The island is not only bikini but also stormy-Philippines

Every trip is a new tragedy!

Do n’t ask me why I do n’t have photos of various recreational facilities on the beach, and why I do n’t have diving, snorkeling and various walks under the sea ...

The big typhoon Tianlian even erected a 5-meter high typhoon barrier. You thought I would say ...

Because the weather was extremely bad this time, it took 8 days and one and a half days of sunny days, the rest were all stormy, and the basic mobile phone shooting was the whole process.

I really admire the powerful P Gong of Yu Yong Photography, you can come and feel it

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1 There are four airports in Manila. T1, T2, T3, T4. Each airline stops differently. Bookings should be noted. There is no way to arrive directly. It takes a lot of time to travel. The average time is 20 minutes. I will write below. There is a free shuttle bus from the airport to the airport, which departs on time. There is no more time to reserve this airport bus. You can take a taxi outside. There is also a SUV luxury car that can do it. The taxi is about 500 pesos. The Manila plane was late, too late to hit the luxury car 1450 pesos. The most important point is that if you want to go to that island, you will fly directly to that island. Do n’t fly to Boracay as in the Raiders, only fly to Kalibo and then do a 2-hour car transfer to transfer, really fly directly to Male! ! ! ! There is also flying directly to Bohol Island and flying directly to Tabiran. Don't fly to Cebu! ! ! ! ! Otherwise, you have to take a taxi and transfer for another 2 hours and then transfer! ! ! ! Do n’t tell me what saves money, it will cost more and waste at least 4 hours more! ! ! ! ! ! ! The fare for a long-distance car and boat ticket is 1280 pesos. Generally, a single boat ticket costs 550-700 pesos. Taxes, luggage fees, and money for getting off the taxi to the terminal are also required! ! ! So please fly straight! Thank you!

2 Direct flight within the Philippines will almost always be delayed. Be sure to reserve more time! Stay for 4 more hours without asking too much

3 Say that you need to provide a paper version of the round-trip ticket in English if you want to change your boarding pass when you leave the country or you cannot change your boarding pass. At the domestic boarding pass counter, you must provide a paper electronic ticket itinerary. We can only fold it out. At that time, less than 20 minutes before the last boarding pass change, we went to the airport service window to print it. People are printing, and then printing is good after passing the first level of security check and returning to the boarding pass counter to get the boarding pass! ! ! ! Only then can we go through customs and security! ! ! The paper ticket itinerary will be used later in the Philippines after customs, so please print out the English version of the entire ticket hotel and a copy of your mobile phone. When we take a taxi to the airport every time we go to the airport later, we need the police to provide us with the ticket information. It is the same to check when entering the airport.

4 Regarding air tickets, I suggest that you should make reservations on the official websites of AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Airlines. Where to go with Ctrip is more expensive, and there are no luggage tickets, and then you buy luggage tickets later are more expensive. Refilling a ticket for more than 100 is actually just a matter of buying 30. The Philippine domestic flight has only 7 kilograms of luggage on the plane. There are also provisions for luggage size. If you are too heavy, you will be asked to make a replacement ticket.

5 About immigration customs, this is also a tragedy in the itinerary, because you have to fill out an immigration card and a health card when you get off the plane. There is no more on the plane. We only fill it out when we get off the plane. Actually forgot to bring it. At the crossing, I borrowed a pen from a friend of the same plane to fill it out. Because they went to the customs first to line up, we thought about what the customs gave him, and we ranked behind them. At that time, I did n’t notice the most close The window called me in the past, maybe she called twice, so that she asked me a bunch of questions later, first asked for the return ticket, then the hotel, then the occupation, company address, company name, all the questions you can ask The problem, the most collapse is to ask me to provide a work permit, but I did not bring a work card, I can only say that I do not understand! ! ! ! Before and after, it should be at least 15 minutes or more, and everyone else is done in 30 seconds. When I couldn't get a work permit, I was really afraid that she would refuse to sign me! ! ! She was upset! ! ! It ’s enough to think about it. I just did n’t hear her call me over at the beginning, cough ... I ’ll learn from the past, when you pass the customs, you must pay attention to the windows near you, and I will call you immediately! ! Please also take a photo of the work card on your mobile phone. There are also questions inside and outside, such as round-trip airfare, work unit, address, company name, hotel name, occupation, work card, work number ... The first impression of flying to the Philippines fell instantly to the bottom of the valley. 7 is the weather. It is important to go out. Choosing a typhoon season to go to the Philippines is the tragedy of this trip. The white sand beach of Boracay is the effect of my black sand beach. Many friends have read it and said that they will never come to Boracay again in this life ... I really did not intentionally ... …

