Golden Week lurks in Vietnam

As the first free travel abroad, I have to say that I am really a big-hearted existence. Although when I said that I only spent one night booking air tickets and one night discussing hotels, I was deeply despised by her companions (she did make a lot of efforts behind the scenes silently, various comparison and screening, so finally presented I was given elite options, I naturally just have to take charge of nodding, of course, this is what I later learned hahaha), but still decided to combine the experience of walking down smoothly, and seriously write a semi-strategy Travels.

Put a few pictures first.

Warm, beautiful, quiet and passionate. Although the level of economic development is not as good as that of our Greater China, it is civilized and has reservations.

Whether it is a taxi driver, a restaurant waiter, or even a roadside hawker, let alone a hotel waiter, they are very sincere and enthusiastic.

There are fewer people and better air, and driving is also slow; the city is almost not big, and the town can be measured with footsteps. A cup of coffee or a cup of passion fruit juice can enjoy the whole afternoon.

The sunrise is early and the sunset is early; there are many good food and the price is still low! It's full of leisure and pleasure.

The first is of course to find Ma Yunshu to solve his visa problem, plus the whole process of mailing takes about a week, ¥ 380;

Secondly, I hurriedly bought a round-trip air ticket from Shenzhen to Ho Chi Minh. During the special period of National Day Golden Week, HK and Guangzhou did not fly much cheaper. It is of course convenient and pleasant to fly from Shenzhen. However, the air ticket has become the biggest expense of this trip, ¥ 3800;

Furthermore, the currency exchange. Although the RMB is directly exchanged against the Vietnamese Dong as soon as it comes out of Johor Bahru Airport, the exchange rate is not ideal, so we still exchanged some US dollars first, and the pocket money was still brought. A little souvenirs are still left, and Johor Bahru Airport is not responsible for the exchange of Vietnamese Dong to RMB. We are not locals and we squandered a little at the airport duty-free shop. Although the exchange rate at PS Airport is not so ideal, it is already ideal! What to exchange money is still solved in Ho Chi Minh, it can be at the airport or in the central area or Fan Wu Old Street, it is very convenient, the exchange rate of other cities is huh.

There is also a communication problem. The row that comes out of the airport is really expensive. We bought a mobifone SIM card at a small grocery store in Fanwu Old Street. The time limit is one month, hundreds of minutes of talk time, unlimited 3G Traffic (3G in Vietnam is better than 4G in China), VND 130 thousand, so happy to fly.

Finally, there is some piecemeal preparation. It is still necessary to buy Merrill ’s insurance of ¥ 75. On the return trip, you can see that there are injuries caused by Sao Nian riding a motorcycle. You can afford Vietnam ’s moto. Ha Haha; there is some useful apps for mobile phone down.

The climate of the four cities in this trip is divided into three types. Ho Chi Minh is hot and humid, like Shenzhen, Da Lat is a cool autumn mountain town, and there are two warm coastal cities.

Well, by the sea, you can either throw away a big red dress or take some refreshing photos, such as me hahaha.

Da Lat is a very literary city, and it is also relatively cold. On rainy days around 20 degrees Celsius, tourists who wear singles on the road are tourists, and locals who wear coats, turtleneck sweaters, woolen hats, and large scarves are also afraid of the cold My imagination.

Also in the sea, Nha Trang's modern atmosphere is more than Mui Ne, just wear it casually. However, Nha Trang also has landscapes such as the ancient Cham Towers and the Cathedral, and large long skirts are standard.

As for Ho Chi Minh, just eat it, it does n’t matter what you wear!

Simply remember a few delicious restaurants!


A must-try in Vietnam! The first time I ate it was double beef mixed powder! In a conspicuous location on the corner of Fan Wu Old Street, it is said that the main ring of Fan Wu Old Street should be this one, which is purely passing by. In the face of a lot of spices, the little brother of Myanmar at the same table introduced the correct eating method of pho in both Chinese and English.

Vietnamese chili is very positive! It was spicy and spicy, without saltiness. Later, I ate chicken pho ~ 青 橘 任 加 at a roadside stall next to the Central Post Office.

passion fruit!

