Wander the cat and Sydney, forget about worrying travel in the southern hemisphere

Some books say,

Travel allows you to find yourself more beautiful.

Either study or travel.

The trip plan was a bit rushed. It was a common dinner for a large family, but it became the fuse of this trip. Bring your own skin sac and run towards the other side of the earth.

Let's put the poison first, and slowly talk about the following matters. If you have any questions to ask, you can directly add me to WeChat: Jianjianploy

Visa: As mentioned above, this is a trip triggered by the dinner, and suddenly, the preparation is naturally very nervous. When traveling abroad, the first Chinese is a visa. It is said in Australia that travel visas are now easy to handle, but I used to have the shadow of being refused by Canada, so I dare not buy air tickets first, so I must wait for the visa to buy air tickets. 2016-6-7 Send your own signature in Beijing and sign in 8 days. Everything is done by hand. If you have any questions, please add me on WeChat: Jianjianploy

Required documents for Australian visa:

1. The entire passport is not a white page, and one color copy.

2. The front and back of the ID card, one color copy.

3. This account is not a white page, one color copy. Collective accounts are color printed on the home page and personal pages.

4. Two inch size headshot on white background. Be sure to take a photo. The visa center can take photos if you send your visa. ,

5. Proof of deposit, preferably from 50,000, preferably over 3 months.

6. Half-year salary flow or bank savings card flow.

7. If there is real estate, the car can also be copied and added

8. Proof of employment. There are templates for visa items on the Ctrip website. It is best to be in English.

9. If married, add a copy of the marriage certificate.

10. Fill in the form. Table 54 and 1419

WIFI: Every time I go abroad because my husband's business cannot leave the network, generally we like to rent mobile WiFi. A machine can be used by up to 4 people.

In fact, you can also use your mobile phone to access the Internet directly. It should be up to about 30 a day. The same, depending on your personal habits.

Cash problem: When you go to Australia, there are ATMs in the airport and the city that support UnionPay cards. But it cannot be said to be universal. It is recommended to exchange some cash in China.

We went together with our own brothers and sisters, some sisters have already studied in Sydney, plus everyone's holiday time is limited, we have set a time of 10 days for this trip, the city of play is only set for Sydney and Melbourne Cities.

We set the red-eye AirAsia, connecting in Kuala Lumpur, and staying in Kuala Lumpur for a day in the middle, so that you can save two nights' accommodation and spend a day in Kuala Lumpur.

Our departure time is July, one day to the equator, and one day to the coldest winter in the southern hemisphere, this experience is still unique

After playing in Kuala Lumpur for a day, we boarded AirAsia's red-eyed airplane again and wul Sydney after waking up! I saw a large area of ​​forest green on the plane, so beautiful! !

After getting off the plane, my sister is already waiting for us. We have ordered folklore online before and it is very close to the airport and very convenient. A big villa, also suitable for us like many people traveling together

This is our home in Sydney! In Australia for the past ten days, we have all stayed in homestays. Unlike the hotel, you will not feel like you are traveling in a homestay. Every day we get up and go out to play. When we come back at night, we will go to the supermarket to buy food, and then go home to cook together. There is no landlord sharing common folklore. Feel free and feel every day in Australia.

After I settled in Sydney, it was already afternoon. I was still very excited and not tired at all. So I took my sister and took us to the CBD. Sydney in the sunset is beautiful.

This is a chocolate shop in front of the Queen's Building. It's delicious. A little expensive, you can try it.

Simple dinner in a Japanese restaurant, although the time is similar, but also slightly affected the appetite for dinner. Cheese curry! It's delicious! !

Sydney trains, when they first arrived, I heard them talk about going to the city by train, and I felt so funny! But when I got to the train station, I saw the layout of this platform, it was really a train! !

The cars are actually trams. The reason why it is called a train is because the layout and dispatching methods of the railway are the same as those of the train. They are divided into routes, and are not divided into lines. That is, the car may not stop every time you pass by your eyes, maybe just by. And every time you make a car may not be on a platform, and may be on platform 1 in the morning, and the next trip will be on platform 2.

The CBD of more than 5 o'clock is their peak period, there are many people, there are many missionaries on the road, and there are many young men and women traveling between cities. Everyone talked and laughed, and couldn't see the tense atmosphere on my face, so I had to compare it with the time and space of the Emperor Capital at the same time. At that time, my head was wondering whether the friends in Beijing were frowning on the way home crowded.

This is the first day to Sydney. The initial feeling is that the air is very clean. Although it is the coldest season in winter, I did not feel cold. There are only a lot of people on the street in cbd, but it doesn't give me a feeling of being crowded.

