Take the snow country train and see the ice and snow in Hokkaido moving

Before the winter vacation came, a few pig friends discussed taking their children to vacation. The originator is that we all have a round-trip flight ticket between Japan and South Korea redeemed by China Eastern Airlines Points, but excluding Hokkaido.

Coincidentally, three mothers and three daughters did not take her husband for a trip. I ’ve been to Tokyo, and in 2015, it ’s warm in winter and it ’s not snowing. Why ski?

I didn't want to waste points, so I thought of connecting Tokyo and buying another ticket from Tokyo to Sapporo.

China Eastern Airlines' early and late flight tickets must start early. Moreover, it is important to see whether flying Narita or Haneda. Most of the flights from Narita to New Chitose are low-cost airlines, and most of the flights from Haneda to ANA / JAL. Air tickets for the winter vacation have been high for a long time, and must be booked in advance, and the transfer flight really depends on the rp. I have reserved 3 hours back and forth. It is not the same airline. Fortunately, the weather is so powerful. ANA is awesome!

The itinerary that departs in January has already been booked in October.

China Eastern Airlines flies directly to Tokyo 1 / 22MU523, Shanghai-Tokyo Narita, 9: 10-12: 55

Narita-Sapporo, JSTAR Kasei Japan Airlines, GK113, 15: 40-17: 30

1/26 Sapporo-Haneda, 1: 30-15: 10, ANA ANA 064

Haneda-Shanghai, MU540, 16: 10-20: 10

Since the Okinawa trip in June 2015 took three years to go back and forth multiple times, my daughter asked the travel agency to do a single day visa.

Japanese visas are all handled by major travel agencies. The Japanese consulate does not accept individual visas. The materials are similar. Refer to major travel agencies and famous websites.

Itinerary: day1 Shanghai-Tokyo-Sapporo-Otaru, basically spent the day in transit.

day2 Otaru-Niseko Ski-Otaru Hangout-Sapporo

day3 Sapporo-Asahikawa Zoo-Sapporo

day4 Sapporo shopping

day5 Sapporo-Tokyo-Shanghai

This time the trip is very fast, so I don't consider taking a lot of cameras for a trip, I must have fun. So there are not many photos and they don't stand out. IPHONE often flashes off at low temperatures or loses a lot of power at once. Let's go to the only photos that are still in color.

Regarding the whole jr ticket this time, I purchased the drops uniformly. Since the jr package is not suitable for tomamu, Asahikawa, Niseko and other routes, so we did not buy the so-called package, our itinerary is the most loss-making route in history, you must not imitate us.

Therefore, I was stubborn in buying tickets.

Hokkaido JR Package: http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/cn/pticket/pticket03.html#03


In fact, you can also download some JR APPs such as the exact point-to-point shift in the transfer case, etc., which is very useful, but Japanese input is necessary.

The following is our transportation transfer:

New Chitose Airport-TOMAMU: 1803-2023, 4460 EN

New Chitose Airport-JR (Otaru Line / OTARU)-South Chitose Transfer (Obhiro Line)-tomamu / ト マ ム

TOMAMU-Otaru: 13: 59-16: 16, 5400EN

TOMAMU-Minami Chitose (Sapporo Line) Transfer (Otaru Line) -Otaru / South Otaru

New Chitose Airport-Otaru: 1733-1746, 2090 EN

New Chitose Airport-JR (Otaru Line)

Otaru-Kutchan: 8: 07-9: 20, 1070EN

Kutchan-Otaru: 14: 04-15: 29, 1070EN

There are two types of Asahikawa Zoo Pass:

There are two types of zoos: regular train and Asahikawa Zoo. However, the zoo number is not available every day, and sometimes there is only one shift a day. The departure time is good at 8:30 in the morning, the arrival time is 10:07, the return time is 16:04, and the arrival time is 17:46. All cars are seated on the same number. When purchasing a ticket, you need to pay for the designated seat. The daily price is 510 yen / person, and the peak season is 710 yen / person. The few days we went, unfortunately no zoo number was opened.