I have eaten a few times in the country, but I do n’t feel it. However, Vietnam ’s passion fruit is really enthusiastic and explodes. It is filled with the sourness and uniqueness of tropical fruits. It is almost a must-have drink every day. ! If your hotel has a buffet breakfast, remember to add a few passion fruits to the passion fruit juice, it's really delicious! ! !


The taste is very heavy, although it is very famous and delicious, but this time it directly destroyed the entire face, and the inside and outside of the face must be burned by the enthusiasm of BBQ!

We also chose a restaurant with excellent ratings near Cham Towers, Lac Canh, and a Chinese name called Jingtian, which is famous for roast beef. After I tried it, I learned that grilled eel is even more delicious! The portion is very large, and there are also many locals having dinner here, the taste is really good!

Yueshi cuisine

Nha Trang tried a few of them very well. Nha Hang Yen's was almost occupied by the Chinese. On the first day, the number was too long. We had to give up. When we left on the third day, we tried to try our luck. It was really great!

Lanterns Vietnamese, the rankings of the major food lists are also very high. A few signature dishes are weighed. The curry is a bit light, but the signature casserole still has some flavor!

kirin, because it is downstairs in the hotel, the score is also good, eat it. The serving speed is extremely slow! ! ! The seafood is divided into steaming and roasting. The ingredients and seasoning are still good, but if you have no choice but to choose roasting! The portion is relatively small, the seafood noodles are delicious!

The most famous in Vietnam is the drip coffee ~~~ I tried three kinds in this trip, the hotel's regular drip, nice! The rum drip from Da Lat French Manor, my God, it tastes a bit heavy and can't bear it! Special No.1 of Trung Nguyen Coffee from Zhongyuan Coffee is super strong and has a mellow taste, but the entire esophagus feels like shochu!

Of course, this is not addictive. The G7 in the Central Plains has always been my beloved. It happened that the last group of friends helped bring it out. I just carried a bunch of people and came back to drink slowly. There are regular 3in1, and Some other seasoned, if not too heavy, each taste must come a little! ! ! The companions don't understand, I like the taste of G7 instant creamy creamer hahaha!

what's more, in the famous Yongyi coffee, I also bought a drip pot and some coffee powder, to prepare for forced use, in fact, in the past two days, I have been drinking coffee to stop.

Baguette is a food that the companion wants to miss. On day1, we found a family to eat in Saigon. It was super hard to eat / goodbye;

Later, I met once in a coffee shop. Although the bread was made soft, it was not delicious / bye;

If it ’s not the companion ’s obsession, we may just give up like this. The food club recommended a local Ho Chi Minh baguette. The old alleys that can be walked to in Fanwu Old Street and the central area are also very local. The baguette is really delicious! ! ! Beef puree! ! ! Meet the crazy little green pepper! ! ! Really delicious to cry! ! ! banh mi ~~ Business hours start at 4 pm~~~


I know it ’s a bit weird to go to Vietnam to eat Italian food, but this one is also recommended with tears. It is also ranked very high on the app. Carrot soup is also a conscience. I am not a carrot eater! Ciao Bella, right next to Zhongyuan Coffee next to Saigon Theater ~

We stayed at four points on this trip. Originally thinking about Ho Chi Minh, I stayed overnight and found a homestay in Fanwu Old Street. As a result, I felt that the bath was not cleaned. A new life was not opened until I went to Mui Ne.

Since it is a resort-style play, it is still necessary to live! ! ! ! This line in sum does not exceed ¥ 1k, it is more cost-effective.

Ho Chi Minh ’s house, I must vomit it. On the platform is Ailen Garden, a well-reviewed homestay, but we paid! ! ! Arrived at the hotel and told us that there is no room! ! ! Throw me to a homestay that is said to be of the same level! ! ! Well, the appearance looks similar! ! ! But what the hell are cockroaches in the bathroom! ! ! You can't feel relieved by showering! ! ! Didn't sleep well after taking a bath! ! ! User experience negative star! ! !

