In 2015, my graduation trip was staged in Thai embarrassment

Before July 1, 2015, I was still a college student, and like most college students, I was looking forward to a good graduation trip, but the reality was very cruel. The people who said good graduation trip together, to the end How many people can really walk together? But it is also very understandable. After all, graduation is an important turning point in life. Some need to find a satisfactory job immediately, some may marry immediately, and others need a trip to exile themselves to precipitate themselves. And we are that group of people.

This graduation trip was also quite a setback. The four of us wanted to go to too many places, and we were very entangled where we went. Just like my brother Junchao and I wanted to go to Taiwan, and Ms. Chun wanted to go to Thailand. Will do. However, this stalemate is not the way to go. Someone has to make concessions, so the plan to go to Thailand is finalized. Although my initial impression of Thailand was really bad, I felt that the country was very messy everywhere. There were rampant motorcycles and crowded people everywhere. In short, I did n’t like it very much. Hope. Maybe it helped me because I did n’t like it. When I went to this place, I found out: It ’s okay, not as bad as I imagined. Most Thai people are still friendly, and not all cities are as crowded as Bangkok Order is chaotic. It turns out that it can be wonderful too!

Please listen to the story next!

In 2015, my graduation trip staged Thai embarrassment-Bangkok, Koh Lanta, Chiang Mai, Pai 11th

Author: Ting silence (Yasuko)

Photography: Ting Ji (Ning Zi), Jun Chao's brother, Miss Chun, rice, Mr Gan

Weibo: Ting Ji_Sunny

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DAY 1 Hong Kong-Bangkok

DAY 2 Bangkok

DAY 3 Bangkok-Krabi

DAY 4 Krabi-Koh Lanta

DAY 5 Koh Lanta (Phi Phi Island)

DAY 6 Lanta Island-Krabi-Chiang Mai

DAY 7 Chiang Mai-Pai

DAY 8 Pai

DAY 9 Pai-Chiang Mai

DAY 10 Chiang Mai-Bangkok

DAY 11 Bangkok-Hong Kong

Everyone is excited and nervous for the first time going abroad, so be prepared for the strategy. Ning Zi is responsible for booking air tickets for the entire itinerary, Miss Chun and Rice are responsible for booking the hotel, and Junchao brother is responsible for making appointments to exchange foreign currency. Facts have proved that everyone's cooperation is perfect!

After preparing the hotel and air ticket, let's arrange some details for the itinerary:

1. A copy of the identity card and passport, packed in a file bag.

2. Go to snorkeling and buy a waterproof case for your phone. (However, it turned out to be of no use, because later we had two mobile phones with water. It is recommended to bring a waterproof camera in the past.)

3. Prepare 30 +++ sunscreen, sunglasses, and preferably a sunscreen, and take sun protection measures. (Especially snorkeling)

4. Prepare a few more beautiful clothes so that you can take many beautiful photos. Bring two pairs of shoes, one pair of sports shoes or casual shoes, and one pair of slippers. Girls will like to wear slippers in Thailand, or you can bring a pair of high heels.

5. Other items: personally used cosmetics, skin care products, toiletries; cameras, chargers, power banks; umbrellas, commonly used drugs (such as motion sickness, cold medicine, Huoxiang Zhengqi pills, gastrointestinal upset, mosquito bites)

A 20-inch suitcase is enough. In Thailand, there is no stone road like the ancient city of Lijiang, so don't worry that it will be difficult to drag the suitcase.

Everything is ready for departure ~

We ca n’t go directly from Guangzhou to the Hong Kong Airport for planes that are more than 10:00 in the morning, because we ca n’t get up so early. So he came to stay near the Shenzhen Bay Port one night early. It ’s also strange to say that people are refreshed in happy events. We all wake up very early in the morning. Maybe we are looking forward to our trip and ca n’t wait to start.

I set off next to Chaoyang, and I smelled so beautiful at Hong Kong Airport, because it's human nature to love smelly, so I can pass the boring time waiting for the flight.

Not only people are beautiful, Hong Kong Airport is also beautiful, built by the sea, backed by high-rise buildings, the plane just flew from the sea, the picture is really beautiful!

