Summer blown by sea breeze-Bali 11th free travel

Sunshine, beach, coconut tree, sea ... Bali, a beautiful island with honeymoon and weddings, is endowed with infinite romance. This travel note is not the most comprehensive and detailed, but it is the most authentic and fresh. I hope it can help some friends who have not yet gone and are about to travel.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message at any time, I will take the time to reply in time.

This time I wrote a profound understanding of [Traveling is not easy, it takes time to arrange pictures] ~~ Pictures + text, telling about the days on the clouds, the sunset that gradually enters the sea level, the wind of an entire island, and every star Night, I hope you like it ~~

I have loved watermelon and skirt since childhood

When I grow up, I like a variety of bright colors,

Later I like to see the white clouds floating in the sky and daze to stand under the light and shadow of the trees.

I know this, but it's all about summer.

——A letter to Summer

There is a blue summer dream here.


It's a picture when I shoot it.

Sandy Bay Beach Club

Sandy Bay Beach Club


Kuta Beach

Quietly portray everything in my heart,

Without too much language,

To describe each moment of happiness or perception.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Blue Point Beach

Blue Point Beach

This is a country with a smile, and strangers can greet you enthusiastically.

A cloud like a tornado floats in the sky.

Bayview Villa

Bayview Villa

Blue Point Beach

The fiery clouds covered the sky, and the boundary between the sea and the sky swallowed the sun.

Alila Villa Uluwatu

Those happy and sad in the past,

It seems that in front of such a grand view,

It seemed humble like a drop in the sea.

Alila Villa Uluwatu

Lover cliff

I want to put this blue sky and blue sky into a glass ball and take it home.

Lover cliff

Haitian is the same, probably like this.

Lover cliff

I was on the cliff, and the wind from the Indian Ocean blew up my skirt.

Uluwatu Sky Restaurant

Slow down and listen to the sound of the waves hitting the coast.

Seven Angels Villa

Dream crystal church, dream wedding.

Seven Angels Villa

A white dress and a bouquet of flowers. What about flowers? No ~~

Seven Angels Villa

Seven Angels Villa

Seven Angels Villa

In any of the streets and alleys of Bali, you can meet the bright and sincere smiles, they come from the heart, unpretentious, not to return.

An ordinary post-90s office worker, working hard in Modu, a native of Chengdu, Sichuan. Love life, love freedom, love travel, love photography, love all good things. Everyone has a dream of traveling around the world, and I still do. Travel for me is to jump out of the plain life. Hi, it is the mystery that lifts the fascinating place with curiosity. Don't always envy others' footsteps in your travel notes, because they are not lucky than you, they just pay more than you.

For children who grew up in the inland basin since childhood, they have an inexplicable yearning for the endless sea. The salty and damp sea breeze blows across the face. With their eyes open, they look at the vast and open. A cool rhythm like a note, a self-dressed self in a beautiful skirt can make up a picture if you think about it. So the island became my first choice for vacation, and it happened that my colleagues highly recommended Bali. The first leap into the hemisphere, this beautiful island full of plumeria flowers near the equator, coconut tree shadows, rising and sunset, sometimes magnificent and delicate waves, bright smiles called dark skin ... a wonderful journey About to start.

【About exchange of Indonesian Rupiah】

I exchanged the Indonesian Rupiah directly at the Bank of China. I need to make an appointment in advance. It is recommended that you can change the US dollar in advance in China and go to the exchange office in Bali to exchange the Indonesian Rupiah. The exchange rate of RMB and Indonesian rupiah is about 1: 2000, so we can fully realize our dream of becoming a local tyrant in Bali. Just one meal is hundreds of thousands, haha

【About plug and phone card】

The voltage in Bali is 220V like China, but the socket is a double round hole, you need to use a conversion socket. Generally, it is provided by hotels, but it is more convenient to carry by yourself. I bought the phone card in advance at a certain treasure. The phone charge and traffic are all stable except in Lembongan Island where the signal is weak.

【About time difference】

There is no time difference between Bali and China.

