Chiang Mai-just want to meet in a country with blooming flowers

This place in Chiang Mai probably came to be known from Teresa Teng and Thais. The first time I went to Thailand, I only went to Phuket / PP Island. This time I gave up Bangkok and went straight to Chiang Mai. Those desires that drive us to forget our original happiness, just want to meet in a country where flowers bloom. . . Spitting. . . Leave some traces of coming. . .

There is no very complicated strategy, the online strategy is much better than mine.

There is no very complicated strategy, the online strategy is much better than mine.

This time I took a free visa in Thailand, so I applied for a service fee of 1 yuan on a specified travel website. The absolute industry conscience price also included the return of the visa (returned by a travel company colleague in person).

Tickets, our itinerary is Hangzhou-Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai-Macau, Macau back to Shanghai, respectively booked through AirAsia and Juneyao Airlines. If you have a Thai visa, you can use your passport to book Hong Kong and Macau tickets, and stay for free for 6-7 days.

Hotel 99 the gallery hotel and baan ratchiangsaen are all booked through HOTELS.COM.

For communications, we have opened an international roaming, and the airport also has a TRUEMOVE card that can be obtained for free, and then go to 7-11 to recharge and open.

Regarding the temple, we only went to Wat Phra Singh, Chedilong Temple, Suthep Mountain Ssangyong Temple. Slippers are required to enter the temple, even on rainy days.

Chiang Mai University, now charged at 60B / person, do a school bus tour, will stay in Jingxin Lake for 15MIN for everyone to take pictures, but unfortunately the day we went there was heavy rain. . .

Ningman Road, various petty bourgeois stores, boutiques, it is worth visiting, and the world's largest second-hand bookstore, but I haven't found the time. . .

There are three companies operating in the jungle leap. There is a difference between long and short lines and platform walks. Do not go to the elephant camp leap. That is not a special jungle leap. It is only a small elephant, so the price is different. We were set in Chiang Mai, China, 1650B / person, including pick-up, lunch, 3 long-distance lines, and cycling, etc., tip the coach 50B / person.

Transportation, except for the time when going to the airport at midnight to the hotel is the regular TAXI, 500B, the rest of Chiang Mai is a double car, the city is 20B / person / time, and the rest depends on bargaining.

Xingtou, a NIKON D5000 camera, a SONO NEX-3N micro-single, a Fuji stand-up camera, and 2 mobile phones. Although there are many devices, photography is not professional haha, I mind.

Chiang Mai slept until 9 o'clock on the first day, breakfast was delicious

The 99 the gallery hotel is not satisfied except for the breakfast, the room is too small for us to spread out. Also behind the hotel is Wat Phra Singh, so we walked very close

Looking out from the hotel balcony is Wat Phra Singh

A foreigner saw me dressing up on the spot and asked us eagerly if we would like to help take a photo. Haha.


The double car arrived at the Chedilong Temple. For the first time, I did n’t know that the tower was behind, so that I went there again, and I mistakenly thought that the driver brought me the wrong temple again, until the driver kindly took me Take it behind the temple. . . The scene is so funny and embarrassing

The double car continued to come to Petamen in order to feed the pigeons

I went to THE CHEDI at noon and was told that afternoon tea starts at 2PM

By the way, make another MASSAGE

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and Spa

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa

123 Charoen Prathet Road Changklan, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand (原名The Chedi Chiang Mai, a GHM Hotel)

Designed by designer Kerry Hill

Before going, I compared the afternoon teas of Huahua, Siji, and CHEDI. The first two are far from the ancient city. There is a free shuttle bus for the four seasons. Wenhua is said to be in the same place as the afternoon tea in the store and the non-stay store. Cost-effective, I chose CHEDI, the disciple's shooting location, chose a two-person package 1100B + service fee total 1300B less than / 2 people.

By the way, the four seasons are also posted, and I want to take them away. The style of the four seasons is grass cattle and sheep. . .

There is a shuttle bus at the D2 hotel in the southeast of the ancient city

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai (Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai) has a free shuttle from the ancient city, the departure point is D2 Hotel! No taxi, no need to fight double, is a free shuttle ~~! !