We slept soundly on the first night, after all, we had not slept in bed for two nights. . . .

Today ’s plan is to go through the old block --- University of Sydney --- darling haidor --- Opera House --- Sydney Harbour Bridge --- seafood

The next day I got enough sleep, and I made my own breakfast at home. By the way, three people who arrived one day later than us were welcomed. Then he started today's journey non-stop.

Sydney includes later cats, and there are many churches, large and small, many of which cannot be visited. You can only feel its magnificence outside. Many churches have a history, you can feel from the architectural style that the protection is very good. The church above is newly built, it is estimated to be a place for worshippers in this town.

Flowers and plants in the neighbor's yard, a street, I rated him first, haha

Take the train and get off at rederfen, about ten minutes walk to the University of Sydney. Passing through alleys on this way. The house is very nostalgic, like an apartment, it is very quiet, maybe we arrived a little early, Australians do not like to get up too early on weekends.

The area in front of each apartment is not large, but the decoration of each house is different. You can see the Scandinavian style decoration, but also a lot of American country. It's really beautiful. I can't bear to disturb this tranquility

Go, go, we arrived at the University of Sydney, his law school is in sight. The school is big, and we didn't finish all the shopping. This law school alone has made me fall in love with this school, and I began to figure out how to get my baby to come to school in the future? 1! (In other words, when I was in Singapore, I thought the same way)

I did n’t retouch all the photos in Australia this time, the sky is so blue, the grass is so green

But the photos can't really capture the beauty in reality. Only if you go and see for yourself, can you really feel

After looking forward to the future life of our baby in the university, we continue to set off for darling haidor.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that we should start today on Sunday. Sydney's transportation card is capped at the cost of 2.5 knives on weekends, and train ships are included, so we put the plan of the ship today.

Route scenery

There are warships over Darling Harbour. The fellow male companions want to see it. I did n’t feel it. I went to see it together, but what attracted me more was the seagull

After reading the seagull. . Not after watching the warship. We took a boat to circle quay to see the opera house

I saw the Opera House on the boat from afar, so excited. This was my dream when I was in college. I finally saw my opera house!

It was getting dark. Australia's days in July were very short. We continued to walk across the Harbour Bridge to see North Sydney.

Roadside scenery in front of the bridge, sunset

Under the bridge, the bridge at night looked more magnificent. It is said that it is the grandest bridge known as the world's first single-hole arch bridge, and it faces the world-famous Sydney Opera House across the sea, becoming a symbol of Sydney.

The bridge can see the opera house across the sea. The bridge is a majestic masculine full of life. The opera house is on the other side of the sea. This strong contrast and coordinated picture is really wonderful.

After crossing the bridge, it was already completely dark, we started to discuss where to go for dinner, and finally we set the dinner at the seafood dinner in Darling Harbour! 50 people per capita, a total of 12 people. This is the most expensive meal we have on this trip.

Sitting by the harbour, beside the stove. The whole family toasted together in this romantic and harmonious country, and the fatigue of the day was dispersed in laughter!

I really fell in love with this trip.

Today's itinerary: Coogee Beach -bondi Beach Walk from the coast of Coogee to the coast of Bondi, walk slowly, and enjoy the scenery along the road. Trust me, you will love this.

For these two beaches, you can choose where you want to start at will, it doesn't matter.

Remember when I was watching warships in Darling Harbour the previous day, did I see the excitement of the seagulls? Today I have become friends with them! It's not that they are used to interacting with me, but that I have gradually become accustomed to intimate contact with animals, without worrying that they will be afraid that you will avoid you. If you eat a bit, they will love you. (Tips, fries and chips, seagulls love it)

Along the coast from Coogee to Bondi, there are not only beautiful bay views, but also cliffs. Standing on the cliff and looking out, the city center, the sea and the beach are intertwined with breathtaking beauty.

From afar, the so-called rich zone is on the coast, I really envy

When you are old, there are you, me, and a dog! My dream sunset is red, if the background is really good here!

I saw this little parrot walking on a tree by the road. I crept over and took several pictures of it. I was so rare that I said that the lorikeet is famous. Obviously, I am crippling a lot, I forget that they are not afraid of people.

Due to the long-term effects of sea waves, sea breezes and sunlight, the rocks on the coast have produced a variety of shapes due to weathering phenomena. They are extremely beautiful under the blue sky and blue sky. The scenery is really amazing!

But there are also a little warm tips. When walking on these rocks, don't get too close to the rocks, because there are many weathered vacancies, which are very dangerous. Traveling outside, safety first.

