Meet again in Thailand (this time to take a wedding photo ~)

Two years ago, I toured Thailand with a group and made me like this place. I also left a lot of regrets, so this time I made a strategy and decided to go free. Thailand is a country that is very suitable for free travel. The language does not need to worry at all. Basic English words plus your rich body language, ok departure

2 heroines in this trip, beautiful

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- I am the dividing line, today's theme is Phuket, Hong Kong slightly

This itinerary is for 4 people, 2 young couples, (the other is a newly-married couple, here called 66) are newly-married young couples, of course, Hong Kong is not missing, we arranged to go shopping in Hong Kong 10,000 Words skipped.

We went to travel and took a wedding photo. The picture is where Xiangwang International arranged for us to live. The scenery is very good, and the lake view room

Thank you very much Xiangxiang International for arranging the pick-up and the overnight stay

The photography teacher and the makeup teacher are very hard, busy from morning to evening. Wedding photos will be on

I rested for one night, got up early, went to 7-11 and bought early, I felt the sun in Thailand, it was too hot, but I like it

Contacted the front desk and shouted taxi to change the hotel. The first hotel on our trip was also the most satisfying one. It is recommended to everyone at Ban Lamai Beach Resort Hotel. The door is Patong Beach. The car rental at the door is 7-11. Walk It will be cold in Jiangxi for a while, the key is the large swimming pool, I like it.

On vacation, we can't go around like a tourist group. For tomorrow's wedding photo, we didn't arrange any itinerary today, change hotels, rent motorcycles, go shopping, visit Jiangxi cold, bigc. I love this feeling of freedom. No one urges me to get in, get off, get up, go shopping, take pictures. . . . . Think hard

We are also bold enough, because of the prohibition of motorcycles in Jiangsu Province, we have never ridden a motorcycle, and we are a little excited to think about it

Very good to drive on the left

I would like to remind everyone when renting a car to play in Patong, pay attention to the traffic rules here, the loop line, one-way line, can not be retrograde, friendly Thai people reminded us, otherwise we will really be stopped by the police.

These are the two little reds we rented. For those of us who are riding motorcycles for the first time, it is enough and powerful. It's a pity that Tianchao doesn't allow it, otherwise I really want to buy a motorcycle to open.

Parked the car, we went to Jiangxi cold buffet hot pot, which is not killing, can't remember

After eating, I went shopping, went to bigc and bought sunscreen and lots of fruits

Swim back to the hotel

The sun goes down, riding our motorcycle to climb the mountain road, go to Wang Xuan to take photos of the clothes tomorrow. Youya, the mountain road is so exciting

Let's eat, as we want, we drove to Padang and saw a shop with a lot of popularity and many foreigners, so we went there and it was delicious. So don't blindly follow other people's guides. Travel needs to find out, don't be killed by the guides. To accept new things, good things are always discovered by chance

After eating, our group of 4 walked to the let's relax next to us, originally just to make an appointment for tomorrow's spa. As a result, 4 people did a foot and shoulder massage, and 850b per person was still quite comfortable. Massage shops, big shops are really good in a hygienic environment. It is said to consume, our massage aunt ran away after the massage, and did not give the opportunity to tip. . . .

After the massage, I rested early, and I have to take a day's photo tomorrow, very tired

In the early morning of Phuket, the air is drunk! 4 people drove the motorcycle more than ten kilometers of mountain roads to take pictures

On the day I took the photo, I hurriedly forgot to bring sunscreen. This is the consequence. I was scorched. My wife was cooked. Remember! ! !

After a day of shooting, I was exhausted and cooked into a dog. It was worth it. Haha, the weather was very good and the quality of the photos was very good. Thanks again to the staff of Elephant King for making an advertisement

At the end of the day of shooting, a group of 4 people came to Jiangxi Leng. Today, they want to have some western fast food. They found a pizaa shop, just across Jiangxi Leng. What a Pizza Hut, it ’s not really a level of Pasa. This shop has a good business. There is no Asian face. Just 4 of us. It ’s strange. The pizaa is delicious. Yes, the key price is still cheap. Domestic Pizza Hut can only give him a middle finger.

4 people eat round gouron, 2 girls have reserved spa

After the spa, I went to Bar Street and enjoyed Thailand's flamboyant and rich nightlife.