Nha Trang, Liberty Central, side sea view room, invincible golden location, is the center of the entire central area of ​​Nha Trang, just opposite the new coffee, the environment is not bad, the buffet breakfast can also be free to eat passion fruit hahaha. The shortcoming is that it may be a problem of high-level water pressure. The bath water at night is too hot, and the adjusted temperature becomes hot again. I feel that the supply of cold water is not enough. However, the overall cost performance is still very high, after all, the price of the frontal sea view room on the coastline doubled!

However, when you arrive in Mui Ne, you instantly feel like you are in paradise. Ocean Vista, the sea-view community with the best sea view, suite-style design, pseudo-infinity sea-view swimming pool, and its own private beach. ¥ 400, including buffet breakfast, I love passion fruit.

In order to match the cultural atmosphere of Da Lat, we chose a homestay, which is quite high, and it is indeed hot. Hoang Loc Villa Hotel, the Chinese name is "huanglu". A very comfortable one, whether it's the hotel itself or passers-by. Some commented that the location is off. I think it ’s okay. Anyway, it ’s within the Second Ring Road. Da Lat is so small in total. You can walk around!

The sleeping bus on the last day was uncomfortable ... and do n’t believe that the sleeping bus in the travel notes is very clean. Remember to bring socks and wrap your feet. In the early morning, I arrived in Saigon to find an hourly room to clean up myself. After a long day, I can eat and drink happily ~

The air ticket booked is from Shenzhen to Ho Chi Minh. I personally feel that the time is very nice. I depart from Shenzhen at more than 5:00 in the afternoon of 930 and return from Ho Chi Minh at 8:30 in the evening of 1007. The flight of China Southern Airlines is convenient enough.

The new coffee shuttle was ordered between the four cities in Vietnam, and it was directly arranged at Ho Chi Minh ’s point. I have seen some travel notes that the new coffee is not enough. The other bus is good. What kind of thing is it? In fact, I think the bus is almost the same. The bus in Vietnam is also slow enough. The city is about 100 kilometers away. In addition to Da Lat going to cross mountains and other mountains, other roads are also easy to walk, the basic average speed is only about 30.

When we decided, we also looked at the other buses. The time was not so good. The intercity bus of Xin Coffee basically had a morning, evening and evening service, and the service points were almost in the central area. It was still very convenient. The car is basically compatriots, I think it's okay, don't care about those details ~~~

At the end of the month, I was entangled with various jobs. I could n’t imagine going on the journey without going out to buy clothes. I was afraid that it was a traffic jam during Golden Week. I went to the airport early in the morning. Some tour guides from Vietnamese tour groups made a few accusations, and they only sent them by selfie.

When we got off the plane to greet us, it was a "very good" advertisement in Greater China, with an inexplicable pride hahaha.

After getting out of the gate, I was inexplicably in a daze for a while. After all, I was surrounded by strangers for the first time. However, this feeling disappeared instantly. A Chinese girl greeted us when we were planning to exchange money. , And have been beeping all the way about where to change money, where to buy cards, where to hit, but I do n’t like to quarrel or care about it.

We exchanged a portion of the Vietnamese Dong at the airport, dismissed the airport SIM card package, and happily sat on 38383838 to Fan Lao Wu Street.

It is about 7km from the airport to the central area, and we were shocked to see the army of motorcycles at night along the way!

It was only after 8 o'clock in Fanwu Old Street after a slightly unpleasant house swap. We decided to go out and solve the problem of tickets and SIM cards.

The night here is very lively! Various bars, various roadside barbecues, people's interest is also very high, unconsciously we walked through the central area of ​​Fanwu Old Street. With all kinds of electronic sounds and clamor, say good nite to saigon.

The morning in Saigon is very early, the morning sun is warm, and you can see the beauty of the market at a glance.

The motorcycle army also gradually wakes up, always reminding these passers-by that they are the protagonists of this city.

