Lifting the veil of "Tianzhu Maiden"-Indian Spring Festival Tour

After sending a circle of friends at the Melangar Fort, I immediately received a congratulatory message: In order to capture the moment when the pigeons were flying over the castle, did you raise your arm and cripple?

Recalling this time last year, there was a long queue of 3 hours at the entrance of St. Peter's Basilica. The only entertainment activity was to hold the camera to the sky, find an angle and wait for the birds on the square to spread their wings and fly over. The success rate is less than 1%. The pigeon Wuyang Wuyang of the Melangar Castle, it is rare to take a picture of a lonely building.

In particular, the pair of unscrupulous and shameless couples under my eyelids didn't need to take pictures at all. I changed my camera and changed my phone, and I took pictures and videos, and they were still endless, completely killing the rhythm of single dogs.

I have seen a cold joke: when someone confessed to the goddess, the reply was-two dove kissing pictures. What an imagination, but its connotation is ... the pigeon kiss gewen = roll, the whole cup.

This joke finally has pictures and truth. As a title party, top the lid to escape ~

Day01 2.4 Beijing-Mumbai (Transport: Airplane /)

Day02 2.5 Mumbai-Udaipur (Transport: Airplane)

Day03 2.6 Udaipur

Day04 2.7 Udaipur to Jodhpur (Transportation: car rental)

Day05 2.8 Jodhpur-Jaipur (Transportation: Train)

Day06 2.9 Jaipur

Day07 2.10 Jaipur-Agra (Transportation: Train)

Day08 2.11 Agra-Delhi (Transportation: Train)

Day09 2.12 Delhi-Amritsar (Transport: Airplane)

Day10 2.13 Amritsar-Delhi (Transport: Airplane)

Day11 2.14 Delhi-Beijing (Traffic: Airplane)

Not surprisingly, this is another time to travel with girlfriends in the organizational structure of twin single dogs. This time the companion is called "fairy tale".

In November, I received a WeChat of fairy tales in Turkey, asking if I would like to go to India with the Spring Festival, and attached a itinerary. I replied casually to go back and think about it.

I have very little knowledge of India. The historical knowledge of the four ancient civilizations has been given back to the teacher. I only know that the Ganges water waves hit the waves. After I went to Thailand, I found out that the Taj Mahal was in India ... There is a friend who recently went to India. The most impressive photo is the green leather train. The strange thing is that these are inexplicably poked in my interest.

Then in December of 15 years, I haven't had time to seriously plan how to send it out during the Spring Festival next year. It happened that this question was asked at two friends gatherings. I remembered the suggestion of fairy tales, and subconsciously said that I might go to India, and the result was without exception, cold water.

Do girls know it's dangerous to go there? Do you know a country with a high X rate? ... 8 and 8.

There is a particularly responsible high school classmate who privately sent WeChat to remind me to remember to go to Xbao to buy equipment before leaving. Whether the glare flashlight is easy to use or an aerosol is convenient for us to debate. After joking, I suddenly felt that my trip to India was realistic.

So I called the fairy tale, and found that the itinerary sent to me by the sister had landed until it could no longer be landed. A total of 5 air tickets, 3 train tickets, 6 hotels, all, part, complete, and fixed. I just need to buy air and train tickets according to the menu.

As a worrying life, after writing the passive program, I quickly started the lazy mode. I thought that the future journey can be led like a pet, and I feel that the future is bright.

I can't help but gossip about her. If I don't go, do you plan to go to India alone for the Spring Festival? Does anyone tell you something dangerous? Your calm look is really impressive.

Time shifted to the Spring Festival, after two days of embarking on the land of India, I remembered India that was demonized in the comments of my friends before I traveled. I could n’t help but stir up this topic. We were packing luggage in the room, fairy tale Say: Actually, I also came prepared. ……right? right! Although I also have a bunch of collections in Xbao, I didn't actually place an order, so I was curious about my companion's choice, and I saw this sister throwing two boxes without expression ... Say ... this is what she prepared early in the morning and kept it for the last moment ...

She also took my share! ...

She said that this is a gift from a certain event! ...

In my impression, the fairy tale is not very open, and it is far from the sun exposure madness. The most important thing is that my sisters are quite dismissive of my craft, so this travel note will not be exposed. Although this sister can be regarded as Bai Fumei, she watched countless people along the way.

Sometimes I look at the camera with my own eyes and lyrically look at the unknown object, turn around and find that the person is gone, not too far away, I can find the crowd concentrated in a circle ... Pull out the crowd and squeeze in, I saw her sitting quietly waiting for me in the middle, next to the locals who lined up to take a photo with her.

The style of painting is similar to that in the photos

Every girlfriend who traveled with me saw me pretending to be carrying a DSLR (most claw machines are actually used). At first it was inevitable, but without exception, after taking a few photos for them, I began to be rejected, and finally Companions have been trained as selfie parties.

Speaking of this, I am really not good at shooting beautiful women (maybe the object is handsome pot and can also start the spirit), you will find that most of the beautiful works in the Raiders are from her husband, full of love (patience) and excavation Spirit is the guarantee of quality.

And everyone not only knows their own camera angle, but also has very different requirements for taking photos. At the end of last year, I just experienced a Turkish travel companion who is very demanding on the background material. The principle of companionship in Taiwan.

Speaking of which, if you have time to fill up the travel notes of Taiwan, you can expect a lot of photos of people to appear in it, because we have had such a dialogue:

: Why did you shoot everything? What's so good about this?

: In case I want to write a travel note, my guides are all online, and I hope I can write a little feedback for everyone. (Of course, it is irresponsible for lazy cancer patients to speak)

: You still write travel notes? ! Will you post my photos?

: Do you miss me?

(Think about it): When you post my photo, can you comment: is this person unmarried?

Different people have very different feelings about the temperature. Before leaving, they joined a group of "See you in India during the Spring Festival". The advance partner said in Beiyin that the assault suits were useless and told me to bring sandals. As a result, we came from Mumbai, and it was too cold to wear thin down for breakfast in Udaipur.

But in general, the Spring Festival is very suitable for the tourist season in India, just pay attention to the temperature difference between morning and evening.

I brought a lot of clothes in the 32-inch box. The one with the highest utilization rate was the short-sleeved + jacket (female man) combination. And my companion only brought one piece of clothing! Buy and buy all the way, plus a shawl to go around the world, this shawl can keep warm, windproof, sunscreen, and cover your hair (some temples need it), recommended.

Indian clothing is not expensive, and even a sari can be found on the market in Jodhpur even for 100 rupees (about 10 yuan). In addition to the bright colors, loose and comfortable clothes, it is said that wearing local traditional clothes also has anti-harassment effect. The guide explains that this is the local people's respect for culture and customs. Of course not eggs. When we wore sari on the street, the commotion around us became more obvious.

Say a good sense of integration, although passers-by praise "Nice Sari", but still feel that something is wrong, the eyes around us make us panic, suspecting that the sari you chose is too gorgeous, maybe it was only when someone married Wear it, or it's costumes ... I later couldn't help asking this question when I met a local who was more able to talk about it, but the marriage and married didn't know the communication clearly.

Sally is actually a patent for married women, and I am a bit disillusioned when I know the truth.

In order to wear the sari, we specially let the owner help to record the dressing process, please believe that this is technical work ~~ Here only 2 TIPS for girls who want to wear sari:

1. Sari must wear small vests and petticoats, these are not necessarily sold with Sari, you can bring your own in advance. The vest can be slim, please feel free to expose your belly; the petticoat can not be elasticated, so a large piece of cloth is pleated with a lot of pleats and it is tied by the belt to prevent it from falling.

2. If you choose the kind of sari that my partner bought, it is very heavy with inlaid rhinestones. In addition to having some physical strength, remember to prepare some large, sturdy pins.

For the long skirt with more split ends, which is more common in India, to remember it, I will always call it KURTA, KURTA basically has no waist, and the pants are also fat. The divided leggings are versatile.

