People need to be brave and impulsive, my first Malay memory

Traveling abroad for the first time in life ...

This is my first trip abroad, and the first time I take a plane, the first time I travel alone by myself ....

I have graduated for 5 years. During my studies, I had a wish to travel once a year after graduation

But this wish will only be realized after 5 years ...

In the summer vacation of 2014, I already had the idea of ​​going to Sabah to play. At that time, the hotel added air tickets to 2000+, but because of the incident of two Chinese girls who were hijacked in Sabah, I gave up this idea ...

The Malaysian trip that contributed to my success was because of a friend who is Malaysian. We met in October 2014. It was really late to meet him, hahaha. . . We talked for half a year and had a great time ... I heard that I was planning to travel to Malaysia and I must find him to play ...

I have known each other for 1 month, and just happened to be at the end of AirAsia ’s year-end, and grabbed the air ticket ..... I set the itinerary for the Dragon Boat Festival .... I boldly planned an idea to travel .

Day0: Dongguan-Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur

Day1: Kuala Lumpur-Penang-Malacca

Day2: Malacca

Day3: Malacca

Day4: Malacca-Kuala Lumpur

Day5: Kuala Lumpur-Genting Highlands

Day6: Genting Highlands-Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong-Dongguan

Since I thought that the airport in China would often be delayed, I chose to go to Hong Kong by air ...

The day before the Dragon Boat Festival on June 19th, because it is Friday, and it is still on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, I still have to go to work. The company does not give leave, so I told my colleagues to go by car two or three hours early ...

I brought 1000 RMB in cash all over my body and the road, 1000 RMB on the bank card, and then just bring a credit card ...

It takes a long time to cross the border from the Shenzhen Bay Port by car.

When I booked the plane ticket, I found that AirAsia ’s planes should not be booked back and forth, but should be booked separately, so that it will be cheaper. My first flight is from Hong Kong International Airport Terminal T2 to Kuala Lumpur International Airport Klia2 Terminal .... RMB 916.22, including 20Kg of checked baggage ...

Let me talk about my feeling of flying for the first time. I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 7:10 in the evening. As soon as I entered the Hong Kong Airport, it was terrible. The time was almost coming. I was asked to find the Check in port of P. How? Didn't see P's mouth? I only saw ABCDEFGH, but there was no P ... until I remembered, when I was doing the strategy at home, I seemed to say that there are two terminals in Hong Kong International Airport, and then I saw this T2 terminal.

Wow, the feeling of walking to the T2 terminal really feels a bit more and more remote, I still wonder if it is the wrong way ...

I'm really embarrassed. For the first time on a plane, I am not used to saying that I have to take a picture. The detailed guide will trouble you Baidu ...

Checked baggage, bought 20KG of luggage, only used 13kg of inventory, and asked me why I have such a heavy luggage when I travel for a few days. In fact, I do n’t know, I do n’t know why I pack more and more ... .. I feel that everything is absolutely necessary ....

I'm leaving! ! !

Because the plane was delayed, the delay was half an hour. The original plane was 9:05. Our take-off time was 9:30. . The first time I came by plane was very ignorant, I feel so many people

In the end, I want to read books, which are all gray. . . . Scared to death

The captain was still afraid when he was about to take off. He felt that there was no one talking in the whole plane, and it was very quiet ... I found out after arriving in the air that it didn't seem to feel anything, but it seemed a bit light. It feels really sour ...

I met three Hong Kong boys on the plane, kk, Doudou, Andy, three very noisy boys, haha, really talkative boys ... kk is not sure how many times he flew to Kuala Lumpur , But this is the second time this year, super powerful. Then Doudou, do n’t look at what people call Doudou, he is not a small Doudou, a Doudou, and is also a super-large Doudou, who followed kk to Malaysia for the first time. Then Andy, he was flying from Hong Kong to Sri Lanka, connecting in Kuala Lumpur .... A person who traveled to Sri Lanka alone for 7 days, a real backpacker ...

Some netizens said that at the Kuala Lumpur Airport Customs, they will check whether there is a foreign currency with an equivalent amount of 2,000 RMB. If there is no foreign currency, they cannot enter the customs, but no one checks when I pass the customs.

Since I arrived at 1 am, it was not enough for the next flight Check-in for 5 hours, so I spent the night at the airport because I had to fly to Penang the next morning. I did n’t plan to sleep in the mini-bin of the airport and sleep directly on the airport seat, but since I had to buy a calling card to contact my friends in Malaysia and then find a place to sleep, when I came back, there was no good place to sleep. I slept on the protruding seat .... I woke up once in half an hour, and I slept for 2 hours in a row. After waking up, I really got a headache ...

