Travel alone, go alone to Thailand

I saw a topic in Douban today and asked, is the reason for traveling alone because of loneliness or enjoyment?

Some people say that the journey starts because of loneliness, and the journey begins to enjoy

Reminds me of my first solo trip. So let's write this travel note.

Of course, I travel alone, not because of loneliness, but because of the desire to experience the mentality of walking alone on the road. So I went.

In fact, I am a boy, but I am not so worried about the safety of belly travel, but after all, when I go abroad for the first time, I want to find a relatively low difficulty factor. I chose Thailand as a destination under the recommendation of a friend. In fact, I originally wanted to go to Taiwan, but I had to wait in line to get an entry permit. This is very depressed, and I have no time to wait, so I can only change my destination regretfully. However, a trip to Thailand did not disappoint me.

Since we are going, a series of preparations are required.

1. I didn't bring a suitcase with me. I bought a mountaineering bag at Decathlon. AirAsia's air ticket is cheap, but the luggage fee is not cheap. .

2. If the calling card is less than forty yuan, Taobao free shipping, happy card. The signal is pretty good.

3. Pay attention to the waterproof case of mobile phones! I also did a waterproof test at home, but when taking pictures underwater, the gorgeous scrapped, the phone blank screen. . So be careful

4. Visa, visa on arrival is fine, 1000 baht. Taobao can also be done, more than two hundred looks.

5. Medicine: Band-aid (required), norfloxacin (for diarrhea), cephalosporin or aspirin. Sunscreen. It is recommended to be sun-resistant and purchased in duty-free shops.

6. Charging treasure

7. It is convenient to get a debit card for Hua Xia Bank. A lot of handling fees are waived.

After some preparations, I will start!

Departure from Suzhou on the first day, night flight, but late

Arrive at Kuala Lumpur at 8 am and transfer. Because it is a transfer in the afternoon, I have time to walk around here, the Petronas Twin Towers ~ the price is very high here, everyone pay attention.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, fly to Phuket. After arriving in Phuket, I was very happy to see that the pick-up guy was waiting for me, and actually came to pick me up specially. Haha ~ I took a special car, probably I was still relatively early ~

The driver sent me to the accommodation, lived in lupta hostel, in Patong. Going out is Bar Street and Patong Beach, and travel is very convenient.

In the evening, I met a friend I met on the road to eat at No.6 restaurant. Many people, pay attention. The taste is ok, the pineapple rice is impressive.

Emperor Island went to sea ~ snorkeling, white sand beach, white sand is really good-looking, but unfortunately can not bring a hand back, is said to be fined.

After lunch, I dived in the raya dive center. Long awaited. Beautiful underwater ~

Overnight at the banraya hotel. The scenery is not bad.

On the fourth day, return to Phuket. Seasick friends remember to prepare seasickness medicine, I forgot to bring the result. . . It was terrible. In the evening, I have time to arrange to go to Simon's Shemale Show. Anyway, it's a singing and dancing performance. It's not bad. You can also take a photo with the shemale, but it takes money to take a photo.

The destination of the fifth day, Phi Phi Island! This trip was good, and I went to Mosquito Island. Today I learned a lesson and brought motion sickness medicine. It was still much better. The itinerary was basically satisfactory. I was also in a good mood and rewarded the tour guide for a tip. Haha.

The sixth day is to hang out, and go around the island for a week. I rented a motorcycle and had fun! But regarding car rental, since I have experience, let me share with you.

Rental: 200B for a normal 120CC motorbike and 300B for a 135CC motorbike. Both Phuket and Chiang Mai are the same. Everyone can bargain. Of course, it is not recommended to rent a car on the road, which is expensive. Walking in the alley, there will be surprises.

Refuel, the normal 120CC is filled with fuel, almost 50B, enough to turn around Phuket two times, so if you only turn around in Patong, then basically do not need to refuel for three to five days. In addition, just add No. 91 oil. The owner of the dealership may ask you to add the number 95, which is pitting you.

Regarding traffic police punishment, those who must comply with traffic regulations must drive on the left, wear helmets, and do not speed. Again, even if you comply with the traffic regulations 100%, you will still be fined if you are met by the traffic police. Because Thailand does not recognize Chinese driver's licenses, you will be driving without a license, so the Chinese will get a standard. However, the traffic police in Phuket seem to be very loose, I have met several times, and I did not look at me. However, Chiang Mai is very strict. In the morning, it will stop the car on the ring road for inspection, and it will also be chaotically parked in the ancient city. The fine standard for Chiang Mai is 500B.

Matters needing attention: 1. Remember to check the brakes are not working 2. Check the fuel tank fuel amount, to a few grids of oil, let the boss write down, save time when it is unclear 3. Ask the boss for a helmet, a few people want a few To wear! 4. Try to choose a newer car, and take a picture of the car in front of the boss, otherwise you may end up with you because of the scars on the car. 5. Pay attention to check the tire pattern, try to choose the deeper pattern

Finally: Basically, car dealers all ask for mortgage passports, so those who want to rent a car can make more copies.

Haha there is also a delicious and cost-effective ice cream ~ Boys also love ice cream, okay?

Big Buddha

It's a pity that I didn't see the sunrise in Phuket when I got up so early ...

Depart for Bangkok! When I go to Bangkok, I basically go shopping. I am also a man! In Bangkok, it ’s basically shopping, eating, and eating ~

Pineapple rice is really great

After eating a very moving breakfast, the Thai people are kind and friendly, helped me take pictures, and also sent Thai local balls and soup ~ alone on the road, the most easily moved is the kindness that Pingshui met

But then it was not so beautiful. It was the charter boat being pitted, and waiting for the driver to directly hit me back to the shape of the cock, and the plan was disrupted.

Go back tired and fell asleep at the hotel.

I left for Chiang Mai today

The sky in Chiang Mai seems clearer than the sky in Bangkok. Because it is located between the mountains, the air is exceptionally fresh, and the waves of Songtao on the distant mountains are connected with the vast blue sky.

The view of the old city of Chiang Mai is still very small.

Day 10: I rented a small motorcycle and wandered around Chiang Mai. Renting a car myself is great, although I was caught once haha

Pai, I ate a memorable breakfast, I do n’t know why the chicken here is so delicious, yellow and tender, really good, the noodles are delicious ~

On the 12th day, return home.


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