Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, a family of three Malays

It has been half a month since I came back from West Malaysia, and I thought that my belief in writing travel notes will become weaker and weaker. But looking at the photos of the game today, and thinking about the people and things in the journey, I can't help but have the urge to type the keyboard again.

In addition to my parents, this tour also has 3 friends and 6 people in total. The itinerary has a total of 8 days. I booked an AirAsia ticket early. It is indeed cheap enough as a cheap ticket. From Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur, it only costs more than 800 RMB. In addition, the total price of the ticket plus Sheraton Empire Hotel for 3 days is about 1600 rmb. At such a favorable price, our family decided to set off for West Malaysia. Of course, don't forget to go to Taobao to find a reliable travel agency to apply for a visa before departure, the price is about 170 yuan. Also recommend a few useful apps:

1. Grab There are more people in Southeast Asia than Uber. The key is that the grab is traded in cash. The price displayed on the software is the final price, and the price paid to the driver at the place of arrival is just fine, regardless of time and traffic jams. In addition, I used this software to meet many Chinese friends in the back, and got a lot of help from them. This software must be highly recommended! ! !

2. It is half price during the easy-to-reach event, which is still very cost-effective in China. But now it seems that the activity has been reduced. This software is for domestic use ~!

3. Of course, when Google Maps arrives abroad, of course use Google!

4. Travel translator, my urgent English, it wouldn't work without it. However, thanks to the help of telephone translation by Kobayashi children's shoes in Penang, I really don't know how much body language is required. Every time I go abroad, I am determined to learn English well, however. . . . . . . you know!

In addition, the main means of transportation for this trip are airplanes and chartered cars. Air tickets in Malay are similar to the prices of our domestic buses. (It ’s really cheap, it costs dozens of ringgits.)

Since Fuzhou does not have an AirAsia flight to Kuala Lumpur, we can only fly from Fuzhou to Shenzhen. (Motor fare 217 yuan, staying at the hotel for one night, even if it is still cost-effective) arrived in Shenzhen in the afternoon, Ma Ma students to pick us up at the train station to the hotel. When feeling the new stove in Fuzhou, Shenzhen is also not cool, hot and humid. Think about the Malays who are going to the tropics, or bear with it!

On this day, all on the plane, we took a 5-hour flight from Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur, and transferred to Kuala Lumpur at Kuala Lumpur Airport, about 40 minutes. It's about 10 o'clock at night in Penang.

Let ’s talk about AirAsia ’s feelings:

Highlights-cheap, cheap is more important than anything!

Urine point-1, no baggage allowance: honestly, we are still hesitating whether this bag can be brought on the plane, when the bag needs to be checked. People even dragged their small suitcases onto the plane. So as long as it is not an exaggerated baggage, no one will stop you when you carry a few more bags. 2. There is no plane meal, it does not matter! Buy a little dry food yourself and it will be over 4 hours! Of course, it can also be bought on the plane, and can be paid in RMB or Malaysian ringgit. 3. The seat is so small that the taller one will support his knee. This is quite hard, but fortunately, I am more concentrated, so I can bear it! 4. The air conditioner is big, but no blanket is provided. Therefore, comrades who are afraid of cold should bring long sleeves or skin clothes! 5. The red seat in the photo is the preferred seat, but basically no one buys it.

Hotel: Sunway Hotel (in George Town)

Arrangement: morning-looking for murals (siblings riding together, chasing young people, climbing children, chasing young people, etc.), surname bridge, Shantou

Afternoon-Little India, National Park

Transportation: rent a bicycle (in George Town), grab a taxi (to the national park)

Famously looking for a mural early in the morning, I got lost at the door of the hotel. Asking for directions along the way, (mainly looking for Chinese people, most Chinese in Penang can speak Chinese) finally came to the mural. Seeing a lot of people riding bicycles, we decided to rent a mural by ourselves. Facts have proved that this is a wise move. Of course, there are many types of bicycles, the cheapest is 8rm (12 hours), and the expensive one is 60rm (2 hours). Of course, you can also rent a rickshaw without asking the price. The biggest advantage of renting a rickshaw is that there is no need to find murals everywhere, saving time, but also losing the fun of finding.

Let's take a look at our results

There are murals and street art in every corner of Georgetown, waiting for you to discover!

This is our car rental shop, and their door is also a mural

Famous sister and brother riding together

Moms who do n’t like cats are particularly interested in cats on the wall

Kid climbing the wall, good boy! Don't climb the wall! I will open the door for you.