I do n’t understand why I want to have a sleeping bus early in the morning, but the speed of about 30 yards still accidentally swayed me to sleep. I passed a rest point halfway and met a strange tree and a fruit stand. As a service point, it is naturally more expensive than the conventional price, but as a Chinese tourist, this is nothing! ! !

We bought a box of guava equivalent to three yuan, and a box of fried chicken with sweet and juicy grapefruit, equivalent to ten yuan.

Shaking swayed to Mui Ne, only a small coastal fishing village on the main road. The new coffee car will be parked and dropped off according to the hotel, after all, it is a smooth way. I have seen some travel notes saying that the sooner you get off, the better the hotel. After going back and forth several times, you agree.

Perhaps it was the boat ride? Or was it unhappy to live the day before? My companions and I expressed 120 percent of excitement and affection for Ocean Vista! I happily lapped around in the hotel and found that the sun was too good, so I decided to take a nap. z Z

At 3:30 in the afternoon, we felt that it was time to depart from the fishing port to watch the sunrise. The taxi called by the hotel is so energetic, blowing the wind of the sea, listening to the familiar and cheerful English songs, it is the holiday feel!

I would n’t say that the driver opa ’s dressing is a bit of a laugh .... The hotel was about 10km in the past, along the swaying coconut grove, the deep blue sea, and the full-color French cabin. In retrospect, there is still a royal wind The thrill of flying!

However, this awkward feeling came to an abrupt halt as he arrived at the fishing port. Ha ha ha ha, too dirty.

The sea is still very beautiful, deep blue!

After approaching, hehehehehe ... However, all come, no conditions have to be created to take some photos ..

I didn't see the so-called sunset. Although it was a 5pm sunset, practice found that Vietnam's sun is so timid that it can be ignored after 3 o'clock.

The atmosphere from the fishing port was filled with faint disappointment, and the roadside didn't know why I didn't see taxi .. My companion and I had to silently start walking towards the hotel.

At this time, I suddenly felt the breath of bus and instinctively stretched out my hand, oops we got on the bus. The companion and the ticket-selling brother reported the famous bamboo restaurant, and the ticket-selling brother happy dropped it and said we were OK and left us at the entrance of the bamboo villa hotel / bye

Fortunately, the hotel is about 2km away from our hotel. We ate something and started a romantic walk back to the nest along the coastline ~~~

In view of the fact that there was not a very pleasant tourist experience in the fishing port the day before, we wondered, Fairy Creek, the photos in the travel notes are not good, not to mention the real thing; the red and white sand dunes, the small waterside near the sand dunes, probably also Nothing is more beautiful than Crescent Spring. So the itinerary we define for ourselves is the hotel half-day high!

Facts have proved that this decision is really right!

So, we got up to enjoy swimming more than six o'clock! The back of a companion ecstasy ... secretly put one.

Enjoy your breakfast happily after swimming! ! ! No picture here ...

Then we went to a large private beach in front of the hotel, enjoy sunshine! ! ! !

The weather is too exaggerated! After applying sunscreen, without sun peeling, fortunately.

The journey to Da Lat was a bit sad, some mountain road, after a long walk, from sunny to rain, from summer to autumn. After getting off the bus, I found a place to eat next to the new coffee. It was still a Chinese restaurant. We have various Chinese restaurants that do not understand translation.

The temperature of the day is in the early 20s, and personally feel like a single coat or a small coat. However, the people of Da Lat use practice to tell us what a tropical native is! Leather jackets and turtleneck sweaters are all strong, down jackets and big scarves and wool hats are the right things.

It ’s also the autumn coolness of feel in Shenzhen, good nite ~

Today's first stop is Dalat Old Railway Station, which is one of the most anticipated holy places in Vietnam. The old train station is really selling tickets, and it is also driving to a small town. We missed the 7:50 class and thought it was too late at 9:50, just played in the station.

Early birds catch insects, and every day in Vietnam, they wake up early and naturally. The weather is not very good. The bird of paradise in the hotel comes in two colors, which is inexplicably very happy.

The second point of our plan is the ancient villa group, which is very close to the train station, but Da Lat ’s urban structure is a mountain road that diverges from all sides around Xuan Huong Lake. To the so-called ancient villa group.