The overall taste of Indian food is relatively heavy, but once this setting is accepted, every meal can be spent happily. We basically did not deliberately look for good food (lazy!), Where to eat and where to eat, we can solve it at the hotel.

Taking a photo and reviewing it, I found that I ate almost the same from beginning to end, especially every day at the dining table, I could n’t beat it-cakes. Although the so-called Indian tossed cakes are actually Singaporean cuisine, the real Indian cakes are also called classics. After 10 days, I got fat when I came back.

Indian food that meets again and again these days:


Braised vegetables

Grilled chicken


Protagonist, various cakes -----

Poori, breakfast cake, inside is hollow, eat with bhaji next to it

NAN (sound), every cake you eat except breakfast

Suspected Shandong pancake. . .

The most common food in these local recipes will not be too substandard anywhere.

In fact, among all the travelogues I have seen in India, the one that impressed me the most is lassi. There is nothing that can stop my longing for dairy products ... Unfortunately, this trip did not arrange to go to Varanasi and missed the famous blue lassi. In order to make up for the shortcomings, I ordered lassi for almost every meal, but I didn't find any highlights.

The only thing I can recommend is the lassi in Jodhpur, the one under the gatehouse, which is spiced, very Indian. But this taste is not everyone's favorite, my companion only took a sip, I have killed the remaining three glasses in a row, and I still miss it.

In general, my sense of taste can be called fraternity. The only thing I stepped on once was a bottle of green mango-flavored drink bought in Delhi. That taste of ecstasy ... I found the official website curiously, their description of this drink is like this (don't blame me if the translation is bad):

At the end of the final exam, when the summer vacation is about to usher, the teacher arranges you to adapt to the new class. Looking from Kairi ’s window, there is a poetic and green, immature mango that tempts our taste buds. It is another kind of fruit, mixed with spices, mint and ice cubes, which contrasts with the outdoor heat. You drink a glass and drink, the moment is endless ...

What I remembered was the taste of cumin on the barbecue stall. Do n’t miss it if you are looking for excitement.

All hotels are booked by my companions. I only act as a share room. If there is no me, she is going to enjoy it alone. I will really enjoy it.

New Delhi: ibis Delhi Airport Hotel (Ibis)

Strategic location. Near the airport, the hotel provides free drop-off service.

The bed in the twin room is relatively narrow.

It is close to the subway station and convenient to go out shopping. This area is the focus of a hotel chain. It is very traversing, and I can't feel at all in India.

No photos were taken.

Amritsar: city park

It is very close to the Golden Temple, and it is also convenient to take a car nearby to see the lowering flag at the border between India and Pakistan.

The hotel has no special features. We stayed on the first floor and saw a wall outside the window, but here the schedule was tight during the day and the Golden Temple was spent at night. There was not much time at the hotel.

Catch the plane in the morning, the service staff packed breakfast (delicious), very intimate.

No photos were taken.

Udaipur: Jagat Niwas Palace

In my travel notes, I found this hotel in Udaipur. The exterior is very beautiful, especially the lake view restaurant, not only to keep an eye on when eating, but also to wear a sari to the terrace, borrow the lake and mountains to calmly shape. The photos here have refreshed many friends' understanding of India. It is a pity that no lake view suite has been booked in high season.

Breakfast is not included but the price is not expensive. The English or Indian set is optional. It looks like 20 or 30 RMB.

I think the bed in the room can sleep 8 people, and the extra layer under the bed is also very spacious.

The disadvantage is that you need to press the switch 20 minutes in advance for bathing, which should belong to the built-in electric water heater. Electric water heaters definitely challenge your bathing speed. Even if my bathing efficiency has always been praised by my companions, it can't avoid the cooling water temperature.

Jodhpur: Haveli Inn PAl

On New Year's Eve, I booked the best place on the hotel terrace and had New Year's Eve dinner with the Melangar Fort as the background. The actual terrace is quite quiet, and there is no sign of a Chinese or any Chinese New Year.

The wonderful bed is very suitable for the scene, higher than the bed of Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel. I describe it as a sesame flower, which is so tall that it needs a stool to climb up. How tall is it? I am one meter six or five and the mattress reaches my waist.

Unlike the hotel style in Udaipur, the courtyard exudes a delightful jungle atmosphere.

Including breakfast, but I forgot what to eat, the view is delicious.

Jaipur: Umaid Bhawan-Heritage Style Hotel

This hotel group has opened two hotels with similar appearances and easy to confuse their names at similar locations. Special attention is needed.

The decoration with rich local characteristics is very beautiful, more detailed than the previous two hotels, and the rooms are not the effect of the four white floors. Although the sparrow is small, it has a dressing table.

Compared with the previous two hotels, it lacks an invincible view. As a compensation, there is a swimming pool in the hotel (useless), and a dance performance in the restaurant at night. The buffet breakfast was great.

Agra: Radisson Blu Hotel (Radisson Blu)

Modern hotel with luggage security at the door.

If you are diligent, you can walk to the Taj Mahal from here.

The service staff was solid enough. We borrowed pins to say goodbye to Sari. They sent a bunch of sewing kits (because there was only one pin in a sewing kit). The breakfast buffet is more than RMB 80.

I only took pictures of the cafe, I really like that ceiling.

After I bought 3 train tickets and 4 plane tickets, I left a return ticket for more than a month and used it to decide whether to go to Varanasi from Delhi alone.

The cheapest air ticket back to Beijing in December was just over 1,500. I did n’t care at all until I decided not to increase the itinerary. When I opened the webpage on a certain day in January, the ticket price had already started at 3500 during that time! (Not available yet)

With great remorse, I placed the order from the lowest price. However, after 30 minutes to 1 hour, I notified the order of failure and refund, so I changed a slightly more expensive agent ... failed, refunded ... and then changed a slightly more expensive flight ... Failure, refund ... So dozen or twenty consecutive orders were rejected, and a credit card was directly exploded. In the end, more than 4,900 air tickets were successfully booked to Shanghai.

You should know that the direct flight of Air China booked by your partner in December was only more than 5,000. The fare of this flight showed in January: 10,000+.

This kind of sentimental sentiment happened when the airport boarding pass was changed. When the lady at check-in handed me a business class boarding pass, I instantly solidified.jpg.

Although this is not the first time to buy business class, the story of being blindfolded is still the first one! Is there a pie in the sky? I was so surprised that I didn't remember the money was spent by myself.

That's right, I still don't know where the booking website shows the class of the cabin. This unscientific!

Train tickets in India can be booked 120 days in advance, search for cleartrip, there is an app to download, and tickets for local India can also be bought on it. I used this site at a huge speed. In order to save my worry, I used X Bao instead (the agency fee is about 10%). Later, I became a good friend with the owner and exchanged my shopping experience.

The carriages are divided into complicated levels, and I bought them all according to the tickets of my companions. The amazing thing is that our order is placed at such a long interval that the position can still be next to each other.

The following are the three types of carriages I have taken:

First AC (1A) —The Coach NO., Seat, and Berth columns are clearly marked: soft seats, which are similar to our high-speed rail seats. You can just sit in the corresponding car and seat number.

First AC (1A) —Coach NO., Seat, and Berth columns are blank: first-class soft sleeper, the same as the soft sleeper car structure in China, with 4 beds per "house". The more troublesome thing is how to confirm the position of the sleeper. After waiting for the car to stop-the trainer posted a list at the door of the car-find his name and the corresponding berth from above. If the parking time is short and the light on the platform is weak, you can take a picture and get on the car, then slowly press the picture.

AC2 (2A)-second-class soft berth, the difference from the previous 1A is that there is a row of berths in the corridor, also bunk beds.

The three trips we take are not long, with a maximum of 6 hours and more than 300 kilometers, and there is no overnight car. If I go again next time, I will probably choose the seat first.