Arriving at JR Asahikawa Station, in order to catch up with the penguin stroll at 11 o'clock in the morning, quickly sit on the shuttle bus. After the gate comes out, turn right and find the No. 5 platform (5 minutes on foot). Routes 41, 42, and 47 can all reach the zoo. It takes 40 minutes and the fare is 400 yen / person.

Zoo opening hours: 9:30-17:15 in summer (entrance until 16:15) 10:30-15:30 in winter (entrance until 15:00) Because the season needs to be prepared in the park for winter and summer, so November During April and April, it will not be open to the public. Closed at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

Zoo ticket: 800 yen / person

a. Asahiyama Zoo Tickets: Value-added combination tickets including "Asahiyama Zoo Transportation Tickets" and Asahiyama Zoo Tickets. You can enter the park without redeeming the ticket at the zoo ticket window. If you purchase a reserved seat ticket, you can take the painted train Asahi Zoo.

For information about the Asahiyama Zoo, please see: http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/chinese/pticket/pticket03.html#06

What we bought is this round-trip ticket from Sapporo, which can be purchased at the jr service at New Chitose Airport. 6,130 yen protection jr round-trip ticket and bus and Asahikawa Zoo tickets. The bus ticket only needs to be seen by the bus driver on the outbound journey. It must be kept and the return driver will take it away.

b. Asahiyama Zoo Transportation Ticket: It includes a set of free seats and bus tickets for the regular train to and from the popular Asahiyama Zoo.

Asahikawa still has to talk about the Asahiyama Zoo. There is a bus directly to the Asahiyama Zoo at the JR station. It costs 440 yen per person. It seems to be every hour. Standing in line and waiting is OK. When you pay, be prepared to change, or the driver will help you find money to waste time. Because the Asahiyama Zoo is located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido's extreme cold area, there are many polar animals in the zoo. Penguins, polar bears, and seals are all animals that are not found in ordinary zoos. Then there is the point that penguins will walk out of the fence. . Meet the tourists up close. . Very attractive. . The polar bear is my favorite animal, and the one I look forward to the most along the way, but the Polar Bear Pavilion goes in line to watch the polar bears feed. It is fun in a glass fiber reinforced plastic, but only a few minutes. After reading it, he was kicked out. There are no big polar bears this time, they are all small. It's not overly enjoyable. . The penguin walks twice in the morning and afternoon, see the official website for specific times. Asahiyama Zoo I think it will take a day, go in the morning, take a look around, then watch two penguin walks, and after that afternoon, rush out of the door and take a bus, so that you can catch dinner when you return to JR and Sapporo.

The above various tickets can be purchased at the following locations. In addition, please bring your passport for confirmation when purchasing.

※ The purchaser must be an overseas tourist who enters the country with a "short stay" status.

• JR Foreign Passenger Service Counter at Sapporo Station West Exit 8: 30 ~ 19: 00

• JR Chitose Airport Station JR Foreign Passenger Service Office 8: 30 ~ 19: 00

• JR Travel Center (Twinkle Plaza) Sapporo Branch (JR Sapporo Station) 10: 00 ~ 19: 30 (Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)

• JR Travel Center (Twinkle Plaza) South Exit Branch (Sapporo STELLAR PLACE 1F) 10: 00-20: 00

JR PASS can be purchased at the Foreign Passenger Service Office at New Chitose Airport-JR Station (next to the airport express entrance), or at the Sapporo JR Station Foreigner Service Center, located at the west exit of the station.

Niseko is composed of the following four ski resorts to form the Niseko United ski resort, and the so-called Niseko United, which is the largest in Japan, also refers to the combination of the four ski resorts. Green Leaf and Hilton are in Niseko Village. In fact, after the initial guide, I think the most suitable for first runners is 1.Annupuri Ski Resort, official website http://annupuri.info/winter/chinese/han.html

In the end, I went to Hirafu Ski Resort, because the transportation is the most convenient, JR to Kutchan-the opposite bus ride, and the time is limited, so hurry up and slide.