What is that! ! ! Not very feel. And the villas that people have lived in went to visit the strange, and the appearance is not very good.

On the contrary, the street view along the way is more pleasant.

It took a taxi to the Dalat Catholic Church, which is only about 1km away, and a lot of people were going to avoid rain at the door. It was later learned that the door would not open on Saturday. Well, I have a quiet sigh of relief in my family, so I do n’t have to go in!

However, as a building, Dalat's Catholic Church is still very brewing!

Of course, the more beautiful is the city view of Dalat seen here.

Along the established loop line, we walked about 1km to reach the crazy house ... I really don't understand what this is ... The visual sense of the large children's park, and it is just a visual park. The small ladder is narrow, the bag must be broken! And after a while, it was inconvenient to throw an umbrella.

But if it is recommended or not, the answer is yes. After all, the feel of the panorama overlooking Da Lat is still very good.

It's raining again ... The Mary Abbey along the way will stay well tomorrow. Go back to take a nap to warm up.

Today is another rainy day, but the pink monastery brings a freely flying girly hahahaha. Because we came early, no one blocked our eyes. Happy!

High is only about 8am after the lap. We hit the CBD, which is by the side of Xuan Huong Lake. I would n’t say that we deliberately missed a point and got off the train early. Today the weather is nice, cool and cloudy, and it is very comfortable to walk along the lake.

However, due to the many days of rain, Chunxiang Lake is all yellow.

Walk about 2km to arrive at the second station this morning, the Dalat Garden recommended when chatting with the hotel reception yesterday. There is no one of the most pit attractions in this trip. It is the sight of people's park and Zhongshan Park in China. Full of various local people are taking photos with flowers and statues. ... and so, tickets are also required, equivalent to RMB ten yuan tickets!

It is really not very happy to spend ten yuan to visit the garden in a garden town like Dalat. After two random laps, we decided to walk back to the hotel. Also passed by Da Lat University, it seems that our hotel belongs to Da Lat CED!

Da Lat is really small. The most enjoyable experience here is to take a walk along Xuan Huong Lake or along various mountain roads. If the weather is fine, all the attractions worth visiting can be leisurely stepped on with both feet in a day, and the next day, you can stroll around the "business district" of Chunxiang Lake.

An afternoon was spent on the bus again. Da Lat to Nha Trang seems to be within a hundred kilometers, but it still took four minutes. If it is not too much love, don't take this mountain road. Mui Ne can go directly to the coastline from Nha Trang, which will be much faster.

After a few days of leisure, I was a little uncomfortable when I first arrived in Nha Trang. There were too many people and some noise. It was a relatively developed tourist city, and it felt a little like Sanya.

Good morning ~ Nha Trang! The weather is good! You can see the hills covered with mist in the distance, and you can also see the blue blue blue ocean now!

For breakfast, I drank a few glasses of juice with a dozen passion fruits! A pleasant day begins!

We reported a diving tour directly at the hotel, plus the cost of underwater shooting, equivalent to more than 300 yuan! Still worth it! After diving for about 30 minutes, you can also move freely on the spot. There is equipment for snorkeling or swimming on the boat. In short, there are enough three minutes to play in that place.

However, the so-called underwater follow-up can be ugly to a new height in life.

Most of the time, we are stupidly carried by the coach.

There are still a few moments when I deliberately put on a pose. Most poses are accompanied by rolling eyes and various bubbles. Well, maybe is my personal problem, this is the only one that can be identified.

After diving, I was very tired. After playing on the water for a while, I couldn't stand it anymore. I followed the tour of the company's four-island tour to an island next door.

I especially like squid, shrimp, fish skewers and pork belly! The taste is just right!

After returning to the hotel, I found that my shoulder was sunburned again ... A little nap to soothe the injured shoulder ...

The afternoon sun is a perfect place to be a holy place for the day! ! ! After thinking about it, I was too lazy to go to Cambodia. Picture directly!

The sun is still set early ~~~ The arrangement at night is to take a walk! ! ! !