Whether you use a cleartrip or an agent to buy air tickets and train tickets, you need to print out the order information (recommended) or save it on your mobile phone. The airport staff will carefully check your name (same as your passport), whether the airport and departure time match. It should be noted that India is not allowed to enter the airport prematurely, usually 3 hours. If there is such a need, a smart partner in the group gives a countermeasure: go to our agency website to order a 3 Tickets that depart within hours do not need to be paid, and you can show the order to the staff. They only recognize the name, place of departure and time of departure, and they cannot read Chinese.

There is no train from Udaipur to Jodhpur. The chartered car costs about 2700-3000 rupees / car, and it takes 6 hours by car. You can pass the Qianzhu Temple halfway through the tour (the tour takes about 2 hours). As a result, we had a traffic accident on the only long-distance drive, which led to confidence in the driving skills of A Sange down to the bottom.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not take a train on a train, and do not recommend driving in India, because many roads in India are narrow, and two cars are facing each other. It is often necessary to get a car to the outside of the road to go wrong, and local drivers usually turn around There is no good habit of whistling and slowing down. For long-distance coaches, it is best to let the driver take a break for 2 hours.

Guide-a little bit of thoughts

1. Visa: India has opened e-visa, to be honest, it is much more laborious than the signing of the Turkish electricity.

a. The content of the form is very complicated at first, which involves the contact information of the countries you have been to in India (write the hotel you stayed in), etc. It is best to fill in and save the content COPY to word, see b.

b. After the form is completed, a series of identification codes will be generated after successful submission, and payment will be made with this series of identification codes. If the payment is unsuccessful after multiple payments, the identification code will be invalid. Please refill the form! (PS. ID code will not tell you when it is invalid, if the payment shows the same unsuccessful interface multiple times, then start again.)

c. I tried several browsers, some could not upload photos, some could not pay smoothly. Finally, use Google Chrome to fill in the form, and 360 browser payment is considered final.

d. I have to turn over the wall when paying. I do n’t know if this is a necessary condition. Anyway, I turned over, and all failed before turning over.

e. The server has peaks and troughs, which may be better in the early morning.

I was catching up with their server downtime when I applied. Fill in the form seven or eight times before and after. Too much is a complaint.

2. Exchange of money: UnionPay is rare, so it is better to bring US dollars to exchange for rupees. It is the most cost-effective to exchange rates in the market, and the scenic spot is almost a bit. Look for the store with the money exchange sign. This store may sell crafts, it may provide tourism services, or it may be a restaurant. Shops that exchange money usually charge a handling fee, which is the same as the airport rules, so be sure to ask before changing.

3. Personal belongings:

The contents of regular travel are not listed. ——

The plug is a double round inch system, I brought a conversion head plus 4USB terminal board;

Mosquito repellent is not used;

The shawl is a good thing, and the pin mentioned earlier;

Wet wipes can bring more;

Ordinary mask;

Do n’t give candy to bear children who actively ask for money, it ’s embarrassing to be rejected;

Others can be freely played according to their own habits and preferences, not much different from other tourist areas. I did n’t take too much medicine, because I had a bad judgment before I left, and I ended up with a bone spray (which is probably not understandable). I bought it locally. The magic medicine of Beiyuan Third Hospital is still easy to use.

In short, I am the kind of person who carries a 32-inch suitcase and looks down at the luggage.

4. Phone card: The hotel has free WIFI, and the rented WIFI box is enough to find a way. It is said that buying a local calling card is a bit troublesome and I have not tried it.

5. Language: I feel that anyone can communicate happily in English, basically no problem.

6. TUTU car: We basically rely on TUTU between the city tour and the train station. Visiting multiple attractions in a day will charter a TUTU. Before going out, you will communicate with the hotel staff about the attractions and the approximate price, and use this reference price to bargain with TUTU drivers. Generally compromised transactions.

7. Drinking water: As emphasized by other seniors, buy bottled water as much as possible. Just pay attention to the shelf life, and do n’t buy it in the open-air stall. I bought a bottle in Amli. The inside of the bottle is dark and thrown away.

8. Shopping:

The water content of shopping in India is still quite large, similar to that of the heavenly dynasty. I have encountered in Udaipur that I claim to be an artist. One or even one-eighth of the final deal.

I have a lighter bargain, but fortunately, I usually do n’t buy valuable goods in the tourist area. You ca n’t buy a hundred or eighty dollars and you ca n’t be fooled ~

Those with high martial arts skills can enjoy the sword.

9. Tipping: The reference given on the LP is 50 rupees (RMB5). When the actual pockets are not suitable for change, there are situations where you pay more and pay less, mainly to the hotel waiter and restaurant waiter who help with luggage. There are also some sellers in the scenic area who can give you tips if you take pictures very well. I feel that they are very happy no matter how much they are given (usually the minimum face value is 10 rupees).

There was a transfer time of 4 hours and 10 minutes at the Mumbai Airport in the early morning. I felt SO rich, so I went out and went to exchange money. The exchange rate at the airport is very poor, and the handling fee is charged, only a little enough to take the car.

As a result, I was stunned when I went out. I thought that it was enough to move from the terminal to the departure, but as soon as I communicated with the staff, the original flight to Udai was not in this terminal. If you do n’t come out of the exit, there is a shortcut It can lead to another terminal, but it is not allowed to return the same way when it has already come out.

There is a free shuttle bus between the terminals. To get to the bus station, go to the parking building and take the elevator, then go out the first floor (the elevator sign is 4th floor) and walk across the building. We ran into a passionate "staff" at the entrance of the elevator. When we heard that we were looking for the shuttle bus, we helped press the elevator. We noticed that he pressed not 4 but 6, and rose to the floor suspiciously. At first glance, I saw a few cars parked sporadically in the empty parking lot-it was really a pit.

Similar routines can be seen in many travelogues in India. We have a good preview and are vigilant. So I didn't delay my time here, just turned around and left.

The shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes. No signs can be seen at the place where we are riding. We wait there anxiously. At this time, we have 40 minutes left before the plane takes off.

I rented a prepaid fare from the airport. It was already bright when we arrived at the hotel. We threw our luggage and went straight to the restaurant for dinner. As we sat cross-legged in the restaurant, the lake and mountains were all in view. .

Udaipur, also known as Baicheng, has the reputation of being the most romantic city in the Indian mainland. It is said that most of the itineraries will arrange it relatively backward and take a rest here, making it a place for soothing the body and mind during the tired journey, and choose to approach from here India, I regard it as a process of adjustment. After all, Udaipur's style is fresh and the sanitation is relatively better.

This angle does have a meaning of water city, so it is also called the Oriental Venice.

On the island of Jagniws floating in the heart of the lake is the well-known Lake Palace Hotel, which was once the summer residence of the royal family, and was later transformed into the most romantic hotel in this romantic city, with a sense of isolation.

Touched the room and took a nap, then strolled to see the city palace.

This marble-made white palace was built along the slopes of Lake Pichara, echoing the palace in the water. The Sisodiea family started to build this palace shortly after the city of Udaipur was founded. After 300 years of expansion and enrichment, it combined elements of Rajasthan, Mughal dynasty, European style, and even Chinese style. Together, the mix and match are seamless.

Among all the palaces and castles visited in this trip in India, the city palace ranked second in my favorite list.

Looks like there is no smell of fairy couples.

The City Palace at first glance didn't feel much from the door, but there was nothing in it. We spent about 3 hours and found a small shop to exchange money. Generally, the local exchange rate for foreign currency exchange is not very good.

80% of Indians believe in Hinduism. It is said that this religion has 330 million gods, the number is scary, and the second sect of the population is Islam.

Not far from the city palace is the Temple of Jakodhi, free to visit, you need to take off your shoes at the door. This temple is not big, and it will soon be able to make a circle. I feel that the architectural carvings and Khajuraho's sex temple have been removed. Of course, there is no Khajuraho arranged for this trip. I just look at the pictures.