Malaysian calling card: My friend said that the best is Maxis and DIGI. I bought the calling card at Hotlink on the arrival floor of KL Airport. As long as you finish customs and take your luggage, you will definitely see it ... it feels like it is open overnight , I arrived at about 12:30 in the morning, I should have bought a calling card at 1:30.

The salesman there asked me whether to call more or surf the Internet more. I said that I surfed the Internet a lot, and then he chose a 7-day unlimited Internet calling card for me. It required 48Rm to provide passport registration. After the card was opened, the phone card was left. Under 5RM, in fact, if you are in Malaysia for two weeks, make a 10-minute phone call back to China every day, this 5RM can still be used up ...

These photos are all taken at 6 o'clock in the morning at 7 o'clock in the morning when waiting for takeoff ... It is really beautiful. Malaysia is only after 7 o'clock at sunrise, and it is still dark at 6 o'clock ...

I found that there are overwhelming oppo advertisements in Malaysia, but our Dongguan is the headquarters of BBK. I also see oppo at home, and I also want to see oppo when I go abroad. This feels really strange ...

After arriving in Penang, I waited for the bus outside the airport and just started to wait. The sky was gray and it was going to rain ... it just came out after the rain and it was very big ..... the whole body was wet Off

This is the bus ticket from Penang International Airport to Everbright, 2.7RM, the driving master has two jobs and is also a ticket seller.

Penang Bus Terminal

Red Garden

Thai Hostel

Taxi in Penang

An islamic church on the way

Take the Penang CAT bus to pass Everbright

The Former Residence of Zhang Bishi (The Blue Monsion)

Admission ticket: 17RM

This is Zhang Bishi's profile

Although it is 16RM printed on paper, but since April 1, 2015, all Malaysian consumption tax will start on April 1.

So all the prices are increased, so it is 16.95RM, but if the 0.05RM cannot be found, I will charge 17RM directly

Celebration Food in George Town, Penang

The round building in the distance is the legendary light

This is the Penang Chocolate Museum

When walking, I saw a few cute beetle cars, which are my favorite cars, but these are all broken, only the black one is good.

As I was really tired, I did n’t sleep much all night. I just started to get dark, so I went to the place where I bought the ticket in the morning and took a rest to wait for the car ... I bought a car from Penang to Malacca at 11pm and should arrive It was just 6am in Malacca and I just asked my friend to pick me up, but Andi asked me to get in the car at 8:30.

Tickets, departure to Malacca

After arriving in Malacca, I slept in the lobby of the hotel for two hours due to the hotel room and language barrier. Later, I was helped by a Chinese Andi to check in the hotel, because the hotel did not reserve a room for me to check in early , And even the staff were all Indians. I had to sleep in the room even after I stayed in the room. It took a few hours to clean up and take a bath. I was exhausted .... My friend came to see me after I went to church ...

Now go to Jonker Street for breakfast

Our breakfast is very flavorful, this is durian crystal core

Coconut milk laksa

Nyonya Laksa, super delicious, my favorite taste

I went to the movies and horror movies in the afternoon

After watching the movie, because it ’s Father ’s Day, I also forgot it ’s Father ’s Day, and the departure date has been set before the new year, so I ca n’t celebrate with my dad .. Make sure you have something to pay attention to when you go to his house ...

Before going to my friend, I told him to buy a gift for my friend's father, so he asked me to take me to buy a bottle of wine and give it to my friend's father.

The Malaysian ’s house is very beautiful. My friend ’s house is a row house. I did n’t dare to be too presumptuous when I went to the house for the first time, so I did n’t take a picture, but it was really beautiful.

Since my friend ’s work relationship on the third day was not free, take me to play. When I get off work in the afternoon, take me directly to play. Today I will go shopping. Anyway, the hotel is near Jonker Street, and all the attractions are close ...

Start po picture

Come to an ugly picture, don't spray me

It ’s too hot. I ’m too hot to go back to the hotel. On the way, I saw the red dragon fruit cheese (in fact, red dragon fruit ice cream) that I saw, which was super delicious.

Back to the hotel to rest

Start writing postcards

This is my favorite postcard

My friend came directly to the hotel after work in the afternoon to find me, and took me to eat satay. In China, satay is usually used to grill and marinate satay beef, but Malaysian satay can do anything. Hot pot bottom ... but the most peculiar way of eating is to eat bread with satay sauce, this is very strange, but it is delicious, hahaha

There is also a cup of drink, called herbal tea, but it is sweet, and it is not the kind of herbal tea in my mind like Guangdong. My friend explained to me that this is made from the seeds of a certain plant in satay sauce, but I can't explain what plant seeds ...

