A black tea and a Ceylon dream

Because I was about to graduate, I always wanted to find an opportunity to go on a graduation trip. I didn't start the graduation trip until the paper was written for review in April. Before choosing Sri Lanka, I never thought that the final destination would be here. I wanted to go to North Korea before, but after reading the itinerary, I felt that it was too unfree, and I gave up the idea decisively. Later, after reading other people's travels to Lake Baikal and Nepal, my heart grew thick, but the air ticket was not delicate at all. I looked at Alipay's balance and finally gave up. However, Southeast Asian countries feel that there are too many people to go to, and basically have not considered it. After that, they have been brushing air tickets, and they want to find a place where there are relatively few people who go cheap and fun. Until one day, I saw on the Ali travel that AirAsia transited from Nanning to Kuala Lumpur to Sri Lanka. But I don't know Sri Lanka very well. It is like a mist in my heart, hidden from view. But after reading the Sri Lankan information online, I found that endless beaches, eternal ruins, hospitable people, groups of elephants, interesting train journeys, famous black tea, everything is so desirable. So he decisively confirmed the ticket and started this attractive and fun journey. Here are some interesting insights from this trip.

This trip to Sri Lanka is mainly in the southern and central regions, Negombo-Lion Rock-Kandy-Nuwara Eliya-El-Mirissa-Galle-Colombo

Filming equipment: Fuji X-E2 + 35mmF2 + 16mm-50mm. There are several Canon D7000 + Tamron 18mm-200mm which are small partners. Later Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed.

The plane departed from Nanning at 5:30 pm and arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 9:30 pm. The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo was the next day, which meant we had to sleep at Kuala Lumpur Airport for one night. Sleeping at the airport for the first time, I felt that life was a little more fulfilled. AirAsia docked at Kuala Lumpur KLIA2. I feel that the airport is the base of AirAsia, basically all AirAsia aircraft. The air conditioner in the airport was turned on very well. I was going to sleep in the airport for one night, but it was too cold in the back. I went to the airport rooftop at two or three in the morning, and went to the bench beside the parking lot at five o'clock. How long, fortunately, the good WIFI signal at the airport made us spend this long night.

After dawn, I successfully met my friends who had made appointments online at the airport. At half past eight, he set off for Lanka.

Flying into the blue card

Sri Lankan Airport, seems to be built by Japanese

The hotel is set by a small partner, just by the sea, the price is affordable, and the service is particularly good. When you get in, you can help you with your luggage and deliver delicious juices.

Because the airport is far from Colombo, the driver took us to the city of Negombo, which is closer to the airport, rather than a city.

Negombo Street View


A couple at the beach are playing the game of "throwing a bottle"

look into the distance

Silhouette in the sunset


Sri Lanka is two and a half hours behind the country. When the sun goes down, it is already nine in the country. Poor I did n’t sleep all night, but I could n’t suppress the excitement at all.

At night, I bought a lot of fried rice at a roadside stall. The taste is not bad. It may be the first time to eat it.

Every day in Sri Lanka, I wake up early, and basically get up at 5 or 6 o'clock. On the third morning, our group went to the fish market in Negombo. At that time, it was the local New Year. There was no one at the seaside fish market, so we had to go to the fish market in the city.

Morning light

Although the New Year, but still a lot of people

Fishing boats

"Ice making"

Uncle who sells fish

Many people on the bridge are fishing instead of fishing with nets

Uncle passing by


Back at the hotel, the intimate hotel owner prepared another hearty breakfast.

Looking at it, a little friend's sunglasses fell into the water, and the uncle next to him helped spread the net without saying a word, and began to help us get glasses.

On the way back, passing by a family, we saw lotus mist and mangoes in their yard, so we lay down at the door and looked at it. The owner saw the trees and picked them for us.

It's a pity that the glasses are sinking, but this cute little guy is caught.

An interesting little station

We live in Lion Rock in the forest, completely integrated with nature, and it seems to have a feeling of "fantasy forest". Seeing that we are Chinese, the boss specially brought out a fan and showed it to us. Later, we gave him a fan. It turned out that we should give it to him after climbing the Lion Rock! Because Lion Rock is too hot.

After breakfast, we set off to the second stop of our Lanka trip, Lion Rock. I also ate golden coconut on the road, which was super delicious.

After drinking coconut juice, the uncle also helped us cut open to eat coconut meat.

Hotel owner

The little bear laid on the bed by the boss, a small item, is enough to show the intimate service

The price of Lion Rock is quite expensive, $ 30 per person. But the locals only need to get in for 3 rupees, a difference of 1400 times! Too eccentric, there is wood!

