See the prosperity of Tokyo, brilliant lights

The relationship between learning Japanese has always been a longing for going to Japan to experience the feeling of integration into the local area.

So I started my trip to Shanghai-Tokyo-Yufuin Hot Spring-Fukuoka-Shanghai. In retrospect, although it was tossing, it also gave me a better understanding of Japanese hee hee, which was good.

Not much to say about visas, the country is a big travel agency, the materials to be submitted are similar, just consult various travel agencies.

In Tokyo: Hotel JAL City Yotsuya Tokyo, remember that the special price for two people for 3 nights cannot be cancelled, about 1500RMB

Yufuin: Liming Hotel, booked at Rakuten Japan, overnight + overnight dinner 18320 yen, the official website is scheduled to be paid after registration.

The first time I took a plane in spring and autumn, the seat of the plane was small, there was no food on board, and everything else was fine. I booked a shuttle bus to Tokyo in advance on the official website of Spring and Autumn. I got out of the plane easily after getting off the plane. I took the printed bus and made an appointment to pay 500 yen, one per person, to Tokyo. Arrive at Tokyo Station at about 15:30 pm.

The students sitting on the floor don't know what they are doing, but they feel shocked to me in an orderly way. Go ahead and follow the Marunouchi Line signs to take the subway to the hotel.

Since I won't go many places today, I bought a one-way ticket, 170 yen. The subway is clean and quiet, even if there is a speech, it is very quiet, and the old lady opposite the lip balm is also covered with another.

The subway came out and there was a fire station next to the hotel. There was a helicopter for firefighting on the roof. Haha, I do n’t know why. I felt very safe.

Room photos, most of the Japanese hotels are small, the bed is still very large, the room can accommodate 2 boxes and leave, I already feel satisfied.

Looking around, I arrived in Tokyo in the afterglow.

After tidying up, I plan to take 2 stops to go to Shinjuku to eat and eat

Shinjuku is really suitable for me, too late to see

Someone was dragged by me until 7 or 8 and I was so hungry that I was going to find a restaurant to eat. The first meal in Tokyo must have a favorite sashimi ~~ Someone said that I must have a drink in the izakaya

This sushi sushi has greatly satisfied us. There are 3 floors above ground and there are almost as many guests as we can. We squeeze in front of a small sushi counter and eat while watching the skills of the chefs. Is there a waiter or a Chinese student? , So that my crappy Japanese can pinch Chinese to communicate hahaha

Continue shopping after eating, Shinjuku GO

The next day I prepared to go to Tsukiji and Ginza. Tsukiji did not find the legendary sushi Yamato / Yamato sushi for a long time. I could only eat casually and continue to hurry.

Ginza, come on

I'm tired from Ginza to Daiba! 11h of blood 戼 战 TO, 榨 不得 Imatenju hot spring

Woke up early to go to Sensoji Temple

After leaving Tokyo to fly to Oita Airport, I came from Yufuin

Due to heavy snow, the highway was closed at high speed, only JR, but you can also experience the JR of Kyushu

All the way to snow

Goodbye, the travel notes are sketchy, come on later


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