The only coffee shop on the second floor in Malacca is the second floor coffee.

The one on the left is my friend Jeff, and the one on the right is Jeff's friend Nicole. I feel as if they are a couple, threesome, I feel very strongly that I am a very large Philip bulb.

They are both professional lighting masters and one model and photographer

The streets in Malaysia are very clean and beautiful, and there are no cars at night, but many motorcycles and motorcycles will feel very comfortable walking on the road

The fourth day is about to leave Kuala Lumpur. I have to get up early to get to Malacca Central Station by car to Kuala Lumpur.

Only two and a half hours drive, only 10RM is needed, in China 20RMB can only go to the next town

Because I did n’t do the Kuala Lumpur strategy, I took the bus from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur and thought it was directly to KL SENTRAL. Who knows that it is directly to the TBS station, there are three tracks out of the city. Train KTM Komute, I inquired how to go to the hotel when I booked the hotel. I went to Rawang, and I bought it to Rawang. Later, I found it almost until Rawang. After I arrived at KLCC, I switched to LRT to Pasar seni (Bangchang Street) I was sitting wrong and wasted a lot of my time.

The train in Kuala Lumpur has only ladies' carriages, which is really great

Kuala Lumpur Old Railway Station

After arriving in Pasar seni, I made a few laps to find the hotel, and found that all of them were foreigners ... all came from backpackers.

The only meal I have today, Hainanese Chicken Rice, is awesome. I have fallen in love with this taste since I ate it in Penang for the first time. In China, I told my cousin that she was going to Malaysia and she said she also Want to go again, she misses Malaysian Hainan Chicken Rice! ! At the time, I thought it was so delicious, but I did n’t know it until after it was eaten. It was really so delicious.

After dinner, I took the LRT and went to see the legendary Petronas Twin Towers. I was so nervous. Jeff said not to go out at night. It ’s very dangerous. I actually went out for the first time at night. I was really a little scared. People (Malays, Indians) captured! ! ! Hahaha! ! ! !

Across the road, looking up at the second twin towers, it ’s beautiful

This is my suitcase, a lot of chocolate.

I checked out early on the fifth morning and went to Kuala Lumpur Central Station to buy tickets for Genting. .

After I arrived, I asked the station staff. They told me where to buy the ticket, because I really do n’t speak English. I saw the Chinese husband in front of me who also went to Genting. I asked him if he could help me buy it. , I do n’t speak English, he bought it for me ...

After I bought the ticket, I didn't know where to take the car. When I got out of the elevator, I met my husband again. I told him, can I follow you to Genting! ! ! He said yes! ! I immediately followed him, and the people in Malaysia are really good.

Started up the mountain

Hurry up to the mountain, the cloud and the fog scare the dead, can see such a low! ! !

This is the first international hotel I booked

That room is really, too far. From the elevator to the door of the room, it takes 5 minutes. Is it so far?

The first time I went to the casino in my life, the casino could n’t take pictures, so I did n’t take pictures ...

Casino, play size, lose 100RM! ! ! Heartache is dead! !

I said before I went, I took out 100RMB to play, and won when I won, and lost when I lost. Who knows, the minimum is 30RM, so I can only take 200RMB to play with 100RM ...

Later, I found out that there is a playground, or the playground game is suitable for me to play ....

The panoramic model of Genting Highlands is really amazing, it is possible to build these buildings on a mountain

My midnight snack, Penang Shrimp Noodle

I want to say that take the cable car down the mountain to go home, who knows that the cable car is just in repair, next time you should pay attention to whether it is repaired! ! !

It ’s cold on Genting. After coming down from Genting, my god, it ’s hot.

Arrive at the airport early, after Check-in, and after checking in the baggage, immediately go for a lunch, white coffee + white curry noodles. ! ! !

After getting on the plane, I found all the LINE dolls, super cute! ! !

The sunrise can be seen in Malaysia on the first day, and the sunset can also be seen on the last day, really no regrets in this life! ! ! It's so beautiful

I came home at 11pm and opened the suitcase, I was embarrassed, so much chocolate

In fact, so many of my chocolates are sold in China, and here I earn half a return ticket ...

Although I was traveling for the first time, I was really happy. If there is another time, I will really play Malaysia again! ! !


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