Free Travel Cambodia, Vietnam

This is a belated travel note. It's been a long time since we went out to play. I didn't want to write it, but finally decided to write it, just to give myself a memorial.

My husband always wanted to travel abroad freely, so I found many places on the Internet and read a lot of strategies. Finally, in February 2014, I chose Cambodia and Vietnam as the first stop of our free travel abroad. Angkor's stone dynasty, which was once glorious, then invaded, abandoned, and finally discovered, impacted people's souls at a deeper level due to the long time, the magnificent architecture, and the vicissitudes of history. Cambodia ’s Angkor culture attracts people from all over the world, but unfortunately few people know that in addition to the cave culture, Cambodia also has a beautiful and peaceful harbour, close to the Gulf of Thailand. The English name is sihanouk ville, and the Chinese translation is Sihanoukville. The island here is quiet, the sand is extremely soft and beautiful.

On the morning of February 27, 2014, take a car from Yancheng Wuxing Station to Shanghai North Square, then walk from North Square to South Square and take Airport Line 5 to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. At night, I embarked on a flight from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Phnom Penh, Cambodia The plane took off at 19:35 Beijing time. After a 6-hour flight, it finally arrived in the city at 23:55 Phnom Penh time (24:55 Beijing time).

I met two people from Henan who went to Westport for engineering at the airport. They got off the plane and joined the TUTU car. Seven dollars went to a hotel we had seen on the Internet. When the other person was already full, the TUTU driver helped us I found another one and saw that there was a room in the middle of the night.

At the time of customs clearance, the customs asked us for a tip, and said straight $ 2 in my mouth. I pretended that I could n’t understand it. The husband directly said that there was no small money. We would n’t give a tip. The customs tip is in the passport.

On the morning of February 28, 2014, the hotel where we stayed helped us book a ticket for Phnom Penh to Siem Reap at 1.45 pm. One person for 9 dollars, and then the two people each ate 1 dollar of rice noodles at a roadside stall.

The scenery outside the window of the hotel, the coconut juice is good.

Messy wires.

Children playing in the square.

Take a photo with the guards of the palace.

We stayed in Phnom Penh for half a day, basically nothing to shop.


Lunch at noon.

I bought a yoghurt and water at a small supermarket near the palace. I ate salty yoghurt for the first time here. It was unpalatable. When I bought yoghurt in the future, I paid attention to see if it was sweet. Every time you buy yoghurt in the future, it depends on whether you have the words sweetened. I also met two chubby and two young girls here. They were little friends found on the road. They went to the same place and walked together. What they talked about, we really did n’t understand it, there was a generation gap, and we were really old. I got in a car to Siem Reap at noon and arrived at more than seven in the evening. I first found the hotel and it was full. There was a house on the side. It cost 25 dollars. I did n’t live. I found another one for 20 dollars. Live, and finally found a family of 15 US dollars a night, and also stayed with air conditioning. One of the two chubby people said that they were eating seafood together when they were in Vietnam, and it was cheap. It was the only time in the entire Vietnam itinerary. At that time, I thought that this chubby meal must be very large. If you are not full, you can order another one. When we later arrived in Vietnam by ourselves, we discovered that another order would cost another $ 4,5. Apart from the fact that French sticks can be bought by the roadside, there are really not many tourists who eat at roadside stalls. Basically, all locals eat at roadside stalls, and occasionally see tourists mixed with them, and the prices of tourists are definitely much higher than locals and a little cheaper than restaurants. They would rather not do your business than want to see you look surprised because they are too cheap. On the contrary, we have a few times left because of the roadside stall owner's blind offer, and they will not call you back. Of course, there are many stalls that are clearly priced. Cambodia's roads are not very good, and many are dirt roads.

Tickets for Angkor are $ 40 per person for 3 days.

Husband booked a car online in advance, two days TUTU car a day car, a total of 95 dollars.

This is our two-day TUTU car, and a pair of white feet, which will become a pair of black and red feet in a few days.

Her husband who made a grand appearance, you have worked hard on this trip, and you have lost your care along the way. My English level is simply illiterate, and you are telling me.

I got up early in the morning on March 1, 2014. Today's itinerary is TUTU Angkor Circle.

The main attractions are: Prasat Kravan-Sras Srong-Banteay Kdei-Pre Rup-East Mebon 45 minutes-Ta Som-Neak Pean-Prah Khan-Bayon-Phnom Bakheng to Baken in the evening The mountains watch the sunset, and the sunset time is around 6 pm.

Find Rado in the Siem Reap English TUTU car recommendation post on the Internet. Add him on WeChat, and then use WeChat to contact him. Others are honest and trustworthy. When they started contacting, they said that tutu was not driven by him, but by his cousin, and the car was driven by him. So the back of the driver of the TUTU car in the photo is his cousin peter.

On the road, many foreigners ride to various attractions.

It ’s like a pool of royal water.

The foreign friends are funny behind me.

Can't stand the little girl's lobbying, bought hats and postcards and coke.

People at Bakken Mountain watching the sunset.

It has been rumored that only 300 people are allowed to watch the sunset every day at Bakken Mountain, which caused us to arrive at less than 4 o'clock. The actual sunset time was around 6 o'clock. When we arrived, there were basically few people. At the door, LP was wearing short sleeves, and the management did not allow it. (According to the regulations, the jacket must have sleeves and no shoulders, and super shorts are not acceptable.) The aunts and sisters-in-law of the regiment borrowed a scarf from them and put them on their shoulders, the administrator let them in, and gave them back when they came in. Unexpectedly, the place where Bakken Mountain watched the sunset was a stand 30-50 meters square. There were dozens of administrators in it, and they kept patrolling. When they saw their shoulders again, they came over to interfere again. I borrowed scarves from others. The scarf is only about 3 dollars in Cambodia. Thank you for the sister-in-law, but it seems that she looks at you from time to time. I am afraid that you will feel ahead of time after watching the sunrise. Afterwards, there is really no way, so I have to follow them all the time. During this period, a white aunt lifted her T-shirt a little, showing her back blowing, and the administrator hurried to stop it. Since the sunset can only be viewed on the west-facing side, for safety, a rope was pulled on the side of a high platform, requiring people to stay behind the rope. But there are too many people. In a blink of an eye, dozens of people sit on the side of the table outside the rope. In fact, the table is not high, less than one person tall, and all are adults. How can there be any safety issues? But after the administrator came over, he asked to return to the back of the rope. There were already dozens of people involved. I think this time the administrator must have gone wrong. No one will listen to him. The law will not blame the public. The people were competing, but what I did not expect was that the foreigners took the lead reluctantly to return to the rope, and there were a few Asians left. I wonder if they were Chinese or not, and finally left slowly. In the picture, the yellow backpack with the armband is the administrator. The white jacket and white hat take the SLR. It seems to be organized, and take the lead to return to the foreigner behind the rope. Foreigners' legal concepts are still strong.