【About air ticket】

The ticket was bought at AirAsia two months in advance. Shanghai-Kuala Lumpur-Denpasar-Kuala Lumpur-Chengdu, both go and return in Kuala Lumpur, the total cost of air tickets is 3,000 yuan per person.

【About transportation】

Although Bali is large, public transportation is not well developed. Moreover, the road is narrow, there are many cars and motorcycles, and there are many people. The traffic is chaotic. When driving in Bali, you drive on the left side of the road, and the cab is on the right, which is the opposite of the domestic one. In the process of reading the travel notes, I found that many people said that the taxi would be pitted, plus my English is not good, so I decided to choose a chartered car. One month before the trip, I booked a chartered car on a treasure for a few days, and I could determine the travel time and route myself. It was quite convenient. The English driver I pack is 170 yuan per day for 6 hours. I need to add money in remote places. The driver has a good attitude and can find customer service to solve any problems. If you choose to hit a friend, be sure to look at the blue bird blue brid, in case you do n’t hit the watch and get pitted.

【About round trip to Lembongan Island】

Book a 480 yuan package for a day trip on a treasure. Including round-trip hotel transfer, Lembongan Island ferry ticket, snorkeling, mangrove tour, island tour, lunch ... You can return to the same day, you can also stay on the island for one night and return at noon the next day. Lembongan Island still recommends staying on the island for a night to further appreciate its scenery.

【About sunscreen】

The sun in Bali is very bright, so be sure to pay attention to sun protection. Don't look at my smile as bright as Yangguan in the photo, but in fact I have been tanned by black charcoal. Therefore, be sure to choose sunscreen with SPF50 + or more, and make up every half an hour as much as possible.

【About Visa】

Bali has now implemented visa exemption for Chinese tourists, that is to say, there is no visa on arrival and no visa fees. After getting off the plane, go directly to the entry counter. The staff will ask a few simple questions in English (is your name so and so? What are you doing in Bali? What is your job?), And then stamp a passport on the passport to enter the customs. For those connecting in Malaysia, Malaysia will provide visa exemption for transit passengers for 120 hours.

If the customs counter asks you for a tip, you do n’t have to deal with him, just pretend that you do n’t understand. We also encountered a small episode on this trip. My friend ’s ticket was wet with perfume. The flight information was completely unclear. When I entered the customs, I had trouble. The customs kept it from passing. At that time, we were very anxious. English It ’s not good either. I danced and explained for a long time. I told him that we came together, let him see my ticket, and said that we are students and good people in China. Then he pointed to the QR code of the ticket and took out his mobile phone to scan it ~~ Haha, he was probably drunk before letting us pass. Later we guessed that he should have wanted a tip ~~ Fortunately, he was as smart as me and saved a little money.

【About religious beliefs】

Apart from harvesting the beautiful scenery along the way, this Bali trip also gained more faith in religion. That's the local "Bali Hindu" culture. I was not a person who fully believed in religion, but I had an infinite awe of those saints and messengers. You will find that the most prominent feature in Bali is that temples are everywhere. Pious believers burn incense and sacrifice their sacrifices every day. Many people's homes, junctions, parks, and beaches are filled with sacrifice offerings. They are usually palm-sized boxes made of leaves and straw, with flowers, grass, and simple food. Be careful when you pass by, and do n’t step on or step over their offerings.

The trip to Bali is not so much a vacation as a holiday. There is no pressure on the itinerary every day, there are no non-stop attractions to see the flowers, no deliberate visits to some places, and no urging by the guide in the ear. I was completely immersed in my own world. I lay in a hotel and slept until I woke up naturally. I ate all my meals in one day. Idle when I was idle, blowing the sea breeze, doing SPA, bubble pool, or going to the beach Sunset, so arbitrarily spending time is the true meaning of vacation. After reading a lot of travel notes with the private group, I wanted to make a convenience. I was lazy and didn't make a strategy to report directly to the group. But the private group gave me a too high price. I just worked for the first year and wanted to save some money. So, I made a few modifications with reference to the itinerary and hotel booked by the private group, and I had the following itinerary:

Day 1: 22: 00 in the evening → Bali CHECK IN


Day 2: Wake up naturally → Uluwatu Skyline Seaview Restaurant → Uluwatu Lover's Cliff

Accommodation: Seven Angels Pool Villa Hotel (SEVEN ANGELS VILLA)

Day 3: Leisure time in VILLA → photo & swimming → daze pavilion dinner

Accommodation: Seven Angels Pool Villa Hotel (SEVEN ANGELS VILLA)

Day 4: Board the pier to Lembongan Island → Enjoy snorkeling, banana boat, sofa boat at the beach club → Sightseeing mangrove → Club Indonesian lunch → Tour around the island

Accommodation: DREAM BEACH KUBU

Day 5: Sleep until you wake up naturally → Wander around the island → Sea breeze blowing on the dream beach → Return to the main island → Resort CHECK IN → Blue Point Sunset


Day 6: Enjoy hotel vacation time → take a photo → afternoon tea at Alila Uluwatu Villa Hotel → Ubud Dirty Duck Restaurant


Day 7: Sleep until you wake up naturally → Ubud Palace → Ubud Market → Royal Peter Haman Landscape Afternoon Tea → Kuta Beach Sunset → Roast Suckling Pig Rice

Accommodation: RAMAYANA RESORT & SPA

Day 8: Leisure time → Kuta Beach → discovery shopping mall → Seafood restaurant → Airport

1. Duck Duck Restaurant in Ubud, the location is very easy to find. Because it's evening we didn't make an appointment in advance, there are many places, the more you go in, the better the scenery. Dirty duck ingredients are quite rich, the duck tastes fragrant and crispy. When eating, you can still hear the frog cicadas, so I miss the dirty duck meal ~~

The guide recommends this roast suckling pig rice, the service is good, the hospitality is warm, many waiters can speak Chinese, and the roast suckling pig rice is ordered: there is pork, crispy skin, the taste is very good, and each set of meals has a pork soup, Especially salty.

Many people know that the best in Bali is not its attractions, but its hotels. So if you choose the hotel of your choice, then the trip to Bali seems to have a good start. Well-known hotels like AYANA, although the environment is very good, but the price is too high for me who just started working. Therefore, the hotel I chose pays more attention to cost performance. In this trip, I chose 6 different hotel experiences. I mainly recommend two hotels.

The first hotel-seven angels villa, this is a villa hotel. Although the hotel is a bit off-site and not close to the sea, each villa has its own swimming pool. Our room type surrounds the pool room type, one is the living room, the other is the bedroom and the bathroom, there is a small bridge connecting them, the privacy is good, the environment is good, the scenery is also good, and the price is moderate. The hotel provides door-to-door SPA services and food delivery services. The hotel also has a crystal church, which is super beautiful. Friends who like to take pictures can consider it ~

The second hotel-blue point bay villas & spa hotel, a hotel built on the edge of a cliff, with stunning views, a famous infinity pool, the glass church in the hotel is facing the Indian Ocean, giving people the perfect visual enjoyment. Although many people do not recommend this place because of the strategy, the facilities are relatively old, but I like it very much. It is definitely a pleasure to enjoy the invincible sea view and those surfing when lying on the infinity pool. It is also worth mentioning that Blue Point ’s breakfast is of high-end quality. Although there are not many varieties, it is complete and delicious. Chocolate cereal with milk is my favorite. The restaurant has large floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the invincible sea view at any time.

Travels still have to be written early, after all, this is the only way to leave a memory for yourself.

Character introduction:

First from left: Little Prince, Yang Yang's dance master and alumni of the university. After studying in Geelong Phi for two years, as a senior foodie, he has eaten all the streets of Geelong Phi. This trip to Malaysia did not have any strategy, and even the Malaysian ringgit was not exchanged. It was entirely because he was there, and it was right to follow him ~~

Second from left: Li Guoying, the little prince's roommate and Yang Yang's fellow. The Hmong guy who loves airplanes had a pretty pilot's heart, but said that he was squeezed out by a related family ~ Haha. He looks handsome, has a strong ability to imitate, and is very talented in language. He is responsible for making jokes along the way to make us happy.