Afternoon tea was enough to eat dinner, at night, the double car went to the night market of Changkang Road, where it was solved dinner and supper

The next day, sleep until you wake up naturally, after breakfast, start a day at Ningman Road-Chiang Mai University-Shuanglong Temple

Passing by this interesting shop, it is suitable for taking pictures

This "Chinese-speaking" hat shop near Ningman Road, the original owner is a Japanese man with Korean style who has spoken fluent Chinese in China for more than ten years.

Finding IBERRY on Ningman Road and finding it all the way, let's go to Chiang Mai University

The fare in Chiang Mai University is now 60B / person

Seeing the Jingxin Lake, it ’s a pity that Heavenly Father does n’t make beauty, and the rain continues

It's really good to come to Ningman Road early, so I'm not satisfied. But here we met a girl from Beijing, and two students from the Mainland who were admitted to HK City University, took a taxi up the mountain to Shuanglong Temple

For a casual lunch, a local hotpot restaurant on Ningman Road, the beef and beef mixed taste good

Here I want to introduce you, that is, a small partner with fate. We went to Shuanglong Temple and told a double car driver to send the price back to the ancient city. The driver also promised to wait for us. As a result, we forgot the time when we entered the temple. It was already dark and cold and hungry when we came down. The driver has long disappeared. The only two cars at the door refused to take us down the mountain because there were people waiting.

The only way is to let the driver of the car call his friend and pick him up to pick us up. So we can only charter a car 400B, let the empty car pick up, send back to the ancient city of Chiang Mai, but the driver also stopped at the most beautiful place of the night view, let us take pictures, there is a chance of success.

A group of people have gone down the mountain and entered the ancient city at more than 7 o'clock. Everyone starved to death like a wolf. Passing an ABC buffet hot pot here at Chiang Mai Gate, they were still hesitating. , This is delicious, so I decided to go here, the price is quite inexpensive, only 129B / person without drinks

The sky after the rain is azure and the mood is instantly improved. We moved to this hotel near Chiang Mai Gate, it seems to be a newly opened one, it was very interesting when CHECK IN, the front desk MM said, we don't offer breakfast, I think okay, anyway, Chiang Mai eats a lot, You can eat all kinds of delicacies just by going out. The front desk MM went on to say, but we have some fruit, bread, sandwich, coffee ... all free ~ ... this is not breakfast, I repeated it twice more carefully at least, I heard correctly, there are these FREE, and later I realized that she was referring to the breakfast that was not cooked, haha, we don't care ~

In the morning, pat around the hotel, and wait for the reserved jungle leap to pick us up

The car came to pick us up on time, we made an appointment at 10 o'clock, and found that the car was a strong one, because we were female, the female Han Zhi

The ancient city drove to the place where the jungle leaped for more than an hour, one of the rightmost coaches. When you get there, change the car into the mountain

Actually I was dragged, I was scared, I was afraid of height, but when I first flew, it was really cool to scream loudly hahaha

Between platforms

After playing for a few hours, it is finally over, and the glass heart can finally land. During the long-term coaches will fly with our girls, because we are light weight and sweat.

The place for lunch has a good view. I took a panoramic view. The lunch is just as normal. The curry chicken rice is not bad. Fruits and soup are provided.

The night market near Chiang Mai Gate is really rich in variety and inexpensive. The fruit shake is the cheapest I have bought in Chiang Mai. It is only 20 B. Changkang Road Night Market wants 40 B. Okay, it feels so expensive in an instant.

Leaping back to take pictures in the ancient city, and then to Chedilong Temple, for the first time did not find the tower behind. . . . . . My heart

Ningman Road for food, and went again

Going to Macau with a gray machine, a short stay, sinking in some shopping, not much to go around

Watch various luxury cars at TAXI at the entrance of Four Seasons

Someone recommended Chen Guangji's roasted taste. Roast goose has been sold out. I asked for the roast duck next. The taste is also very good. One hundred and half Hong Kong dollars. I ordered a barbecued rice and even two female papers were eaten.

gone back


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