The endless talk of classmates, the endless talk of southern Anhui

Many people may not have the experience we have. A group of elementary school students who have been playing with children since childhood, after more than 30 years of separation, have found each other again through the online classmates association, and this trip is a group of nearly 50-year-old naughty boys Longing for a long trip, the chief planner of this event is myself, and the financial controller is our handsome pot Xiaomi. We plan to depart from Zhengzhou on the evening of April 10, return by car on the evening of the 14th, and tour for 4 days, the main itinerary; On the first day, Xidi, Hongcun, the second day, Lucun, Pingshan, Nanping, the third day, Chengkan, Tangyue, Tangmo, live in the ancient city of Huizhou at night, the fourth day, in Tunxi, Huangshan City Procurement in Lao Cai, dinner at the first floor of Lao Cai at noon.

Since there is no direct train from Zhengzhou to Huangshan Railway Station, we chose Xuancheng Railway Station, which is 200 kilometers away from Hongcun. Because we played with our friends in Shenzhen last year, we also invited this time to drive for us. Master Yu, because there are 8 people, I invited two cars, and it was very loose to bring my luggage.

The three senior beauties are all masters of taking pictures, they are very good at posing, facing the camera, and they have prepared clothing props, which can be described as readily available

The three senior beauties are all masters of taking pictures, they are very good at posing, facing the camera, and they have prepared clothing props, which can be described as readily available

Model Daren Soldier

Our financial director, another handsome guy, director Xiaomi, and our senior beauty Yan Yan

The hats of Yan Yanyan's beautiful women make us look flamboyant

On the first day, I must go to the famous Jushan Hall in Hongcun to rub a meal. The famous chicken stew soup I ordered a few days in advance, of course, stinky salmon, dried bacon

From left to right, the three handsome cooks, Xiaomi, Dongdong, and Wensheng

In the evening, I lived in the Lexianju small hotel on the edge of the South Lake. The rooms were very well decorated, and there was a wooden loft. Everyone made tea and chat, played poker, and enjoyed themselves. The food is also good, clean and affordable than outside, tastes good, the price is fair, there are porridge and fritters in the morning, everyone is happy

There is a hotel opposite Lexianju, the house is very big, several rooms have been renovated, very clean, and the sheets are also very clean and comfortable. The next day, because someone had booked a house for Lexianju, I had to move to classmates This store is also very good

There are several very good ancient ancestral temples in Nanping. Many famous movies were filmed here. It turned out that there were more than 10 large ancestral temples in the village. It was a pity that many ancient ancestral temples were destroyed due to the catastrophe of the 1960s. The countryside in southern Anhui is full of small bridges and flowing water, white walls and gray tiles, and tall ancient ancestral halls. There is a strong cultural atmosphere everywhere. The ancients ’pursuit of nature and culture and the pursuit of harmony between the world and the world were much stronger than modern people.

Which one in the middle is Master Yu we invited, the person is very good, very real,

The deputy soldier of the class

Personally think that Chengkan is the most beautiful, and there are few tourists. Last year it was a 4A-level scenic spot. This year it has been a 5A-level scenic spot. Therefore, the fare has changed from 50 yuan to 100 yuan. This place is very quiet. If there is a little rain Let's imagine that scene, a beautiful young girl in a long dress, holding a paper oil umbrella in her hand, stands on a small bridge, some clouds are floating in the distant mountains, the small bridge flowing water, white walls and gray tiles, It was a beautiful picture, and the effect was very good.

Study hard, improve every day, good boy, really good

This old man, I also photographed him at this time last year, but unfortunately this year I slipped and my leg was broken. This chair was imported from Germany and has a history of more than 100 years. The old couple guarded the yard from the ancestors. , Live a quiet life

This door lock was also photographed last year

This restaurant also came to eat last year. The famous local hairy tofu tastes a little bit of an egg. The elder sister on the left is shouting something serious. In fact, it is also a group of teachers who came from Anqing to travel

The first time I came to Tangmo, the ticket for this place was 80 yuan. I originally thought it was not good. I thought that the more I walked inside, the more interesting it was. An ancient village was built by the river. Under the long roof, rows of benches, People are relaxing in the sun, chatting, a very comfortable place, the building is also very unique, there is a hotel between China and France, the standard room is 480 yuan in the off-season, you can free tickets for 2 people, it is quite cost-effective, very A place with emotion, everyone loves it

Bingbing, could you have a pair of invisible wing fat? Have the ability, you fly higher

7 famous arches of Tangyue, we took a few photos

Originally thinking, the ancient city of Huizhou should have a lot of things to watch, but I did n’t expect it to be a city gate building, which is all wholesale and retail stores, and it also charges 80 yuan for tickets. Commuting to work, even during the day, there are actually a lot of aisles next to it. We drove so far, and the result was a gatehouse, which was indeed a bit wrong. It does n’t matter if you do n’t look here, but you still found the best one in the local area. Hotel, through public comments, we found a hotel called "Prime Minister's Hometown", not far from the city gate tower, about 1 km away, you can walk on foot, in the small alley next to She County People's Hospital, from In terms of momentum, it is obviously the place where the local tyrants and dignitaries went. I did not expect that the amount of food is large, the price is more affordable, and the taste is not bad. There is a bad problem in the local area. Many restaurants see tourists saying that there is no menu. You must ask the menu for the meal, the price, and do n’t say that you want this or that, no , Want to go in trouble, they say you have to cook, do not eat you have to die, we ran into one such cheating farce, away from home, long in mind no harm.

If you go to Huangshan, you must go to Tunxi Old Street, where the goods are complete, what are the dried bamboo shoots, Maofeng tea, Huangshan biscuits, and the four treasures of the study are all available, and the price is fair. Well-deserved reputation, exquisite interior decoration, exquisite dishes, exquisite taste, warm service, and the price is also very good, come here when you have time, definitely come here to rub a meal

It ’s our Yanyan ’s birthday, and it ’s so happy. Everyone set a cake, sing a birthday song, blow candles, a table of good food and wine, have fun, have fun, Huangshan, you have to come when you ’re free

I ate enough, bought enough of my favorite products, dear children ’s shoes took the train back to Zhengzhou, I went back to Shenzhen alone, an unforgettable journey is over, but our friendship is more profound, this will become our new The beginning of the trip, children's shoes, looking forward to the next trip,


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