In fact, I also had skiing experience in Beijing Jundu Mountain in China. My colleague who skied at the time took me to ski and felt that gentle slopes are actually competent.

1. Annupuri International Ski Resort

2. Niseko Village Ski Resort

3. Niseko Grand Hirafu Snowfield

4. Niseko HANAZONO Snowfield

Although one day's transfer was tiring, the plane was not delayed, so I was in a good mood. The weather in Tokyo is blue and white, and I thought Hokkaido should be just cold. Haha.

What a childish judgment, it is true that no matter whether you are poor or rich, you must take your child out for a walk. Children will learn from each other and learn some good qualities from abroad, such as queuing and so on. They will not scramble as much as they do in China. No matter if they are bus or eating or doing, they always feel that they are afraid of missing something every day.

She used to take her through many countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and South Korea. Hokkaido was her first stop in Japan.

At Tokyo Airport, each line of the ordinary Lawson store, the sorting of each trash can and those coins can be bought for various conveniences, let my daughter adapt to it all at once, and also ask my mother, why domestic Not so. . .

Our first stop at Otaru, Chitose Airport can be purchased directly after arriving at JR 1H. It is very convenient. The hotel is scheduled to be close to JR this time, considering the relationship with children dragging boxes.

JR Sapporo Station is written "JR Sapporo", and there is also a Sapporo Station of the city power, writing "Kana" in Japanese Kana, these are two different stations, pay attention.

When I first arrived in Otaru, I saw this thick snow and really experienced the northern haha, the northern part of Japan.

The children are very excited to use their feet to measure the depth of the snow

Otaru is very small. After we left our luggage and went out to find food, we followed GOOGLE and came to this ramen shop. The white house looks like a fairy tale world.

After taking a group photo with excitement, I remembered going in to eat noodles.

The boss is for the kind old grandfather and asked me where I came from. As soon as I heard it came from China, the old grandfather immediately spoke English to me. . . . . After N times, I'm still sorry, Grandpa's English, I really can't understand hahaha.

I had to tell my grandfather that I could speak a little Japanese.

It turns out that my grandfather asked me that the name of the same noodle is also divided into two flavors: salt or soy sauce?

Fortunately, I brought a tow oil bottle, so I do n’t have to choose a disorder. Facts have proved that this family is delicious! It's really a boiled noodle soup, and the Republic ramen eaten in Sapporo later, it's really not at the same level, the Republic's is just about the same level as the domestic flavor. . . . It ’s not that I black them, really

And the price of this ramen is really not expensive, there are around 700-1200, we choose 900.

After eating, the grandpa also comes with a lollipop

After eating and drinking, strolling around to take a look at the domestic smog, many people asked me to bring a mask back. .

In fact, Sapporo also has ski resorts, and Otaru's recent Kiroro ski resort is also very famous. .

It is plastic that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, so I must go to the Niseko world ranking! The point is that I'm not familiar with it haha.

Xin Kuwa followed me by 1H.

There are direct buses from Sapporo / Otaru-Niseko, but there are not many trains, you can consult the hotel reception to book or check the schedule;

If you have money, leisure and skiing skills, you can live directly at the Niseko Hotel. You can pick up and drop off at Chitose Airport, and you can SKI IN SKI OUT every day. This time I am trying to play

There are more JR trains from Otaru to Niseko, and Hirafu is the most convenient for JR to reach from 4 snow fields. Take JR to Kutchan Station, and then take the bus to Hirafu.

It seems that every time I go to a place, I will always be dissatisfied, and my eyes are swollen again.

The blue sky and white snow all the way made us very excited and deeply felt that we came to a different country in the north haha

jr Kutchan station came down to change the bus opposite to continue

I did n’t want to go to the firafu ski resort, but. . . If it comes, let it slip. The price is about the same. I bought a large and small set of 5H tickets, which seems to be 6,400 yen.

After buying ski time, go to rent ski equipment inside, fill in the following form first, the staff will give you the size of your feet, etc., you can choose your own clothing.