Second from right: Yang Yang, my college classmate and girlfriend and colleague. I want to use a lyrics to describe: "We are like summer and autumn, but we can always change winter into spring."

Right one: I, I have n’t said it before.

Start with this back shot taken in Cherating Beach. I feel very youthful feeling ~

This is the first meal in Kuala Lumpur. The little prince took us to McDonald's. The focus is on this large plate of French fries.

After arriving in Kuantan, take a photo.

The sky is very blue, the sand is white and fine, but the water quality is not very good ~

The child is swimming here, he is very happy, watching me holding the camera, smiling at me, I immediately pressed the shutter.

When I organized the photos, I found out that this photo in Cherating Beach was the only group photo of Yang Yang and me on this trip. The majority of us both time you shoot me, I shoot you ...

After visiting Cherating Beach, we drove to Bentong, which is rich in durian, to eat durian. The two sisters in the company are super durians.

Just eating durian is not addictive, we also want to visit Durian Hill. At the repeated request of her sister, the owner of the Durian Garden did not want to disappoint us, and promised to drive us up the mountain to the Durian Garden.

The whole mountain is full of durian trees. Boss Chen owns 1,200 durian trees (more than 100 cat mountain kings) and 5 brothers and sisters. His mentality towards worldliness and materiality is quite peaceful.

Did you see the looming building on the opposite side? I heard it was a big casino. Just like the Macau casino.

The durian tree in the skirt is to prevent the little squirrel from stealing.

The durian that fell off has one left hand and one right hand.

Fresh lychees

The childhood of Maoshan Wang. Cat cub.

Fruit feast, eat a lot of durian, mountain lychee ....... All the owner of the durian garden invited us to eat. We wanted to tip him, but he didn't.

I ate a lot of durian before going up the mountain and a lot of durian after going up the mountain. I said: "The first time I ate so many durians, I would definitely get angry today." My sister said: "It's okay, I bring fire-fighting powder, everyone can eat with confidence."

Here, the puppy is also happy, there are durians that can not be eaten.

It tastes delicious.

I threw it at Mountain Litchi to eat, and found that it was still picky eater, not to eat.

The road going down the mountain is winding and winding, we stand in the cargo box of durian, there is a feeling of sitting through the tropical jungle adventure ~ Haha

Do n’t ask why there is no Yang Yang ~~ The head in front is too big, haha

A strange seafood group in Kuala Lumpur, a super hot seafood restaurant. Recommendation Index ★★★★★

Because we have n’t eaten vegetables for a long time, we ordered green vegetables and ended up with three plates. .

After dinner, the little prince took us to sing K. It was the first time to sing K during the trip. I went to play abroad and sang K. I never even thought about it. In the evening we were very happy and didn't return to the hotel until 4am.

Malaysia is a very Islamic country with mosques everywhere. The oncoming parcels are strict, and women who only show a pair of eyes are thinking of you to convey all the time-at this time you are in a kingdom of Islam.

The floating mosque is located in the Strait of Malacca, this is a solemn building. To complete the holy journey in the temple, you need to put on a robe, put on a headscarf, and take off your shoes to show your piety.

The sun was dazzling that day, I do n’t know why it was black

Big bag small bag backpack shoulder bag ... This photo is named the aunt who sells vegetables and her son.

It's full of love ~~ I cut myself off, and the aunt who sells vegetables doesn't show up ~~ Haha

The brothers who have been separated for many years have found it. People from many Middle Eastern countries who come to travel look for Li Guo to take pictures.

This is a dual-purpose vehicle that can be driven on land and turned into a boat after going to sea. It ’s magical ~~ I regret not having to sit down. I have a chance to experience it again.

High-altitude tour of the Straits of Malacca

A group of six friends took a group photo. longlive friendship

Overlooking the microcosm of Malacca

The thick red brick wall, the extremely bulky hard wooden door, the wide stone steps, the architectural style of the Red House undoubtedly left a considerable impression on many tourists. Legend has it that the red bricks that built the red house were all specially shipped from the Netherlands by the Dutch colonial government at the time. Red walls and white windows, bright colors, when you stroll on the banks of the Malacca River, this is definitely a place to go, and the famous "Melaka Red" is rumored to introduce this red, this red has not been because of history And faded, this red is still so dazzling, so bright.

