A trip to Sanya with shells and shells and grandma and grandma

Until now, I am still confused. I don't know where the courage came from. I took my three-year-old shells, shells, grandma and aunts to beautiful Sanya. Everyone knows that when Big Shells can't go to work, I actually refused at the beginning. I suddenly thought of the scene when I was lying on the delicate beach with delicious coconut. I have shaken. Perhaps this is my biggest motivation! Everyone knows that the journey is drunk and hard. When I came back to look at the photos, I thought it was worth it. I was very happy to buy a photo. While my mom was still moving, Shell was willing to let me take it with me. Ella was honored to take it with me. To enjoy, delicious seafood, looking at the white sand beach, I really hope that all this will stop forever in this moment.

The habitual photos are all in front. This time the photos were taken by Ella, and I brought a 10-year-old tender model.

Many years later, do you still remember the memory of this sea? Looking at the distant sea against the sea breeze, what are you thinking at this moment?

When I saw Hua'er, I couldn't move. I took a closer look at the toy behind Hua'er. Haha.

A wave of shell pictures.

There are four bays in Sanya: Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay. 80% of the hotels in Sanya are in these bays.

Sanya Bay: Just in downtown Sanya, with the most beautiful sunset. Most of the delicious and delicious foods are here. Transportation is also very convenient. Dadonghai: The sea water is better than Sanya Bay, and there is a free open beach. Bed and breakfast hotels are readily available and affordable. Yalong Bay: The quality of seawater and beaches ranks first, and it is also the most suitable center for swimming in the four bays. The hotel equipment is great, but the reality is too expensive. Haitang Bay: The sea water is clean, but the wind is a bit strong, and people are rarely very quiet. It is especially suitable for couples to vacation and family-friendly trips. The hotel's price-performance ratio is high in Bialong Bay. Ella specially brought the whole family to Haitang Bay to enjoy this time. In summary, Ella finally decided to take her mother to go to Haitang Bay, which is relatively cost-effective and comparable to the high-end, to feel the holiday atmosphere at the hotel.

Here are the scattered maps of the general scenic spots in Sanya, and it is possible to formulate routes based on the general orientation.

There are many scenic spots in Sanya. In fact, it seems that many of them are similar. You do n’t have to go to each one. You can choose a few representative ones. The tickets for Aila ’s attractions are all booked on Taobao, and the public comments can also be taken by Arabi. The prices of the tickets for both places are the same and free to choose.



2016 6 20 Today is our departure day, Ella bravely took them to board the aviation plane of Sanya,

Grandma and grandma are very cooperative, obediently obey Ella's command.

This is the first time my mother took a plane. I used to go far away to play, rather than give up my mother who didn't dare to sit down. I don't know how bravely allowed this time. My mother kept calming down on the plane. After flying for a while, I realized that the plane was not as terrible as I thought. I gradually relaxed. The aunt and grandma in the front row were also inexplicably quiet.

It took about 4 hours for Beijing to fly to Sanya. Grandma excitedly looked at the sea below through the small window of the aircraft, holding the shell just waking up.

Just started to get off the plane, and the oncoming is the warm temperature of Sanya.

There is a small pool in Sanya Airport with big turtles and many small fishes. As soon as Shell arrived here, she would not leave immediately. Grandma saw the recovery of Shell and was in a good mood.

I still prepared a lot for this trip to Sanya. The hotel has a pick-up service. The car rental company had been waiting for us early in the airport, knowing that Ella was not easy. Knowing Ella is not easy.

As soon as she entered Sanya, Ella entered a state of high mental concentration, recognized her way, and found a contact number. Various situations are overwhelming. When the car rental master told Ella: "Okay, the procedures are all in place and you can go." Ella has a hurry that no one will take care of in an instant, okay! I can! Open the navigation. Fortunately, sister Zhiling has been with me for the first stop for the first stop to the hotel we stayed tonight, No. 9 Haitang Bay ~

There are high-speed along the way, Sanya's high-speed free of charge, it is suitable for self-driving tour. Ayla followed the navigation a little bit in vain and did not go, smoothly reaching the hotel lobby.