6 Stay, go to a poor country really do n’t want a poorly booked hotel and bed and breakfast. The difference in environment will refresh you, and the law and order will also make you drunk. Personally suggest not to set it below 300 for one night. It's really terrifying ... 500 on the beach at night, regardless of the environment and transportation, this is an excellent hotel equal to 1000-1500 a night in the country. It is set to be 1,000. The best local hotels can be booked. I have to say that although our hotel in downtown Manila was the most prosperous area for the first two nights, we ended up with a nightly air conditioning in our hotel! ! ! All of the left half of the periphery are gay girls in the red light district of the gay bar, and the right is indeed the largest department store school hospital. All in contrast ... The mint is so broken that you do n’t want to get off and go directly to the beach to set up another one! ! ! !

7 Regarding play, there are many more items to play on the island, and there are many day trips chartered to the sea and diving projects. Friends who had to go together before the trip said that Taobao can be done directly. Taobao has it, but it is really not there. Necessary, it is too much to reach the destination, the price is only 3 points to Taobao, the point is that you can arrange the itinerary according to the specific conditions, physical conditions and weather to the local area, and it should not be because of the online reservation in advance. The departure time is usually in the morning. Undersea strolling and dragging umbrellas usually take place at 9 or 14:10 two times a day. The Philippines is a tipping country. If someone takes you luggage or leads you, please spend 20 pesos At the beginning, the local tyrants randomly applied 11 sunscreens. Even if it rained all day, it would still be dark after sunscreen. Sunscreen really needs to be applied every few hours every day. Do n’t just remember to apply face and hands, back and neck must be coated with fingers And toes, the back is easy to ignore, the picture is not easy to sunburn

8 All creatures of coral fishes in the sea are not fishable, only local talents can. Locals earn a living, and offenders are fined

The main point is that under the Manila Airport, basically many people fly domestically to Manila and then transfer. Of course, there are many direct flights from the country to the island you want to go to. It is better to start with Manila Airport. There is a great god on the Internet who wrote the complete guide. I put the screenshot here as a person who went to T1 T3 T4. I really have a say. I really need to reserve more time, especially for the transfer. The door is the most expensive. The cost of the silver SUV is 1400 pesos. It costs a few hundred pesos, and there is a big gap from the 100 downstairs.

Approximate trip itinerary

First go to the map of the Philippines and I do n’t even know where to go if I want to go to the location!

Once again emphasize that it is really direct to fly, don't turn around like this, car and plane and boat and car! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! But unfortunately, Xiaobai, who walks this way, please refer to the following. No need for Taobao, you can see the ticket counter at the mobile counter and buy it directly. This includes the airport to the terminal + boat fees + taxes and fees + disembarkation to the hotel


Long Beach travel is basically divided into several lines

1Dive (snorkeling and deep diving), it usually takes half a day to charter a boat and go out together

2Some play items on the beach, banana boat, towed umbrella, flying fish, sunset sailing boat, sea motorcycle, underwater walk

3 Ride a mountain bike through the jungle jungle

4Small helicopter round the island

Because we are all typhoons in Boracay, all submarine projects have no way, plus the heavy rains, all the beaches have a transparent 5 meter typhoon protection facility.

ps: You can't take a plane for a 24-hour deep dive!