Children in the scenic area.

Bar street at night.

This bar is very famous.

Cambodian hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. are all priced in US dollars, and the actual use is also US dollars. There is no need to exchange US dollars for local currency. Local money is mainly for change. Basically, it is all US dollar cash transactions, and it is basically not easy to swipe cards. It is estimated that except large hotels, we can only swipe, but we are all guests, so we have no say. There are many ATMs, but basically not all UnionPay cards. But it is said that some banks can use UnionPay to withdraw US dollars. Vietnam is completely different. Of all the ATMs you see, the UnionPay logo is the first thing that catches your eye. We withdrew a cash of VND 3 million in CITIBANK in Vietnam, and soon received a bank text message stating that we would withdraw RMB 873. Swipe twice for shopping. I have counted a few times, and there is basically no difference between swiping a card, paying US dollars, and Vietnamese Dong. So it ’s really not worth spending a few minutes to figure out which payment is more cost-effective. On March 2, 2014, the outer circle of Angkor, the tool was a car.

Angkor Outer Ring: Banteay Srei-Kbal spean-Beng Mealea $ 5 ticket-Rollos Group site (Rolous Group).

On the way to Angkor's outer circle, he chatted with the driver RADO. He said that the Cambodian people are very conservative. The vast majority of girls will not cohabit with their boyfriends before marriage. The average salary in Cambodia is only about US $ 100 per month, which is quite high. Cambodian young people generally speak good English, which is better than Vietnam, and Vietnam is better than China. No one knows French except the elderly. There are many Vietnamese in Cambodia. The people do not like Vietnamese, just as Chinese do not like Japanese very much. Every time the Hun Sen government conducts elections, it will be broadcast live on television, but the TV signal will be at a critical moment when counting votes. After two days, it will celebrate the successful election. RADO said that he was planning to go to Thailand, and it was easy for Cambodians to learn Thai because he could not wait for Hun Sen to die. The Hun Sen government is too flattering to the Vietnamese, and the country ’s poor and backward government has been unable to do so. Angkor ’s income accounts for a large portion of the government ’s fiscal revenue, but the road from Phnom Penh to the more than 200 kilometers of Angkor will take 7,8 hours, and many of the roads are dirt roads. There are many Cambodian holidays, 3 days for the Cambodian New Year, 3 days for the Chinese New Year, and 7 days for the National Day. In short, there are many holidays. There are also many Koreans in Cambodia, mainly in the tourism industry such as hotels and restaurants. They colluded with corrupt policemen and acted rashly. In RADO's words, drive crazy, sleep with Cambodian girl without paying money. This reminds me as if I heard that Yueda's Korean devil had just started to pay Miss Korean with 1,000 won. Later, when we met a family of four in the Mekong Delta on a hot day at noon, we bought a can of cola for the youngest girl. It seems that there is really a set of tricks and tricks by Koreans. RADO said that he had fought Koreans, and he hated the Vietnamese and Koreans most. Cambodian people are lazy, so high temperatures, the field grows one season of rice a year, just wait for the rainy season to plant a season, it can be imagined that in the 7 or 8 months of the year, the field is scarce, and the dry season crops are not planted, no Poor is strange.

On this day, I got up early in the morning to watch the sunrise at Angkor Temple.

Looking at Angkor, most people buy 3 days of tickets for 40 dollars, valid for one week; one day is too hasty for 20 dollars, and a few people are too hurry to buy one day tickets; really want to appreciate slowly, 7 The 60-day ticket is valid for one month. Foreigners riding bicycles, it is estimated to buy a 7-day ticket, right? Last year I went to North Korea and met a young man from Gome. He said that he bought a 7-day ticket, and they wanted to create something in it.

Beautiful woman watching the sunrise.

At the gate of the Queen ’s Palace, a policeman held a badge and two epaulets and asked me if I wanted to buy it. It was $ 5. I compared the badge with the one he wore and found that it was exactly the same. Finally, I did n’t want to buy it. A little afraid of trouble.

At the south entrance of Angkor, I encountered a domestic couple taking a wedding photo. Sure enough, they encountered the same thing as what was said on the Internet. Some people in uniform came out to intervene, and they had to pay 300 dollars or something.

Beng Mealea (Beng Mealea) $ 5 per person ticket is to be purchased separately, excluding three-day tickets.

Beng Meale is about 50 kilometers away from Siem Reap. It is more mysterious and barren than Tabu Fu. Because this place is remote, it is said that many exquisite statues have been stolen. Thick moss tells the history of the decline here.

I bought a lunch for lunch in the scenic area.

When eating lunch, hesitated whether to call the driver to eat together, because several places in the outer circle are far away from the city, and the meal must be expensive, so he asked him if he wanted to eat together. Several other drivers played cards together. RADO is usually a singer and has also released records, but he doesn't make much money. I read others' posts on the Internet to introduce him. I do n’t ask him or say that he is a singer. He also took out his CD and put it on the car for us to sing. It ’s a Cambodian local song that I do n’t understand. He said that he mainly sings and sings in local public welfare organizations.

The Luoluosi architectural complex is known as the beginning of Khmer art, and the founder of Angkor Dynasty, Jan Yebmore II, established several capitals. The Luoluo Temple Group includes Bakong Temple, Shenniu Temple, and Luolai Temple. These two temples are about 2 kilometers apart. They are basically being built. Each is not large and not spectacular, so no photos were taken. There was a lot of trees and flowers in front of a temple, so he left a shadow in front of the flowers.

I ate some famous dishes in the famous Khmer kitchen.

I got up early in the morning on March 3, 2014. Today's itinerary is TUTU Angkor Circle.

The main attractions are: Angkor Wat—Bayon—Phimeanakas—Terrace of the Elephants—Terrace of the leper king— —Chau Say Thevoda—Thommanon—Ta Keo—Ta Prohm (Ta Prohm) (the place where the ancient curtain was filmed, the interior is large Follow the signs and take more pictures here).