The evening sunlight plated the building with a golden roof, which was very beautiful. Some people say that this tower-like structure is layered layer by layer, and there is an organ at the top. Once the organ is opened, the tower will collapse. I have been searching for a long time where is this institution. (People who believe in everything)

I just think this old man's fashion index exploded ...

The city's closest place to the lakeside is concentrated with major tourist attractions, so it is full of hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants. Despite being criticized for its strong commercial atmosphere, it is already very grounded in my eyes. Paintings and exquisite jewelry with exaggerated shapes are very eye-catching. A friend reminded me that the camel leather bag is a major feature and must be received, but it looks like I do n’t match the style and I do n’t start.

At the door of the store, two tai tai greeted us and started thinking they were soliciting business. As a result, they just wanted me to take a picture of them. A similar situation happened all along the way. After taking the photo, they would like to see the effect. If you don't zoom in on the camera's small window, you can't see it.

The cattle on the street watched people passing by calmly.

I'm more familiar with shopping. Seeing these three monkey woodcarvings in the window, the boss offered 800 rupees, never bargaining. The buddy repeatedly emphasized that he is an artist, this is an orphan, okay, although I foresee that I will see his orphan more than once, I still paid for it. In short, in one hundred and eighty dollars, you can't buy it, you can't be fooled.

These three monkeys cover the eyes, mouth and ears with their hands, and are called "Three wise monkeys", expressing the three secrets of the wisdom of "missing, not smelling, and not speaking". The Mahatma Gandhi of India often used this to teach his citizens "to see no evil, to listen to evil words, and to speak evil words." So the three monkeys are one of the most popular crafts in India.

Another main reason I bought it is that the year of the monkey is coming, and I like the monkey myself.

While shopping, I booked a car from Udai to Jodhpur the day after tomorrow. The train from Udai to Jodh is not accessible. The guide says that the price of a 5-seater car is usually 2500-2800 rupees, just like the companions in the group who exchange US dollars for rupees are all starting at 1:68 and our highest is 67. The incompetent star finally sold for 3,300 rupees (the so-called 300 is the toll fee), just hung a thick book on the wall of the small shop, which was full of Chinese praise. I ’m still making up my mind and waiting until Jotte I will be there What do they leave in their shop (however I think about it).

Except for an accident in the middle of an accident, this company is actually quite good. (Please look at my sincere expression)

It looks like it looks out from the door of this shop.

The boat trip by the lake is very close to the hotel. We took a look at it and prepared to take a boat trip to the lake tomorrow. (The result is not as good as the sky)

One of Udaipur's very important attractions is a boat trip to Lake Pichola. After the establishment of the city by the prince Udaiji Udaiji of the year, Picholi was flooded with water in order to expand the area of ​​the lake, hence the name. The lake is 4 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, and ships every hour. During this time, Jagmandir Island will be moored. You can go to the island to play and then take other boats to return.

We came here early in the morning, but did not see the person at the ticket office. At this time, a third brother came to ask you if you want to take a car to the other side of the lake. You can also take us to the market, he pointed to the map The last place is called Derli Gate. Let's go check it out, so this day's itinerary is so comfortable.

I heard that you can see the snake shop when you walk in from here! I reflexively reappeared the picture. A third brother in a white cloth hood blew his flute. A snake protruded out of the crock to hear the song and dance, and got excited.

The uncle at the intersection showed his SPICY with enthusiasm, but for a cooking idiot, it was tantamount to playing the piano with a cow.

The moo sat in a line in harmony, just to get together the table mahjong

It is obviously different from the lakeside area. The market here is patronized by locals, and English is basically not visible on the signboard. There are all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits in the market, but because we have the faces of foreigners, the price is not cheap.

When I came back to take a closer look at this photo, I was scared. There was a little girl in the box in the lower right corner. . . . . .

The dark green, frothed, dark-looking drink on the table is called sugarcane juice. There are words in your mouth that you ca n’t eat. You do n’t have to eat it. You do n’t get sick. You try it. It ’s sweet and delicious, but it ’s not. Dare to have a second cup.

We threw a lot of time in this sari shop and used it for a few days. Compared with the Sari shop seen later, the design here is brighter and the decoration is more complicated. We all guess whether this shop is specially made for brides.

Perhaps an insider would think that this is not an expensive fabric, but the need for a fresh one-time wear is enough.

The most commendable thing is that every sari in this shop has a clear price on it, which is quite kind and saves a lot of trouble. Ordinary sari does not exceed 1500 rupees. The simpler design is only 500 rupees and 6 meters long. Consider buying a few to make a scarf. My companion bought the most magnificent kind, with rhinestones all over the body, which was very flashy and very heavy, but only over 2,000 rupees.

I only recommend this shop on this trip. The location is at Derli Gate.

I only bought a sari before I knew I had to wear it with a vest and petticoat. I found such a store about a few tens of meters away from the sari shop. It was usually tailor-made and sold upstairs. The cost performance of petticoats and vests is quite general. Petticoats are a piece of chemical fiber cloth with a tether at the waist. The vests are stretch-knitted cotton. These two inboards are believed to be a must in everyone's wardrobe. Sally.

The little brothers who waited a long time took us to the lake. Following the Indian disco that was broadcast on the TUTU car at high volume, we rushed left and right in the alleys and felt that we found Indian Style.

The TUTU car drove all the way, and it was time to visit the street scene of Udaipur. Don't look forward to the other side of the so-called lake. The scenery cannot be more ordinary. We got out of the car for a while, and asked to return to the market just now. We spent a long time in the sari shop and asked the master to help record the video of the wearing process.

The rest of the time we returned to the hotel, spent a lot of effort putting on Sari (10 thousand words omitted here), and then began to hold a selfie stick in the hotel. When we approached the restaurant, we met a couple. The girl warmly helped us organize Sally. The most amazing thing is that she actually found two large pins from her side. To know the importance of these two pins, We just pointed to it and lived.

Friends who have heard of this hotel say, "Go out and turn right, turn left at the intersection of the temple, turn left, there is a dairy in the milk is very delicious, after the milk is filled, you have to skim some milk skin", we decided to go out for food in this dress, come I went to the village to follow the custom, but unfortunately, according to this TIPS, I wandered on the street for a long time and found nothing. Instead, because I was dressed too violently, it caused a commotion, which made us really have no courage to wear it to watch the evening performance.

The Hafeili Museum's evening performance attracted a large number of tourists and locals, and was full of people. Friends who want to take pictures can enter the venue 1 hour in advance to occupy their seats. 1 hour performance, the ticket is only 100 rupees.

Breakfast was settled in the hotel for two consecutive days. I wanted to go out this morning to see what was different. I made an appointment with the driver at 8:30 and dared not go too far to be afraid of not getting back, but the surrounding shops were not open. There was only a coffee shop for foreigners at a glance, which was equivalent to the chain of domestic first-tier cities. The bakery, but the taste is far from the same, I took a sliced ​​cake, 2 small drinks, spent more than 200 rupees, and the Jagat Niwas hotel's Indian set only 280 rupees.

The streets are very quiet, I'm so busy watching these four Wang Xingren stage a love and killing.

The driver arrived very punctually at the scheduled time, helped us carry our luggage, stopped on the road for us to buy water, and there were beautiful Indian pop songs in the car. Everything looked smooth.

We also talked about his beautiful girlfriend, the Indian beauty who occupies the main screen of his mobile phone. Her photos are very different from those of the domestic family's self-portraits (do not scold me) that are common on the domestic network. They are mature, generous and quite Star fan children.

The atmosphere of singing and dancing is maintained until about 10:30 in the morning? I felt a little sleepy and there was no song in the car anymore. I was taking a nap in the back seat of the co-driver. The fairy tale leaned sideways on the chair to rest.

I suddenly felt an unusual brake, because I am also a driver, I can be sure that this foot absolutely spared no effort to slam on the bottom, looked up and opened my eyes, only to see the side of a large truck in a moment from far to near, and then " Boom! " The front windshield cracked.