Finally at the weekend, I finally have time to give this sloppy end to the journal that I am tired of writing!

Tonight's sleeping bus passed Saigon, and after checkout at noon, it was a "homeless" baby, so today's arrangement had to be fragmented. Pearl Island, which has a very good reputation, is silently missed.

The basic idea is to go play mud in the morning, find a beach in a daze in the afternoon, or go and experience the Vietnamese-style spas everywhere.

We chose 100 eggs with super good reputation. For this kind of place that is a little far away (it seems to be about 5km), the taxi driver will wait for you at the door by default, although this process may take 2-3 minutes. This is super moved, and I feel the deep warmth of the tourist city.

100 eggs are made to look like a mountain village, there are several options for a set of packages, we chose the most complete one, 300 thousand VND, soaked in the egg and played in a place such as a mountain pool, as follows .

Mud bath is really enjoyable, relax all over the body! But the mud on the swimsuit ... it's really difficult to deal with completely ... distressed!

After being able to drastically relax, we went back to the hotel for a while, and finally enjoy the various channels received by V-TV! It's really a life of reluctance to open the Internet and receive all radio stations.

This kind of coziness came to an abrupt halt after eating the BBQ at noon. It was delicious, but the whole person was on fire. The Nha Trang Cathedral was not in a mood to visit at all. It was really too hot to hide. I took two trips in a cool corner to visit here.

Great afternoon again, the next trip is to go to the beach to blow! There are some coffee bars on the beach in Nha Trang. We chose a bar with a higher level, located in the CBD, next to the statue of "Nha". I forgot the name of the bar. The afternoon sun in Nha Trang is not very strong, the sea breeze is blowing, and ordering a cup of passion fruit juice is equivalent to RMB 10 yuan. The infinitely continuous cup of mellow jasmine tea is really comfortable! ! !

We didn't go to the spa as scheduled, but we just went to night at this coffee bar.

The sea beauty in Nha Trang is not as good as Mui Ne, the city is not as good as Ho Chi Minh, and the literary atmosphere is comparable to Da Lat. It is indeed the most reluctant place for this trip.

There should be music here-see you again.

The sunrise in Saigon is harmless to humans and animals, the motorcycle army has a special flavor, and the city is full of red breath!

CBD is very concentrated, so-called cathedral, central post office, opera house, reunification palace ... are all within walking distance. I would n’t say that we got all these so-called “attractions” before 8am.

Because it is a political center, these streets are full of green police officers, dressed in blue and full of European-style buildings.

In addition, weird things piled up in front of the Opera House, and could not understand what it was.

Grandpa Zhiming at the entrance of the City Hall is particularly dazzling!

It's worth rolling your eyes. In such a central red central area, there are Japanese figures everywhere. Many hotels, restaurants, and stories on the roadside are opened in Japanese, or written in Japanese.

The traffic of Ho Chi Minh City in Bad Bad is really much better, and most of the sidewalks do not have traffic light! The distance of about 1km to Bianqing Market is almost terrifying!

So, we leave more time to coffee.

The time to eat, drink and drink is always short. We will pack our bags and go to the airport around 5pm. Although it is only 7km, it has caught up with the rush hour. After walking for an hour, I admire Vietnamese drivers in my heart! ! ! Road small motorcycles, all surrounded by tightly! ! ! However, the driver opa is not in a hurry and is planning.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Vietnam during the planning of Golden Week, most of the time, away from the crowds and hustle and bustle.

Looking at the traffic jams and queues in the circle of friends, I was also happily playing outside.

Thinking about some nonsense to write, write here.

1. The universal socket of Vietnam is two small holes, remember to bring the converter.

2. The WCs all over the country are toilets, even the humble wooden shed in the service area on the roadside or the temporary fishing row on the sea. After a week, I feel distressed to my legs.

3. The English of Vietnamese accent is really difficult to understand, so do n’t mind the problem of communication, just make a gesture, everyone understands it.

4. Da Nang and Hoi An in the north-central area are also very beautiful, one tradition, one unrestrained .... There will be a period in the future.


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