Angkor Temple.

Check the ticket every time you visit an attraction.

If you pat your chest, there will be a loud bang.

Children who draw pictures, every bigger attraction will have such a mine victim, you can donate money to the box.

I remember the child ’s father saw a group of young Cambodian monks and asked for a group photo. The young monk asked for money. After talking about the money, he kept posing and shooting. The two children are very shy, not at all like Western children. After communication, I can't remember which country the parents are from. I work in Singapore. The two children grew up in Singapore. No wonder the children are ashamed. I proposed to take a photo with the child. The parents were very enthusiastic. No matter the child was taking a photo with the monk, I asked the child to come and take a photo with the aunt. The two children were very obedient. The father told them to take a picture with the monks. From the beginning, he was reluctant and reluctant. Later, he took his father's discretion. The two children took pictures for ten minutes before and after.

After dinner in the evening, I took the night bus to Westport, and the three-day trip to Angkor ended.

On the evening of March 3rd, a bus from Siem Reap to Westport, a yellow car, we went to bed with two Chinese girls. I thought they also went to Westport. I never expected them to get off at Phnom Penh in the middle of the night. To Phnom Penh. After waiting for about one or twenty minutes, the car was full of passengers one after another, just preparing to drive. A girl who was sleeping in bed hurriedly got into the car with a boy and said that she had forgotten a bag. Did not lose passport money or anything. Backpack is outside, remember to check passport and big money and card at any time, you can buy anything else.

After taking a car for more than ten hours, I arrived at the station on the mountainside of Westport at more than seven in the morning. How can it be regarded as a station, it can only be regarded as a parking lot. I found a motorcycle and sent it to the port. I bought a ferry ticket to kon rong samloem on the roadside, called Gaolong Saleng Island in Chinese. It is divided into slow boat and fast boat. We take the fast boat and the ticket is 15 US dollars one way. Per person.

After I bought the boat ticket, I looked for food. There were very few breakfasts on the street by the dock. I did n’t go if the things in the shop were quite expensive. I walked a short distance and finally found a mobile car selling porridge, so I bought two bowls of chicken porridge. It's quite fresh, I don't know if it's too much MSG.

This is where we sat for two nights in Salim Island, named atamans bungalows. As soon as I got the key, I went into the door and washed it first.

This couple lives in the same house as us. After washing, we saw them go down to play cards. By 3 or 4 in the afternoon, we saw that they were still playing cards.

After washing, take a break and have lunch at the restaurant where you live.

This is the legendary tree house. You have to book in advance. When we went there, people already lived. It is estimated that no one lived, and we would not live. It costs 40 US dollars a night. The grass house we sit in is only 25 US dollars a. Hey late.

After eating, I slept in the house until three o'clock and swayed by the beach. The beach is very beautiful, the water is shallow, the sand is white and thin, and the sea in the distance is also very blue, but the camera does not take effect come out.

Someone is fishing by the sea.

Italian couple living in a tree house. They stayed on the island for 4 days, playing cards every day, basking in the sun and soaking the sea water. English is not good, two people play two decks, and ask them how to play, they say it seems to be stair 40, it is estimated that it is the same as our 40 points.

The boss is an old Turkish man in his early 50s. He came to Cambodia four years ago and married a local. Two and a half years ago, he started building thatched houses on the island. So far, about 10 have been built, and plans to build another 4,5. At present, 10 of them cost about 78,000 US dollars. He said that he had planned to sell thatched cottages in two years, and found a clean place to care for the elderly. Every time I go to dinner, I will always see him staying outside the restaurant and watching the sea quietly. He said, I like quiet. Dare to love that he built thatched cottage for himself. I secretly counted, investing 500,000 yuan, 6 thatched houses a day, each about 30 dollars, 6 * 30 * 365 * 6 yuan a year, nearly 400,000 yuan. The income of restaurants and small shops is based on the salary of 6 employees (average 100 US dollars per person per month) and 3KW generator 4 hours a day (6-10 pm). Making money is for sure, but you have to be able to endure it for a long time, without hot water, no electricity, inconvenient transportation (21 kilometers from the mainland), and no internet. Many Westerners who have been to many places say that Salim Island is the most beautiful island in Asia. We haven't been to many places, but later I went to see the sea of ​​Mui Ne and Nha Trang in Vietnam, and I really missed Salang Island. It's just that the mosquitoes in Salang Island are too powerful, so foreigners who can resist are generally less than a week old.

At the beginning of a new day on March 5, 2014, I got up at less than six in the morning and came to the beach to watch the sunrise.

After watching the sunrise, we walked through the woods to the lazy beach on the back of Salim Island.

There are fewer beaches here.

This beach is not too big, we returned to where we lived after two hours of play.

I wandered by the beach until night, and went back to bed after dinner, and the day passed by quickly.

Came together on the morning of March 6, 2014 to tidy up and take a look at the place where I lived, because I was about to leave, a bit reluctant.

Carrying a suitcase, ready to set off on Gaolong Island.

The boat sent to Koh Rong Island is only three people including my husband and the sailing boat. The boat was so big when it drove.

The boat soon reached Gaolong Island. Gaolong Island was different. There were many people and many places to live.

I ate at the place where I lived at noon. He also had a hotel and a restaurant. Then he rested for a while, and set off a little more across the jungle and cliffs to the long beach on the back of Gaolong Island.

Climbing the mountain is very laborious. In fact, we can take a boat. We want to experience it. After watching the sunset, we came back from the boat.

Because I couldn't swim and never went to the sea, this time I went to the sea at the long beach. I was soaked and the sea water was very salty. There is no sea smell here.

When we returned to Gaolong Island, it was already dark. We finished our meal and went back to wash to sleep. The sound of the waves here is so loud, because we live in a room near the sea and the sound is clearer.

I woke up on the morning of March 7, 2014 and walked around Koh Rong Island because I haven't taken a closer look here yet. We will follow the ship to Westport before ten o'clock.

After seeing Saleng Island and then looking at Gaolong Island, I think it is still beautiful, whether it is sand or sea water.

When I arrived in Westport, I wanted to live on Independence Beach. The others were already full. You need to buy chips to live. So we found a hotel near the Victory Beach called the White House.

In the afternoon we rented a motorcycle and visited Westport.

Part of Sokha Beach, Sokha is now private.

A turntable golden lion that must pass through to Westport.

Here, we basically always watch sunrise and sunset.

