole Hoi An City is divided into five districts, divided by ethnicity in different regions of China, including Fujian Gang, Guangdong Gang, Chaozhou Gang, Hainan Gang and Hakka Gang. The Fujian Guild Hall, Guangzhao Hall, Chaozhou Hall, Qiongfu Hall and the China Hall as the Five Gang Hall were built.

First come to eat, this is also recommended many times, there will be a lot of people

In the ancient town of Hoi An, Chinese-style buildings can be seen everywhere and are well preserved. It was neither destroyed by war nor demolished for the construction of high-rise buildings. There are complete streets where Chinese live in the city, also known as Chinatown. There are Chinese-style temples such as Guanyin Temple and Guandi Temple in Chinatown. The most prominent ones are the Fujian Hall, Guangzhao Hall, Chaozhou Hall, Qiongfu Hall, Hakka Hall and Five Gang Hall. These halls have magnificent buildings, carved beams, magnificent gold and antiques. The streets in Hoi An City and the buildings of various ethnic styles are quite distinctive. These buildings are generally deep courtyards composed of uneven gables, colorful mandarin duck tile roofs, column rafters made of hardwood, and doors built of houses. And most of the front gate leads to the street, and the pier is moored by the river bank next to the rear gate. These buildings are red walls and green tiles. Under the cover of bamboo bushes and tropical broad-leaved trees, this thousand-year-old city is dressed up in a colorful manner.

The Japanese Covered Bridge was built in 1593. It was originally built by the Japanese. It was rebuilt by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty and evidenced by the monument. The red paint of the wood has fallen off, similar to many ancient Chinese bridges. It is interesting that one end of the bridge is guarded by monkeys and one end is guarded by dogs. Vietnam also has 12 zodiac signs, but it is slightly different from China. The bridge is less than two meters wide, and on both sides is a round iron railing with rust, without special decorative carvings. The bright yellow French buildings and tall coconut trees are reflected in the river, together with the afterglow of the sunset, it is quiet and harmonious. To the north of the covered bridge is a pagoda temple to protect the boatmen on the river. One end of the bridge is guarded by monkeys, and one end is guarded by dogs. It is said that construction started in the year of the monkey and completed in the year of the dog, so it is also known as the stone monkey bridge. There are plaques on the bridge, the book "Yuanlai Bridge", and the Chinese characters "Ancheng" and "Lishe".

There are several streets in the ancient town, and there are many shops on the main street. This custom-made clothing store is especially retro. Unfortunately, it takes more than 3 days to make clothing. Otherwise, it must be customized. A hand-sewing in Vietnam is very famous and the style is quite unique Fashion big sense! Of course, traditional styles are even better ~

There are also many handmade leather goods stores ~

Fujian Hall: Among the many Chinese halls in Hoi An, the Fujian Hall is the largest and the first choice for many visitors. The hall is dedicated to the diva, and it is said that it can protect the sailing fishermen from disasters and was the protector of the Chinese in the early years. In the Fujian Guild Hall, there are also some designs with animals as elements, such as dragon, turtle, phoenix, etc., which represent power, endurance and nobility in traditional Chinese culture, respectively.

The old man's store used to sell medicine. The grandchildren's N generations all opened drugstores, but now they haven't done it. The store has become a small museum and is open for free. The old man can speak Chinese ~

In addition to the majority of Chinese-style buildings in Hoi An, there are also a large number of French classical buildings and courtyard-style buildings. Most of these French buildings are beautiful in appearance, beautiful, and beautiful lines. Figures of figures are of great artistic value. Rush into a nice bar ~

There are also many beautiful buildings with Vietnamese ethnic characteristics in the city. Many exhibition halls and shops are very modern. Hoi An is a well-known international commercial port with rich cultural colors and a model of an extremely well-preserved traditional Asian trading port.

The residents in the town have their own entertainment at the door, which is very comfortable ~ (not a street artist)

It may be because the ancient town of Hoi An is too famous, so Hoi An seafood has been neglected for many years. Most of the ancient towns also operate Vietnamese restaurants. The seafood in Hoi An is mainly concentrated on the coastal road Lac Long Quan. On the coastal side of the road are five-star hotels, such as Palm Hotel, Agricultural Bank Hotel and Sunrise Hotel. It was only later learned that Hoi An Seafood, in addition to being inexpensive and high-quality, also offers Central Vietnamese specialties: shrimp and eggs, nutritious, and delicious. It's a pity I didn't taste it, come again next time ~

Everyone in Da Nang may be familiar to them. The first stop is to visit the museum ~ It is located in the city center and was built in 1915 with the support of the French Far East Research Institute. This museum is the world's largest museum of Cangzu stone carving art. The museum looks antique. The museum displays more than 300 original stone carvings and buildings of sandstone or pottery from the seventh century to the sixteenth century. They are exhibited in ten different exhibition rooms. In the history of the Zhan nationality, a powerful kingdom was established in central Vietnam, and then gradually declined. The Zhan people moved to the two provinces in southern Vietnam. At present, there are only more than 50,000 people and they are one of the ethnic minorities of Vietnam. The Zhan Sculpture Museum collects Zhan artifacts from all over the country and is called a gem of Da Nang. but! ! ! ! ! ! ! Because many of the introductions are not detailed, it is difficult to really understand that history. It is recommended to do your homework in advance. . .

