Take you into the world of local tyrants-Dubai

A local paradise, a luxurious oasis in the desert ... That's right! This is Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Oh, I have been longing for it, but for various reasons it has never been done.

Bihai Sands, luxury hotels, magnificent buildings, tax-free paradise ... The UAE has many sides, but no matter which side of the experience will always make you deeply shocked, long unforgettable. There is the world ’s largest airport-Dubai Airport, and the first-class equipment makes it a flight station connecting Asia and Europe; here is the world ’s most luxurious mosque-Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which is a Muslim experience. The ultimate beauty created by faith; flying over the Palm Island by seaplane, here is the world ’s largest man-made island; take the elevator to the world ’s tallest building-at the top; tax-free paradise, Shopping in Dubai mall, the world ’s largest supermarket; overnight luxury, experience the classic of the eight-star Palace Hotel, which has received the highest media evaluation; in the world ’s largest street with gold ornaments, the eyes of the local tyrant flashed their eyes ... in fact, the most impressive It is unforgettable that in just a few decades, in this deserted Gobi desert, such a heavenly luxury city of countless people can stand up. This is not the great power of the creator, this is the magic of oil and gold, and it is a miracle created by mankind. As the Dubai Chief said, "No one in the world will remember the second, so Dubai will be the world's first."

Shanghai-Dubai, Exterior Dubai Emirates Palace, Exterior Seven Star Sailing Hotel, Bazaar,-Abu Dhabi

The six o'clock international flight was really tormenting for a person living in Songjiang. Stay at the airport annex, do not sleep well, and it is difficult to get up close at 3 or 4 o'clock; if you live at home, you have to get up at two o'clock, and the taxi fare is three or four hundred. After all, sleep is more reliable.

Even if we encountered a super fog, fortunately, the plane took off on time, and there was no delay, so we were lucky. And there is free 10MB of WIFI on the flight. If you turn off unnecessary software and APP, save a little use, it can be used to get off the plane. In this way, sleeping on the plane, playing, and eating two more meals, it is not difficult to get through, and it will be there in a flash.

Because of the time difference, it was noon to Dubai.

The appearance of the Seven Star Sailing Hotel is also style and luxury, which is difficult to feel. It is best to order a buffet, or a three-course or five-course dinner. The experience is profound when you walk in.

Then I visited a bazaar, it was my food, and compared, the price here is considered to be the cheapest in the UAE country. Although the contents are not much different from other Islamic countries, it is very suitable for buying a small gift as a souvenir to bring back to the country.

Turbans are sold everywhere, it should be very hot, women's clothes are always the same, but the turban can be changed every day, change the color, change the style, change the mood, it is also good.

This little boy selling tableware is very interesting. I asked him if he can take pictures? He said yes, but only one. Is this going to test my photography skills? Or is there any other reason?

These small lights are also very interesting, I wonder if buying one or two at home will be monotonous?

This is also a very interesting place. Islamic people use aromatherapy, so the perfume is very popular here, and the aroma burning next to it is really fragrant and fragrant, which is a bit strong for Asia.

There is also a home center inside, which sells a variety of Islamic furnishings. It is very modern, and there are all kinds of high, low, and middle grades. You can accept the price after looking at it.

I really like this tea set, but this is the first day of the trip. It is not convenient to carry. I think I will encounter it later. I will buy it later. After that, I went to boutiques, and the prices were much more expensive.

It took more than two hours from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. When I arrived in Abu Dhabi, I was already hungry. Although the arranged Chinese food is not particularly authentic, fortunately it is rice, which is more appetizing.

Next to the restaurant is Ferrari Park, surrounded by some Ferrari souvenir shops.

After dinner, I stayed at the Leaning Tower Hotel in Kaiyue, and there is still a gap compared with Kaiyue in China, but the overall feeling is not bad. The photos of the exterior were taken on the third day of check-out. This building is in line with the character of the UAE, and the building must have characteristics.

It happened that the cleaner was cleaning the outside, this is not Spider-Man!

This is the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, but not the reception lobby.

The reception hall is located on the 18th floor of the building, which is directly connected. This lighting is very interesting! Each is different. The color, size, and pattern can be combined together in such a unified way, which is very harmonious.

The indoor space is large, although it is not luxurious, it is still very comfortable to live in. And it is in line with the habits of Asians. Kettles and hair dryers are prepared in the room, including taking off shoes and disposable items.

The 135-degree landscape window can overlook the night view of Abu Dhabi. When you open the curtains in the morning, you will be amazed by the sunlight and the sea. There is a platform between the window and the glass exterior wall of the building. For safety reasons, the hotel locked it up and could not get in.

Modern and simple design, the TV is embedded in the background wall. There are some small ornaments, but I feel very Chinese style, lack of exotic style, I do not know if it is a little regret.