Next to the kid climbing the wall is a shop selling coconut juice. Although the price is a little expensive, the taste is the best coconut juice I have ever tasted.

Naughty we also joined the performance of street artists

After seeing street art and joining street performances. We rode to the biggest bridge in the surname bridge-surname Zhouqiao. The bridge here is not a real bridge, but a wooden terraced house on the water. The people living together are all surnames, so there are surnames Zhouqiao, Linqiao and so on.

This noodle bowl is big enough! This bowl is the size of a washbasin, but it is much deeper than a normal washbasin

The cardamom that my mother loves has a peculiar taste.

Unconsciously, it was lunch time at noon, and we came to the nearby Shantou Street for lunch. It is a pity that when we went, it happened to be Malay Eid. Many famous shops on Shantou Street were closed. We randomly found a roadside shop and ate it. To be honest, it's really not good. . . . . . One of the packages called "Spicy Your Mom" ​​is more impressive because it is not spicy at all! In fact, this is a homonym for Malay "nasi lemak". However, this nasi lemak can't be compared to the nasi lemak rice that Kobayashi took us to eat!

After lunch, we returned the bicycle and prepared to take the bus to the National Forest Park. We passed the famous "Little India" inadvertently on the way. This area is a gathering place of Indians.

I have been addicted to the music and culture of India for a long time, only to find that the highlight of the afternoon has not yet begun, that is to go to the national park. Here I have to sigh that our domestic buses have at least a stop sign, at least there is an app to see if the bus has arrived, at least the station will be registered, at least. . . . . . The bus here is really not for tourists. Ok, the next grab comes in handy! Thanks to this software, we met the first Chinese friend, Xiao Lin. Carefully hit the car with the grab. At first glance, the picture shows the Chinese face, "can U speak Chinese?" "Yes!". Great! So don't worry about the crappy English in the following journey. Here, I would like to seriously thank Kobayashi's children's shoes, really good comrades!

Getting in Kobayashi's car, Kobayashi introduced the customs of Penang and the situation of Chinese in Malay along the way. On the way, if you talk a little and laugh, you will arrive at the destination-National Park. However, it's more than 5 o'clock. The park is closed, at least take some pictures!

Enthusiastic Kobayashi children's shoes and Dalin children's shoes

In front of a pile of "shit", so many photos. Also drunk! Poor reader friends! Ruin the Three Views! ! ! !

After playing for more than an hour, I encountered a big traffic jam when I went back. But miracles found that Xiao Lin's children's shoes were afraid that we would not be able to go back, and were still waiting for us in the same place. There are some good drivers in Malay! Taking advantage of the time of traffic jams, Kobayashi took us to the beaches and distinctive hotels along the way.

The chalet inside the hotel is a divination house! Okay I guess!

There was talk and laugh along the way, and I came to Penang, a famous snack gathering place in Penang. So dinner is settled here! Malay things are really not expensive except for the strong chefs who eat seafood in Jinan Beach.

Lamenting Kobayashi's enthusiasm, he was invited again to take us to the airport the next day and stop by for breakfast. Kobayashi took us to the local hidden food. We saw delicious nasi lemak rice, (the taste is 100 times more delicious than Shantou Street, the flavor of coconut milk is very strong, mixed with the aroma of glutinous rice, delicious don't need it!) And pork intestine powder, lemon juice with excellent taste (Actually the same taste as the famous Jiaxing Ice Room in Hualien, Taiwan, I no longer believe in the exclusive secret recipe), Fried Kway Teow. . . . . . In addition, my mother bought Penang white coffee here.

Delicious Nasi Lemak

After breakfast, Kobayashi took us to Kek Lok Si again. This is a Chinese temple. Every time the Chinese New Year comes, there will be lanterns and many photographers will come to the scene. Unfortunately, in order to catch the plane, we gave up entering the temple. Take a picture as a souvenir!

Mom who concentrates on studying photography

Along the way, we harvested unplanned food and scenery along the way, but unknowingly encountered the biggest trouble on this journey-missed the machine. AirAsia requested to check in 45 minutes in advance. We were 5 minutes late and were told to refuse entry. omg! Langkawi's itinerary has been booked! Does it mean that Langkawi is completely simmering today? Helplessly called Kobayashi children's shoes (again, him, the versatile JC!), And after discussing with him, we decided to take the car to Kedah and take the boat to Langkawi. Kobayashi children's shoes drove us to Kedah again, a 2-hour drive, we once again talked and laughed about the Malay customs, the life of Malay Chinese in Malay, although there are only two days Become friends with Xiao Lin. I had forgotten the trouble of missing the machine.