When I was so old, I experienced a car accident for the first time. I usually collided and rearranged occasionally. I also passed the danger several times. I have imagined countless times what measures should I take to put my body in any position in an emergency to reduce the damage ... However, when the time comes, I really have no time to do anything, except to open my eyes directly.

The driver was safe and sound. He glanced back at us and drove out the door. I turned and looked at the fairy tale. She asked blankly: What about my cell phone? What about sunglasses? What about hats? I rested my mind and looked around, they all flew under the co-pilot seat.

Only then did I start to feel pain. I hit the front passenger seat with my face, palm, and knee at three points and one line. The palm side (ring finger and little finger) supports most of the weight, so the most painful thing is the hand. I held my head against the front seat and breathed in for a long time without slowing down. The fairy tale leaned on the chair and the right knee suffered the shock for her.

Fortunately, it's not a big deal.

We calmed down the pain and shock in the car for a while, and came out to see that there were many locals in front of the two cars, and our driver was busy calling. I glanced at the road conditions of the two-car confrontation with the eyes of a driver, and inadvertently asked the people next to him: Whose responsibility is this mainly? Our car? The other party shook his head decisively and said: No, it is all the responsibility of the driver of the big truck. Really help fellow fellow! How do I think the facts are not what he said at all. .

What I am most concerned about is when we can start again. This car can no longer pull us to our destination. You know that this day is New Year's Eve, and you are also rushing to Jodhpur for New Year's Eve dinner. Waiting for the driver to finish the call, I carefully asked what to do next. At this time, I heard good news. He told me that there will be other cars coming to pick us up for Jodh, but it will take about an hour. It's only an hour! I simply suspected that I had heard it wrong. This is not just about comforting me, but also a lucky one!

So, even if I hit the car, I still have a good impression of this company, and solving things is easy and reliable! (It must haven't hurt me yet)

Another piece of good news is that this driver will pick places when he hits a car. We drove all the way to the rugged mountain roads of wild villages in the wilderness. At this time, I was also stuck on the mountainside. I was going to sit in the car and play with the mobile phone for an hour. As a result, the driver and several local people helped us I took the luggage down and said to sit in front, where you can rest.

I thought there was a big rock in front of me to rest, would it be possible to have an open-air bench in such a desolate place? I said it was not as comfortable as the soft seat in the car, and I reluctantly walked forward, only less than five Ten meters suddenly will bloom ... the roadside actually turned me into a luxurious rest area!

It is said to be a luxurious rest area, because it is not like a normal rest area with only gas stations and convenience stores, but more like a forest park or a resort, with a sloping terrace and lush forest. We were surrounded by sitting on the lounge chairs in the pavilion, the staff brought two large bottles of mineral water, and found the medical room people to take medicated oil to make horses and chickens for our affected areas, although the medicine is not symptomatic, the more the more the pain ... but their enthusiasm gives the illusion that this rest area is the same company as our car rental company?

Through this accident, Asan's efficiency and integrity refreshed my understanding. Sure enough, an hour later, a van came to carry us forward. An older Uncle Asan drove, and a French woman whose name I forgot.

The next long section is the mountain road. This mountain is full of black-faced long-tailed langurs. This monkey is regarded as a god monkey in India. They are often hidden in groups on the side of the road, aiming at passing vehicles to wait for food. The French woman in the car was obviously prepared. Two large bananas were prepared in the car. The bananas were broken down and thrown out with the window open while driving. The speed of the car was not reduced. So I took such a messy scene in the car.

I saw a lot of friends who stopped their cars and played with the monkeys when they passed this mountain. If they were not stingy with food, it would not be a problem to stay as the king of the mountain. However, the mountain road is narrow and the sight is not good, so we must pay attention to parking safety.

The road from Udaipur to Jodhpur will pass the Temple of Thousand Pillars. The standard tour time for this temple is 2 hours, but because the French woman in the car expressed no interest in this place, my companion hurt his knee again, so I can only take a 20-minute visit during their rest time and walk in from the parking lot. There is a short distance, this time is only enough to make a circle outside.

The Thousand Pillars Temple is the largest and most important Jain temple in India. Passing the Qianzhu Temple and not entering should be one of the biggest regrets of my trip, but it should also be a thought for the next trip to India.

The driver stopped and said hello to her-this is a foot monk, can not use any means of transportation, travel far away to carry all his belongings, I think she smiles so mysteriously ... she is laughing.

I also saw in other people's travel notes that this old man and his flock, like a New Year's picture, exuded a festive atmosphere, which was how it was in the New Year's Eve.

New Year painting II.

New Year painting three.

Tossing and turning to the hotel was still early. My companion wanted to rest in the hotel for a while. Because I was in a car for a day and wanted to move my bones, I started the runaway mode.

Not far from the hotel is the Sada Market. There is a soaring clock tower in the market that is very eye-catching. As a road fan, it will be practical in an instant. If you get lost, this landmark is enough.

Because it was a weekend, the market was chaotic, with a pile of dazzling cloths, silverware and various soft things on the east and west. The hawkers were selling 10 rupees and 10 rupees aloud. I basically stayed all the way to the south (I judge it is South), went straight for a few kilometers and found no feeling. He turned around again and packed a few of his favorite LASSIs at the south gate, nothing else.

Actually going in the opposite direction (facing the old castle), hidden in the middle of a blue house, there are many good small shops, all kinds of crafts and jewelry are quite exquisite, there are small supermarkets, and restaurants serving Chinese food, but I Wandering there has become tired and turned around in a hurry

I was also drunk when I saw such a bracelet.

I booked a good location on the roof of the hotel for New Year's Eve dinner before going out for a stroll. At seven o'clock, there was no one at all. In a foreign country, we both invited Mingyue here. Indian beer is clear and sweet, and it is more to my taste. Jiaote's flatbread is soft and tough, and there is basically no oil and water. Our New Year's Eve dinner was spent in the flatbread and sauce. The meal cost RMB 80 yuan.

Toast, to leave everything that went wrong in the past.

The Melangar Castle is located on the top of the 125-meter-high hill in the Blue City. The old castle seen from the Haveli Inn is close at hand, and it is actually only a 20-minute walk away. By TUTU car, you need to go around 5 kilometers from the main road. It takes longer to walk than to walk. We decided to be lazy to save our knees and save the strength of climbing.

Merangar, with more than 500 years of history, is still run by Jodhpur ’s royal family. The entire building is excavated from the rock at the foot of the castle. It is one of the most spectacular castles in India (in my mind) none of them).

This castle is full of anecdotes and anecdotes, and fortunately, you can listen to these explanations in Chinese.

The photo of the old tree pavilion outside the gate of the old castle was broken by me properly.

Pigeon mosaic technology. . .

Squeeze a handful of water, get a sip, and sprinkle the rest on the top of the head.

Then he will spot cinnabar on your eyebrows.

Squirrel on the stairs.

Overlooking the Blue City.

A cafe clerk walking around swaying.

You can go shopping for souvenirs before leaving. It is basically difficult to find such an official and official souvenir shop after leaving Melangar.

A skinny uncle.

The boys are chasing them down and taking a lot of photos of them is not fun.

Head down the mountain and back to the hotel, passing through the old town of a blue brahman house. The broken alleys are hidden by craft shops, special restaurants and spice shops, which can be slowly discovered.

In front of the camera, the old lady deliberately smoothed the headscarf, set up the POSE, and waved at me after the shooting, to see the effect of the shooting.

Shy Xiaozhengtai.

This stall at the entrance of the hotel was surrounded by a group of local people every time. The business was quite good. When I saw the appearance of a greasy bug, they also raised my plate and smiled and invited me to try it.

After taking a nap back to the hotel, I rushed to Umed Palace in the afternoon. It is said that the construction work that broke ground in the 1920s was huge, and it took more than 3,000 workers 15 years to complete, successfully solving the employment problem of the local people.