The transparent glass partition makes the space of vision better. The wet and dry bath design allows guests to choose freely, which is very convenient.

The breakfast at the hotel is also good. There are several locations that are particularly good. Facing the sea, the mood is different. There are many types of breakfast, there are many freshly made, overall overall feel better.

I have been to Turkey and was shocked by the blue mosque with six minarets in Istanbul. But walking into Abu Dhabi ’s Grand Mosque not only feels that it is a religious shrine, but as far as the building itself is concerned, it must also feel that it is a very outstanding work of art.

It is said that the days of March in the UAE are all kinds of white, and it is already good to have such a blue. Okay, it rained only yesterday, and it ’s lucky to be sunny. What bicycle do you want?

There is a rope here as a barrier to prevent tourists from going out, but you can't take in the minaret if you don't go out to take pictures, unless you take a wide angle of 12 or more. The administrator finds that someone will go out and will stop it in time, so the speed should be fast. The above is for reference only, don't say it's me.

Let my fellow classmate Xiao Zhou take some pictures for me! The Canon EOS 750D has a face recognition function, which is also very convenient during travel. Not everyone is a photographer, but with this function, you can find a passerby Pat for you. 7560 pixels, unsatisfactory, you can adjust it yourself when you go back.

Inside the mosque is the world's largest Swarovski crystal chandelier. I saw one as soon as I entered the door. I thought this was, but it was n’t, because you soon saw a bigger one.

Another angle

The luxury here is comparable to that of a palace, and the space is huge. It can accommodate more than 4,000 believers at the same time. There are many local tyrants here, 46 tons of gold are used alone, it is tons, OMG, if you see yellow, please don't doubt it, it is real gold.

This rug is also the largest rug in the world, but Xiao Zhou said that the pattern of the pattern is a bit like the breath of the cotton-padded jacket in northeast China. It seems that the national is the world. Everyone thinks this is the most foreign and fashionable.

This is a bit of a perspective, let me laugh for a while.

Give these few chandeliers a close-up, this is the biggest Swarovski crystal lamp

The glass is also super design, I do n’t know if I have seen such a luxurious mosque, will I have no love for other mosques, so think about it too early to come here? this is not good!

This clock is also glittering and super beautiful. Because of the reflections on the wall, there will be reflections on the opposite side, and the effect on the spot is really great.

Because it is a team tour, only one hour, so it is still very nervous.

I have no resistance to this sense of space.

From the Grand Mosque, we arrived at the eight-star Palace Hotel. Please ignore my hair, just want to tell everyone that this is the appearance of an eight-star palace.

Opposite the eight-star palace is the location where 007 was shot.

Then we went to the artificial island, which is also very beautiful, the sky is also very awesome, the blue sea and blue sky, this feeling is very similar to Sanya, but here is a desert. Imagine it, it feels really magical.

The most sold on the island is Dubai clothing. Many foreign tourists also like local clothes, especially men. It is interesting to walk around in white robe.

It was lunch time and we had a good local Arab buffet. This bowl of bowl is the special rice pudding, which is freshly made and tastes good.

This is a dish I picked at noon, with meat and vegetables, to give you a compliment to your own display technology.

Let's take a look at the restaurant's dishes:

After lunch, press and hold the itinerary is the free time. The guide took us back to the hotel and took a break. We booked at our own expense to the eight-star palace for dinner, which is to go back to where we have been.

When we were in China, we also saw reservations for dinner online. I thought it was too late at 8:30, so there was no reservation. When we arrived in Dubai, the tour guide booked us the time at 8:30, which was the only way. Although the price was a few hundred dollars more than the reservation, fortunately, it was like this.

The eight-star palace in the dusk can finally walk in, without seeing only a gate. If I come to the palace once and see only one gate and one appearance, I feel really sorry.

But to be honest, it's also a pity to go in and eat only one supper. Because they are not residents, they can only move to the first floor. Upstairs and downstairs are not allowed to enter, even in the reception hall can not take pictures. In addition, the hotel did not display any artwork as the tour guide said. After I entered, I asked again, the so-called artwork turned out to be just a few photos. The contents of the photos are all the doors and windows of the Arab architecture, which is far from the imagination.

The place you can see is still very luxurious, look at the dome above the head.

Also happened to have a show

Nice Arabic artwork embroidered with gold thread. It is inlaid with gems of various colors, and it was also seen in the so-called Arab Art Museum on the third day. It is estimated that what is displayed here should be of great value.

There is also a small cabinet, which is divided into three floors, and the things displayed in it look good, but it is still far away from our Forbidden City in Greater China, regardless of material or craftsmanship.

Let ’s talk about dinner, in fact, the place to eat is very small. I do n’t know whether the team ’s customers are separate from the individual customers, or whether they are so small. The dishes are mainly divided into salads, seafood, grilled meats, and desserts, and there is no special surprise.