I finally waited for the moment of takeoff. I was really nervous. Ning Zi stared at the scenery outside the window, fearing that he might have missed the picture of the Hong Kong Airport overlooking. However, people saw the down view, but did not have time to shoot, this technology must be improved. The sky is really blue and blue, beautiful and beautiful ~

After 3 hours, I landed at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. I was very excited. However, as soon as we got off the plane, our sister, Miss Chun, dropped her pink schoolbag at the airport. Fortunately, we used our crappy English to get lost Found it back. (Roughly estimate, Miss Sister Chun has lost packets and dropped cameras 4 to 5 times in this way, and almost lost herself, drunk ~)

We who are full of curiosity about this city, when we first arrived here, it gave us four to get off the road. Is it because Ning Zi said that he did not like it before, did he know?

Haha ~ Actually, because the driver didn't know the road, he took us around the Khao San Road for several laps, and finally had to find a place to live by himself. PS: The English of the locals is also not good. First, the driver, then the passers-by. For the first time, I felt that the language was not good.

After so much tossing, I finally arrived at NacornHostel ~ awesome hostel ~ 3 minutes walk to Khao San Road. As soon as I arrived, I was busy with check-in, and I got acquainted with the boss of the hostel and the boss Phing and the brother of the boss instantly. They were very nice and very enthusiastic. We had a great chat with each other and returned to Bangkok on the last day to live At that time, I also specially changed a big room for us! Like it ~

Everyone was too hungry and did n’t talk to them for too long. They rushed to eat. Before going out, they asked Phing where there are delicious restaurants to recommend to us.

The first Thai meal of the Thai embarrassment trip was officially enjoyed, and after the meal there was no arrangement, go back to rest. During the period, the brother of Chaochao always said: "There is a one-hour time difference between China and Thailand. Today I always feel like we have earned one hour." Haha ~ Ning Zi also thinks that the time difference is a magical thing.

Go out in the evening and go shopping on Khao San Road, the bar street of literary youth. Fresh fruits such as mangoes and durians are everywhere, and they have never been delicious, never fragrant, never sweet, never cheap, they are definitely not edible in China, and they are definitely in China. Not so affordable ~ There are a variety of snacks, friends are going crazy ~ Eat wildly! The bar street is worthy of the bar street, full of bright lights, and a lot of handsome men and women from all over the world! It ’s good enough to just look at the handsome guy, but Ning Zi and Miss Chun only have the food to eat. Eating unforgettablely, eating as much as you like. Of course, the Thai massage is also amazing. Watch us all sit in line. Horse kills chickens, time is fixed at this moment.

It was so corrupt when I went back in the evening. I bought a lot of durians and mangosteen to eat in front of the hostel. I also invited Phing to eat and chat together! Where is the joy ~

Today, when I first arrived in Bangkok, and because I got up too early in the morning, everyone plans to take a break early. After all, it is also a first-time ramp. I am unfamiliar with my life. (At the same time, I would like to remind travellers who go out to play: play back and play, safety first, try not to be too late, and rest early, recuperate and recharge, and then have the energy to play the next day ~)

Tonight everyone went back to wash and sleep, looking forward to a very good day.

In the morning, the sun is warm on the quilt (Ps: Is this editor stupid, Bangkok is so hot, roll your eyes! Turn on the air conditioner and sleep well.), The sun outside is very good, urge us to hurry up Go out to play!

Slowly and slowly, everyone got up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Phing is already waiting at the front desk, seeing us come down to help us toast and pour milk, everyone feels happy.

With the bright sun and happy mood of Bangkok, I went out and asked Phing before going out to find out where to go and where is fun. Phing very enthusiastically recommended the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the Temple of King Zheng to everyone. The Grand Palace is what everyone said to go , Also prepared a map, told us how to get out of the door and how to get on the bus. However, a group of four of us just took a taxi. We haven't taken a bus on this trip. In this way, the little friends went to the Grand Palace. Because Phing ’s friendliness once again refreshed Ningzi ’s impression of Thailand, but at the entrance of the Grand Palace, we met a small vendor who sold us corn kernels and told us to feed pigeons, and brought Ningzi ’s impression of Thailand back to the original point. The honest brother of Junchao was pitted by the hawker for 50 baht. The four people who were confusing, stumbled among the crowd and finally bought a ticket. Go in and find an empty place to breathe! (Ps: Coming to the Grand Palace is really not so much. I have also seen a lot of Chinese tour groups. From time to time, you will hear a kind of folk sound in your ear. Brother Junchao said: "How do I feel like we have not gone abroad Why are there familiar faces everywhere, familiar folk sounds. ")

After a short rest, we started shopping. The purpose of this trip is to see the style of the Thai Royal Palace and see how it differs from the Chinese Royal Palace. The Grand Palace is just one of the most well-preserved royal palaces in Thailand. , The most exemplary, brings together the essence of architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts. How can we not learn about art? For those who are new to Thailand, wouldn't they want to use it to understand Thai culture?

