"Thai" Fun in Pattaya, Bangkok

On April 09, 2016, I booked this travelogue with myself, when I said:

May 30-June 8,

I plan to go to Thailand.

Before leaving, I typed these words:

Bangkok Pattaya

We did not apply for a visa in advance because of time. Fortunately, we only queued up for an hour, which is far less than our estimated 3 hours. Very lucky! Thailand is to sign a valid passport and air ticket directly on the ground. Longman Airport is a smaller airport in Bangkok. There are not many people queuing, but you also need to hurry. You can fill out the visa registration form online in advance and prepare 4.5cmx3 Two .5cm photos are better.

Please bring 20,000 baht for each family when you enter the country. It will be spot-checked. The fee for landing sign is 1,000 baht per person.

With a simple guide, we boarded the flight to Bangkok Longman Airport, flight XJ761 (6: 50-10: 50), this flight is a cheap flight without free checked baggage, please note! The two people return to 4198RMB, pay attention to Thailand to buy things will definitely be checked, two boxes 3600 baht (21 and 24 inches, mainly depends on the weight within 7kg).

too expensive! ! ! The following suggestions are given here, no matter how early the flight is, do not go to the airport to sleep and wait for the plane, thinking that it is super uncomfortable to have a chair to sleep. by the way is not a good experience!

Get off the plane and change the Happy Card you bought in advance (60RMB7 days unlimited traffic 90 minutes for domestic calls, after the first 1.5g4g network speed is exceeded, it becomes 2g network speed) iphone will automatically adjust the time local time 1 hour faster than Beijing time.

Then take the airport bus A1 for 30 baht for the whole journey, take the Ekkamai station (BTS light rail station) and cross the overpass to the bus stop. Buy a ticket to Pattaya and drive for 2 hours. The fare is 124 baht. Went there, the final destination was Jomtien Beach, The Now hotel, arrived at North Pattaya Bus Station, it is best to remember English, everywhere in English and Thai people will be simple English.

At first, it was difficult for me to open a complex of Chinese people who were afraid of being fooled. They asked me carefully how to go to the Jomtien Beach, but then they very enthusiastically told me that the double car can only reach half, and the other half will arrive before turning Let me pay 100 baht. I want to say that if this is a pit, it ’s the only way to get on the bus and ask for directions. After we got on the double car, the final terminal was downtown Pattaya. From the other double car at the bottom of the city, we departed to "Jomtien Beach". I believe it was so simple. We got out of the box and the driver arrived. Under the guidance, I got on another double car. This time it was 20 baht cheaper. At this time, I realized that there are many bells on the double car. When you want to get off, press the bell and the driver will stop naturally. Pay attention to the parking on the left side of Thailand, so the car also needs to pay attention) and then get off and pay 20 baht as cheap as a tip.

As cheap as the double car is the enthusiasm on the double car. After we got on the car, we said hello for each person who came up, and began to ask for directions. There are many Europeans and Americans who settle in simple English to make communication more communication Simple, (do not rule out that there are some very rude European and American people, can not stay in the country and find a more indulgent place to get away with people) Jomtien Beach hotels are built on the coastline, two cars drive in the end, when When we asked The Now Hotel, a sir said that he would tell me that he knew this place. Another old gentleman, an old man from California, settled here, probably because he had been a teacher and tolerated me very oyster-like I chatted with me in English and talked about life in terms of local traffic. It was very comfortable. Then we arrived at The Now Hotel without knowing it. It looks a bit old but the interior feels very much. I like it very much. The service also says Great hot weather comes first to give you two cold drinks of course Free!

The photo was taken in the afternoon, we walked along the road to an alley, digging along the alley, found such a small shop, several Danes at the door chatted in Danish, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. It was only later that I learned about the three people chatting, and one of them is the owner of this small shop, who can also be a casual owner in Pattaya. Enjoy life while enjoying life, slowly slow down the afternoon ...

No matter where you go, you basically take a double car along the seaside road. Getting off at 20 baht is convenient and cheap, very civilian, there is no high amount of consumption in domestic scenic spots, and I am always worried about being slaughtered here unless I can go to a pornographic place and the hawkers will rarely be slaughtered. The night market in Pattaya is also hate gorgeous. In the evening, do n’t have a feast in the car bar. Various stalls are also displayed. A stroll around and a drink can be done at will!

Some very unexpected things will happen on the double car. Two Middle Eastern people boarded the car to say hello to us, saying that you wash wow, haha ​​help us as Japanese, let us chat with each other, very easy-going atmosphere where everyone is here to play Will be extremely easy going. Different skin tones and different cultures are the charm of Pattaya. . . . .

Pattaya's famous rooftop sky swimming pool, although not as large and luxurious as Singapore, each one of the 23-27th floor won in quantity. Picturesque can overlook the panoramic view of Pattaya beach and the entire Pattaya city area, net view ... Very comfortable with American music, enjoy American life, feel in Pattaya paradise.

In the evening, we went to see the Tiffany Shemale Show, and the scene was also very shocking, because we couldn't take pictures because we didn't take pictures. It is recommended to go to see it, the effect and performance are very shocking, very interesting performance, the price is not more than 200 yuan a ticket.

Open-air swimming pool on the top floor

Some of the experiences in Pattaya were particularly memorable. I rented a motorcycle for 300 baht, but was fined 1,800 baht by the Thai police. This is very memorable. In order to resist the arrest, I fled a few alleys on a motorcycle, but was still caught ha ha ha ha, this is even more memorable. The deliberate fines of the majority of police in Thailand are not high wages. This deliberate fine has become the gray income of most policemen. Every place can only be said!

This hotel is accurately booked by the inn on the airbnb. The room is indeed very good. The size of the hotel is estimated to be hundreds of animal specimens. The large leaf plants are like the original forest. Located in a relatively inconspicuous alley, Thailand ca n’t forcibly demolish many alleys and many old houses, all of which are inherently endowed by the people on the land! In such a hotel, the breakfast alone is so stressful that it made me take a lot of pictures involuntarily, with the slow music, I feel like a royal treatment. . . England. . Petty bourgeoisie. .

With regard to buying, buying and buying these things, everyone will recommend a good shopping place in Thailand, Chatuchak Weekend Market (second-hand market, the second largest in Asia) Dynasty Duty Free Shop (not recommended to buy food that is not expensive outside, seven-11 (very What a cheap snack, many in Thailand)

Thailand's dynasty duty-free shops are basically Chinese. Of course, most of Korea, Japan and China buy and buy Chinese, so Chinese is the common language and RMB is also common.


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