This is the room of Ella and Shell, the mother lives next door. Very warm.

It says that this water is hot spring water, but this bottle of sea salt is charged, it seems to be 65.

Put a tank of water on the little girl and start taking a bath ~ Because Ella is lazy, I did n’t wear a swimsuit for the shell, but the fish tank was washed inside and out ~

After taking a bath, the beauty is broken ~ Resting early will help your body recover. Sanya ’s first night will have a good dream, baby ~

DAY2_________Day trip to the hotel ————

Today's arrangement is very simple, sleep until you wake up naturally, and then rest in the hotel, completely relax and feel the holiday atmosphere. For lunch, Ella booked a submarine restaurant in the Kaaba Intercontinental Hotel not far away. Okay, enjoy the time ~

Hotel breakfast time: 07: 00-10: 30

Hotel breakfast time: 07: 00-10: 30

You can also sit in the open air for breakfast, eat and drink, and take your mom to play in the hotel. The hotel is very big. Wandering while playing, if it is pure vacation, it is also great to stay here for an extra day ~

The undersea restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel is particularly suitable for coming in person. The restaurant ’s glass tank sits in a circle of small pot friends. The variety of dishes is also very rich. . If you want to talk about the taste, Ella doesn't think it's amazing, but there are many kinds, the best is the environment.

Romantically, Ocean Restaurant at InterContinental Resort Haitang Bay.

It's almost two o'clock for supper. It's slippery in the Tianfang Intercontinental Hotel. It might be the reason for the afternoon. The outdoor of the hotel is full of gods and people.

A cute little lizard came out of the grass. Because the wind on the seaside is relatively strong, there is a past in the woods. Here is also a reminder that treasure moms who bring their babies, it is best to bring babies with sunglasses, this can prevent the wind from blowing When fine sand was blown into the child's eyes, when Ella took the shell to the hospital to see her eyes, there was a little girl in front of her, because the sand had golden eyes and it was sad to open.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon and have a short rest. Unconsciously it was already evening. Well, it's time to eat again, and every day I have to worry about what to eat. Hey ~ If you do n’t bring your mom and Shell Ella, you will choose the hotel and lie down without eating.

It turned out that the helpless person who planned to go to Chongqing Yingjie for seafood on the third day had to go today. It was already very late to Yingjie's house. There were many people during the peak meal period.

The boss is very enthusiastic, less than 60 square meters of space is filled with guests every day, business is directly hot.

This is Ella's favorite dish. The chopstick-like prawns, salt and pepper, are delicious and cry! !

The oversized Hele Crab was on the table, and the boss made it not spicy, suitable for my mom. In fact, Ella thinks that if it is made spicy, it must be more delicious.

Open shrimp, wow, each one caught in the mouth, can fill the entire mouth. So satisfying ~

Coconut rice is coming, the rice is slightly sweet, soft and glutinous, and the flavor of coconut is full.

Fans steamed scallops, they all have the feeling of eating scallops, the boss is very good at cooking seafood ~

Oh yes, there is a steamed fish! Why didn't Ella hug her when she ordered it? Okay, throw away the cheek gang, this night is so happy

The shellfish friends were drowned in a happy meal. . . I ate out of the wall for dinner. I ordered more, but everything was delicious. I did n’t feel that much when I clicked, and my eyes and belly were small.

In the afternoon, I found that the eyes and eyes of the shells had become a little bit more, and I felt a little abnormal. My grandma said it was on fire. I always feel something is wrong, anyway, People's Hospital is nearby. After eating, go to the number and let the doctor take a peek at it. It ’s nice to have an ophthalmology department. After finishing the registration, it ’s my turn to turn to the shell in a moment. The doctor only looked at it and said it was a bacterial infection. After landing, this time you can rest assured to go back to rest ~ There is another small supermarket downstairs in the inn. Every day when I come back, I will buy a large bottle of mineral water and big coconuts. Shell does not like to drink white water, so she and coconut water.