There are many large and small beaches along the way.

In the evening, I ate near the center of Westport. There were many restaurants along the way, all next to each other.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Siem Reap, tourists are not allowed to rent motorcycles. We thought that we were not allowed to rent in Westport, but the owner of the Whitehouse who stayed said that it did n’t matter. 7 dollars a day. I asked him whether Cambodian tourists were not allowed to rent motorcycles. He said that his car had a formal license plate, it didn't matter. We did n’t care much. Anyway, if we were stopped by the traffic police, just call him. As a result, we saw the traffic police twice in the center of the day. Not terrible.

When we were staying in thatched house on Salim Island, the boss asked me what my name was. I just wanted to give him my passport in accordance with my habit. He said no, I said Jimmy, he just wrote it on the receipt. I didn't read my passport, and I didn't want my passport to be stored with him. This is the only one in the 20 days of this trip that does not fail to keep the passport.

The price of a Cambodian TUTU car is generally twice the price of a motorcycle. If one person or two people have little luggage, you can consider a motorcycle.

Angkor's three-day chartered car is generally a TUTU car for two days, one day for each of the big and small circles, and the outer circle must definitely be chartered. The general budget for three days is $ 100.

When you enter Cambodia, the flight attendant will give you the immigration card connected to the plane, fill out the immigration card, and will ask you to take out the blank immigration card when you enter, then he stamps a stamp on the immigration card and uses the book Machine the outbound card on the passport page. The stamped outbound card must be kept in custody until it leaves the country. Use this card to fill out the outbound card. In case of loss, it is estimated that he will give you a reason. When you enter the country, you are also required to record fingerprints. He will teach you how to do it in Chinese. Generally, the right hand has four fingers, the thumb, and then the left hand. At the same time, I would like to ask for money in Chinese, but the voice is very low. Generally speaking, it will stop squeaking once or twice. The tough post-90s will come, why? I have Cambodian visa. I also record fingerprints when I leave the country, asking for money.

It is very strange that Vietnam does not need to fill in the immigration card for immigration. We entered the car, the plane exited, did not meet the money. Vietnam does not have TUTU cars, only motorcycles. Rent motorcycles for $ 5,6 a day everywhere, remember to bring a helmet. The basic code table of the rented motorcycle is all bad, and the oil inside is only enough for you to drive to the nearest gas station.

It takes about an hour from the place of accommodation to the long beach on the other side of Gaolong Island. There are few thatched cottages, the beach is very long, and there are many tourists. They come by boat or walk, but there are no toilets. There are only one or two Thatched cottages are also open to staying guests. The husband drank too much water and wanted to pee. He couldn't find a place. He said that he suddenly found a good way to go directly to the sea water to solve it. When he came up, he thought about how the foreigner solved it. Then look at the foreigner drinking beer on the beach. After a while, he went down and walked into the sea alone, and came up in three or five minutes. They thought they were afraid of heat and went to the water. It's cool here, it turns out that this is their "latent" rule.

Comrades, do n’t be afraid of urinary urgency at the seaside, you ca n’t find a toilet, and you might as well dive.

March 8, 2014 was our last day in Westport.

I bought some fruit in the market in Westport.

See the school on the way.

Today happened to be a day of rest. On the road, I saw a group of students volunteering and picking up garbage.

Went around more than ten o'clock, went to the place where I was going to check out, and then left the bag in the hotel, to get it before going at night.

We spent seven dollars, ate lunch in this house, and then spent an afternoon on the lounge chairs of others, and watched the sea all afternoon.

This ice-cold sugar cane juice has a little lemon added to it, which is very tasty. You must drink it when you come here.

There are still people singing in this casino. See me like a Chinese, and sing a Chinese song.

I watched the sunset again at Victory Beach today and saw many children playing.

The person who took the picture is not too young, it seems to be specially taken pictures.

After dinner, go to the place where you live to get a salute and prepare to go to the station. I saw in the hotel that the children of the host are writing English. The Cambodian Qian people seem to have good English, unlike I who is illiterate.

This seafood restaurant is opened by a Cantonese. It seems to be quite famous. There are quite a lot of Chinese people eating here. We have eaten here a few times, but none of them are seafood.

Cambodia is really over here. Ten days is not too long, but it makes me fall in love with your white sand and blue water. No research on Angkor is just a look. kon rong samloem-You have firmly remembered it in my mind.

What do you think of when you mention Vietnam? I think most people, including my parents, still have an impression of this country in the last century. I think it is a poor and dirty country. The people are black and short, and they are tens of thousands of dollars. You can buy a daughter-in-law to return to your country ... In fact, Vietnam is now Asia ’s second fastest growing country after China, and it is the world ’s second largest coffee exporter after Brazil. Vietnam is a country that is very suitable for self-help travel, and when you go to Vietnam, you become a multi-millionaire instantly, completely stress-free ... Vietnam is an indulgent country. Vietnam's laid back is comparable to Chengdu. There are some laziness, some leisurely complacency, and some enjoyment. Vietnamese people basically don't work overtime, even if they can make more money. This is very different from the developed regions of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other Asian regions. People in these places are more willing to spend more time to earn more money, and then use money and status for happiness. Vietnamese people are more willing to spend time sitting on the road with a cup of coffee or beer, watching motorcycles running on the streets, or riding on motorcycles without destinations on the streets. If your English is good, it is relatively smooth in Vietnam. Generally Vietnamese people speak some English. Just like Yangshuo, the English in the service industry is quite good. Vietnamese people do business, like passenger motorcycles and tourist tricycles. If you do n’t want to use the service, you just need to wave them gently and they wo n’t continue to struggle.

Our trip to Vietnam was played with Cambodia. We played in Cambodia for 10 days, and then we took a night bus directly from the West Port of Cambodia to Saigon, Vietnam, which is now Ho Chi Minh City. We arrived in Vietnam on March 9, 2014, and arrived in Yancheng on the afternoon of March 18, 2014.

I took a car to Saigon in Westport and changed another car in Phnom Penh midnight. Cambodia doesn't seem to see a decent station, they all park on the roadside to get on the bus. At the Westport station, it is better to say that the station is a chaotic parking lot, and the time is not so punctual. We are a car at 8 o'clock, and we haven't arrived after 8 o'clock. We are in a hurry and there is no staff to ask. You can imagine the anxiety level. Because you missed this bus, you will have to wait until tomorrow Delayed, so the trip to Vietnam will also be delayed. Fortunately, the car came around 8:20, and my husband and I finally settled down.