There are routes to go to sea by boat

-Magic Island Cliff Jumping-Crocodile Island Snorkeling-Crystal Island Island Cave Sightseeing-etc

Boracay map, it is clear that S1 S2 S3 S4 and the location of the pier

Bohol Island is also translated into Bohol Island

Bohol Island and Panglao Island can be reached directly by car in 20-30 minutes

The airport on Bohol is Tabiran, or the old saying, please fly straight

Personally suggest staying in Bohol for one night to play the attractions of Bohol and then go to Panglao Island

It is recommended to report a day trip to Bohol Island. Such a car is a big car. Otherwise, please charter a SUV. The mountain road is actually very far away for many hours. ! ! !

Mint day trips generally include

Day trip to Bohol Island


Chocolate Hills-Primitive Forest-Mint-eyed Monkey Center-Robb River (Enjoy the buffet while experiencing the indigenous culture of the Philippines)-Baclayon Cathedral-Memorial Sculpture of the Blood Covenant-Philippines Zoo

Personally recommend Chocolate Hill, Tarsier, the main firefly firefly

Panglao Island is mainly reserved for more than 2 days for the sea project

Outbound route 1

Departure point (Alona Beach)-watching dolphins-Balicasa snorkeling (watching turtles)-Virgin Island-going to a bee farm at night costs about 500 pesos

Outbound route 2

Go out to see the super large fault, various corals, various fishes

Outbound route 3

Deep dive

Outbound route 4

Watching shark whale

On the plane, the flight attendant will give you this, just fill it up on the plane, save you the trouble of getting off the plane like us. This is found online. Thanks to the great god on the Internet for making

It takes about two hours for each boat ride, so it ’s an old saying that you can fly directly to any island you want

Kalibo Airport-Boracay car and boat total about 3 hours! ! ! ! !

Cebu-Mint 2 hours by boat

Mint-Duma takes 2 hours by boat

If there is a local embassy, ​​you can go directly to the embassy to process the fee. 180 The embassy only picks up the documents in the morning and collects them in the afternoon. You need to apply for 2 application forms, return air tickets, hotel accommodation, VISA card, passport copy, original passport , 2 photos, a copy of the ID card, you can do it without proof of deposit

Proof of employment template

Recommended souvenir

1Dried mango supermarkets are sold at airport attractions

2 Bohol Island Bee Farm Organic Honey Products Honey Bread Sauce Sauce 50RMB

3 There is a gap between the LEE jeans and the more than 100 mentioned in the guide. The average price is about 230RMB and it is much cheaper than the domestic one.

4 Various biscuit snacks are also very good, the average price of the supermarket is 7-10 RMB

5 straw bag hat

6 coconut products coconut oil

7 There are shells on some beaches ...

Must-have, honey jam

The dried mango feels a bit too sweet, and the long butter cookies are amazing. The two ca n’t buy too much in a suitcase ... they ca n’t buy it and buy it once! ! ! ! !

The shells I picked up on the beach were the only favorite thing when I was a child when I went to the beach, but now Xiamen has no shells more than ten years ago. I think the shells on the beach in the Philippines are not as good-looking as the seafood stalls I bought.

A full bottle, great satisfaction

In the evening, the plane can reach Manila in 2 hours. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to print out the itinerary of the round-trip ticket in English, otherwise you cannot change the boarding pass.

The only thing Xiamen Airlines loves is olive juice, and the economy class food has never been loved.

We who are about to flee from this island to another pile of islands

I do n’t want to say anything about Xiamen Airlines ’meals. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The accident after getting off the plane and going through the security check has not been relieved. I just wanted to take a taxi back to the hotel. Direct taxi to hotel 500 pesos

What do photographers mean ...

When I saw a modified TUTU on the taxi There are other restaurants in Japan and South Korea. Do n’t ask why it ’s not the courage to take out your phone without a photo.

I walked around for a while. There were Japanese restaurants and Korean restaurants everywhere. I did n’t pay attention because I thought I was on the streets of South Korea. I ’m sorry I did n’t take a photo.

In the end, the supermarket bought it and the most exaggerated 6 pounds of water ^ really there is no one, take this bottle of yogurt to sleep

Today is a one-day tour of the city of Manila in a horse-drawn carriage. The attractions in the city are very concentrated. The place where we live is a 15-20 minute walk from the attractions. We decided to walk over and eat breakfast along the way ...