The trip to Malaysia came to an end ... ready to go to the next destination. After passing through the security check, I thought that I would n’t provide anything to eat on AirAsia, so I bought two big cups of Starbucks and wanted to take it to the plane to drink. As a result, I walked to the door, and the staff did not let us in and let us throw it away. We walked silently to the side and drunk it hurriedly.

In Malaysia, AirAsia has more money than Malaysia Airlines. AirAsia has packed the entire terminal building, all of which are AirAsia aircraft.

"Lovers Cliff" is located in the southwest corner of Bali's half peninsula. It is actually a cliff of about 80 meters high formed by the impact of the Indian Ocean. It is said that a couple of lovers marched into the sea from here, so it was named "Lover Cliff" . Since then, couples traveling to Bali have visited this place with longing for free love, in anticipation of the longevity of love.

Standing on the lover's cliff, overlooking the choppy waves of the Indian Ocean, the waves beating the coast, the sea is blue and deep, and the wind from the Indian Ocean is on the face. The beauty is so pure and refreshing.

The juice is full ~~

On that day, we did not encounter monkeys robbing things, probably because the sun was too strong and the monkeys were hiding in the woods to cool off.

Many people take wedding photos here, the water is sparkling.

The crystal ball is focused, and it is actually very hot in the hand.

After wandering around, we walked over Lover Cliff within an hour. We drove to The edge restaurant for lunch. Before we entered, the two of us paid 500,000 rupiah, which should be the minimum consumption of the restaurant. We can't take away the unused money.

Endless, sea breeze blowing, suffocating beauty ~~

The cloud here is very low, and it feels like it will soon fall into the sea.

The infinity swimming pool in the hotel is also great, but only guests staying in the hotel can enjoy it.

When ordering, the menu is all in English and we can't understand it at all. So, ask them to help us order local Indonesian specialties.

Indonesian oxtail soup is delicious.

When we were about to leave, the waiter stopped us again. It turns out that the money hasn't been used up, you can order some more. He brought the menu, and I pretended to turn it over. In fact, he still didn't understand and asked him to help us. They smiled, and we smiled embarrassingly. The driver who picks us up every day actually wants to chat with us and introduce us to local fun places, but because of communication barriers, the car is always silent. This matter shows that English is really important, prompting me to study English and practice oral English every day after I come back.

In the evening, I reached the most anticipated hotel accommodation for this trip-Villa Seven Angels. The weather was very hot. When we arrived at the room, we jumped into the swimming pool and swam for the first time in summer 2016 ~~ haha Because the place is very biased and the transportation is inconvenient, we eat all three meals at the hotel. Their pasta is delicious ~~

Sprite, cool heart, heart flying ~

The church is beautiful, but because it is completely closed, it is particularly stuffy inside. We turned on the air conditioner, sat outside and waited, wanted to wait for it to cool down before we went in to take pictures. But half an hour later, nothing changed. I took a few photos in it, I was sweaty, and I felt almost heatstroke ...

Under the glass is covered with flowers, wrong, fake flowers.

There is a resting platform in the middle where you can lie on the sun.

The environment of the hotel is particularly good, and it is also a pleasure to walk on the road. It is usually quiet, and it is usually chosen by travel agencies or private groups.

Lembongan Island, an outlying island on the southeast side of Bali, can be reached in one hour by boat. In Lembongan Island, you can go diving, water surfing, snorkeling, etc. You can also explore the mysterious beach by bike, or take a boat to explore the mangrove forest that accounts for a quarter of the island.

There are many offshore platforms, and various water projects are carried out here.

The ripples of water are beautiful.

The speedboat pulled the banana boat on the water and it was fun. In the second time, the coach pulled very fast. As a result, the boat overturned directly. We fell into the Indian Ocean and choked a few sips of water. The water was so salty. The younger brother sitting in front of me calmly said, "Go home and write 800 words of composition. There is something to write." His words made us laugh, life is a positive attitude ~ Everyone is wearing a life jacket and floating on the water, Yang Yang didn't know how to swim. At first, he was very scared. Later, everyone was calm and calmed down. Later, we were pulled back on board by the coach.