We sent the car to Ho Chi Minh City at 8 o'clock. Less than 7:30, we arrived at the only official car park in Westport. The cars of several companies temporarily stopped. We also got off here from Siem Reap to Westport. When we got there, we started looking for our car, but the parking lot was the parking lot. There were only a few cars without staff. We asked a driver that he said the car had not arrived yet. Rest assured. I went to ask the other drivers who were gambling. They did not know whether it was unpleasant to play or did not understand. They waved to me impatiently. Seeing that it's 8 o'clock, our car hasn't come yet, the key is that there is still no passenger, which makes our hearts even more ups and downs. Would n’t it be the case for the two of us to go to Ho Chi Minh, if we are the two of us, will they cancel the shuttle bus? If we cancel, we will have one day less time in Vietnam and our Vietnam itinerary will be disrupted. Fortunately, we did not reserve any hotel rooms or anything on this trip, otherwise it wouldn't be a complete soup? Husband decided to go out again and go to the door to see if there was a security guard at the door or not. The husband just waited at the door if he could not. When I saw the door, there was no security guard. There was only a small restaurant. A few locals and a white girl were sitting idle and drinking drinks. There was a big backpack not far from the door of the hotel. A handsome white guy next to him was waiting for the car anxiously. While their eyes were facing each other, the suspended heart was suddenly put down. There were other passengers. Husband asked him where to go, he said that Siem Reap is also a car at 8 o'clock, ah acr, but we go to Ho Chi Minh, there is still the possibility of canceling the bus. However, since 8 o'clock has passed, and the car to Siem Reap has not come, then I feel good about it. Maybe they have the habit of delay? Since they are both anxious, let's talk. The guy and the white girl inside are a couple. This time they have two entry and exit visas from Germany to China, from Germany to Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, Hainan, and then to Vietnam. I thought that I do n’t need a visa to go to Vietnam. Boarding At that time, we were stopped by our border inspection (the boy did not have enough homework), canceled the flight, re-issued the Vietnam visa, and then came to Vietnam, then Cambodia, Thailand, and returned to Beijing to fly to Germany. The guy's backpack is huge, 120 liters, my God. His girlfriend is 35 liters. It is estimated that the guy is chasing the girl hard, or love performance. He said that his 120-liter bag was 30 kilograms away from Germany, and now it is only 15 kilograms. How could it happen? He said it depends on what you put. It is estimated that all toilet paper and the like are so light. He said that after three years of military service in Germany, the standard backpack for the march was 20 kg. Only a few years ago, Germany lifted the rule that every healthy young man must perform military service. I asked him if it was easy to apply for a Chinese visa. He smiled bitterly and said that it was not easy and it was particularly expensive, at 130 euros per person. He said that the expression of 130 euros is extremely painful. It seems that 130 euros is not a small money for young people in developed countries. Do my big nations still count on this visa fee? No wonder Lao Tzu ’s passport is not easy to get anywhere, and the visas to Europe are all more than 1,000 oceans. I asked him how he felt about China. He said he hated Russia very much, militants,

The Chinese are self-defense of great powers. The husband asked him what he thought of the Chinese without belief. He said that he did not believe in himself, so he believed in himself. There are also 3-4% of people in Germany who have no faith, and those who have faith are not pious. Very few people go to church on Sundays. The teachings of the Bible also choose to hang their mouths all day, if they ca n’t There is no such doctrine. Fearing that his wife was taking care of the luggage alone, he didn't talk a few words, and the husband hurried back, and came to me and found a young Russian couple and his wife waiting for the bus together. They also went to Siem Reap. Within a few minutes, a sleeper bus came in the doorway. I ran over to see that the German guy was boarding the car happily, and the Russian couple also got their luggage on the bus. Just when I was desperate, a bus came in at the door. It was indeed our car. The strange thing was that the car was almost full. The original departure station of the car was not this damn broken parking lot. Quickly get in the car, just put the luggage into the belly of the car, the driver asked me where to go, and where they go, I have been waiting for you for half an hour, go to Ho Chi Minh. Sorry, go to Ho Chi Minh's luggage to get on the car and change the car in Phnom Penh. Hey, I did n’t hear that I had to change the car when I bought the ticket. There was no way to get my luggage on the car. At first glance, many people put their luggage on their berths. In the middle of the night, he was chased off in Phnom Penh and got into another car. to be continued

The next bus is the car we went to Saigon. At this time, the people have come down for security.

Cambodia finally took another look at it, and really wanted to see you again.

There is no counterfeit new coffee in the south. I heard that there are counterfeit ones in the north.

The car didn't arrive at Saigon until 11 o'clock. At first, I didn't want to take a new coffee. Because there are a lot of Chinese people taking the new coffee, we first went to the orange bus to ask. There was no joint ticket to sell. Buy coupons.

After I bought the ticket, I went to the bank to try it out. Whether the UnionPay card is available, and what I can use is the local money.

Vietnamese rice noodles eaten at noon, do not like to eat, too sweet.

After eating, we went to the new coffee lounge to wait for the bus. Two hundred kilometers from Saigon to Mui Ne, but it did not prevent the Vietnamese driver from driving for five and a half hours. The car at 1.45 noon arrived at more than seven in the evening. You see that although Vietnam ’s not spacious but smooth road cars drive at four or fifty hours, Buddha will be crazy. I took a 20-minute break in the middle to let you come down for convenience, and you can buy something to eat by the way. I don't know what fruit is full on the tree below. I saw the tree protected at the rest station.

When I arrived in Mui Ne in the evening, I first looked at the one I saw on the Internet. They were already full. Then I went to a hotel similar to a resort and asked for 30 dollars. Then I found another one nearby. 10 The US dollar feels quite cost-effective, with air conditioning. This day was really tiring and I sat in the car for a long time. When I found the accommodation, I ate a western food next door.

March 10, 2014, Mui Ne day. Mui Ne is a small fishing village. The beach is not beautiful and the wind is very strong. It is suitable for Westerners to play water sports such as surfing and paragliding. There are no streets in Mui Ne, only a highway spreads over ten kilometers of sandy beaches, and there are hotels and restaurants on both sides of the highway, which is simple and clear. Attractions: Fairy Stream-Fishing Village (watching the sunset)-White Sand Dune-Red Sand Dune. In fact, people don't call it Red Sand Dune (Yerrow Sand Dune). We rented a motorcycle on this day. A small school passing by.

