In addition to Phuket, Thailand still has such a beautiful island

After getting off the plane, I took a shuttle bus to the airport. The ultra-small airport didn't take long to reach the customs. The counter finally waited for a staff member to start queuing through the customs. The position on the right side of the picture is where the landing sign is processed.

After picking up the luggage, you will see a row of car rental company counters on the right hand side. Because most of the foreigners in Krabi are foreigners, the world's largest car rental companies are here. There is a window for foreign exchange when you go further. You can see that there is no handling fee in Chinese and the exchange rate of RMB to Thai baht is 5.48. It feels quite high. Later, I exchanged the euro for 1: 37.5, for a total of 45096 baht. Next to the exchange window is the ATM cash dispenser

On the right side of the exit, you can see the airport traffic counter, with buses and taxis. There are three main types of transportation from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang Beach / Krabi Town: 1. Shuttle Bus to Krabi Town 90 Baht, to Railay and Ao Nang Beach are 150 Baht, which is the cheapest way. 2. Taxi from the airport to Krabi Town / Ao Nang Beach, 600 baht per car, pay attention to the price of a car, if there are many people, taxi is a good deal. 3. Pick up an agent at the airport to pick up a car

To drive from Krabi Airport to Lanta Island, you must take two wheel ferries. The ferry there starts at 6:00 am and ends at 22:00 pm. We checked the route with google before departure. The first thing we arrived at was the Hua hin pier ferry terminal. We remind everyone that we must buy the ferry ticket first at the place above 50 meters away from the terminal, otherwise we will have to wait for more than half an hour If you ca n’t get the ticket, you ca n’t negotiate and you have to turn around and go back to buy the ticket and queue again to get on the ferry.

We went to Koh Lanta and bought two ferry tickets at a time. The four of us added a car for a total of 238 baht.

The hua hin pier (Highway 4206, Ko Klang, Koh Lanta, Krabi) ferry terminal lined up for an hour and finally got on the ferry. Friends who are in a hurry remember to reserve enough time.

The Krabi Bridge, which is about to be completed soon, will save you a lot of time without having to go to Lanta and taking the ferry.

Lanta Ilmare Beach Resort Coordinates: 07 ° 32′52.71 ″ N 99 ° 02′44.61 ″ E Address: 52 Moo8, Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Lanta, Karbi, 81150 Thailand. Tel: 075-662-620, 086-962-2304 (Mobile phone of Uncle Hua) E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Starting from Krabi Airport, after a long day of tossing, I finally arrived at Lanta Ilmare Beach Resort on Khlong Nin Beach in the central part of Lanta West Coast. The hotel can make an appointment online. Because my friend went there before, I felt very good and recommended it to me. The boss, Uncle Hua, is a Thai Chinese. The hotel is a very cost-effective hotel. Although the decoration is a bit old, it is clean and sanitary. It is the best view point of sunset.

Beautiful Restaurant Tel: 07569 7062 It is said that it is the best seafood restaurant in the old town of Lanta, with outdoor tables scattered around 4 small sea terminals. The restaurant is a little inside, but the sign of the restaurant can also be seen on the roadside. However, there is a disadvantage of this restaurant is that it is very slow to serve food. After one table is served, another table is served. We can only think that because there is only one chef in the low season. The fried squid rings with good external appearance and good port are very good.

Yesterday we booked a four-island island-hopping tour at the hotel. The speedboat is 1500 baht more expensive than the long-tail boat (800 baht). You can pick up people at each hotel and include lunch. We left after breakfast with snorkeling, but the hotel did not ask if we had snorkeling at the time. The usual experience is that if we go to the agent to book, we will be asked if we want to rent snorkeling or lunch options? Because we didn't go to the agent and booked directly at the hotel, this part was saved. Of course, mainly because we all brought our own masks and snorkels, so we didn't specifically ask. But when we followed Xiaohe who led us on board (today's staff on the green boat) to the sea, he was suddenly ashamed when he was about to board the boat. Why? Looking at the photos, everyone should think that the ship hasn't docked, just like us, just wait for the ship to get close to us and then board the ship. The result was that the green boat couldn't get closer because of the relationship between the beach and the rocks, so our four sisters and a cute baby (of course, please help the little gangster to hug) had to face a big wave higher than one and walked far away Speedboat, the scene is quite embarrassing, but several foreigners who boarded the boat ahead of time also stood at the bow to meet us, and finally got on the boat.

The first island of the four-island tour has a Guanyin stone on the side. There are not many underwater things for snorkeling, which is not as good as the previous LIPE island.

The second island, the point is that there is a wonderful emerald hole here. After the boat has settled on the shore, swim in the hole. Xiaohei let us put the camera phone in a waterproof bag for him, and then he sets two layers, wrapped Put another life jacket on the outside, so that the heavy things can be brought into the cave together with buoyancy, and we went ashore to take pictures. People who ca n’t swim wear life jackets, and then follow the rope next to the lifebuoy prepared by the boatman, and then line up. The boatman is responsible for pulling everyone into the hole, which is very interesting.