The street is full of this car, all kinds of exaggerated appearance, really don't understand, there are stations on the above beckoning parking and getting off at the station

City Life

Eat up

The taste is similar to that of domestic baked cakes with cheese on it. Obviously there is butter and sugar to choose. I chose the most unpalatable sugar! ! ! It's salty, I added sugar ... this IQ ...

I really admire this knifeman. The whole coconut meat and coconut juice are intact. It was after I drank the coconut meat that I broke down and the coconut juice broke into the bag. It is really difficult to get used to drinking with plastic tape. Drink coconut juice in a plastic bag! ! ! !

Coconut meat is soft and sweet main recommendation

There are trolleys on the side

The various BINGBING cars on the road are full of people, similar to the minibuses that used to carry passengers. The English is too broken and the crowd is more afraid of crowding the car. I have not tried these days in the Philippines.

Just in time for the school hours of various schools

This church is located in the center of the Spanish royal city. No tickets are needed. There are more people visiting nature. Romanesque buildings and colored glass make the whole church full of unique taste. The original church was built in 1581. In the following years, the church was continuously damaged and rebuilt due to typhoons, earthquakes, and the flames of war. The church is now the result of the sixth construction, designed by architects Fernando Ocampo and Archbishop Rufino J Santos in the second half of the 1950s, drawing on the stone and rose-shaped windows of the old church. The stained glass windows give off a splendid color due to the skylights, and the three small chapels on the side are decorated with mosaics. In Manila Cathedral, there are some religious activities such as mass, confession, baptism, etc. Wedding services are also provided.

Phone color is almost

The uncle took a group photo of the cough.

Our big face ...

We have packed another one, 6 people from other people have a car, 2 of us have a car, and we also have a Malaysian car ... Carpooling? Originally, there were fewer horse-drawn carriages, and two people were more comfortable. I originally wanted to wait for the shape of the pumpkin carriage. I finally chose the brown one. After the bargaining, all the attractions walked around for 2 hours in a car for 1500 pesos. We strongly recommend a horse-drawn carriage. Manila is really hot. Sitting in the car is windy and there is no sun. And all attractions walk around, he will wait for you at the door You probably say how long you go in. There are many soliciters on the road that are not recommended to go. This is the staff of their national scenic spot. They wear yellow and green plaid clothes uniformly.

We drove us off ...

San Agustin Church

Numerous Catholic churches are scattered throughout the Philippines and are called "Vatican in the East". In the capital, Manila, at the heart of the inner city where the Spanish colonists lived, stood a church that survived earthquakes, typhoons and wars. It is a 400-year-old church and was included in the world by UNESCO in 1993. Heritage List of Saint Augustine.

Address: Gen. Luna St, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tickets 200 pesos

It ’s a bit scared to see that there ’s not enough time and I just did n’t go in the church

The photographer took a big film on his mobile phone and left

The P work of my photographer ...

This monument commemorates the cruel years when more than 10,000 unarmed civilians were killed between February 3 and March 3, 1945. During the World War, countless civilians lost their lives. This monument was built to make people remember the pain caused by war and history.

We did n’t get off, just took a picture on the carriage and left.

San Diego Gardens ticket price of 75 pesos is worth seeing. They are very fond of circular ruins. The whole green area is empty and no one likes this feeling.

You can see the ruins from here

If I do n’t understand what it is, I think it looks like a little sun. The master oil introduces the historical background of the attractions, but I really do n’t understand it. The only thing I can understand is the war and the like ... My English is so embarrassing

I am the only one with such a magnificent posture

Take another picture

I want to see what is outside the city wall

The empty place is big love ... It ’s also a good choice to bring food and sit, as long as the sun is not so big

Actually the sun is like this

There are also small flowers in China

Philippine Presidents' Gallery

Located near the corner of St. Augustine Church, it has a relief-like portrait of several generations of Presidents of the Philippines, and is an outdoor careful gallery.