When we arrived at the ferry terminal, we had to wait for more than 2 hours before embarking because the number of Eid Mubarak was full. Although depressed, but also have something to remember!

The Malay children who watched the movie played by the ferry completely did not know it became my background

Missed the plane, drove across the state, missed the ferry ... (Finally understand the meaning of misfortune is not alone!) We finally arrived at the Kuazhen Pier in Langkawi, the Chinese driver of the chartered car is already waiting for us at the dock. With more than 3 hours of chartered time left, we decided to go to Zhennan Beach to watch the sunset. Of course, the Giant Eagle Plaza on the edge of the Guazhen Pier can't be let go!

After driving for half an hour, I arrived at Zhennan Beach from Guazhen Pier. Hurry up and take pictures!

Worthy of being an educational family! Do n’t forget to write on the beach!

A variety of bikini beauties and handsome guys on the beach (the handsome guys do n’t have bikinis!) But it ’s a pity that they did n’t leave photos because of the hurry! (The colors here are really various colors!)

In the evening, we came to Jinnan's famous "Qiangshi Zhenlang Seafood Restaurant" for dinner, and we looked at the price list. (Compared to the "Master Chef Fu" eaten later) It's a lot more expensive!) Ordered the wet cream tiger shrimp recommended by others' travel notes, as well as grouper and 3 glasses of juice and soup, more than 260 RM. Tiger shrimp tastes good!

Orange juice, longan juice, radish juice

Slap big wet cream tiger shrimp

Grouper with fleshy Q shells

After dinner, we returned to the hotel in Kuah from the beach. The Bella Vista hotel we stayed in had a gorgeous look like a castle, but the conditions inside were not so good. . . .

Friendly Tips: 1. I chose to live in Guazhen because it is cheaper and is the place where the locals live. However, it is far away from Jinan Beach and Dongfang Village (Sky Bridge).

2. In addition, there is no grab here, only taxi or chartered. I was going to choose to rent a car to travel around, but the opposite traffic rules and blind street signs made us give up this idea.

3. Langkawi is a tax-free city, and buying luxury cars is quite cheap. However, you can only drive on Langkawi Island, and if you want to drive out, you must apply for a one-month annual exit status, or pay 200% of the tax. Of course, the chocolate here is also very cheap. Italy original Ferrero 500g gift box 26rm. This is double the price in China! Of course, there are many other brands of chocolate to choose from.

4. Booking a room directly in a hotel is more than 60 yuan cheaper than a domestic online booking, and buying island-hopping directly at the hotel (excluding lunch) is only 40RMB. In addition, go diving in Paya Island. You can also pay for a deep dive directly at the diving platform. (140RM per person)

Bella Vista Hotel, it looks really good from a distance!

Due to the delayed flight, my parents and I gave up the plan of the Oriental Village-the bridge of the sky, and went to Paya Island to dive the next day. Although we encountered a lot of troubles on the road this day, but let us know Kedah, and took the ferry. Sometimes it may be another way to get it!

After breakfast at the hotel, the bus driver to Paya Island was already waiting for us in the lobby. Get in the car and go straight to the Guazhen dock. Embark on the boat, set sail, and one hour later we came to the floating pontoon on the edge of Paya Island.

Friendly Tips: 1. The underwater camera is rented here, a 100RM, a waterproof cover 50RM, and a locker 20RM. If you want to save money, you can buy it in Taobao in advance, and you can bring a small password suitcase without a locker.

2. One area of ​​snorkeling on the floating platform is for deep diving. Those who do not purchase deep diving can also purchase directly here.

3. Although snorkeling respirator and swimming goggles are provided free of charge, but the respirator is really used by countless people, go to Taobao to buy a respirator! In addition, if you dive deep, it ’s better to go to Taobao to buy a diving sock, and you will see the unlucky me later, and my feet will hit the seabed rocks.


Deep dive certificate.

My two 60-year-olds in my family were enrolled in a deep dive. At first, my mother was very nervous. When the coach put us on the equipment and explained the precautions, the Chinese coach saw the uneasiness. So, personally took them both into the water. When I waited for more than 20 minutes ashore, the Chinese coach led the two old men out of the water. As soon as it came out of the water, Dad and Mom were excited like children. What "crowds of fish swim like tornadoes" "seeing live corals" "blue fish crawling on the body" ... all kinds of excitement! I didn't take care of my poor feet at all

The coach who took me into the water led me to the reef, leaving a deep mark! The snorkeling behind was on the shore. So, buy a diving sock!