I can't play it anymore, plus my wife and wife took photos for one day in the sun, and they were still sunburned, so I went back to the hotel to rest. I will go to pp island tomorrow

After eating breakfast in the hotel in the morning, we checked out and waited for our driver to go to the pier to take a boat-pp island. Everything went well.

It ’s really the same as others say, the foreigners are basking on the deck, the Chinese are blowing air conditioners in the cabin, hahaha

We also got out of fashion and went to the top deck to bask in the sun and take pictures

66 young couples enter the country

What a cool job. . . . .

Here we are, our hotel is here! Oh yeah!

Facing the sea, take the car, take the boat twice, it's worth

Organize things, take a boat to the Tongsai Pier, there is really Didi to catch a boat, so expensive one person 100b

Feel free to eat something, focus on the following, to book a deep dive tomorrow

Before I came, I looked for guides, Taobao, coaches, various Chinese coaches, various personal coaches, and finally found a dive shop opened by a reliable Chinese. The result told me that the reservation is full, your uncle Yes, I was one week ahead of time. Is your business so good? Just look.

Speaking of which, the fate came again. After eating, I walked all the way. A foreigner sat at the door of the dive shop and shouted to me.

The four people who spoke English in elementary school with Chinese accent had such a pleasant chat with this foreigner. The chat was very pleasant, so they booked a deep dive activity for 4 people tomorrow.

There are many cats on the pp island, and they are not afraid of people.

this is me....

Go back to the hotel ’s beach to play, the sun goes down, live in the long beach on the south, blocked by the mountains, the sunset can not be seen ... over

The hotel is good, but it is too far away. I have to rush to the dive shop in Tong Sai Bay at 7.30 in the morning. It took me a long time to find the boat and I was almost late

This bearded man is our diving instructor

From 7.30am to 1pm, there is rice and fruit on board.

Once again prove that spoken language is king. Nine-year compulsory education is not easy to use except learning a few word phrases.

Diving is an individual activity. We go back to the hotel to rest. When the sky gets dark, we go out for food

Tonight will be extravagant, sitting in the hotel restaurant, sitting on the beach to eat a big meal! ! ! ! ! !

I like cats and dogs the most, and feed them.

After eating a big meal, take a walk, pat the night scene and prepare to sleep!

In the morning, I woke up and called my daughter-in-law to watch the sunrise. As a result, thick clouds were seen, but I saw the broken house after climbing the mountain. It is estimated that it was left by the tsunami. When I was there, I was really panicked!

There are countless broken houses inside, rusty, and dare not shoot, hurry up

The windy woman ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Go down to the room quickly to check out breakfast, and wait for the hotel to take us to the pier. Boredom will take us away at 11 o'clock.

It ’s too evil gate, a good 2-3m big wave swept me around n circles, the goggles were gone, (very expensive), the high tide was bad, the pier was gone, the typhoon was coming Quickly withdraw ...

Helplessly looking at the sea, gently I left, leaving a pair of glasses, to be a memorial in this beautiful pp island!

For the first time in seasickness, all four people got down. The typhoon shook the ship for 2 hours.

Arrival at sugar marina resort-fashion-kata beach in Kata Beach

The two rooms of the suite are connected.

After a short rest, I went out for food, and the foodies wanted to eat seafood today and set off! ! ! Unexpectedly, Thailand can still use group buying, decisive group buying!

Choosing a restaurant is wherever you go, Xiaohe at the door is very enthusiastic, and the popularity is also very strong. Decide to eat it! Just so capricious

After breakfast, we went to Kata Beach, and the typhoon was coming soon.

This is the famous 6 shots of our team, providing high-quality pictures and videos throughout. (Ignore Indian Asan and Little Thai girl later)

Tired of playing and going back to swim

Appointed Fantasea in the evening, very convenient, pick up at the hotel

The super-large buffet is not as unpalatable as others say, but it is also not delicious, so let ’s live up to it!

Fantasia shows are forbidden, so. . . . . . . Let's go watch it for yourself, a good performance

At the end of the performance, everyone went to the park entrance by car and returned to the hotel.

After breakfast, we are ready to go to the airport. Happy times always pass so fast, I have n’t had enough! ! !

Phuket, I will be back!


The photos are all originals, and the photos have not been repaired. The weather is really too strong. Photographers say that Phuket has not encountered such clouds for a few months during the rainy season. Alright ...

Looking forward to the next trip, where will it be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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