Take a punch card photo


The Spanish castle-like Intramuros (Intramuros) is located in the north of Rizal Park in the Philippines. It is an old royal city built in the late 16th century. It is the former site of the city of Manila and a political center during the Spanish occupation. The area is only one square kilometer. The perimeter of the city wall is about 4.8 kilometers, the height is about 4.9 meters, the wall thickness is 6-9 meters, there are stacks on the city, and there are trenches outside the city. There are five gates. There is a Spanish-era town hall in the Macquarie Square in the city. It was built in 1753, and now only the old cornerstones next to the gate remain, and the rest were destroyed by artillery during the Second World War.

Strong contrast between the old and new buildings

This remains


When I happened to meet a group of people taking pictures, the local costumes were also very confused

Meet people in local clothes taking pictures

Fort Santiago

This visit only needs to register information on the arch, there is no entrance fee

The family in front of us is Russian, saying that Russia has not been able to succeed for several years.

I can see bougainvillea in my hometown quite surprised

The school students are out of school

To end the carriage trip, the carriage trip really needs to be greatly praised, I think some people on the Raiders choose the bicycle around the ancient city is also a good choice

At the end of the carriage tour at lunchtime, we walked back to Robinson shopping by the hotel for dinner, and it was time to show the big stomach king!

We do n’t want to say anything about the size of this pizza. In fact, we just want to order one, but we did n’t expect to make two mistakes.

However, our food intake is also amazing ...

Open various buy buy buy models

It ’s only October that various Christmas products are in a prominent position

Send a dog food ...

On the top of the building is a movie theater, come and look for highlights

Japan and South Korea are really hot here, and the cake that was not eaten in Osaka, Japan is actually open here, and decisively joined the queue.

After waiting for more than half an hour to get it, I will eat you after hee hee, the taste is just ordinary, I may be expecting too much, I am slightly disappointed, or I will buy it again when I go to Osaka next time

Various freshly squeezed juices

Is there an outbreak of intensive phobia

I bought a bunch of messes and opened the afternoon tea, which was delicious like longan

I still don't understand why bananas should be cooked

Fancy this and decided to buy this at night

But when it was cooked till the end, it was so long ... It was ... It was definitely not teasing me ... Fortunately, it tasted good

I left the room in the morning and took a taxi to the airport. The taxi cost was 500 pesos

Many Mali taxis have this decoration, made of various plastic bottles. I remember that when I was a child, there were a lot of them in China

Breakfast is settled at the airport, just him

There are chocolate lava hearts inside, delicious

The plane was late, the weather was bad and it started to rain, and it rained everywhere, I really live up to the reputation of the rain god

There are a lot of Xiaozheng on the plane, and the aunt's bad taste has been opened again ...

The powerful humidifier of the air conditioner cannot match the dust

As soon as I left the airport, I saw that the car and boat coupons for the transfer to the hotel can choose one-way and round-trip. The strategy for buying tickets is on the top. If you don't remember, please turn back and take a look. As the old saying goes, please choose Boracay Male Airport directly and do n’t come to Kalibo! ! ! ! !

The bus time has been open for two hours, all the way around the mountain road, repeat again, please fly straight! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Then transfer to the island of Boracay, and then arrange for the car to be delivered to the hotel, each car is full, the luggage is on the car, the rain has never stopped. There is a psychological illusion in this car that we are all about to be sent to slaughter

Arrival at the hotel

Take a panoramic view of the desk

Hotel Map

People who still play golf in heavy rain

Storm outside

People still soaking in the pool after rain

People who are doing shy things

Send a welfare photo

Hotel has a free car to pick up and drop off to D'MALL

Turn on buy buy buy eat eat eat mode ...

Rain and flowers

Various flowers and plants along the road

Go to the first X-FUN Long Beach food recommendation OLE

I ordered the paella and it was okay. There was no surprise. The rain was so heavy that there was stagnant water everywhere when I walked.

Mexican chicken corn is crispy and I find it not tasty. Probably eat first, go out shopping and wait to continue to eat

The baby took this ...

Moving to the second store ...

Philippine national dish beef bone soup X-FUN recommended restaurant smoke

Butter shrimp

Recommended drink after a meal ... mango shake

The most important thing is, of course, the mango shake. It ’s not the season of mangoes. There are fewer mangoes and there are far fewer mango shakers.