Mimei entered the Thai Royal Palace together ~

At the same time, the architecture and murals of the Grand Palace also allowed Ningzi to see the wonderfulness of Thai culture. Originally, we thought that our Chinese culture is profound and incomparable to other ethnic groups. I did n’t expect that a small Thailand also has such a brilliant culture. Surprise, this trip didn't come in vain. Although it is as overcrowded as in China, it has also yielded a lot.

In particular, although the murals here cannot be compared with Dunhuang murals, they also have their own unique Thai style, with distinctive national characteristics, and indeed the culture of each nationality cannot be underestimated!

This is Junchao ’s elder brother, the only male compatriot in this trip. Let ’s interview if I feel happy to travel with Sanmei. I ’m having fun ~ Hahaha ~

But it also has a heavy responsibility. Our Sanmei photographers and security work are all up to you ~ In order to treat you, Ningzi also takes handsome photos for you!

The pose of the rice is really good, it has been professionally photographed for 30 years! This one of you is the one you know best! Haha ~

Finally, attach a photo of the four of us ~

It's noon when we come out of the Grand Palace. We are tortured by hunger. Thai fried rice noodles by the road call us. It's convenient and cheap. The taste is very delicious.

In the shade of trees, there are bustling stands, tables and chairs, some selling water and juice, snacks, and some handicrafts; while many tourists and locals are sitting and eating, There are also spreading straw mats lying lazily on the lawn under the shade of trees, very comfortable. This must be a beautiful landscape in the park, and Ningzi was also infected by this cozy atmosphere.

Everyone took a break and set off for the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Speaking of Wat Pho, this should be another beautiful scenery in Bangkok! Ning Zi believes that he has to go, whether from the perspective of architecture or Buddhism, it is worthy of admiration. Architecturally, the Reclining Buddha Temple also inherits the essence of Thai architecture, and the decoration is also quite gorgeous, and does not lose the Grand Palace; from a Buddhist perspective, this huge reclining Buddha is also an ancient Buddha, and no one comes after it. Looking back at Central Plains Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism, there are Maitreya Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Sakyamuni and many other Buddhas but there is no reclining Buddha. Ning Zi and Buddhism are also quite related, so all this trip must come to see and see.

When I saw these masks with Thai characteristics at the Wat Pho, Ning Zi was also very urged to buy them back as souvenirs. However, at that time, the price was relatively expensive, and this was the first day of the trip, so the luggage should be double when you return to China ! I did n’t want to spend the money to buy it, but I regretted it when I came back. If I miss something I just missed it!

It's time to pretend, if you are worried about blinding your eyes, please wear sunglasses or choose to slide quickly.

Is the combination of Ning Zi and Junchao brother cool?

The Wat Pho temple takes about 1 hour to go deep enough, then take a boat to the ferry across the Chao Phraya River to visit the Temple of King Zheng. Thai aunts and uncles who bought tickets at Ferry did not speak English, so it was a lot of trouble when buying tickets, sign language plus English, Ningzi was also confused, but this does not matter, because the souvenir shop in Ferry is quite attractive to Ning Son, let them buy the ticket for three!

After everything was settled, the crazy young people (the four of us) didn't even let the pier pass. They wanted to take pictures of the scenery of the Chao Phraya River and not miss all the opportunities to take pictures. It is said that the scenery of the Chao Phraya River is not very good. The river is so muddy and there is so much garbage, but it does not have the interest of sweeping friends who like to take pictures.