The royal residence and luxury hotels in the palace do not accept ordinary tourists. They can only visit the museum. There are some old photos and clocks in the collection. There is a considerable classic car in the exhibition hall opposite the museum. Unfortunately, it is completely separated by reflective glass. No way to take pictures.

Polo is a popular sport in Jiao City, and it is loved by the royal family. This polo team's T-shirt is also available as a souvenir in Merangal Fort, and it has more colors. One piece.

...... In fact, the quality is still good, but my dad maintains a consistent high cold posture, no half-favorite expression reveals, just asked the ins and outs of the row of letters on the chest for a long time

Another couple holding hands, seeing too many along the way, it's almost Valentine's Day

The location of this photo station is the classic car exhibition hall. If you do n’t mention it, it ’s easy to be forgotten. Unfortunately, you can only look outside the window. If you want to take a picture, you can try it in the morning. Anyway, in the afternoon, even if you have a polarizing filter, you will use it.

Out of the palace, I casually found a restaurant with a lot of locals on the street and ate a "weight loss" set meal, which was the shop in the front of the "food" article. There was a big brother who flew through the Shandong pancakes. The two were less than 20RMB. The most economical meal.

Out of the palace, I casually found a restaurant with a lot of locals on the street and ate a "weight loss" set meal, which was the shop in the front of the "food" article. There was a big brother who flew through the Shandong pancakes. The two were less than 20RMB. The most economical meal.

We took the train at 8 o'clock in the evening and the time to Jaipur was 0:50 in the morning. I actually think that sitting at this time is the more ideal posture. It is much more convenient than buying a sleeper but unfortunately the upper bunk.

Our ticket is First AC (1A), but this sign cannot be found on the platform. Here, I think that the carriages with only digital numbers in China are more humane. We asked all the way from end to end on the platform, always getting answers in the opposite direction.

The train that I finally waited for had two First AC (1A) cars. I also mentioned before that you need to find your name on the passenger list posted on the door of the car to determine the car and berth number. Because we were not buying tickets at the same time, we were assigned to different cars.

Amazingly, I just entered the small room and put down my suitcase. I imagined the ROOM MATE. When the sliding door opened, my companion came in with the suitcase. It turned out that there was a mistake in buying a ticket for a foreign couple in her room. Now, she wanted to change the shop with her, she agreed, and followed them to find here, actually in my lower bunk! Really bought the wrong ticket and went to bed.

The most important way to open in India is to browse the various palaces and forts. As the administrative center of Rajasthan, Jaipur is no exception. Its old city has the reputation of the pink city. Except that Jincheng by the desert didn't arrange this itinerary, from Baicheng Udaipur, Blue City Jodhpur to Fancheng, my love degree is actually decreasing. This has nothing to do with the journey or aesthetic fatigue, it is a tacit understanding of an urban atmosphere.

On this day, a car was suddenly taken for a tour. The drivers suddenly surrounded us at the door of the hotel from early in the morning. It looked very orderly. One of the cars was arranged again. My companion is a genius in bargaining, and every time a negotiation breaks out ... walking a dozen meters away ... and being called back again.

Amber Fort is located more than ten kilometers northeast of Jaipur. It is the king capital of the rulers of the 12th century. Its size is comparable to that of Melangar Castle, but I prefer Melangar Castle.

A special feature of Amber Fort is riding an elephant up the mountain, and then going all the way from the Puerta del Sol to the central courtyard. The elephant only received tourists up the mountain before 11 o'clock, we got up a little late in the evening. Suddenly the car drove to the side of the road under the mountain, and you could see an elephant passing by.

The Amber Fort with the mountains facing the water looks very good for Feng Shui.

The elephant's face is painted with beautiful patterns. I am still looking for which elephant has a more beautiful pattern, and simply ignores the fact that I can only see other elephants sitting on it.

Our Driver is here. . .

If you are on the same elephant as your companion, you will feel a sense of powerlessness while holding the camera. At this time, you can only take pictures of other elephants and tourists. Selfie sticks are not easy to use, so smart businessmen provide this Services. They waited for the opportunity to find the target, and then chased to help you take a picture. A younger brother in green clothes followed for a long time, successfully attracted my attention. He held the camera and yelled at us: My name is Alibaba! Please remember my name! Don't buy their pictures! I shoot better!

The end point reached the central courtyard, which used to be a place where triumphant troops displayed their loot.

Seeing the monkey again, I don't know where to get the coconut, and it was a joy to eat it.

Two Luchis got lost here, and turned around the courtyard at least three times.

The difference in picture quality between the camera and the mobile phone is quite obvious.

Do you have an appetite for selling cakes? I just think it is really tough.

When I left, I really saw the young man who took pictures, but I clearly remembered him wearing green clothes, but when I saw him again, there was a deviation from the memory. I asked him questioningly: Your name is Alibaba? He nodded incessantly: yes! My name is Alibaba! . . . Suddenly felt that such a dialogue is enough. . . .

The young man held a simple photo album with more than a dozen printed photos. The photos were not bad. The asking price was 1,000 rupees. I gave him 500. In fact, it should be possible to return to a lower price, because he is useless to hold a photo, but I am lazy. . . . .

Unlike the Melangar Fort, Amber Fort has more tourists and a more commercial atmosphere. Along the way, there will be many small vendors chasing and selling, usually a bag of wood carving ornaments. The hawkers also have a few sentences of Chinese. What ’s more interesting is that as soon as they speak Chinese, mathematics becomes less brilliant. I often hear 50 yuan, 2 yuan, 100 yuan, 3 yuan

Suddenly took us back to the center of the old city and stopped at the city palace. This place is not big, you can make a circle in about an hour. It contains the welcome palace, hall and armory.

I prefer to visit the armory. The weapons of the ancient era are lavishly murderous, giving people the urge to offer their knees.

The armory is the one who loves collecting coins from various countries. Unfortunately, I turned over my wallet and found only 1 RMB.

The courtyard inside the palace has 4 doors symbolizing all year round, and the peacock door represents autumn

Mobile phone backlighting. When I took pictures of the brother at the door, they posed in a coordinated manner. My companion asked for a group photo and was also enthusiastically satisfied, especially the one in the middle and on the right, with a particularly happy expression.

After taking the photo, they asked me if I had a tip? I started to touch my wallet again, but I was quite willing, but had no time to change the money. At this time, the rupee was running out of food and only the dollar bills were left. I couldn't bear to see their disappointed expressions.

Out of the wind palace, wandering in the old city, the pigeons here are truly stunning. Be careful when staying, the probability of being attacked by pigeons is infinite, don't ask me how I know.

This honeycomb-shaped building is a landmark of Jaipur.

The viewing window is for the royal house lady to peep out the street.

Similar to this ...

Many strategies have recommended Jaipur ’s market, which has led us to have high expectations for the flask. Suddenly, the driver took us to walk through several well-known BAZA, but I still could n’t find it. So we switched to a sudden car. I didn't expect this driver to be even more reliable. The driver didn't go far and was taken by the traffic police because of violations.

I think the skill value of traffic law enforcement in this country is also superb.

When dealing with violations of regulations, he was bored and spent time with the passers-by. (The dirt is ...)

This train from Jaipur to Agra feels the most comfortable. From 7: 05-10: 35 in the morning, the seats are not much different from the domestic high-speed rail. Breakfast is served, and there are newspapers to read, although I can only look at the paintings.

It ’s noon to the hotel, and I ’ve been arguing for a long time. I decided to brave the courage in the afternoon and wear a sari to go to the scenic spot to pass the city. Then the problem comes. As mentioned before, the sari we bought is too grand, the weight is heavy Heavy, you can just take two steps. If you do n’t have a few pins for a long time, it ’s probably dangerous. I called the hotel and asked, but I didn't expect the hotel SO to be refreshed, and immediately sent a bunch of sewing kits, because only a small pin was included in a sewing kit.