Just like coming in, everybody went out and pulled a rope, and like a grasshopper tied to a rope, they swam out of the hole and returned to the boat.

The Emerald Cave is on KOH MOOK Island, and there are Thai signs on the reefs on the shore.

Lunch is arranged on the third island, KOH KRADAN. The boatman who took us into the Emerald Cave just now is anchoring. The waves are a bit big, and the little black brother is working hard.

There should be a reason for arranging lunch at KOH KRADAN. There is a long beach and the sand is particularly soft.

Today's last point is KOH CHUEK.

The sea water also glowed like emerald, but snorkeling still didn't see much.

Still staying at this hotel at night

The breakfast included in the hotel room rate includes Western and Chinese, and coffee, milk tea, and fruit are standard.

Today's first stop is to purchase some specialty products at the supermarket in the northernmost Saladan Town. I purchased seaweed, cashew and tom yum soup soup from my little boss. Next, go to Tung Yee Peng Village, the THUNGYEEPHENG MANGROVE FOREST found on the map. If you only visit the park, you will not be charged tickets. The mangroves are mainly boat trips, in addition to their own rowing boats, we choose a one-hour boat trip, 400 baht per person.

On both sides of the boardwalk into the garden are trees rooted in the soil and sea water, which is the protagonist mangrove. If you look carefully in the dirt, you will find that there are many small crabs, all of which are in various colors, and the shell is super gorgeous. It is amazing that they are very small, but they have a large pliers. The colored crab statue can be seen at the entrance. As the brand introduces, there are also rich fish resources.

If you are traveling with a group of people, it is advisable to rent a boat or boat to visit the mangrove forest. Some staff will take you to a small pier.

This mangrove forest is rooted in the sea water, and it grows very densely. The roots and roots crisscross and become a natural net. The boatman said that a lot of mother fish come here every year to lay eggs. When the fish grow up, they will leave this area and swim into the deep sea. The fish can grow up to 4-5 kg. In addition to taking a big boat to swim in the mangrove forest, you can also row a small rubber boat by yourself.

In addition to colorful crabs, jumping fish, and monkeys, mangroves, according to the boatman, there are more than 400 monkeys from the monkey group. Because Mengwa is too young to fear that the monkey will scratch him, the boatman asked us if we wanted to get close. We all felt that it was safer to stay a little further away. But in fact, it was not too far from the shore. The boatman threw the fruit to the shore, and the monkey ran over, jumped into the water, picked the watermelon and climbed the tree.

The boatman found us a rare bald eagle by experience.

Steaming Thai Fried Beef River

Thai tempura

Green curry chicken soup, coconut milk flavor overwhelms curry flavor.

Order seafood porridge for children.

Sunshine Hill View Point Restaurant is built on the edge of a curved cliff, and you can see the blue water and clear sky. There are rolling mountains and unknown islands in the distance. It should also be a sunrise watching Great place.

After reading the mangrove forest, I went on to the north and saw a nice restaurant called sunshine hill view point restaurant. It was just lunch time, so everyone decided to settle the lunch here.

There are few beaches on the west coast of Koh Lanta, except for roads and dense forests.

Although the hotel seems to have been deserted for a while, the beach where it is located shines, and the waves on the blue and blue sea are beating on the rocks.

There is a hotel called Sang Ga U Resort on the east of the south of Lanta, but it seems that many rooms have been abandoned. There is a sunrise beach bar on the beach, which seems to be deserted for a short time.

The hotel is located in a beautiful bay, although it seems that it has been abandoned for a while, but it still makes people shine.

Sang Ga U Resort, a hotel that seems to have been abandoned for some time, is characterized by a very mix and match. It can even find live peacocks, monkeys, birds, turkeys and so on.

Ko Lanta Marine National Park

Site: Ko Lanta District, Karbi


Tickets: Adult / Child 200/100 Baht

Camping area: bring your own tent 30 baht per person, rent a tent 225 baht, bungalow 2/4 room 1500/3000 baht.

Phone: 025614292

Founded in 1990, it protects 15 islands in the Lanta archipelago, including the southern tip of Da Lanta. The headquarters of the National Marine Park is located in Laem Tanod on the southern tip of Da Lanta Island. It can be reached from Hat Nui through a 7km long and rugged path. The jungle is remote and quiet, shaded by trees, and the surrounding rocks are steep. You can hear the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. Here are some basic hiking routes and camping areas. There are toilets and running water, but you need to bring your own food.

There are two small bays here, and there is a white lighthouse that can be climbed. You can see the sunset above, but the picture will be less in the foreground. You can take pictures of the bay and the fishing boats on both sides. It will be more convenient to compose the picture,

Restaurant: aec supatra restaurant Address: 91 Moo 8 next to Rawi Warin resort and Spa, a very popular restaurant in Lanta. You are almost Chinese faces when we arrived I ran into this night. The restaurant is close to where we live, and it is also on the side of the road. There is a chilled seafood outside the restaurant for guests to choose from.

That's the end of my trip to Koh Lanta!


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