The sun is dazzling and we walk through the mangroves.

I sat in the car and looked at the photos. They came over and asked me to help them take pictures.

Come here, everyone take a picture together.

The camera zooms in and you can clearly see the coastline.

This is the commanding height of Lembongan Island, where you can see the beautiful bays, villages with red roofs and dense forests.

When the weather is good, you can see the Agung volcano on the opposite side which is regarded as a sacred mountain by the Baris.

At the end of the activity, about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the driver took us back to the hotel, Blue Dream Chalet. The house covered by grass is very interesting. That is, there are many ants and mosquitoes ~~ The water on Lembongan Island is salty, and the water for bathing and brushing your teeth is very salty.

After taking a nap in the cabin, in the evening, we plan to go to Dream Beach ~~

Good dog

Evening dream beach

Every time I go to the beach, I always leave a text to represent me. . .

Glass ball on the beach.

We had dinner by the sea, blowing the sea breeze until dark. When preparing to go back to the hotel, I found that the country road was dark, and there were only a few dim street lights. Along the way, there were especially many dogs, and we were very scared. Several dogs barked at us, and scared us to turn around and run. When we walked to the door of a restaurant, we lingered for a long time, discussing whether to find a local to take us back. At this time, an Indonesian guy in the restaurant came out and asked if we needed help. I described it in crappy English. In view of our situation, it is roughly that there are too many dogs on the road, and we are very scared. He was happy to send us back and praised me for being beautiful, haha. The hotel is very close and it will be there in two minutes.

Early the next morning, I was awakened by the crisp bird chirp. I looked at the phone and it was only half past six. I haven't been awake for so long. I jumped out of bed and opened the curtains, the clouds were so beautiful. Immediately bring a mobile phone, take a picture first, haha

In the early morning, the children have already started classes.

Puppy lying quietly on the beach sleeping, doing "daydreams"

Mediterranean style club, I like it very much.

Strawberry juice and mango juice, cheers ~~

Arranged to pick us up at 11 o'clock with the driver, it's time to go back and pack up. The place where I live changes every day, I collect things every day ~~

Bringing so many things on the road, the baby is exhausted

When checking out, something unpleasant happened. The room was booked by a sister who helped me book at BOOKING. The money has already been given, but the hotelier said a big push, not let me pay cash, said that the website will refund the money to me. Due to poor English and communication barriers, I ordered a voice with my sister to let them communicate, but the hotel's people are not reluctant to spare, or let us give money. It made us angry, we changed our faces, and our attitudes became bad. Then the people in the hotel started to scold us in local dialects and kept shaking their heads to make faces. We also started to scold them in their native dialects. It's quite interesting to think of. As I was in a hurry to leave, my sister asked me to give the money first, and left a letter for him to stamp. She said that the Lembongan Island offender incident had happened many times and she was going to ask them for a refund through the BOOKING website. My sister refunded the money to me yesterday. I especially thank her for helping me a lot along the way.

The driver also forgot us that day, and finally came to pick us up. We finally got on the boat, and the people on the boat were waiting for us. The boat should have sailed at 11:30, and the boat was only opened at twelve. I feel very embarrassed. It was the first ship, and I did n’t forget to take a picture when I arrived

The little beauty sitting in front has big eyes shining in love.

Because the time was late, the boat was flying fast and it felt like it was flying. People full of ships are screaming, look at the expression of my little partner next to me, haha

When I first saw this infinity pool, I was still shocked.

Next to the swimming pool is a glass church, a very small house made of white walls and glass. The wedding ceremony will be decorated with flowers.

Now Blue Dot has become an attraction, and tickets have to be collected. Afternoon tea can go in for free, but can not enjoy the hotel swimming pool. Many tour groups also come here to take photos with the church and infinity pool.

The athletes galloping in the waves. .

Uluwatu is a favorite of many people. Because of surfing.