DAY3 __________ Nanwan Monkey Island _________ Gongmanxiting

Today, there is only one scenic spot, Nanwan Monkey Island, so there is more time. At 10:20, I packed up and walked out of the door. I drove for about 1.5 hours. Exchange tickets at the ticket window, because of time constraints, lunch decided to settle in the buffet at Nanwan Monkey Island Scenic Spot. It's so average, just eat it casually. It was already noon when we arrived, so we first ate and toured. There are two ways to go to Monkey Island. The first is to take a ropeway across the sea, and the second is to take a boat to change the battery into the island. Grandma has always been timid and gave up decisively across the sea.

The first monkey I saw in the park sat on the side of the road and watched our actions. Don't turn over the bag, it will be excited

Nanwan Monkey Island is not very big, and it takes about 2.5 hours to make a lap. At about 15:00 we were ready to leave by battery car. Waiting for the battery car at the gate of the scenic spot, the four of us took the car and waited a long time before leaving. Waiting for the car, I just bought water to drink. In the scenic area, I did n’t dare to drink a sip of water because of the fear of monkeys. I was really thirsty when I came out.

Drive away from Monkey Island back to the city, and navigate directly to this famous Hainan cuisine, Gongmanxiting. This is also a high-ranking store. In the Hawaiian Hotel, it is highly recommended ~

DAY4 __________ Bird's Nest___________Betel Nut Valley

I arranged two attractions for them today, the trip is relatively full, so the coarse hair is slightly earlier. Going out at 09:40 in the morning, it turns out that it is more appropriate to take them with only one place a day. There is a petrol station not far from the inn, first to add 200 yuan to the car, the car is full and then take them to find food. Not far from the hotel is the legendary Bao Luo Fan.

Flying all the way, finally entered the scenic area smoothly at 12:16. There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot, just park the car and exchange tickets to enter.

It is also a queue to take a battery car. This scenic fried chicken is not suitable for taking a baby with a child. It is all mountain climbing. After Ella finishes playing here, it is almost costly.

This place is a place called Thousand Mile Umbrella, which you can cross the cable road, just look down.

Going forward, I finally saw the ropeway, and I had to buy a ticket for only 20 yuan per person. Ella is not distressed by these 20 dollars, but just feels like she has been cheated. The ticket itself is not cheap anymore. 145 people, come here just to see the ropeway and trial marriage room, when I arrived, actually told me to buy a ticket. Catch a little pit

The ropeway is not suitable for taking pictures. Everyone is crowded. The whole one spends money to buy a line. When we went, we called it the off-season. There were few people.

Holding the shell on it again, Ella was even more crazy. I have to buy a single ticket for the trial marriage room. Do I spend 145 tickets just to climb the mountain? I really do not recommend this scenic spot!

15:15 Leaving the bird's nest and going to Penang Valley for about 22 kilometers. It's not too early. Ella is going to advance at full speed.

I was lucky to catch up with the last show

But when I watched the show and returned from the show, the shops inside were almost closed. Penang Valley is a very special place. Although many shops are closed, you can still feel the strong ethnic atmosphere.

Take my mother around and leave the scenic area at 17:50. Tomorrow, we will fly back at noon. The most fascinating thing is the seafood in Sanya, so I decided to eat again at night.

DAY5 ———— Fat family

I learned the lessons of yesterday, and I slammed the door at 09:00 in the morning. I plan to go to a Zhang Mao Mao shop near Dadonghai. I didn't expect to rush to a late set early in the morning, and when it was too early, others opened the door, hey, it was terrible. Play around for a while, wait.

Wandering to the beach in Dadonghai, on the way to buy fruit at a fruit stand, I saw this lovely fruit, known as ginseng fruit. 15 one, the mother must buy one to try, but the result is lost

Seeing the sand is so kind

In fact, Ella ’s itinerary is a bit tight. Without giving them time to buy fruit, it is still too overestimating the strength of the young and old groups. The next time I take them, I still have to relax.

Bye, Sanya ~ When we come back many years later, I don't know what you will be like again. Do you want to go to Sanya, are you still worried about travel preparation like me?


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