Today ’s itinerary is all about eating, eating, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, buying, buying, buying

Come here for breakfast

The grass of my chicken

If you go to Haililang, the hotel has a car that can be sent directly to the beach

Because the typhoon is really not white beach! ! ! ! ! Forget to play casually

Catch a small shrimp alive and let go after taking the picture

I think I made a lot of tragic decisions on this trip! ! ! ! ! One of the most inconceivable is why I changed the hotel. Before, I wanted to stay in a mountain hotel and live in a seaside hotel ... but the tragedy after the typhoon came ... Did you see the road from the mountain to the mountain ... We are in Wangyang ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It opened for 15 minutes in the ocean ... and then passed by the hotel three times but couldn't find it! ! ! ! ! The rain was so heavy that there wasn't even a little black with luggage! ! ! ! Then I dragged my luggage in the storm to find the luggage for half an hour

Arrived at the hotel with great pains, I really will not tell you that the rain is so heavy that the hotel is just in front of you

Put your luggage out for dinner ...

Only food can be cured

It's delicious ... I finally got what I love ... Yes, I just love crabs

This feature lies in the flame, and when serving ... Hee hee you will know when you go

Mangosteen is big and sweet

There is no night life every time I go out to play ... this is wrong ...

Sip tea

x-fun recommends grilling and recommends dishes to roast baby suckling pigs. I do n’t eat this and ca n’t accept this thing. My chick really loves it. It tastes really good after taking a bite. Other dishes are not recommended. There is no taboo to strongly recommend you to eat suckling pigs.

The whole beach is like this, watching the flame show while eating ... Little Apple is here.

Onion rings, if they are too oily, otherwise it ’s not bad. I really want to use food absorbent paper to suck it and it will be more delicious.

French fries are fried with sauce

The pineapple that accompanies the roast piglet is also delicious

Fresh juice is nothing to sell

After the barbecue, go back to the hotel bar to continue

Wherever you go is a flame show

I made this glass of mango shake cocktail.

Old games are playing

However ...

That ’s right, it ’s still stormy today but still going to go out. If I chartered a boat, I and the chick should n’t be too envious. How can there be a visual vision of honeymoon to fill the brain ...

The latter one is just to take a picture, the taste is so sweet to commit suicide

set off

Arrive at Neverland

First arrive at the first jump point


Here is a panoramic view, lunch was eaten on the island, they went to cook for us when we went to play

The two of us plus the tour guide really don't have anybody ... the tour guide you are invited to accompany ... bring tea and water to take your luggage ... the service has nothing to say

After dinner, start the crystal cave

There is an aunt who wants to jump off the building

Back to the hotel and sleep, we will depart for Our Lady ’s Reef Rocks in the evening, just next to the hotel, and the row of trees behind! ! ! !

Such a white sand beach has good scum, saying that a good sunset sailboat is still raining after three days! ! ! ! No one feels like shooting ghost films on White Beach

The best drink mango in Boracay is the second one in this family, near the Notre Dame Rock

Let's go to eat the most famous big burger in Boracay

Five-star recommended, a burger bigger than your face, please refer to the Polaroid comparison photo, the size is equal to the size of 4 domestic burgers, but the meat is delicious

Then continue to today's most famous seafood market

Shrimp as big as a face

After a meal, a cup is healthy and healthy

The Starbucks matcha loved by photographers, chicks are really Starbucks loyal fans ...

Words are really important, please practice them well!

Then I met a cat

Today, I have to book a ticket before taking the bus from Long Beach. It is still the same at 11:40. I have to check out at 5 o'clock. I will take a 20-minute boat transfer and 2 hours to Kalibo Airport. To Mint, this is really a tragedy for the wrong ticket! ! ! ! ! !

The plane was still late, and I didn't eat lunch. I went directly to the pier and bought the closest ticket. It was also 2 o'clock, and it took two hours to take the boat! ! ! Congestion can not be expressed! ! ! If you really come, you can fly directly. You can choose Male to fly directly to Tabiran in one hour. We will toss from 5 am to 5 pm! ! ! ! ! ! Rushing edge! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The cost is several times more expensive than direct flights! ! ! ! ! ! !