I used to go skiing in Jundu Mountain in Beijing before. The clothes in the image are smelly, so do n’t worry about it in Japan. After all, this is a country with clean toilets.

The daughter saw snow for the first time and skied for the first time. First feeling: Mommy, how can you walk with such heavy shoes and a board?

So, we almost took her with a snowboard and took her up, and then put on the snowboard and slide down together.

The whole process, she is very high, I am exhausted

I bought this Snow Mirror from Canada, smith brand, Taobao searched ms professional brand. It's right to find someone to bring back. Because the 2 lens snow mirrors are less than 500rmb

This is the place to take the cable car in Hirafu Ski Resort, but you can't sit down, you must slide down.

With a drag oil bottle, I can only resist up and down the skateboard

After a few hours, it was really exhausting, especially when the daughter could not control her back. I want to control myself while pulling her back. Find a worker's rescue vehicle and sit down to rest

Yotei Mountain in Hokkaido

In the afternoon, return to Otaru to join the pig friends. The pig friends came to Otaru from TOMAMU. tomamu is more suitable for beginners to ski, and the cable car there can be taken up and down

Arrive at Otaru Station, make an appointment and wait for friend Tomamu to come out and meet in Otaru.

But the pig-like teammates actually went to the wrong station and made me wait another half an hour

5h is actually enough. I just want to go back and lie down.

On the return bus, get on the back door and get the ticket. The number represents the station where you got on the bus. The ticket pays the driver when getting off the bus.

The fried chicken here at Otaru Station was hungry when I was waiting for a friend. I bought it casually. I did n’t expect it to be more moisturizing than Korean fried chicken. It might be a little oily. Anyway, it ’s delicious.

After meeting with the pig friends, Otaru ’s famous letao afternoon tea, cheese cake is the specialty, but unfortunately it is sold out, so in the next few days, we made it back in Sapporo

LETAO Afternoon Tea-Otaru

• Address: 4-19 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Japan

• (81-134)314511

A 10-minute walk from National Railway South Otaru Station. The one across the street from Music Box is the most famous, featuring cheesecake, cheesecake and cheese ice cream.

After afternoon tea, we followed the GOOGLE track and found Zheng Sushi. There was no appointment, but first we were invited to the appointment room, which is actually the waiting room. The service is still very good. After the room was ready, we came to the private room TATAMI on the second floor. The following is a copy, sure! Not enough to eat haha.

Government sushi, 3000 yen per person

• Address: No.1, No.1, 1chome, Garden, Otaru City (Sushiyatong Street)

• (81-13)4230011

There are three options: 3240 yen, 3240 yen, and 5400 yen for craftsmen. Other general economic sushi meals are 1580 yen. You can also order your favorite sushi, each with a different price.

Here is a grand introduction to the Hokkaido Wagyu of Shimoshima Sushi, about 3,000 yen, 80g, and the amount is really small. Because we brought the children, we ordered some hot food. But this wagyu is really crispy at the entrance, very delicious, and the shortcomings can only be too small! I do n’t know how much I like it than the wagyu I ate in Saga. If there is a wish, it must be Kobe Wagyu

This meal ate n times of our izakaya only a few days later! The reason is that these children, the children are compared together, each has its own arrogance, and today's princesses have to be picky when they arrive in Japan, really. . . .

Zheng Sushi and Otaru ’s hand-drawn map

After eating Zheng sushi, I came to the Otaru Canal, and the canal lights only started in February, so feel free to feel the phone picture in January, cold is a word

JR from Otaru to Sapporo runs almost every hour, just check the flight schedule in advance. Came to Sapporo, checked in and threw the children to the hotel, Ma Ma continued to come to the izakaya

Delicious mo mo, peach flavored juice

Really travel thousands of miles every day! We set off again early in the morning. In order to catch up with the first penguin compliment, we took the JR at about 8 o'clock, and the JR had to drive about 1.5h, and get off to change the bus to about 0.5h. It is not easy to see a penguin! !