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Agra is only about 5 minutes away from the East Gate of the Taj Mahal, but we still dragged our skirts into the car.

In the afternoon, the sun is shining and tourists are like weavers. I am most afraid of taking this kind of picture. As a troublesome Virgo, I can break my heart for symmetry.

The famous Taj Mahal doesn't need to be reassured by anyone else. In the 17th century, a prodigal king named Shah Jahan built the tomb to commemorate his third wife (who died when they gave birth to their fourteenth child). The main building took 8 years, and it took 22 years to complete the construction. I just want to ask what his other wives think ~~~

The construction quality of this marble mausoleum is quite passable, and there are basically no traces of history, but it is said that it had undergone a large-scale restoration in the early 20th century, and when we went, it also caught up with another renovation.

I used to think that sari costumes should be commonplace in scenic spots like the Taj Mahal. As a result, we still met with locals pointing, taking photos, and chatting on the way around. Curious sisters, sisters, aunts and grandma asked us where to buy clothes Yes, how much does it cost to buy, it is really beautiful, the baby is exaggerated but tears are in my heart, is that really not a bridal shop? Why can't I be a quiet beautiful woman wherever I go, kindly watching the masses also helped us rearrange our clothes.

In fact, this kind of road-side social interpersonal relationship is also very rare in China, and I enjoy it very much.

When I went out, I also encountered a tour group from Shandong. Yes, the cheapest flight ticket I missed was Shandong Airlines, Shandong transit.

I have the habit of collecting fridge magnets and I like to visit the official souvenir shops in tourist attractions, but I can't find them in the Taj Mahal. For this I also went to the office and consulted the leader of the security guard in the scenic area. He first pointed me to a group of small vendors on the side. After hearing that I was looking for an official store, I did n’t know how to understand it. I went to Delhi and said there were more shops ... I felt that my English needed to be saved, and I was speechless for a while.

In the surroundings of the Taj Mahal and even the whole of Agra, marble-inlaid crafts are the most common, including refrigerator stickers, coasters, chessboards, and various ornaments. Some articles remind these so-called marbles to be imitations of vanishing cream or soapstone. We also have He was led by a tutu driver to a shop known as an ancestral handicraft for generations to see the processing. I really ca n’t tell whether this is marble or any other material. Fortunately, I lacked interest and did not spend time tangling. Finally, I bought a stone elephant elephant (openwork carved elephant belly) for the driver and the owner ’s face. There is also an elephant in it), which is also a handicraft on the street, and I later found that I bought (after the bargain) was much more expensive than the airport (same size), I comforted myself with my carving Like it!

It is said that the Taj Mahal seriously consulted the Little Taj Mahal when it was being built, but these two buildings are really not of the same level. After watching the Taj Mahal, coming to see the Little Taj Mahal feels similar to visiting the miniature landscape. However, it is rare to be quiet here. There is only one Japanese travel club and a few tourists in the early morning. The elder sisters and aunts on both sides of the road are tidying up the vegetable garden in a relaxed and complacent posture.

I put three photos here just to think that the pigeon in the middle is alive ~~

The pigeons flew in and out to add a lot of fun to the hall. In addition, they also met this uninvited guest. They didn't need to buy tickets, so they entered the room.

The Agra Fort, 15 kilometers away from the Taj Mahal, is considered to be one of the best places to view the Taj Mahal because the building is built of red sandstone, also known as the Red Fort, and keeps pace with the Red Fort in Delhi. This is the imperial city of the Mughal dynasty and the place where imprisoned monarchs were imprisoned.

Various funny squirrels ...

When I looked at the photos, I only thought that I like animals so much that I should go to places where there are many animals, so when I came back from India, I planned to go to Africa to see animals in August. Let me see one at a time!

The food in my palm was handed over by the locals. In return, I can freely give dozens of rupees as a tip.

Looking here, the Taj Mahal is in the distance. The haze was relatively large that day (of course it was incomparable with that of Beijing), and the view was not very good.

Not long after the prodigal king spent huge sums of money to build the Taj Mahal, he was usurped by his son and placed under house arrest. Every day he looked at the Taj Mahal to miss his dead wife. For a woman, it must be that the previous life saved the galaxy. Get so treated.

The best place to truly view the Taj Mahal, that is, the place where the king stopped to look far away, is actually a taller pavilion, but the pavilion is circled and tourists are not allowed to enter.

During the two days in Agra, we were all looking for a TUTU driver. I feel that this third brother is still quite reliable, punctual, honest, there are not so many bends around, no matter where I go We also talked to him about the shortness of the parents of the TUTU driver. He told us that he can earn more than 10,000 rupees a month, and it is enough to support their family of 4 for about 6,000 rupees.

Life in India is really cheap.

For Hannah, I refused at first.

It is a kind of herbal paint used to paint on the body. It is a very enjoyable thing to see a skilled painter draw. They do n’t need to copy, they have action in mind, just like the pastry chef squeezing cream on the birthday cake. It can be done in 5-10 minutes.

The painted Hannah needs to be extra careful within 2 hours. When it dries out, it will clump on the body, and when it is rolled down, it will leave a brown pattern on the skin, which can last for a week.

My companion drew one first, and I am purely following suit. An uncomplicated pattern like this costs only 50 rupees.

It needs to be reminded again that Indian goods, especially high-priced ones, are very expensive! I admire my little friend about the counter-offer. In the shop below, she harvested a very beautiful necklace, which was priced at 1,500 knives and finally sold for 200 knives.

We took the necklace and got on the TUTU car, the owner also chased it out and hoped to add another 15 knives, it seems that the price is still home.

We arrived in Delhi by train that night. What surprised me the most was that the subway cars in Delhi are more advanced than I have seen in any city in the country. We stayed in a hotel chain close to the airport. From the TUTU carriages in the streets, to luxury cars, subways, modern buildings ... just a few hours drive, it feels like a complete crossing.

Take an early flight from Delhi to Amritsar. When I changed my boarding pass, I was told that there were no seats next to each other. I could only go a few rows back and forth. As a result, the gap between these rows caused us not to be arranged at the same exit when we got off the plane. , I stood in this position silly for 20 minutes and watched all the passengers go away.

In the bustling old town of Amritsar, the Golden Temple is a pure land that exists like a god's mansion. He was the fourth Sikh master and was built in the 1960s.

Only about 2% of Indians believe in Sikhism, and most of them are concentrated in Punjab. On this short journey, this minority religion has won me a lot of favors, for several reasons: Sikhism opposes the caste system, advocates honesty, self-reliance, and sharing wealth with others, so no Sikh people can be seen Begging on the street is also because they are hardworking and sincere to pay and at the same time know how to unite with each other. Sikhs are rich in the wealthy class. Most Sikhs are well-dressed, warm and courteous, and my favorite is the white robe. Spotlessly spotless.

Most of the temples in India need to take off their shoes. Visiting the Golden Temple not only takes off their shoes, but also wraps their hair. This is strictly enforced. Because my shawl is too slippery, I often fall off when taking pictures People around remind, but they are very friendly.

The basic route to visit the Golden Temple is to walk around the lake. This lake is called Amrit Sarovar, which is the origin of the name Amritsar. In the center of the pool is the splendid temple. He is connected by an equally splendid promenade. It takes at least half an hour for the pilgrims and passengers who meet the master to line up from the shore and enter the temple through the promenade.

The lake is a marble paved walkway, if you are afraid of slippery or cold, you can also walk in the middle of the felt. Some Sikhs by the lake will set up POSE for taking pictures and even interact with you.

The Jade Liquid Pool is said to have healing power.

Therefore, many saints would soak themselves in the holy water like this, facing the direction of the temple.

Presumably for safety, they tied an iron chain on the shore, and then the chain went into the water. The father seemed to want to start with the baby and hug her daughter to complete the ceremony.

It's a pity that the big girl burst into tears when she fell into the water, and the kind father had to give up.