Boats are the most common means of transportation here. Well, it can be called a water bus, the price is also very cheap, and the styles are different. There are hoods, some have roofs, and some are more luxurious. Just see those when it rains. The crooked nuts in a convertible boat get wet, it is also very interesting ~

We can see the Zhengwang Temple in the misty rain across the river. In the afternoon, the time is more ample, so we will play all the way ~

Look ~ these crazy girls don't even let the young monk go!

ps: The one wearing sunglasses on the right hand side, and the one with a SLR on her neck is Miss Chun, a stupid and sweet one ~

When I went, the temple of King Zheng was under repair, so everyone could just stroll around below. It doesn't seem to be magnificent. When you climb up a steep stairway close to vertical, you will find that it is a very difficult thing to climb up.

The exterior decoration has a fresh and gorgeous feeling, and those sculptures with vivid shapes, exquisite appearance, good eyebrows, good eyes, and fierce evil are its patron saints. The stone pillars on the fence are also beautiful in form.

Passing by a drink shop, there was heavy downpour outside. Sit down for a while and wait for the rain to stop. How can a person who is born to take pictures take a stop at this moment ~

Before the rain stopped, we ran to the pier with small steps and waited for the boat ~

Disembarked at the nearest pier from Khao San Road ~ Well, it ’s time to think about what to eat at night. Today we want to try Thai specialties, tom yam shrimp, and Thai fried rice. After all, at noon It was too hasty.

After dinner, I walked back to the hotel and met this charming night view at a certain corner. Today's itinerary is also full, and everyone is very tired when returning to the hotel. However, we wo n’t be able to stay here tonight, because we will catch the plane tomorrow morning, and we are afraid that it will be too late. So we took the luggage Phing farewell and took a taxi to another hotel near the airport. When he left, Phing was still a nice as always, helped us to order a taxi, and told the driver where we were going! Give her 32 likes!

The time in Bangkok is a bit hurried and hurried, but everything is very fresh and interesting, worth the trip! Bangkok Time has written about this first, looking forward to the surprise of the next destination.

Everyone got up at 7 o'clock in the morning, and breakfast was too late to eat, so they sat on a taxi that had been booked in advance and rushed towards the airport.

When I went to the security check-in, I found out that I had made an oolong. I read the plane time wrong. Our plane still had hours to fly. So everyone retreated and took breakfast early in the airport, passing the time. .

Before boarding the plane, I saw Bird Aircraft's plane dying cute. I was sitting next door to AirAsia for Mao's friends!

In fact, Krabi did not intend to stay, just a surprise came down from the sky, so we stayed in Krabi for one night, and by the way, we merged another important ~~~ male fellow ~ of this trip. It's rice's real boyfriend! Do you feel very romantic here? They reunited in a foreign country, Mr Gan airborne Krabi. Such warmth, such romance, is it to kill the friends? However, I missed the scene of this reunion, perhaps because I was too tired. After arriving at the Krabi hotel, after lunch, I lay in bed and fell asleep. When he woke up, Mr Gan had already appeared in front of Ning Zi, so he did n’t know the whole process of picking up the phone, but he felt that the world had changed after he woke up. Bitter ~.

However, I am still happy for the happiness of the two of them. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of effort to maintain this cross-country love. In short, bless them, even if the next friends are brutally abused, it is worth it.

This is the Ao Nang B & B where the friends live in Krabi. Ning Zi thinks that the B & B is super booked, the service is very good, the B & B is also very characteristic and sentimental, everyone likes it very satisfied, the room is quite big , But no breakfast is provided, but there is a restaurant next door to eat and eat breakfast is very convenient!

When we arrived at the beach, our friends were all here. In this situation, it would be great to celebrate with a seafood dinner!

Recommended restaurant: Wang Sai Seafood

In the evening, everyone eats seafood in this restaurant, leaning on the seashore, letting the sea breeze blow, letting the waves beat the shore, letting the stormy rain outside the restaurant, eating fresh and delicious seafood, and getting drunk ~ Finally, add some food , Greedy everyone, pull hatred ~

There is a mood called vacation, there is a holiday called casual, there is a casual call avocado and bread. In Thailand, the most eaten early is avocado jam and bread, waking up lazy morning, no worries about work, no trivial life, only a good mood to sit in the garden and have breakfast.

When everything is ready, we will start our journey to Koh Lanta ~ The service here is always so intimate. No wonder some people used to blow the Thai wind in Ning Zi ’s ears. It turned out that everyone was stopped by these intimate services and enjoyed This kind of preferential treatment, unwilling to return to reality, Ning Zi is also a little bit boring.