Bring masks together on the ground, there is no smog here.

The joy of taking selfies by adults and the destruction of children

Asahikawa Zoo is really cold. Early in the morning, I have queued up before opening the door. It is really cold in the snow! I regretted that I did n’t wear a hat. Fortunately, the pig friends brought more hats, and they planned to use them for the concave shape. The result gave me this pig friend haha

Squat, grab a pen and wait for the penguins

Here comes, the penguins are on duty

After reading the penguins, it was noon. There were not many people here. The pig friends looked for the highest restaurant in the zoo together. The view here is really beautiful. I like the view of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. However, the door is locked and cannot be taken outside.

The restaurant is buffet style, you can choose 3, 4, 5 main courses plus rice / bread, drinks and soup. Children's set meal is about 1500 yen, the maximum is about 5,000 or 6,000 yen, fried shrimp is the best

This is a children ’s course. Adults have long swept away and forgot to take pictures

In the afternoon, you can go shopping for other animals. Asahikawa Zoo is the least zoo that I have ever queued and the least smelly.

The raccoon is not sitting quietly, but is walking around the tree

The polar bear came out once in a while, and came out of the water. After the shaking performance, he repeated the water again and again. Haha, this bear has a strong desire to perform.

We also went to the sea lion show, etc., not one by one, the Apple phone shut down at low temperature

That's fine, we don't have to worry about taking pictures, we can play freely. APP checked the afternoon JR and returned to Sapporo

It has been more than 6PM to arrive in Sapporo, and I went to Sapporo Ramen Republic without a destination.

After eating Otaru ’s ramen on the first night, Kesu can only eat the fruit, and it ’s delicious.

There is a coin-operated YAMAKAKA ice cream shop next to the Sapporo Ramen Republic. The mall is very hot. I have eaten sea salt ice cream in Okinawa, and I want to eat it in Hokkaido.

Shopping in the shopping mall, buy and buy, tired of Starbucks to rest here. It turned out that the two of us asked for ice-cold coffee, actually turned away the amount of ice

Supper for the children's hotel house; pig friends continue to go out to the izakaya

The supper mode is turned on, and the squid is grilled so much faster than the one that was served directly yesterday. The squid can come up and watch him roll into our mouth Chinese food

The only heavy snowfall in Hokkaido, our plan is basically changed to indoor.

After the supermarket bought the children's snacks and drinks, we bought a one-way subway ticket to eat seafood at Nijo Market.

The full-day pass is 500 yen, but we only go back and forth in heavy snow weather, so I bought it once, and I saved it.

Subway station 2 stops, and it comes out Tanukiji Street, similar to the shopping street in Okinawa, and sells something similar to the City God Temple.

Did not go shopping carefully, except for Don Quixote's big purchase, went directly to Nijo Market

We bought a king crab and a hairy crab with cash of 15000, but the pigs did n’t have much cash, only 16,000 credit card

We bought a king crab and a hairy crab with cash of 15000, but the pigs did n’t have much cash, only 16,000 credit card

Stunt peony shrimp. More than 1,000 yen, the big one is the big one

After eating in the Nijo Market, I bought strawberries all the way back to Daimaru Department Store, when the snow was even bigger. I found a lady in 3F to catch up with the coffee and tea restaurant and put the children together. Moms worked hard together

JR tower T38 to view the night view of Sapporo, the second most famous night view in Hokkaido. There is also Tcafe on the 38th floor, a cup of coffee, softly whispering, quietly enjoying the charming night view of Sapporo.

Ticket price: 720YAN

Tickets will not be sold until 23:00 22:30

JR tower Observatory official website: http://www.jr-tower.com/t38

The itinerary is actually very simple. The morning replenishment of things that have not been bought, the woman shopping time is very fast, Daimaru department store, JR station have packages, after shopping, take the box JR directly to the airport, Sapporo-New Chitose about half an hour APP to check the frequency in advance, but Sapporo is a big station, so many people need to line up

Breakfast at the hotel, I regretted wasting the early days and hurried away.


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