The motorbike is ready to go up the mountain to Guanyin Temple. The road is very original. I only found a small restaurant. The menu is not English because only three kinds of food are provided: vegetarian dishes are eaten directly with dip.

By the way, we are the first time in our trip to try the most representative baguette in Vietnam! This kind of sandwich can be bought at a street stall selling baguettes. As a former French colony, Vietnam has also been greatly influenced by French food in its diet. The baguette here has also been improved. People cut the baguette in the middle, spread the meat sauce or butter in the middle, stuff a few pieces of meat, pickled cucumber, pickled papaya or shredded radish, green onions, etc., and then drizzle a layer Ketchup has become a Vietnamese sandwich. This "variant baguette sandwich" is crispy on the outside, soft on the palate, affordable and plentiful, and very popular with locals.

It's raining again! We drink condensed milk coffee on the roadside and watch the uncles play chess ~

Went the wrong way again, here we should continue to follow the road, and we both rushed up the hillside. . .

Lingying Temple!

Very clean after being washed by a wiper

Lingying Temple has a unique geographical location. In the Camellia Peninsula in Da Nang, you can see the sea from a high level no matter what angle you look at from the temple. Lingying Temple is also home to the highest white jade Guanyin Bodhisattva statue in Southeast Asia, 67 meters high, with a 35-meter-diameter lotus stand. There are 17 layers in it, each layer houses 21 Buddha statues. The unique Luohan decoration, banners and couplets on the gate of Lingying Temple, and couplets in the temples of the temple are almost all Chinese characters, because Lingying Temple was built by donations from Chinese in Vietnam.

Overlooking the entire bay

On the way back, pass the famous Meixi Beach: it is a public beach, only one song Han bridge from Da Nang, 900 meters long, and there are many seafood restaurants in the surroundings. On the beach in the early morning and evening, there are many people who play Tai Chi and exercise. Meixi Beach is the closest to the city center and one of the most lively places, with fresh air and pleasant scenery. The beaches along this route were rated by Forbes Magazine as the six most beautiful beaches in the world, based on the softness, whiteness and fineness of the beaches, convenient transportation, surrounding resort facilities, sunshine and the size of the beach, including the types of water activities. . In fact, it is very natural, and it is not commercialized or overdeveloped like a traditional beach ~

On the last day in Hanoi, I plan to fly home. This city, as the capital of a socialist country, is obviously different from the southern cities in style and atmosphere. It is relatively more like an ordinary county town. The planning is a bit confusing, and the people on the street are far less beautiful than the south. The architecture and scenery also lacked the beauty and sentiment. . .

Hoan Kiem Lake: Located in the center of Hanoi ’s old city, it is called Hanoi ’s No. 1 Scenic Area, where the trees are green and the lake is crystal clear.

The center of the lake is also Duzhu Temple and Yushan Temple. Yushan Temple enshrines the Three Saints of Guandi, Xingdao and Wenchang. A 5-story stone pagoda is built outside the gate of Yushan Temple. The top of the pagoda looks like a brush. The gate is composed of 4 pen-shaped pillars. There is a couplet of Chinese characters. It means "the title of the gold list".

Turtle Tower is built on the inner island of Hoan Kiem Lake. The tower is small and exquisite, with a star at the top. Regarding the legend of Hoan Kiem Lake, although there are many opinions, each kind of legend does not take away the process of Li Taizu's acquisition of the Excalibur and his use of this Excalibur to resist the invasion of the Ming Dynasty (1418-1428). This story sounds like the Vietnamese version of Britain-"Legend of King Arthur". After Li Taizu finally overthrew the rule of the Ming Dynasty, he drove to the heart of Hoan Kiem Lake in a small boat and returned the sword to the tortoise. It is said that after the turtle withdrew the sword from Li Taizu, he immediately dived into the lake Since then disappeared, the name "Huanjian Lake" came from.

The streets around Hoan Kiem Lake are full of people and traffic, which is very lively. This kind of cafe is common on the streets ~

This is a bit like the taste of a local Starbucks. It ’s an Italian coffee chain. There are many drinks and desserts with coffee blends. There are many people. Everyone likes to sit in the shop and read books or write things. Fairy grass but not herbal ~

The streets are still the world of motorcycles ~

The street next to the cathedral is covered with national flags. This red atmosphere is almost absent in southern cities. Sure enough, it is a unique socialist feature in Hanoi, haha

Hanoi Cathedral is the oldest church in Hanoi. It is said that it was built after the imitation of Notre Dame Cathedral. It really has a medieval style and is also a representative French-style building in Hanoi. It was built in 1886 in the style of New Gothic and was sponsored by two color brokers. Although the exterior looks a little mottled, the church's interior is decorated with complicated main altars, stained glass windows, and square towers.

The door of the church will only open when the mass is held. For the rest of the time, visitors have to enter from the side. The side door is located in the alley facing the left side of the church. The church is actually quite large, quiet and solemn, with beautiful glass windows. There seems to be a school nearby, catching up with the children after school, the church is full of parents who pick up the children, haha ​​~

Starting from Nha Tho Street opposite the Nha Tho Lon & Around, this is a gathering area of ​​new boutique shops and cafes in Hanoi, plus traditional French architecture and big trees, shopping here is both leisurely and romantic. I also found a very Western-style cafe, the things are very well-tuned, not the traditional feeling of the Vietnamese style, the waiter brother is also very friendly, but the coffee is generally, the lemon cheese is very refreshing ~


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