Communism is carried out in the Golden Temple (excited by the cows), this large dining hall is located at the southeast end, and both saints and ordinary tourists can eat free here. Not only that, the Golden Temple also provides free accommodation and special accommodations for foreign tourists. We have no field research. I heard that it is not really free. When leaving, each person will receive a donation of about 100 rupees per day, only 10 yuan RMB! It feels no different from free.

It is said that this communist canteen welcomes 60,000 to 80,000 people every day for meals and has a 24-hour continuous water seat! Due to the fast local dining time, we basically didn't have to line up when we went.

The two women who were just curious about tasting new things were afraid of wasting, and specifically asked Shaosheng to eat more. In fact, there is no limit to eating here, and you can add it after eating.

A friend who has been to the Golden Temple watched me post this photo and commented, "You really dare to eat"-that's prejudice! I accidentally found it delicious, especially the yellow one on the top-it was sweet, and I absolutely praised the sweets comers! In addition, I think that for so many people to eat, pancakes are really a huge project, which is much more troublesome than cooking.

A pile of tableware.

The women are picking vegetables.

There is also a yellow food supply that I mentioned just now on the lakeside trail, which is made like dim sum and is of course free.

The Golden Temple has two floors, combining marble and gem inlay art, and is extremely luxurious. The dome is made of 750 kg of gold and shines in the sun. We are queuing here curiously, but it is actually not clear what is inside. The crowd moved slowly forward, and we lined up for more than an hour.

In the inner room of the shrine, there are priests and musicians chanting the holy scriptures. Because I ate a free lunch, I made a proper donation. It is not allowed to take pictures or stay here, but you can visit freely when you leave the inner room, but there are many people. In order to make room for the people who line up in the back, we quickly left here after a little browsing.

in the line……

The performance by the trail is completely hilarious.

In the afternoon, we went to the India-Pakistan border to visit the flag-lowering ceremony, so we came out of the Golden Temple. We randomly found a restaurant with many families on the street to make up for lunch.

On the street outside the Golden Temple, I met a little brother who was soliciting tourists, and he fought for a few rounds, from 800 rupees to 550. The little brother finally agreed that this price would only pull us two. Let's get off. As a result ... passing into a residential building, he pointed us to a TUTU. Although it was shiny and new, it was indeed a TUTU!

The journey from the Golden Temple to the India-Pakistan border is not short. Although the younger brother has repeatedly guaranteed his TUTU is extremely safe, we still retreat without a hitch. It happened that the old jeep was parked next to the TUTU car. A deposit was paid. It is scheduled to depart at 2:30 and the price is 200 rupees per person.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, we returned to the appointed place. The car was there, but the driver was out of sight and boredly watching a kid flying a kite on the roof.

After 3 o'clock, the driver hadn't appeared yet. At this time, we began to have no idea. We decided to wait another 5 minutes before the driver came quickly to find another car. The driver finally arrived at about 3:10, and the driver finally arrived.

The flag lowering ceremony at the India-Pakistan border begins at 17:15 in summer and 16:15 in winter.

We are very nervous because of the driver ’s late arrival, because we have to walk about 20 minutes from the parking place to the ceremony venue. After three security checks in the middle, in addition to the passport (necessary) camera mobile phone wallet, children ’s shoes should not try to carry too much Items, especially the charging treasure and selfie stick, and bags of various sizes, I was seized at the first security check place and the charging treasure was returned. At that time, the return time was not allowed. I asked if the female soldier could put it here. When they came back to pick them up, they shook their heads hesitantly, but they still allowed me to leave the charging treasure there, and they were ready to discard them. However, when the ceremony was over, I came back and saw my charging treasure on the stool from afar! Thanks in my heart!

In 1947, the Mountbatten Plan divided Punjab into two different affiliations, India and Pakistan. For more than 50 years, the two brothers who loved and killed each other held a special meeting here for 30 minutes at the same time every day.

Rather than saying it was a solemn ceremony, it was more like a competitive game or an exaggerated stage play for an outsider who did not know the truth. Unlike the solemn domestic flag-raising ceremony, the scene of India-Pakistan flag-raising was full of noise, shouts, and laughter.

It is said that the best way to watch the lowering of the flag on the India-Pakistan border is within Pakistan, where the audience is relatively small, the security check is loose, and the VIP seats for foreigners are opened after the leader-very close to the national gate. Although special seats for foreigners are also arranged on the Indian side, the angle is far from the ideal on the Pakistan side, and because we go late, we can only be crowded among the crowd. Even more unlucky is that the people around me suddenly vomited at the beginning of the ceremony, making it impossible for me to concentrate on watching, which is very regrettable.

However, it is precisely because there are more viewers in India than in Pakistan, and the shouting clearly overwhelms the other side, so you can feel the joyous atmosphere of the scene more deeply when watching.

In the evening, we visited the Golden Temple again. The flow of people here did not decrease compared with that during the day. We walked around the lake according to the route during the day and visited the surrounding temples. In addition to the walking path by the lake, other places are generally not allowed to take pictures.

I can't hold back any words of beauty, just want to vomit my lazy habits of traveling without tripods.

Is it like a pancake when I walk out of the roadside stall I saw in the Golden Temple? I'm so hungry when I write here ...

On the last morning of the trip, I flew back to Delhi, leaving all the time to the flask. In order to easily go into battle, I threw the camera at the hotel without taking a picture.

The subway transportation in Delhi is very convenient. We only picked one place to concentrate on sweeping, that is, Connaught Place. This is a circular shopping center, with a garden in the middle and surrounded by shops. The radial streets continue to be explored.

Local young people come here more often, and their consumption is close to the level of China's first-tier cities. We ate Indian food for ten days. We originally wanted to go to KFC to adjust our tastes. As a result, we turned in the wrong direction and casually entered a hamburger restaurant. The taste is average. Each person ordered a burger and a drink, and the per capita consumption was about 40 yuan. Its price / performance ratio is not the same as that in other parts of India.

Among the many specialty stores in the square, I feel that the price advantage is more obvious: French crocodile, LEVIS, TOMMY, and several petty bourgeois stores in India are also very good. There is a forgotten name on the side of the square, similar to no The way in which Yinliang operates, with clothing and household items sold at the same time, is worth killing a lot of time.

The plane returning to China came after 3 am. Fortunately, I accidentally bought the business class by mistake, otherwise it was quite tormenting, and India has always been known for its crowds, which can also be reflected in the airport at midnight. The time to get on the plane is basically just enough to queue up. There is very little time left for duty-free shops. Fortunately, you can take a special passage.

Darjeeling black tea, Himalayan (more famous at the time) skin care products, essential oils, refrigerator stickers, coffee beans, music CDs (background in this article), etc. were bought at the airport.


This is the first time I wrote a travelogue, because of work, time schedule, lazy personality ... (10,000 excuses are omitted here) and so on. Insufficient writing experience makes you bothered to watch.

My worst thing is the photos in the travel notes. Due to the retouching at different times and the use of different devices (including mobile phones), the colors and styles are very different, and the quality is quite rough. Ashamed.

Everything is done in a hurry ... If you think of something in the future, you may continue to add it. Friends who are making plans in India, welcome to ask questions. I also made a lot of brothers and sisters who visited India at the same time on WeChat because of this itinerary. I can't answer questions that I can consult.

After I sent the last photo of India, someone left a message. Do you think India is dirty or not? I think travel is a person's creation, there is no real pure land in the world, everything depends on your circumstances and inner thoughts. I really feel that India is a grounded place, and I will definitely visit again in the future.

Looking through the travel photos in recent years, I found that the animals with the highest exposure rate are animals, pigeons, squirrels, monkeys, swans, stray dogs and stray cats ... So on the next trip, I decided to follow my heart.

See you in East Africa in August!

At the end of the postscript: Seeing people say that they will not show their faces during the whole journey, then secretly expose a picture, not willing to show their faces because it was too fat during the Spring Festival


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