From here we have to go by boat, and there will never be a sunny day in Long Beach

Photographer's unwilling P

The breakfast prepared for me by the hotel, I have to say that this portion is really a bit exaggerated, the two together are bigger than my face. Many foods in Boracay are bigger than their faces.

We ordered a plane at 11:30 and was forced to check out at 4:30. The cars were all arranged in a unified way.

Of course, the journey will take a long time from Long Beach to Kalibo Airport. The last mountain road will be staged again in 2 hours! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To buy a departure tax of 200 pesos per person

That's right, the plane is still late for 2 hours

Photographer's interest ...

The yellow car is more expensive than the white car, and the white car is transferred to the ship ...

We need to buy a ticket for the ferry ticket and the ferry ticket. We bought Cebu-Mint and Mint to Dumaguete to see that the ship is really crazy and I have to sit for two hours ... Paralysis is going straight, what toss ! ! ! !

That's right, it rained again ... After getting off the boat, I went from Bohol Island to Pang Lao Island (English translation) The tragedy of Mint no longer wants to say anything, and I lived directly in the bed and breakfast in the center of the day after tomorrow.

The blue windows really look different

Sunset sunset missed, too tired room to rest and prepare for fireflies tour at night

Enthusiastic hospitality is a bit exaggerated ...

It was dark and the fireflies departed from the cruise ship. They sat on the boat and looked up at the starry sky. The trees on both sides were full of fireflies. Seriously, I did n’t even want to come to Mint, for this is the fireflies for this starry sky.

P: Why is it called the turtle boat, because the boat is made like a turtle, and it can hold more than 20 people, which is pretty cute. Guided explanation on board

Super five-star recommendation

There is no tripod to shoot the shock effect, there is no way to describe the beauty in words, more than the desert starry sky I have seen ...

And went out to forage

Encounter a big buttocks and thin waist you love ...

If you shoot it again, it should be regarded as abnormal ...

Food stalls on the roadside must not be missed

I saw Shakya decisively bought it at the fruit shop. The taste is a bit different from that of China, but it is delicious. 50 pesos

Can I say I ordered it for a small umbrella ...

A big reason why I chose this one last time is that the crabs in his family have been absconding, and the freshness is definitely nothing to say. The most pleasant surprise is that the pasta is a bit ridiculously delicious. The color fish is in the middle. When you cook it, you can see no difference in color, but the meat is tender.

On the island these days, fattening a circle

Hermit crab encountered on the beach

I used a horse to kill chickens in a row along the beach, but the highlight was the moon. When I was young, I always thought why the moon is crescent-shaped. I have never seen such a moon. It turns out that the moon on our side is not long like this. ……cough




白色一条沙滩呈现月牙形, 沙滩上太多海星,只是我们今天去没有平时那么多,因为昨天晚上下了雨。 上面基本上都是卖吃的,各种推销尤其珍珠,当地朋友说都是假的薄荷岛这里就没有产珍珠的,都是从中国义乌进货卖的,大家还是不要买了。



还是一样的 海里所有生物都是受保护的,外国人不能捕捞杀害牟利,我们就拍个照放回原位

This tree is beautiful in the world of black magic

I do n’t really like the taste of various sea urchins. I bought one for each.

Suddenly felt he hurt

Pippi shrimp

The photo is not beautiful, the photographer said that the P picture P is no longer able to look directly at the Pi Pi shrimp, but the taste is excellent

Fried Abalone

Return to the hotel at 10:40 and take a chartered car to depart for lunch at the Bee Farm. This place is also my biggest surprise in Mint, super five-star recommended.

Earlier, I also said that the mint is the cliff restaurant of the bee farm in order to be the firefly.

Bee Farm is a shopping spot for healthy and ecological food on Bohol Island. The stone is made of natural flower juice and honey.

It ’s a TUTU car again. I really do n’t want to be in a tutu car in this life.