As soon as I reached the beach, I felt a sense of freedom, like running wildly and liberating my nature.

Although the sky is not beautiful, there is no blue sky, only a prelude to the storm, but it does not affect everyone's interest at all ~

High energy ahead, please open your eyes!

With a small happy mindset, the friends can always find a variety of fun on the journey, maybe not many people ca n’t see what everyone wants to express, but these are not important, the important thing is to enjoy it during the journey , Is a journey worth traveling!

This is our resort on Lanta Island. It is only 20 meters away from the beach. It also has its own infinity pool. The room is floor-to-ceiling glass, which is great. The bathroom and bed are also large. Ning Zi likes it. There are also many small sculptures decorating the garden. It's a pity that Ningzi accidentally deleted the photo ... and wanted to poke himself

Lunch will be settled here. There are two very interesting sculptures in front of the restaurant. The little friends think it is too funny to learn from each other. Hahaha ~

Jun Chao's brother and Miss Chun are all messing around with their cameras throughout, looking at this focused look.

Since the reunion, the young couple have been tired of being together. However, Ning Zi does not jealous, because happiness is not easy to come, should cherish and applaud them. Come on! Must be happy.

Just strolling leisurely on the island in this way and seeing the surrounding island style, it is very casual and comfortable. At this time, the brain is in a state of emptying!

Occasionally a glass of mango juice is as sweet as syrup! Along the way, Ningzi can't miss mangoes every day. Mango juice is served with meals. Dried mangoes and fresh mangoes are Ningzi's snacks. It is estimated that all the mangoes of this year have been eaten. Hehe ~

There are not many things that can be done on the island, but it can make people very relaxed. You can lie on the beach chair to bask in the sun (but when we go to catch the typhoon day, there is no sun, and the sun comes out at noon the next day ~), You can also hook up with the children playing on the beach, ha ha ha ~ when even the dogs on the island are so innocent to begin to abuse people.

Get up early in the morning and go snorkeling on Phi Phi Island. This is a lot of sadness, probably because I did n’t wake up, I did n’t remember to prepare anything, I did n’t bring a swimsuit, I did n’t bring an extra set of clothes, it was raining, and I did n’t go snorkeling, the clothes were lost. The medicine for the motion sickness was not brought. Ningzi felt helpless and uncomfortable along the way, and she was full of laughter and forgot the uncomfortable feelings just now, so it was definitely an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

I am very grateful for the companionship along the way, and the warm and friendly guide, but there is no fish in the snorkeling place. On the way back, I saw the fish in the place where the monkeys were amused. The wild monkeys here are also very interesting.

These wild monkeys are not afraid of strangers at all. The guide told us to feed them the bread. The monkeys who are picky eaters have not eaten the bread in the water.

This is our guide, a dark-skinned Thai guy.

When eating at Phi Phi Island, there was heavy pouring rain, and the water droplets were all in a line, but this natural bead curtain could not block the blue of the sea.

Snorkeling came back in the evening, Ningzi just wanted to take a hot bath and eat again ~

There is a crazy call to wander around the island on a motorcycle, however, just to find durian! Crazy enough to kill the durian directly in the fruit stand.

Everyone rented two motorcycles at night while looking for food while going around the island. Ningzi didn't know where to go, only remembering that he was sore after driving all the way. The photos didn't have time to be taken, and finally stopped for dinner in a luxurious restaurant.

Last night's drag racing wasn't cool enough. I got up in the morning and continued to drag racing. By the way, I found a place to have lunch. Brother Chao, Rice and Miss Chun were tickled and learned to ride a motorcycle. Well, the results are not bad. I have to ride a motorcycle in Pai County, brave boy!

After eating this meal on Lanta Island, I will leave. I am very reluctant to the sea breeze here. The resorts here and the people here have a lot of reluctance. I can only take them together with my suitcase!

After wandering around, he finally arrived at his residence in Chiang Mai at more than 7pm. He starved to death and hurried out to finish his meal ~

Today, I had a hard time riding a boat. I had all sat on planes, boats, and cars within a day, and there were motorcycles and haha, so I almost made a train ~

Too hungry at night. In a bar street in Chiang Mai, I briefly ate a hamburger and fries. I was shameless and grabbed a bunch of crooked nuts to play billiards. Haha ~

Tomorrow I am going to Pai, and I fell asleep early in the evening.