Walk down the path at the door of the Blue Point, and pass the many bars along the stairs, you can reach a small beach. This is a paradise for many surfers, and for non-surfers, it is suitable to find a small bar built on the cliff, drinking ice beer to watch the waves roll up little by little, watching the surfers gallop in the waves Photographed.

I thought the blue dot was very close to the Temple of Poseidon, and I wanted to walk there to watch the sunset, but when I asked to find it was far away, I gave up. I came here and saw a crew. When I saw the guy wearing glasses, my first reaction was whether Dapeng was making a movie here. Haha, I only knew that it was an art photo.

The clouds are light and the wind is breezy and picturesque.

Many people in Bali rent this retro car.

In addition to being a sacred place for surfing, Blue Point is also a great place to watch the sunset. The small bar on the cliff is lower than the blue dot. Although the view is not so wide, it does have another view.

At dusk of Uluwatu, at this moment, everyone is quietly waiting for the magnificent scenery of the sunset.

Found a good location.

The sky is getting darker and there are still many people surfing ~~

Sitting here to take a picture is also one of my wish lists

Plumeria flowers falling on the grass

It was tea time again, and today I went to Alila Uluwatu Villa Hotel. I have seen its magnificence in other people's travel notes, and I was not disappointed ~~

Many celebrities host weddings here. Although you can't afford such an expensive hotel, it is good to have afternoon tea.

I don't adjust the camera's parameters. I always feel that the photos are black.

Backed by mountains and sea ~ Unique bird's nest design, far away is the sea and sky in the Indian Ocean ~ The cliffs and seascapes are picturesque.

The shrimp slices in Bali are delicious ~

I endorse this cup of kumquat tea ~ haha

I found this lovely blue house while wandering on the road ~~

Ubud Palace does not accept tickets, because the descendants of the royal family still live in the palace, so the palace only opened two small courtyards for people to visit. Ubud Palace is small and delicate, decorated with delicate hand-carvings. Ubud is an art town with handicrafts everywhere. Near the Royal Palace is Ubud Market.

Cute little bady ~

A lot of frangipani is on the girl's hair ~~

Afternoon tea time.

The view in front of me is suddenly, the whole restaurant is built along the mountain, the view is wide and magnificent. Standing high overlooking the Ayong River and layers of swimming pools and villas, there is really a feeling of standing high. No wonder the hotel's name is-Royal Peter Manha

I heard that the hotel is a restaurant run by the descendants of the Ubud royal family. With the concept of traditional design and environmental inspiration, combined with the surrounding terraced landscape, river valley and tropical beauty, it creates a great building that blends with nature.

Someone is going to have a wedding in the hotel today

Old people playing traditional local music

People who drift in the river valley will pose POSE

Today is the last day in Bali, we went to Kuta Beach to hang out early in the morning. I met a few aunts who made hair and warmly invited us to make hair. I asked how much money she said. The two of them were 300,000 rupiah. I immediately shook my head and said that it was too expensive. She asked me to bid. I thought about it. 4 One million rupiah alone. She said it was too cheap, let me add money, stalemate for a long time, and finally sold for 50,000, haha. Just sit down and start braiding, massage, nail polish and tattooed aunts come to me ~~ I shook my head and kept saying no no no .......

The nail polished aunt has always been very persistent and worked with me ~~ Finally, I applied a toe nail for the price of IDR 20,000 ~~

Not many people go to Kuta Beach in the morning, but the most people in the evening.

Yang Yang cool little dirty braid

July 15th is my birthday. It is meaningful to have my birthday for the first time on the journey. Remember

Goodbye, Bali, I will definitely come back

If one day, your heart can no longer touch you, your anger can no longer irritate you, and your sadness can no longer make you cry, you will know what this time has given you. Grow, what did you pay. At such moments, choose to travel.

The trip to Bali ended with a small dirty braid. Every bit of the trip is a priceless harvest. Whether it is a surprise or a regret, don't be too concerned about the gains and losses in the journey. It is the greatest meaning to perceive the growth that each trip brings to us.

End of the full text. Hope you and I have been on the road reading this travel note! Thank you for visiting!


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