I ’m not tired of staying here for a day, there are no people in it, very comfortable sea breeze

To get rid of this bottle

A table full of dishes, Xiao indeed lucky

Ice cream is delicious to the sky

I bought a souvenir honey and bread sauce

There must be another ice cream before leaving ... cover your face ...

Continue to the next stop of the Tarsier Conservation Area. Since it was brought to 3:30 at the bee farm, the Tarsier was closed without knowing it at 4:30 ... The main thing is that I do n’t know that it takes 1 hour to see the little monkey! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tickets are very cheap, it's almost a dozen yuan, it seems that I don't remember

Still climbing ...

The door is still closed when the driver arrives ... the driver has always said enthusiastically that there is a monkey taking pictures at the door ... but this monkey is too bad .................................

Putting an online picture can only be like this ... crying ...

There is no entrance fee for departure from Chocolate Hill to watch the sunset. The best season for Chocolate Mountain is autumn. There is also the need for sunlight to reflect into golden color, not a little monkey. This is just a casual look.

Waking up early to see the sunrise and seeing the sunrise, but the pink clouds before sunrise are still too late

There is a feeling in Alona Beach in the morning

The face that only slept for 2 hours was really scary

Here comes a set of sunrise charts

Father and daughter teaching swimming

Good morning

The following is the difference between beauty and non-beauty

Buy breakfast by the road, fried bananas

Sticky Rice Coconut Honey Roll

We are going to buy fruit again

The chartered master came to pick us up yesterday

Taobao bought the little powder has traveled with me half the world

Two hour boat

Take the boat first and then turn the plane

Photographer Airplane

Get off the plane and go directly to Robinson to eat and buy dried mango

I have already eaten water and snacks from other supermarkets ... The big stomach king is scary

The photographer loves fried chicken to the point of being outrageous, especially pointing out that the one in the upper left corner is definitely a dark dish, and the fruit Shakya boiled pork leg soup tastes sour. God! ! ! ! !

The durian meat here is a little reddish and the taste is a little different

20kg baggage share is really just right

Because the Duma flying Manila plane was too late in the front, then our plane from Manila to Xiamen was also from Manila Airport, but different terminals also had to transfer to the terminal. It was almost a mistake. The Filipino staff was really good. From the inside transit, we took us all the way to take the most expensive luxury car, 1400 pesos, and also kept saying that our plane took off all the way and finally caught up with the return plane.

It ’s said that the photographer checked the luggage and took the ticket and waited in the waiting room.

For people living in island cities, there is really no temptation to go to the island. I didn't have time to book a travel route in April-May. All the National Day tickets for this awkward season in July were exaggerated to fright and finally went to the Philippines. It was just that many event tickets jumped out afterwards. At first, because the sisters said they had a ticket, they were familiar with the Philippines. They said that airline ticket thieves were hundreds of dollars cheaper and cheaper to eat and cheaper to live. Indefinitely, I do n’t want to apply for a visa, I do n’t want to do a strategy, I do n’t do it. All the air tickets are set on the island. I have to fly to the next island and then take the boat. If we apply for a visa here, we have to do it on our own. We have to drag it directly until the visa price rises to 180 and we do n’t do it. Then they are lazy to get a travel agency to charge 350. They are also drunk. Various opinions diverge and part ways. I can say that the final flight ticket was set at 3,000, and the hotel was changed several thousand at the end. Think about me and I have never been suitable for poor travel with YuYong photography ... I will form a small team after the cough, go to the previous one In September, a young girl should resent the Philippines and China because of the tense diplomatic relations and lost more than 2,000 meters ... The transfer air tickets are all non-refundable round-trip air tickets, so I can only refund more than 900. In the end, I only took my beloved photographer went out.

Every time I think I can move, I can just walk away and accompany me with all kinds of waves. Only my photographer, Chick.

The last thing I want to say is that I really do n’t want to go to the island anymore, so I still go back to my own island and stay there.

The companies on both sides are invincible sea views, one can see the panoramic view of Gulangyu, the other can take a panoramic view of the island, you can also fish, and you can see the dolphins by driving the main road around the island.


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