In the morning, a hurried group of people bought a bag of bread and water at a 7-11 convenience store and waited for the car to pick us up. A convertible motorcycle tricycle, come and pick us up. I was shocked when I saw this baby, thinking I was going to Pai. I was poked by my IQ. It turned out that this car was going to take us to the station as a mini bus, which scared the baby.

Pai, a small county town known as the fairy tale world in Thailand, is the real fairy tale world in the eyes of Ning Zi. Fairy tales everywhere, natural scenery everywhere, Thai style everywhere, and that cute little motorcycle ~ Before going there, Ningzi didn't know Pai, I only heard that this is a very fun and very nice place , I didn't think much about it, and followed everyone away. After more than 3 hours of bumps, he turned more than 700 turns (many people in the car had been vomiting and suffocating, and the friends had to stick to it), and arrived in Pai.

Strange to say, are the cars here like this? Do you park your car in this busy city? Ningzi observed the surroundings as soon as he got off the bus. It should be the bustling place in Pai County. Look at the bustling traffic and see the merchants gathered here. Although parked in the downtown area, you can obviously feel the fairy tale wind here when you get off the car. It is indeed very local here, from accessories, food, clothing to transportation, and housing. . Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, there are a few more dreams, um ~ thought: the right place, this is a place suitable for travelers of all levels.

Couples come here as if they have fallen into the fairy tale world. This is the dream of many girls! Both romantic and satisfying her own fairy tale dreams, Miss Chun is this type of girl! It is also very suitable for artists to come to sketch. Natural scenery and humanistic style are very suitable for sketching. Some artists will come here to live for ten days and a half months. The scenery is collected. This is also very comfortable and very emotional. ! It ’s not that Ning Zi is just fooling around. The friends are learning art. It ’s suitable for young and old, but the most suitable ones are young people! Don't be convinced, depending on whether you can eat it or not, places with beautiful scenery often have to go through hardships to reach. At least this mountain road has eighteen turns, and these more than seven hundred turns are a big test.

You can always see some graffiti slogans in Pai: I vomited several times and finally arrived at Pai! After turning more than 700 turns, he finally reached Pai. Waiting for a series of slogans, I also have a deep experience on the way, so friends who are elderly and children should consider carefully ~ Be sure to consider their physical condition before coming to Pai, or do Some precautions. However, you will not be disappointed when you come to Pai.

This is Baan Tawan Guesthouse, a very unique homestay where friends live in Pai. It is highly recommended and can be booked on the agoda website. The room is very clean, and there are window screens against mosquitoes. It is very intimate. It has a small yard. When you are bored, you can spend time in the yard. You also have a buffet breakfast. It only takes a three or five minute walk to go to Pai night market.

After an afternoon of rest, everyone decided to rent a motorbike to visit Pai in the evening. After renting a car, they wandered around and came to this white Buddha. Most bodhisattva statues are magnificent, and your silver dress is very special.

Hey ~ Those two serious points ~~

This combination must be handsome!

When night falls, I feel that the sky is also very beautiful, so go to the night market at night, and look for food by the way.

The early bird catches the worm, and the early bird watches the sunrise. Perhaps it was entering the tired period of travel, the friends began to be lazy, and Yunlai did not watch the sunrise. The remaining rice and her Mr Gan are very interesting to watch the sun ~

Today's main itinerary is the motorcycle tour Pai, Let's go ~

In addition, Miss Chun wanted to go out alone, not with the brigade, so she disappeared as soon as she smoked in the morning ~ The rest of the friends set off with the Pai map in their hands.

The first stop was the yellow hut. Ning Zi thought about it: "Did I enter the fairy tale world by mistake?"

How come there is no show of love and happiness in coming here, look at these hypocritical two, it is really difficult for Ning Zi and Jun Chao brother to be deeply poisoned this way! Why can't I have a boyfriend if I hate myself! ! !

Driving a handsome little motorcycle, where the show went, even the horse was so shy that he dared to bow his head and eat grass.

The strawberry milkshake that is happy in the strawberry house has gone to the bone ~ Ningzi's favorite, take a sip and feel comfortable and comfortable!