Various colors of tropical fish, as well as little threatening sharks! Snorkeling with them is also a fun experience.

After eating the buffet on the floating platform, we boarded the glass boat and looked at the sea floor.

Then take a small boat and go to the beach to snorkel

This time the snorkeling and deep diving three people spent a total of 1900rmb, the price and the local difference is not too much. Of course, it has something to do with the price of Eid al-Fitr which is Malay these few days. Back at the hotel, we went to the main chef Fu restaurant (actually a food stall) opposite the hotel for dinner.

Sweet and sour Nyonya fish

Salted egg squid, outside is a squid wrapped in salted egg yolk. Very tasty!

Guess what?

Reveal the answer-it's rice! ! Does it look very tall! !

Such a table is only about 70RM, which is much cheaper than the strong master! What's more important is that the chef Fu personally served us the dishes. When we just said that it would be good to have chopsticks, the clerk handed the chopsticks enthusiastically. Service attitude is far beyond the street of the strong master! However, the master chef's signature dish, moist butter tiger shrimp, is indeed delicious.

I got up early in the morning and received the WeChat of the Chinese driver who chartered yesterday, reminding us to wait early in the morning. However, Langkawi seemed to deliberately retain us, and it was still clear yesterday. Today, when we were about to leave, it rained like a pillar.

We came to the airport under the heavy rain, but encountered AirAsia delays. And all other flights are on time, only our flight ~~ what kind of luck is this ~! However, this did not affect the mood of the mother, and opened an exploration mode at the airport.

Guess why this iron cage in the airport is used?

Think about today's stormy weather, this cage seems to have this necessary!

From the morning to the afternoon, I finally boarded the flight to Kuala Lumpur. At the Kuala Lumpur Airport, we grab another Chinese driver and took us to the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. On the way, he told us about the unfairness of the Chinese living in Malay. For example, the Malay children are raised by the government, and the Chinese children are raised by themselves; Malays have priority to go to college, and the Chinese should be ranked behind no matter how well they perform; Shops must have Malay, and Malay is larger than Chinese; for Chinese-making businesses, Malays must acquire shares; Chinese and Malays are married, regardless of whether the Chinese are male or female, they must also follow the Malay spouse's surname ... … Hearing this, I ca n’t help but lament the difficulty of the Chinese in Malay! However, even so, the top five Malay tycoons are all Chinese, and can't help lamenting the diligence and savvyness of the Chinese!

About half an hour by car, we arrived at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur City Center. This is the best five-star hotel on our trip, but the price is very cheap, only 420rmb per night. However, the conditions are very good, as shown in the picture below. All this is to be proud of the discovery of peer partners-discounts on adding wine to the AirAsia official website.

You can see the Kuala Lumpur Tower from our hotel!

The night view of the Kuala Lumpur Tower is also beautiful!

It is said that the 6 bottles of mineral water on the bar are the most expensive mineral water in the area! About 2-3rm a bottle, think about the mineral water in Taipei (the cheapest bottle is 20 Taipei), the price of Malay is still very friendly

In response to the recommendation of Penang friend Kobayashi, we took the light rail from the hotel (just at the door of the hotel) to Bukit Bintang and got off the bus. All the way Google + asked for directions to find the food street in Kuala Lumpur-Yarrow Street. We are already hungry and dizzy, we show the true nature of food, as shown in the picture.

Dad's favorite-bone and bone tea, we also bought the bone and bone tea bag in the alley of the 10th to make it home, of course, the taste is still local.

Cat Mountain King with bitterness in sweetness

I also bought super sweet and cheap mangosteen, durian with mangosteen! There is also coconut juice and sugar cane juice. It is a pity that the most famous Huang Yahua snack bar in the whole street was not eaten because of the rest on Tuesday. After drinking enough, we returned to the hotel the same way. After taking a bubble bath and sorting out your luggage, you will fall asleep.

Today's itinerary we chartered the car online in advance. But last night we received a WeChat message from the driver saying that she was sick and let her husband receive us! At first, there was a slight psychological regret. The chartered cars were all male drivers. Finally, there was a female driver who was sick. However, the company of driver Ye made us feel the enthusiasm and friendliness of the Chinese people again. Special thanks to the leaves here! Our second day's itinerary was also decisively packaged for him at a very reasonable price.