Lonely Monkey

The eighth wonder of the world-Lion Rock, a sky garden built on boulders.

Lion Rock

Standing at the foot is quite spectacular

Me and you

On the other side is a large area of ​​forest


A lonely tree

Group photo of friends

The weather in Lanka changed, and when it went up the mountain was still clear, and down the mountain it was already covered with dark clouds.

The infinite scenery is in the dangerous peak, and the mountaineering is tired. It is worthwhile to overlook the vast land.

The infinite scenery is in the dangerous peak, and the mountaineering is tired. It is worthwhile to overlook the vast land.

The other hill is opposite. It seems that there are only two mountains in the distance.

Me and you

Early on the fourth day, I set off for Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. It is also the second largest city in Sri Lanka. It's been a few days since I arrived in Sri Lanka, and I haven't been to their cities for a while, so I'm still looking forward to it. It took about four hours to arrive along the way.

Uncle Red Beard

Selling "Snake" brother

Later, we went to a larger clothing store and bought a unique dress called Luna or Lumia, which is a skirt worn by boys. The younger brothers in the store are very enthusiastic.

After buying clothes, it was evening, and the crow returned to the nest, la la la.

Kandy at night is already lit by thousands of families.

The hotel in Ding was opened on a hill in Kandy by a Chongqing girl. Someone just brought hot pot ingredients, so we bought the ingredients in their big supermarket Food City that day and ate hot pot at night. Here I want to vomit the food under Sri Lanka. Every day except fried rice, fried noodles, fried XX, there is nothing else. So much so that KFC, McDonald's, Burger King became our staple food! It is necessary to find an opportunity to eat and improve the ignition pot. We also invited the driver to eat, the driver may have a drink, and sang us a few Sri Lankan minors.

Hot Pot

Photographed upstairs after eating

Early in the morning, we went to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka. Wear long trousers and bare feet to enter the temple.

Faith is really important here


The moment when I really stepped into the temple was the moment I was shocked. The crowd of people, I am afraid that it is the Spring Festival, it should be inferior to the three points! Hear the driver say: This is not the holiday, but many people come here every day to worship Buddha!

I bought a flower like this at the entrance of the temple. The flower was called Lily, and it cost 10 yuan each. After they used it, they took it and sold it to others.


The piety of Sri Lankans

Put the flowers on this stand after a lap



Kandy outside the temple

People entering the temple

I went out to sell local sweets

Daddy's "Hollywood"

Daddy's "Hollywood"

Nuwara Eliya is a mountain town with cool weather and pleasant climate

A manor

A family playing cricket in the yard, Sri Lanka is a big family living together

Later, the family took a picture with us

Horton Plains is one of the most anticipated locations for my trip, because I am curious about what the so-called end of the world looks like. It got up less than five o'clock in the morning and was frozen all night because the temperature on the mountain more than 2,000 meters above sea level was only ten degrees Celsius. I thought Sri Lanka was in the equator and the temperature was very high.

I saw the deer before entering the plain

There will be such advection fog in the Horton Plains in the morning

The entire journey of Horton Plains is trekking, probably walking six or seven kilometers, and three kilometers to the end of the world, but I can't understand the reason why they named the end of the world.

end of the world

In fact, it is not a plain here, at most it is a hill


It was noon away from the plain, and the mountain was foggy again


A chameleon

The family I met on the road met them four times in Horton Plains. It was really a coincidence. They also left each other on the phone. After returning home, they always wanted to contact, but they found that the number could not be found. . . I feel so sorry!

A sculpted tree

Blew a photo

The team that went uphill when they saw it down

The next step is from Horton to Ella. In this section we chose the train. Tickets were not sold when I went, but the platform was open.

Ticket window

The platform of Sri Lankan railway station is very literary

The little friends saw the railway and immediately opened the photo mode

Then a rainbow-colored train came into the station

People on board

Then a rainbow-colored car drove in

Uncle selling shrimp cakes


The storm is coming

An unknown flower

Little brother running alone

Door god

On the platform, a little brother who sold peanuts shouted: China, China. When he saw us, he bought a piece of peanut rice, which was five yuan.


According to the legendary ticket booking, the train has no air conditioning, and it is similar to the domestic green leather car, but it needs to grab a seat. But we are playing tickets (hanging on the car door) anyway, it doesn't matter whether you sit or not, Houghton is about two hours drive from Ella.

The scenery along the line is not bad

The scenery along the line is not bad

The scenery along the line is not bad

Inside the carriage

Vintage landscape

Ella Railway Station

Ella Railway Station

Eller has fewer tourists, but we found a railway jiukong bridge which is a bit interesting.