After dinner, I found that the night view outside the palace is really beautiful. Modern modern architecture and traditional Arabic architecture echo each other. It is more gorgeous and charming under the embellishment of the night. A deserted place can have such a metropolis, oil The power is really great.

Then we took the light rail to Palm Island. Palm Island is currently the largest man-made island in the world. Looking down from a height on a water helicopter, it looks like a leaf. The light rail is the vertical leaf vein of the leaf. The villa area on both sides is the separate leaf vein. A six-star hotel Atlantis is at the top of the leaf. We will come here on the fourth day, so today is just a brief introduction.

Atlantis ’swimming pool and playground can also be seen on the light rail.

This is the main entrance of the hotel

This location is very good. If I go to Dubai next time, I will definitely add a tripod to the group and take a picture to mark it. I am still very grateful to the driver master. He saw that I did n’t take a good picture, so he turned around in place.

The scenery of Dubai Water Bus is really good, although it only has a short time of five minutes, I feel particularly enjoyable. Blowing the sea breeze, watching the blue sky, blue sea, tall buildings lined on both sides!

In such a large light ratio, the Canon EOS 750D can directly turn on the HDR mode, so imaging in the camera can be so perfect.

After getting off the water bus, you will arrive at Dubai ’s gold market in an authentic way. This is the world's largest gold trading market, and every shop will be worth your stop. These golden jewelry are the tide of women in the Arab countries.

Not only do we often see gold, but also platinum, colorful gold, diamonds, etc., all kinds of luxury jewelry, only you can't think of, there is no one can't buy here.

An Arab couple also stayed in front of the window for a long time, windows shopping, just like us.

This set of equipment, like the one worn by a Fujianese bride when they are married, looks very heavy, and of course it is also very valuable. If I have no money, just look at it.

Originally there was another itinerary to watch the flamingo, but we have already booked an itinerary to the desert in China. I really do n’t understand. What is half-day free travel? Fortunately, the receptionist in Dubai has a super good attitude and can pick us up at any hotel. Thank you very much. This is just a flamingo lost, and I will watch it again when I go to Africa!

I think Chongsha is still highly recommended, with a super high cost performance, more than two hundred dollars, including the hotel's airport transfer, desert off-road, you can also ride a camel, draw Haina, dinner buffet, and watch the show.

At the time of booking, you can see the models, mainly Toyota and Hummer. The cost of Hummer is about 500 yuan, which is double that of Toyota. In fact, it is not expensive, and it is also very valuable.

In order to increase the effect of the performance, each car is gathered at the entrance, and after having gathered more than a dozen cars, they will start together, so that the tourists on the car can see how the front and rear cars are flushing.

The car with us is a pair of sisters, with the sister's three children. They came from a country that was divided by the Soviet Union and spoke a word that I did not understand, but their English is still good. At least a lot better than me. Hey, students with poor English are sad.

The car is a seven-seater, three children sitting in the last row, the bumps of the car caused them to scream non-stop, after I have sat a few times, I can take pictures with the camera at will.

Met a noble

I stayed at the Dubai Grand Hotel that night, which is a five-star hotel.

The Canon EOS 750D has a high sense of high sense, so it is also stress-free to photograph places with low light such as hotels. Flip the screen, you can also shoot a lot of high or low angles very conveniently, which is also a very good function for an entry machine.

There is also such a water curtain wall in the hotel lobby.

The room facilities are also modern and simple

The most beautiful is the floor lamp, which is very unique and has the effect of stage lighting.

Compared to the buffet dinner at the Eight-Star Palace, the buffet lunch at Atlantis is really great value. At only a third of the price of the eight-star Palace, you can eat all the specialities of Arabia. Of course, drinks are at your own expense, but Atlantis also has drinks for lunch.

After lunch, you can also take photos in front of the aquarium

You can also dive inside

I came across a Ferrari when I came out, I also made a car model

Take a taxi to Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall are connected, which also brings the greatest convenience to tourists. Dubai mall is the world's largest shopping supermarket with high-end and high-end products.

The main point is to introduce the Burj Khalifa, also known as the Ali Tower, or at the top. As can be seen from English, the world ’s tallest man-made tower here, the best time of the day is dusk, so the price is also the most expensive It is worth the extra hundred dollars spent.

Go back to the hotel and have a dinner in the restaurant downstairs. The price and taste are pretty good, praise one!

Everyone's time playing mobile phones, I started to guide photos, who let my camera, Canon EOS 750D have WIFI function? The speed is still very fast.

The fifth day of the trip to Dubai, this is the end! To be honest, it ’s a shame. Unfortunately, Dubai is too beautiful. The time is too short. I always feel that many things have n’t been experienced. Fortunately, Dubai is a transit point for Asia and Europe. When I go to Europe next time, I will definitely not choose to fly non-stop, and come back to Dubai for a week! Dubai, wait for me!


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