Friendly Tips: 1. In Malay, it is cheaper to charter a car in the local area.

2. The price of the chartered car in Kuala Lumpur is reasonable, and the attitude of the Chinese driver is very friendly. (Special thanks to driver Ye and Zhang who received us in these two days, this advertisement must be done!)

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca took more than an hour. The humorous driver Ye on the road told us many Kuala Lumpur anecdotes. For example, the traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur is very serious. If the traffic jam is today, it is not news, but if there is no traffic jam today, you have to call home. One day, when he went to work early in the morning and found that there was no traffic jam, he happily called his wife and asked her to go out to work quickly. As a result, her wife said: "Long Zongwei won Lin Dan in the middle of the night, and the whole country is on holiday! Come back!" Hearing this, we all laughed. There are not only many holidays in Malay but also very rich reasons. (Think about if we Lin Dan won Li Zongwei and also had a holiday, wow! It's cool !!! Well, think about it! No wonder Li Zongwei fell off the chain at every critical moment, the pressure of this national people's holiday is really big !!! This reminds me of Kobayashi in Penang that Malay teachers can apply for vacations as long as they have more than 160 days of classes every year. The sense of superiority that our teachers have 3 months of winter and summer vacations is completely gone! However, because of this, the Malay government is also known for its low efficiency. For example, a case will not be accepted for several years due to various holidays.

Unconsciously we came to Malaka. After the leaves stopped, we took us to Malacca.

Portuguese church, later destroyed by the Dutch

Let me play a song

Take Zheng He's ship to the west!

It is said that Malay leaders often give speeches on this. Our queen is going to give a speech

At noon, the famous Hainan chicken rice lined up, so we decided to eat chicken rice in the ancient city.

A table of food is only 58rm, is it cheaper for thieves!

After eating, we strolled around the street where Li Keqiang had been.

This cafe is the location of the movie "Summer Mother Tea"! But the reason why my dad took pictures is-he is a geography teacher

This is Zheng He's ship to the west!

After experiencing the culture and customs of Malacca, we drove on the way to Putrajaya (Prince Edward City). On the way, we learned that the leaves were not only directors, but also white-collars of entertainers and large companies. So my parents who were obsessed with diving started consulting all the way. In addition, Master Leaf also told us some of his custom as a Nyonya, and how to eat pilaf without falling the table. (The children after the marriage between Malays and Chinese are called Nyonya and Baba) A good director gives us a more comprehensive understanding of the local culture and customs. This can't help but remind me of the Taipei driver, but also very enthusiastic and professional. I ca n’t help but lament the Chinese service industry, when will it be possible to have such a level!

Entering the Pink Qingzhen Temple is also called the Floating Mosque, and the magnificent temple will not lose to the National Mosque behind. Ladies entering temples and men wearing shorts should wear coats.

After the chartered car, we went to Genting, a famous casino resort in Kuala Lumpur, led by our friends. (It is said that this is still opened by Fujianese!) The Genting at night is very cool and should be said to be cold. It is only about 20 degrees, which is incompatible with the weather of more than 30 degrees in Kuala Lumpur. The style of the hotel, the extravagant life, let us feel the breath of paper drunk gold fans.

Take a picture with Lamborghini, you can't break the law! After taking photos

Sightseeing car hovering on the roof

"Come to death" took the table! Security came immediately! Quick withdrawal!

It's okay to pretend not to bet money!

It is said that the friends who brought us to visit were lucky, earning 3000RMB in 2 hours. On the way back to tell us all the way to gamble money!

Early in the morning, Ye Zi sent WeChat. Her wife was sick and wanted to take her to see a doctor, and let his brother-in-law, driver Zhang, take us on a trip. Today's itinerary is very full, but driver Zhang's arrangement is methodical.

First stop-Batu Caves: This is a former refuge for Indians. Now every Indian festival, Malay Indians will come here to worship.

Dove Square in front of Batu Caves

God take me away!

How could the mother please, but did not get the heart of the little girl! The beautiful dream of the group photo was broken.

The greedy monkey is not afraid of people at all, and comes in close contact with me directly. After the little monkey ran away, the huge monkey king was also eager to try! Let me run away, your love is too heavy, I ca n’t stand it! When I fed the cookies to the monkey, the white girl on the side acted as a monkey interpreter. Every time I handed a cookie to the monkey, she would say “thank U to me for the monkey

Second stop-New Royal Palace: Malaysia has more than a dozen princes, six of which are eligible to enter the Royal Palace, taking turns to be king. This 800-million-RM palace can't help but think of Malay's famous corruption!

