7-Day Phuket, Sun, Beach, Seafood

Thinking about the topic for a long time

See you first—I love you: Dancing low in the heart of Yangliulou, singing the fan-style wind

Goodbye-melancholy: Tonight is a photo of Yin Zhi, fearing to meet is a dream

This can be said to be a trip to go, and my college buddy. No plan, just watch while walking, even lying on the beach in Phuket for seven days.

On the morning of July 13th, I departed from Beijing South Railway Station and went straight to Nanjing. My friend arranged a five-star hotel directly. The next day I transferred in Guangzhou, China Southern arranged a hotel and flew to Phuket in the morning and evening.

Jinling night scene, how many sister papers will be wet tonight at the Jinling Hotel opposite, stranger, please give me a Lanzhou.

At night I went to the airport to meet the younger brother in the hotel lobby. I was envious of him traveling alone. He flew from Bali and transferred in Guangzhou. After spending 18 hours in the hotel, I expressed sympathy for his experience. By the way, he said that the service of China Southern Airlines was good. I said: What bicycle do you want?

At Baiyun International Airport in the early morning, we have not set out yet, but each of them came back with a story ...

This time, the wine was ordered by friends. It was more than 2 am to arrive at the airport, and it took more than an hour from the airport to our hotel. Check in the Sugar Marina Resort SURF.

Don't talk to me anymore, I'm so sleepy now, I have an appointment with a buddy to wake up naturally tomorrow, let's fuck the beach bikini! good night

The sunlight in Phuket sprinkled on the white quilt through the big window, and my belly told me: it's time to get up! Eat at the restaurant downstairs at 10:30 in the morning and go to the beach!

KATA Beach, one of the three favorite beaches in Phuket, is quiet and few people. Padang is cooking dumplings! Karon is not as good as kata, and the beach is clean!

Well, stories often happen at this time ...

I met two friends from Beijing on the beach, and the DSLR in my hand was already hungry and unbearable! Let's not talk about it ...

Do n’t forget to buy a cup of freshly squeezed shake on the way to the beach

Meimei's photo was taken, and it was too much without WeChat. In the evening, they said they would go to a bar to drink, and invited us to go together. I didn't like the restless bar in my life. It happened to be late, and I said goodbye in a hurry.

The next day my friend wanted to eat seafood, so we went to Padang, the place where there are many ladyboys!

I went to the market in the morning, bought dried fruits, and ate super cheap DQ. I plan to visit Patong Beach at dusk and come back to eat seafood at night!

MD, the sun sets so slowly. By the way, the reason why we are waiting for the sunset in Padang is because kata ca n’t see the sunset. This is also the biggest regret of kata.

The street of the bar quickly evacuated while there was no one on board.

Banzann seafood market, buy on the first floor, do on the second floor, different bosses, seafood is cheap, you can bargain! Of course, you can go to Rawai Seafood Market if you have time.

I ’m always not interested in going out to sea, but I ’m a little scared, because I ca n’t swim and I ca n’t swim. The taxi driver in Nanjing jokes!

Driver: How old are you?

Me: 26

Driver: Ha ha

I: . . .

Regarding going to sea, I recommend seaStar. Taobao sells it and has Chinese-speaking guides. Although it is expensive, the service is ok. They have many products.

The brave boys must have been sitting on the bow of the ship. Isn't the thrill of going up and down the experience of those behind you? !

Well, if you really want to sit in front, you must get sunscreen, do n’t say much

About 70% of the tourists who go to sea can't swim, and they love the rope!

Distressed cushion!

The colorful aunts of PP Island, how people live all their lives, depends on how you choose.

Goodbye, Captain! By the way, your floral pants and tops are not very good. what? Oh, it turned out to be work clothes

Because he was sunburned in the sea, he stayed near KATA for the next two days to eat, drink, and buy. . .


The two sides had a friendly match, I'm so white!

The night market downstairs, you can buy food and play very cheap, but not open every day.

Last day, the two friends from Beijing said that they took a photo shoot at Karon Beach. They had n’t been to this beach. The buddies and the sister paper at the front desk wanted to buy something. Learn photography techniques.

The two girls also brought two sets of clothes. Unfortunately, I only had to talk to the Thai buddies on the side, and missed the wonderful scene.

Thai brother: where have you been these days?

我:En...so many... Kata beanch 、Patong beach .....

Thai little brother: Karon beach

Me: yep, and Er ..... Airport (I ca n’t think of it)

The little brother of Thailand is threatened: and Seven Eleven?

我: haha ,yeah

Taking advantage of their photo shoot, I met a sister paper from Guangzhou in Karen. I held the SLR camera in one hand and walked bravely. . . .

Sister paper looks sweet and quiet, which is my favorite type. . .

You are not a female student without a story

After traveling for about seven days, I also returned to this busy city with my own story. When I woke up, I rubbed my eyes.


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