The fishing village in the morning, many fishing boats, colorful and very beautiful.

White sand dunes, I have been to Mingsha Mountain in China, and it would be boring to look at this white sand dune, unless you play beach motorbikes here.

There is no one on the seaside promenade, just find a place on the seaside promenade and take a few photos.

This is the yellow sand dune, not to mention a pile of sand.

Arrived home at noon, ate a meal, took a nap, and drove off on a motorcycle at three o'clock in the afternoon. Go watch kite surfing.

There are quite a few people playing kite surfing in Mui Ne. It seems that the Chinese are not playing. After watching the kite surfing, we went to Fairy Creek again.

The episode of Fairy Creek in Mui Ne: The entrance of Fairy Creek is particularly annoying with a group of children, you go in and ask you to store shoes in them, and you will be a guide for you. What tour guide? We didn't save our shoes, and we didn't need a tour guide, we just went in and walked by ourselves. After a few minutes or so, a French couple did n’t understand the market and was quickly overtaken by a boy of thirteen or four, and stopped not far away in front of us. (Looks like 15 yuan) The French guy took 20,000 rupiah to give to the child, the child didn't want to, and pretended to be poor and said a lot. I stepped forward and asked about the situation. The French guy told me the situation. The unlucky child didn't know whether it was Vietnamese or French. Anyway, the meaning was 20,000, but it must be 50,000. I said, in a few minutes, one or two thousand is almost the same, and the unlucky child will not give in. When the French girl couldn't tell clearly, she walked aside. We couldn't help, and we had to catch the sunset in the fishing village at night, and we slowly moved forward. Leaving a French man of nearly 1. 9 meters to talk with the unlucky boy at the chicken and duck. We haven't walked out of the ten steps yet, so we heard a very clear "fuck you" from the unlucky boy. Turn around and see. The hapless boy mumbled and walked back, and the expression of the French guy's scorn came over awkwardly. It is estimated that they hadn't encountered such an embarrassment in France when they grew up. Damn angry, if I, I'm sure a "fuck your mother dead, you son of a bitch" I dreamed of the most vicious swearing like back in the past. I really do n’t know what education the French received. What kind of politeness do you have for this vicious and uncultivated child?

We went to the exit after visiting Fairy Creek. Because there was sand on our feet and we saw a water bridle on the side, we wanted to go and flush the sand. I saw the crooked "toilet and wash feet, money please" on the small blackboard next to me. Hurry back, wear shoes directly, and prepare to mobilize the motorcycle to leave. At that time, the French couple also came back, and the girl went straight to the only tap. An old Vietnamese man quickly pointed to the small blackboard to show the girl, and the girl returned without a glance. . I guess they whispered "Hey, this day." Do n’t let people down, French, learn from us.

Fishing village at sunset.

On this day, our feet were sunburned and injured. There are protections elsewhere, but our feet are not protected.

Today's activity is too large, and my husband has asked for supper. This western restaurant is connected to the place where we live. The people who come to eat in this western restaurant are basically Westerners. The business of this restaurant is very good.

On March 11, 2014, the car departed at 1pm, and yesterday we drove the motorcycle to finish the scenery, and my husband was not interested in the sea anymore. I always felt that there is no beautiful Salang Island here, so half a day in the morning We went to bed where we lived. In his words, we went out to play. Sleeping is also a way to travel. I got on the bus at 1pm, and arrived at the entrance of Ko Lai Xin Coffee more than 5pm. Then we called a hotel directly on the Internet called Villa Pink House, the hotel address: 07 Hai Thuong Street 60, There is a free breakfast for $ 18. We stayed here for two nights.

Da Lat attractions-Crazy House (Crazy House), Da Lat Church, Da Lat's old train, Da Lat Market, Xuan Huong Lake, flowe gardon, Bao Da Palace, Lover Valley. Da Lat is a "Vietnam's privately owned France". The city is full of colorful old French villas. The streets are always full of flowers. Lakes and forests make Da Lat a comfortable and pleasant climate all year round. After eating early in the morning, we rode a motorcycle that the hotel helped us rent and started a day trip in Da Lat. Just be careful not to get lost in the winding alleys of Da Lat, you can still rent a motorcycle in Da Lat. But when you really come to Da Lat, it is still a little different from your imagination. I thought the houses are all colorful and colorful. In fact, many houses have become lighter in color, not so bright, and the beautiful houses have become hotels Yes.

The first stop of Dalat Church.

The second stop is Crazy House.

Two Vietnamese girls seen at Crazy House.

Xuan Huong Lake-Located in the center of Da Lat, Vietnam, with an area of ​​about 5 square kilometers, the circumference of the lake is about 5 kilometers, surrounded by green willows by the lake. Many tourists will sit under the purple sun umbrella beside Xuanxiang Lake and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, which is very comfortable. We have no time to sit down because of the short time.

The third station, Dalat Old Railway Station, was designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron in 1932 and opened in 1938. It was abandoned in the late Vietnam War and was not used again until the 1990s. The reopened railway line is 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) long and runs from Da Lat to the nearby town of Trai Mat, mainly as a tourist attraction. .

I heard that Da Lat yoghurt is delicious, but my husband bought it a few times, but I thought that the first photo was the one I drank. In fact, it was not.

After getting off the train, we followed a Russian regiment to a temple.

Very narrow house by the road.

Is it a little Chinese.

The pupils are out of school.

If you can't keep up with the small train, you can also take a picture on an abandoned small train and rails on the platform.

I saw a couple of Vietnamese couples taking wedding photos on the abandoned train.

Having lunch on the roadside, our fourth stop came to flower gardon.

Become a rich sister.

Fifth stop Valentine Valley, bought a bracelet of our name here.

The fifth stop is Baoda Palace.

The sixth stop is Da Lat Market.

The streets of Da Lat, the mountain city, are winding and winding. Most people do not rent motorcycles in Da Lat, and either walk or ride between the attractions. We are an old public car. I took the map and basically didn't make a detour. I took it easily. Hand-held maps are much better than google maps.

I saw police working at Da Lat Market.

I had pork chop rice and other fish soup in Da Lat on the first night, so it was not tasty, so I had western food tonight.

After eating, I went back to the place where I lived. This day was quite tiring. I washed and went to sleep. I will go to Nha Trang with the car at 7.30 tomorrow morning.