The royal cavalry with great affinity seems to be photographed better than me.

Stupid bird flies first, fly into the palace to become queen?

Emperor, here I come!

As the time came, we also saw the handover ceremony of the Royal Cavalry. Compared with the handover ceremony at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, I can't help but lament the Malays' ease, even laziness!

The third stop-the old palace: Compared with the new palace, it is really small and exquisite. The now abandoned old palace has become a place for tourists to visit.

The old palace lacked handsome cavalry guards, but encountered a rare female cavalry. It is necessary to have a group photo.

Here are the six kings in the photo who have the opportunity to take turns to stay in the palace!

The confined hall, my king and queen

In the honor hall, what official is it for me? Crown Prince? It must be! Who told you you did n’t have a second child? Hahahaha! !

Station 4-Hutong No. 10: Where to have lunch

How come I miss my dad's favorite bone tea?

Disastrous desktop

Driver Zhang invited us to eat fruit red bean soup

I actually saw the wax figure of Chairman Mao

Here we also bought meat and bone tea bags to bring home-made meat and bone tea!

The fifth stop-the National Mosque, I didn't have much interest in Islam, I took the opportunity to watch the flowers. Talking about the tight mother of the bag is also pretty beautiful

Is the tightly packed hemp really beautiful?

The sixth station-the old main railway station. This is the former main railway station in Kuala Lumpur. It is now just one of the stations of electric trains. It is not so much a train station as an ancient castle in the English style.

Interior of old train station

It turned out that it was pretty beautiful to lay the floor on the ceiling

The seventh station, Independence Square, is said to be the first Prime Minister of Malay to declare independence and liberation to the people of the country. There is also the largest flag-raising flagpole in Malaysia. But there is no flag-raising ceremony. It seems unlikely that the lazy Malays would raise the flag every day. It is said that even if the national flag is damaged, they are too lazy to change it!

The tallest flagpole in Malaysia, looks like a complete national flag. Surrounded by state flags of various states

The court opposite the Independence Square is an empty building due to Eid.

On the edge of Independence Square is a history museum with many introductions and projection explanations of Kuala Lumpur's history. Let you know more about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

I love Kuala Lumpur (KL is short for Kuala Lumpur)

Traditional cloth in Malaysia

The last stop-Twin Towers. As a landmark building in Kuala Lumpur, you must go, but if you do n’t climb to the top, the benevolent sees the benevolent! Climbing up to the Petronas Twin Towers costs 85RM per person. I have been to the Petronas Twin Towers in 101. There are some regrets. Although Building 101 has a little regret, it has no time limit. The Twin Towers not only have to book the time to climb the tower, but also have a time limit to go to the tower, each attraction only has more than 10 minutes. And the most beautiful scenery is not on the tower, but on the square below the Petronas Twin Towers.

The bridge between the two towers of Petronas Twin Towers

The scenery photographed from the top of the tower, it rained a little blurry that day

The square in front of the Petronas Towers has a musical fountain.

I'm going home in the evening, and finally go to Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. As a result, Petaling Street, once full of Chinese, is now full of foreign workers. The sales are also relatively inferior. Let's take a picture for a moment!

At ten in the evening, we boarded a flight to Shenzhen. Reluctantly left Kuala Lumpur.

Goodbye Malaysia, goodbye Kuala Lumpur!

This trip to West Malaysia is also a coincidence. Whether it is a grab or a taxi, all of the encounters are Chinese. About 10 Chinese people met on the road. Their enthusiasm and friendliness impressed me deeply. It also made me have good memories of Malay. I saw beautiful scenery during the trip and made many friends. The joy of the trip is nothing more than this. It also made me look forward to the next trip to East Malaysia.

Finally, I recommend a few souvenirs: 1. White coffee in Penang and Ipoh-very in line with my taste

2. Chocolate in Langkawi, Beryl's local Malay chocolate

3. Latex pillows-sold in major supermarkets and malls.

Teach you a few Malay words I learned: Jalan (Jalan) Street

buki and others (Takeyoshi)

Terima kasih (Take your mother to the theater) Thank you

makan (马康) eating

awas (?) Beware, be careful

nasi Lemak (Spicy your mother) Nasi Lemak

Madan mine

This is what I learned from reading street signs all the way! Live to learn and learn!


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