The time to go is July, the coldest month in Sydney, but you will see many surfers on the small beaches along the coast, not only surfers, running girls, rugby youths, and sea fishing Old man. Everywhere is full of enthusiasm for life

This way down, stop and go, we walked for almost half a day. As I walk, I think that I will have a big meal tonight, but don't need seafood, I want the kind of full meal. Haha!

My sister studying in Sydney ordered a Korean barbecue, buffet. It was so happily decided.

I ate ice cream in the town hall on the way, it was delicious, I forgot to take pictures

The barbecue buffet is not easy to find. I do n’t know how to get there. I just walked and walked as if I walked into a Korean village. There are Korean shops everywhere, and we also saw a Chinese supermarket, we bought a bottle of Laoganma

Very big bottle. Seeing Laoganma taste buds is very kind

Finally arrived. Very real shop, not big, but enough. Very happy to eat! This is the end of today's trip! nice!

Itinerary: Hyde Park-St. Mary's Church-Art Gallery-Royal Botanic Garden-Airport-Melbourne

Today is the last day of Sydney, we got up early. Today is a working day, sitting on the morning rush train, there is no seat, but it is not crowded. After only a few days of observation, I joked with the old public on the train that the people here are also going to work, I think they only need to run and walk the dog every day!

In the city center, the streets of cbd are not as spacious as the emperor capital. At the peak of the morning, 6 cars were queued at the red light intersection! ! ! ! 6 cars! ! !

When we arrived at about 9 o'clock, there was no one in the park. At first I thought it was the reason for the working day and I was working. But when I pass at 3 pm, the park is full of people, running fitness dog walking, children walking, playing football ,,,, I thought: Could it be off work? ? ? It turned out that the morning was quiet because no one got up

It is recommended that you get up early and go to Hyde Park and the Botanical Garden. It is not too early, just in the morning. Ha ha. Very few people, very quiet, really enjoy. Lay on the lawn and feel the luxury and cozy time.

The sculpture of Captain Cook in Hyde Park.

Because Captain Cook discovered Australia, the first city to land was Sydney. The shadow of his sculpture can often be seen in Sydney. Be considered a local national hero! Perhaps it was the reason why the British built Sydney, and many places imitated the architecture of London. I remember there is also a Hyde Park in London, and it is much larger than Sydney ’s

If you catch up with the art festival or something. People will also wear colorful clothes for Captain Cook.

On the east side of the park is an obelisk that mimics Egypt. I didn't know what he was doing after watching it for a long time, but after checking it, what are you? It turned out to be a sewage outlet. I heard that the mayor unveiled it after it was built, but later it was spread as a joke, saying that the sewage outlet is the mayor's perfume bottle! Ha ha, anyway, a sewage outlet has been designed, not only did it not drag the beauty of the park, but also add a lot of artistic sense.

North of Hyde Park is the ARCHIBALD fountain,

ARCHIBALD was originally a publisher of magazines. The fund for this fountain comes from his heritage. The statue is from a French artist.

When the night falls, the bright scene formed by the water jets from the various nozzles in the Archibald Fountain has been used as a unique tourist photographic spot in Australia. Unfortunately, I have no time at night. Go again next time

However, I specifically found a few photos on the Internet at night to turn on the lights, for everyone and myself to appreciate. If you want to go, be sure to take a look at night

The bird was afraid of me at first. After two minutes, I ran towards me with one hand, so cute. Named it Shirley, and then he was not willing to leave

I thought it was olive

Opposite the park is the famous St. Mary's Church

St Mary's Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney, built on the site of the first Catholic church in Sydney.

"Gothic" architectural style is the architectural legacy of the European medieval cathedral

St. Mary ’s Cathedral is also known as the Mother Church of Australian Catholicism

You can pray for yourself

The most fascinating part of the church is the stained glass. Each window is a biblical story, and the characters and scenes are vivid and vivid.

Upon entering the church, he was immediately infected with a solemn atmosphere. Don't want to say a word

The giant vault resembles a sky, towering and deep, filled with a sacred atmosphere

The old solid wood seat has been imprinted with prayer. Just want to sit here, everything is so calm

Looking at this figure, I just want to say a word, may the Lord bless you!

Walk out from the church and walk along the road

We saw the State Art Museum. It is the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The selection of the three most important art awards in the Australian fine arts industry is here every year, and the winning works are also displayed here.

I don't know how to appreciate it. Fortunately, a husband who studied art has followed. While talking and watching, I almost believed his words.

We do n’t all say that the art of fine arts does n’t need you to really understand, it just needs you to read more. So no matter where I have such a museum, I insist on reading more

Finally finished. We came to the Royal Botanic Garden

The main buildings and facilities in the garden are: Palace Garden, Palm Garden, Fern District, First Farm, Lowland Garden, Exhibition Greenhouse, National Herbarium of South Wales, and a Chocolate Hut. But none of us went. I just basked in it. Traveling for a few days, such sunshine and air are extravagant for me to take a breath.