Anti-robbery and anti-theft awareness in foreign cities must be the same in developed countries and developed countries. Tourists, especially Asian tourists, are often the objects of special care. Taking a big mobile phone to find a way according to the map is equivalent to sending the mobile phone to someone else's hand. The best way is to get on the road and let the reach of the motorcycle reach out of reach. Phnom Penh, Saigon and Nha Trang on our trip are the places where there is a lot of speeding party inflight on the Internet. Before we take out our mobile phones, we always pay attention to observe the surrounding environment to ensure safety before we dare to dig.

On the morning of March 13, 2014, the new coffee car arrived at the hotel to pick us up. We departed from Da Lat at 7:30 and arrived at Nha Trang at 11:30. I also stopped the car halfway through and saw a bunch of fruits under a tree. I don't know what it was.

Where we live in Nha Trang, $ 12 a night, with air conditioning, close to the beach. As soon as the husband listened to the $ 12, he would immediately live. I did not eat the authentic Cambodian hot pot in Cambodia and made it once in Nha Trang. It is estimated that the taste should not be the same.

Nha Trang has a population of about 300,000 and is the capital of Fuqing Province. It is a representative tourist destination in Vietnam. The coastline on the east side of the city stretches for 5 kilometers, and the white beaches and green coconut trees give a relaxed feel. In the shade of coconut trees, there are many colorful umbrellas, foreign tourists like to sunbathe here. Sooner or later, locals will come here for fishing. There are many Russians here, and many restaurants have Russian.

Four islands tour in Nha Trang, four islands is to spend a day to visit four islands, four islands is a good way to know Nha Trang, beautiful island scenery, humorous ship boss and rich entertainment programs, many people like this tour The reason for the package, come here to feel Vietnamese happiness. We did not participate in the four-island tour and would not dive. So we took a nap after dinner at noon, got up at three o'clock, rented a motorcycle and went to a remote Baidai beach. I heard that there would be fewer people there.

There are many flowers in Vietnam. In a green belt near Baidai Beach, we made a small damage and picked some flowers, but the flowers also began to thank and fell to the ground.

I drove a motorboat for fifteen minutes at a cost of RMB 100 here. It was exciting. I was a little scared.

When we played at five o'clock, we turned around, because the motorcycle was a few tens of minutes bigger in the city. Because the accommodation is cheap, I let my husband compensate me, so we also had a better dinner in the evening.

This is the name of the 12-dollar hotel, which is in an alley of the road.

There are too many Chinese in Vietnam, and the new coffee is almost packaged by the Chinese. We also want to try a FUTA company that can compete with the new coffee once, but they do not have a joint ticket. Finally, the new coffee is the most affordable and regular. The strange thing is why foreigners do n’t take new coffee. They think that there are too many Chinese people and they ca n’t reach new friends in other countries. But the foreigners on the street are just a few countries away from Britain, France, Germany and the United States.

Day trip to Nha Trang on March 14, 2014.

An iconic building in Nha Trang.

This platform is very environmentally friendly and green.

Many airplanes were seen taking off and landing at the airplane training ground.

There is also a free outdoor swimming pool by the beach, but you can't use his towels or anything, you have to pay for it.

The rental in Vietnam is quite expensive.

At noon, we first sent the luggage to the new coffee storage, and then went to lunch. After lunch, we rested in the new coffee until more than two o'clock. We went to the bank to change some money, and then sent the motorcycle to the place where we lived. come back. Husband doesn't want to see the sea again

On the beach, he was sitting in the seaside park, and I walked around by myself. Went to noon and sent the luggage to the new coffee

Save, our car to Saigon is at 8pm. And you can also sit in the new coffee, where there is a free internet.

I saw two students in the park taking physical education classes.

In fact, the sea is still quite beautiful, that is, the sand is not as fine and white as Cambodia ’s Salang Island.

My husband saw that I hadn't visited him for a while, and he also met me in the direction of me. Then we lived on a stool, and he took a few pictures.

A sporty couple, they are constantly turning, and there is a friend beside them taking pictures for them.

Water house.

Zhongyu Shijiao Island is a small cape island. After low tide, you can take photos on the rocks that leave dinosaur footprints. There is a rare granite coast in Nha Trang.

I drove to the river in less than 2 hours, then got on the big boat and first visited the spring roll skin making.

The Mekong River Day Tour also provides a lunch, and the Koreans who live with us eat a little bit, which hurts her husband.

Not embarrassed to eat, this meal was not full.

Afterwards, I took a boat to the bee garden and happened to drink my water again.

What about bee tea.

After that, he took a horse-drawn carriage to a place to sing opera, and could take a photo with the snake, but it costs money. We eat there

For fruits, you can choose to send flowers, and put some money in the flowers to send to the indulgence.

Finally, we took the boat again, and I paddled a few times.

After getting on the big boat by boat, I went to a place where I made coconut sugar. After reading it, I went to the place where I got on the boat

Then get on the bus and drive to the urban area. You will get off at less than six o'clock.

This bull logo, at first we thought it was a very famous restaurant. I got here after getting off the car at night,

Quite expensive, the weight is still small, and later learned that it is a popular nightclub.

Cu Chi tunnel half-day tour on March 16, 2014.

Cu Chi Tunnels is located about 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and belongs to Cu Chi County, a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City

Fumei Xingxiang. The construction of Cu Chi Tunnels began in 1948, when Vietnam was in a period of resistance to France.

However, some individual bunkers in the underground are connected, with a total length of 17 kilometers. During the Vietnam War, by

The National Liberation Front of Southern Vietnam was expanded with a total length of 200 kilometers. There are hospitals, conference venues,

Equipment such as sleeping rooms and combat rooms are well planned.

Looking down the window early in the morning.

On the way, we first saw a wide-ranging factory that sells a lot of handicrafts before going to the Cu Chi tunnel, at the entrance

I saw a tree full of durians.

Underground performance.

I will also drill.

The situation inside.

Her husband shot a gun in partnership with a Korean, five bullets each.

I followed, without a fight, came pretending.

After visiting the Cu Chi tunnel, we went back, and it seemed that we didn't arrive in the city until two o'clock. Eat something similar to Grandpa Ken at noon. After a short rest, we went to Bianqing Market and supermarket, bought some coffee in the supermarket and brought it back to give away.