This must be a strawberry paradise. There are all kinds of delicious food made from strawberries, strawberry juice, strawberry pudding, strawberry yogurt, strawberry jam, strawberry crisp, etc., and some derivatives that use strawberry as an element abound.

This place is very suitable for people who are in love, this situation must be as sweet as strawberries when the love is strong. If you are single, you may have met your dear ~

You all take photos with strawberries, what about Ningzi? Hurry up and hand over the photos ~

I had to send a selfie to comfort myself

Pai Canyon, I just want to sit quietly and pretend!

Dare to love all the landscape of this city is a miniature version ~ shows a kind of little emotion.

This is the waterfall in Pai! ?

What a big waterfall! ! !

Ok ~

However, the water is so cool!

Exactly bubble feet ~ Relieve the heat ~

Brave crooked nuts swimming under the waterfall ~

The distance to the waterfall is relatively long, and relatively remote, and the road is not easy to walk. It is not recommended to go alone, but the scenery on the road is beautiful ~

The silly Junchao brother was photographed in Ningzi's motorcycle guide lens

What did the Thai people think? Why did this building, which has something to do with such a cruel thing as war, blend so well with the fairy tale world of Pai? Was they also confused by this fairy-tale city? Is it because you don't want Pai to destroy Pai?

Pai is always so creative, building houses on trees, isn't that a bird's nest? Who longs for freedom so much, hoping that he is a bird, can live in a tree, and see a wider world. It's so talented!

When I'm happy, I go down and swing. If I want to be quiet, I stay in the tree house.

The couple of rice and Mr Gan started to abuse the dog again ~

Please don't insert a knife into the editor, who is also a victim.

Pai is so small that all the attractions are enough to go shopping within a day. However, do you think this is over? No, don't think so, this city is suitable for you to stay lazy for a few days, don't forget the night market ~

When you visit the night market, there will always be unexpected gains, just like the picture below, Ningzi met a stall owner who thought he was very funny. He took out many of the drawing boards on our hands and took pictures of us. Ningzi just wanted to say that people who come to this city will fall in love here, and Pai people love Pai too.

Before going to bed, I recommend a Pai hotel to everyone: Puripai Villa

A four-star hotel with a relaxed atmosphere is definitely the ideal place to relax. The view is very good, the scenery is also very good, the price is about 400 yuan. It can also be ordered on agoda ~

Lazy, lazy, lazy ~ sleep naturally, waking up with breakfast is very satisfying! Go back to Chiang Mai after walking on the street for a while! When it comes to going back to Chiang Mai, everyone is very upset, because Mr Gan is going away, going back to Malaysia, there are always a lot of helpless people who work, but we are also very helpless to parting, I hope everyone is all right!

Sad things on the journey are always covered up quickly, because the road ahead is unknown and there are too many surprises. Go to the weekend market in the evening ~

A glass of mixed juice infiltrates your heart; a bunch of exquisite gadgets satisfy your heart; a group of street artists perform amazingly; a band's singing touches your heartstrings. Despite the crowds and the vast sea of ​​people, the old people met, and in a moment, they were very grateful to God.

When I came back, not only was my stomach full, but my hands were full of big and small bags. Everything indicated that the trip was coming to an end.

Booked today's event one day in advance: riding an elephant, flying in the jungle, bamboo raft in the water.

Elephant riding and jungle leaping have always been wanted by friends. I did n’t expect to send a bamboo raft. However, because I had to catch the plane and the bamboo raft would wet the clothes, I did n’t bring an extra set. raft. The elephant riders and jungle leaping friends applauded, very enjoyable! It is recommended that friends who go to Chiang Mai can choose these two activities. If they have time, they can also go to Chiang Mai University. The time schedule of the friends is a little tight, so they did not go to Chiang Mai University.

Ning Zi is bold, superwomen is you, and this pose is not good enough ...

There is a beginning and a end to the journey, and it is perfect to return to the place of departure!

Eat durian side by side at Khao San intersection, no one is there! Ning Zi thought about it, you love durian so much, it is better to call this durian Sanmei! Hahaha ~

Wearing clothes that sent us while playing jungle leaps in Chiang Mai ~ We are a team, this is our team uniform! too handsome

I learned a customized poster for the movie at Don Mueang Airport, a little bit of that feel! Ning Zi is very satisfied and perfect!


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