Here are the best places to film the opera house and the bridge

Natural style, how beautiful

There are many people running here. so envious

CBD, there is nothing to shoot, but I did

Mrs. Macquarie's Chair

Yes, it's not a chair

The historical origins of Mrs. McCauley's seat: The name of Mrs. McCauley's seat comes from Mrs. McCauley, the wife of the Governor of the 17th century. Governor Macquarie has to return to the UK to report on the situation in Australia every five years. Due to the long distance, the maritime traffic was not developed at the time, and a round trip took 28 months. Accompanied by his wife, Governor Macquarie's achievements were brilliant and was hailed as "the creator of modern Sydney" by future generations. Mr. McCauley is busy with business every day, and Mrs. McCauley comes here every day to paint the scenery of Sydney Harbour. Every time Governor McCawley returned to Britain to report his job, the lonely Mrs. McCawley looked forward to this, waiting for the return of the fleet, and in the day-to-day waiting to bring friendliness to the surrounding people. In order to commemorate Mrs. Macquarie, the craftsmen carved the huge seat on the Cape Rock and engraved the commemorative text.

There is also a saying that the wife of the Governor is very homesick and often sits in her hometown across the sea.

Either way, the story is beautiful.

The plane to Melbourne is Tiger Airways. Check-in uses the on-site check-in machine. It is very convenient. You can get your boarding pass after swiping your passport. If you have luggage, you can check it in. If you do n’t, you can go through security check directly.

Less than two hours of travel, there is always air flow. I was already vomiting in the last row. Along the way, I have been thinking of a bridge section: I must grab the front seat when I get on the plane, and I will be too behind!

So we almost dizzy to Melbourne, get off the plane, it is called cold. It feels so different from Sydney!

We booked the pick-up in advance and arrived comfortably at our Melbourne home. I also met the guy from Shandong through this pick-up. The ray is handsome and reliable, and the cat ’s itinerary depends on him in the next few days!

Let's take a look at our cat home first

A three-story apartment

Are you handsome?

For the remaining days, supper and breakfast are eaten at home

It's already late. After dinner, I rested, ready to meet tomorrow's sunrise in Melbourne

Melbourne's plan is to browse the city on the first day. We spent two days lazily, in fact, if you concentrate a little, one day will be ok.

The city centre of Melbourne, unlike Sydney, is a bit rural. The previous online guides and top-ranked attractions are somewhat disappointing in the future. It was only after a few days of outings that I discovered the reasons for Melbourne's must-visit.

I can recommend a route to the Melbourne city center. This way, we will take a little bit of wrongdoing. We have a lot of people and are not free in time, so we are all disrupted, but it has no effect. Introduce to you

Federation Square--Flinders Street Train Station--St. Paul's Cathedral--Graffiti Street--City Hall--Royal Arcade--Burke Street , The Royal Arcade. Just take a look outside and enjoy the rest.

Another line: Queen Victoria Market--Royal Exhibition Gallery--Melbourne Museum--St. Barth's Cathedral Church--Victoria Library--Block Arcade--Collins Street--National Gallery of Victoria

Before you go, please make a note of the English names of these places to facilitate map search. Forgive me for being lazy, I won't fight, I don't like typing.

So for the next two days, I will mainly show you photos. Write two sentences for your favorite spots. In short, it is recommended not to waste too much time in urban areas.

The starting point of the city must be this Federation Square

Although I do n’t understand why he is called a square, but it ’s convenient to go from here

The tourist service center is also here, and map souvenirs can be obtained here. Includes groups for day trips. Consultation adopts number-taking queue system

Opposite Federation Square is the train station. Melbourne Central Railway Station, also known as Flintons Avenue Railway Station.

It is the earliest railway station in Australia, which is a collection of all city train transfers, just like the center of Melbourne's divergent train network. This century-old beige renaissance building has become a famous symbol of Melbourne.

The best starting point to visit Melbourne at Flinton Central Station. Within a hundred miles of the train, cafes, art galleries and cinema arcades are adjacent. Can reach the Royal Botanic Gardens, hidden behind the downtown, like entering a lush fairyland. ---- From Baidu Encyclopedia

From here you can get on the famous Melbourne 35 tram. Free across the board. All buses in Melbourne ’s urban area are free. But you will be charged as soon as you leave the city. Get the transportation map in advance at the visitor center

Experience the local life of cats

Fall in love with the unique Great Ocean Road


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