At night I tasted the pho 2000 from Pho 2000 in Vietnam. I still do n’t like it. The one I ate was sweeter and the price was not convenient

should. Gu said that the Pho Clinton of pho 2000 has also eaten, I guess he is not used to it. All we want is big

For servings, the bowl is quite large, and there is not much food in it.

Day trip in Saigon city on March 17, 2014.

Saigon, a very amorous name, but now there is an official name called Ho Chi Minh City. This is unacceptable to most outsiders. Just like a girl dressed in cheongsam who was forced to wear professional attire, there was always a little bit of frustration and regret.

Saigon first entered my field of vision in Liang Jiahui's "Lover", the ambiguous Mekong River, the slightly decadent Liang Jiahui and the French girl, it seems that Saigon is a stage where unrestrained love stories are staged.

Today's Saigon is bustling and modern, mixed with French colonial style, motorcycle array is the characteristic of this city. Standing next to the traffic light and waiting for the green light, not to cross the road, just surprised how many motorcycles will stay in the green light for a few seconds.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Ho Chi Minh City, also known as the Red Church due to its use of red bricks, is the most famous landmark in Ho Chi Minh City. The church was built in 1883 as a souvenir from the French colonial period. The shape of the church is well-proportioned and majestic. The spires of two 40-meter-tall bell towers are rushing into the sky, which is modeled after the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral. The red bricks used to build the church were all shipped from France and have not faded so far.

On the garden square in front of the church, stood a statue of the Virgin Mary weighing 4 tons, which was donated by the Roman Church in 1945. The outer corridor of the church and other parts are covered with exquisite carvings, and the interior is surrounded by small prayer rooms. Each shrine, sculpture and decoration are different.

This Catholic church is still in use today, and every Sunday and religious festivals, there are many pious believers gathered in

Therefore, it is usually not opened.

The Central Post Office, built in the late 19th century, was designed by a French architect. The wide hall is flanked by business counters

The platform, the central part from the outside to the inside are a ring bench, a souvenir counter and a long writing desk. Ho Chi Minh is at the end of the hall

Looking down at the crowds of foreign tourists kindly.

A couple of couples take wedding photos outside the post office.

The Reunification Palace is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It was built by the French governor Lagrande on February 23, 1869. "In fact

The Government House of France in the entire Indochina region. It was transferred to the Saigon government in 1954 and renamed the Independence Palace. 20th Century

In the 1960s, the original building collapsed in a bombing, and the current building was built on the original site. On April 30, 1975, North Vietnam

The captain of the People ’s Liberation Army drove straight into the Independence Palace and inserted the flag of the People ’s Liberation Army, which marked the end of the long Vietnam Civil War.

The North and South reunification, so the Independence Palace was renamed the Reunification Palace.

There is a cinema in the Reunification Palace, as well as Chinese mahjong, wooden piano and so on.

A group of college students, they also took pictures in front of the Reunification Palace.

The War Remnants Museum was opened by the Vietnamese government in September 1975 and was originally called the American War Crimes Museum. By 1995,

The United States and Vietnam resumed diplomatic relations before they were renamed the War Remnants Museum, which has been around since.

We stayed in the War Remnants Museum for a long time. We closed the door at 12 noon and opened it at 1:30 in the afternoon. My husband was reluctant to leave. He had to take another look and asked the staff what to do if it was not finished. With a small ticket in the afternoon

You can come again, but unfortunately we could n’t find the small ticket at that time, and we did n’t want to buy a ticket anymore.

Just left. Later I found both during the rest of KFC, but then my husband did n’t want to go anymore, the Chinese calendar

History hasn't been studied yet. What's the use of historical research in other countries?

Some photos taken in the museum.

It is because this picture changed a war. A naked 9-year-old girl running this photo was published in the newspaper,

The American president at that time saw this picture and decided not to fight. It ’s a shame for a girl not to wear clothes in a foreign country

Matter, whether it is a child or an adult.

The money in Vietnam seems to be almost 10,000 dollars short.

There is a lot of greenery in Saigon.

The Ho Chi Minh City Government Building, the original Saigon City Hall, is a building with a strong French style. City Hall only

There are two floors, the lines are simple, the exterior is bright yellow, and the architectural design is also lively and brisk. Beautifully decorated

Gorgeous, sculptures with the main theme of Western mythological characters and French heroes are all over the pillars, door frames,

Eaves and other parts. Since we went in the afternoon, the city hall building was not easy to shoot, so it was dark.

Ho Chi Minh City Theatre is a theater located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City city center. This theater was repaired by the French

It was built in 1898 and completed in 1900. The construction of the Ho Chi Minh City Grand Theatre is influenced by the Third French Republic

The influence of gorgeous architectural style belongs to the typical Gothic architectural style, which is specially used to hold artistic performances.

Multifunctional theater. Its interior decoration and exterior reliefs are built in the style of French theater in the late 19th century. build

The exterior of the building is beautifully decorated, there are various reliefs and patterns on the outer wall, and there are two tops of the giant arches on the front

The female angel with her wings on her back is holding the saint, and in front of the two columns under the arch are two goddesses.

They seem to have to lift the gate with both hands, with a unique concept, highlighting the romantic French style. During the Vietnam War,

This theater is the venue of the House of Commons of the Republic of Vietnam. In 1975, the North Vietnamese Communist Army occupied Saigon, North and South Vietnam

Unification, this building restored the functions of cultural and artistic facilities.

The three foreign beauties seen at the entrance of the Grand Theater each called a motorcycle.

Last dinner in Vietnam.

After eating to the place where I lived, I didn't leave until ten o'clock. The hotel called us a black car and went to the airport for 10 dollars. Waited for several hours at the airport before boarding the plane. The plane took off at approximately 3 am on March 18, 2014.

Go to Shanghai Pudong Airport at 7:30 in the morning on March 18, 2014, and then take the airport bus to the South Square of the railway station.

He was deceived by the scalper in the South Square and said that the car was driving right in front. The husband saw that there were so many things and he didn't want to go to the North Square to take the car again, so he went with the scalper. The car kept bringing people all the way, and went to Yancheng without stopping. I asked for 120 yuan. When I came, the ticket was 120, and I paid for it without thinking about it. Yuan is a ticket, you say it's annoying. Moreover, I have been to Yancheng for more than six hours. I had wanted to go to class in the afternoon, and the results were delayed.

Vietnam has come to an end here. If I have time, I will come again. I will stay in Saigon. Like foreigners, I sit in front of the door and drink coffee or beer until late at night.


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