While taking pictures on the railway bridge, a large group of monks came from the culvert opposite. But because I walked in the grass and was bitten by an ant, the monks kindly helped me treat the wound with herbal medicine.

Railway Nine Hole Bridge

This set of pictures of little monks find it very interesting

This set of pictures of little monks find it very interesting

This set of pictures of little monks find it very interesting

This set of pictures of little monks find it very interesting

Master is using healing techniques

Little monk

The young monk was very interested in the scenery under the mountain

Tea factory on the way

When I went back, a TUTU car was coming

After breakfast, he set off for Mirissa, passing a large lake halfway. Can't call the name, but it's really beautiful.

Cow crossing the lake

On the other side of the lake is the forest

You are looking at the sea, I am looking at you

Many locals playing in the water by the lake

I envy their carefree life

A person's blue sky, a laid-back cloud, a person's Bihu, a comfortable heart.

A yellow cute little pickup

It took about five hours to arrive at Merissa at five o'clock. In fact, Merissa was whale watching, but we were afraid of seasickness and did not go to the sea for whale watching, so we turned around by the sea. The bay is small, but the water is clear.


Little partner swept away by the sea

I rented a locomotive in the morning for three hours at 400 rupees for about 20 yuan. Ride towards Galle. Found a beach is not bad, and no one, let's call it a private beach, haha.

Soon the clouds were overcast, and it was unclear whether it was the sea or the cloud


Then continue to Galle, Galle is an ancient city, the Dutch established. The architectural style in the ancient city is very European.

This is the Naval Museum

Ancient street

Sri Lanka has many retro cars

City gate

Broken wall

Ancient city

Vintage beetle

When I returned to the hotel from the ancient city, I saw the beautiful sunset

Neon, fire, and you

I think this sky is really beautiful

Because I hurried to Guchengtai on the first day, I went there again the next day. Passing by the sea, I saw fishermen pushing the boat.





The ancient city wall, surrounded by the sea on three sides, is extraordinary.

Endless sea

You on the wall

The crow seems to be Sri Lanka's "God Bird"

The sea always makes people want to get close

Me on the wall

But on the day I went, the clock tower of the ancient city was under repair, so I could only see such a clock tower.

It is important to have a small motorcycle

On the road

Galle ’s train station is also very small, with three platforms and seven tracks, but OPPO is really outstanding!

There are not many people in the train station. So there were not many people in the car, so he successfully occupied a ticket position.

It is not recommended to take a train from Galle to Colombo. If you want to experience the sea train, you can take the train from Colombo. Because the coastal railway is in Colombo and there are many train stations in the city, so go to the fortress trains at several coastal stations You can experience the complete sea train at the station. There are many trains in the city. The light rail and trains are walking by the sea, basically every five minutes, the price is affordable.

Watching the sea on the train has a special flavor

Exciting seaside railway

Colombo Fort Railway Station is the largest railway station in Sri Lanka.


At the end of the trip we came to a coffee shop called The Gallery Cafe, the former office of the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, which has now become a cafe. If you are in Sri Lanka, you can take a look if you are interested.

Exquisite cuisine

A not so handsome little brother decorates life with flowers

Paradise Road

On the last day, I went to Colombo University, one of the best universities over there, but because of the holiday, not many people were in the school, and the size of the school was really very small compared to domestic universities.

Teenagers playing

I don't know what a college

Teenagers playing

I don't know what a college


Their information wall, there is a double election meeting recently

Nuclear Energy Academy

Academy of Motion Sciences

Because we didn't take a photo of the seaside train on the first day, we went to Colombo again the next day to sit there again. In fact, the seaside train is in this section of Colombo City, you don't have to take it all the way from Galle.

Maritime Railway

Sri Lankan buses are also very distinctive, with bright colors and retro styles.

Woo la la


Vintage subway

Fortress railway station

The other side of the overpass

Railway station overpass

Small station passing by

The tallest twin towers in Sri Lanka

Old Dutch hospital

China, Zheng He goes to the west?

Really, when I came to Sri Lanka, I found that Burger King is a delicacy, but there are also fried rice in Burger King. . .

Old parliament building

Once worried that the plane would not be able to take off, I arrived at the airport along the only high-speed road (built by China) and found that there was no rain here. As the plane took off on time, the journey to Ceylon ended successfully.

When preparing to return home in the evening, it rained heavily

A cup of black tea and a Ceylon dream, the ten-day journey passed by, and various experiences brought me different experiences. Lanka smiles, changeable weather, beautiful scenery, and hospitable people made me wonder I don't like this island country in the Indian Ocean. Thankfully I chose this place. Although I have left, the country of half the ocean and half the forest still echoes in my mind. If there is a chance, I think, I will come again.


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