Thai and Thai, charming smile of Sawadika

For Thailand, too many impressions are intertwined, which is also true. This is a yellow robe buddha country. Over 90% of the population believes in Buddhism. Temples and pagodas are the most common sights. This is a country with a sharp tongue. Whether it's a unique Thai food, or a variety of street foods, tropical fruits, there is always a taste you are obsessed with. This is also a country of ambiguous temptation, enchanting shemale, night Pattaya.

And the most memorable thing is that no matter where you go, there will be strangers from Thailand saying hello to you, a sentence "Savadika", a charming smile, making the whole journey splendid.

Immigration inspection: printed electronic visa, itinerary of round-trip ticket, boarding pass, immigration card

Thai visas are easy to handle and can be signed on arrival. However, the visa on arrival is increased from 1,000 baht to 2,000 baht (about 380 yuan), and there are many visa holders on arrival.

Prepare the materials and submit them to their consulates, or do it at Ctrip or Taobao. The visa fee is 230 yuan, plus service fee.

It should be noted that passports issued in Xinjiang are generally not accepted and are more difficult to handle.

Daily necessities: mobile WIFI

I rented a global roaming at Capital International Airport, which was originally a spare. I also bought a mobile phone card locally, but the WIFI signal is stable and easy to use. The mobile phone card is given away.

Sunscreen and anti-mosquito: sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, anti-mosquito liquid, etc.

Exchange Thai Baht: You can exchange the Thai Baht first in China. The ICBC exchange rate is good. You can exchange a small amount of change to facilitate shopping in the night market. In Thailand's duty-free shops and major shopping malls, Alipay is supported. International exchange rates and no handling fees. Of course, the most convenient is to apply for a Huaxia card, free of charge for the first daily overseas withdrawal, you can withdraw some change in the night market or small shops, shopping malls recommended to use Visa / Master credit card.

When you come to Thailand, of course you have to taste authentic food. In Thailand for a few days, you can eat Thai food at Manning Road restaurant, or learn to cook Thai food at the manor, or watch the riverside scenery at the riverside restaurant, and at the Blue Elephant restaurant. Enjoy royal Thai food, eat Japanese desserts and cocktails at the 49th floor open-air bar of the Marriott to see the night view of Bangkok.

During the two nights in Chiang Mai, I had dinner at the restaurant on Manning Road. Both restaurants are very famous in the local area, so I did n’t make reservations by phone. While waiting, I could just stroll around the Chiang Mai petty bourgeoisie. Manning Road.

The cozy atmosphere, the northern Thai cuisine, and the two-night encounter made us remember this path in Chiang Mai.

In Chiang Rai, apart from the dinner under the sunset in the Golden Lion Ranch restaurant, the most memorable one is the riverside restaurant. I forgot the specific name of the restaurant and even forgot the taste of the food. Just remember that in the music, Eating dinner and watching the sunset. Just remember to stand by the river and watch the beautiful moment of the sunset.

The first meal in Bangkok was the lunch at the Blue Elephant Restaurant, a slow tasting Thai palace cuisine. The owner of the Blue Elephant Restaurant, Nour Sommerni, is the daughter of the Thai royal chef and inherited the royal recipes that few people know. The blue elephant restaurant is quickly called the European iconic Asian restaurant with distinctive Thai orthodox palace cuisine. The head office in Brussels is the Michelin Samsung restaurant, which has opened many branches around the world. It is said that it will soon enter Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Too.

The restaurant in Bangkok is opened in a 100-year-old mansion in Baise. It has an elegant style and I like it as soon as I walk in. The dishes are exquisite and the taste is pure.

Remember this restaurant is because of its environment, on the banks of the Weinan River, across from the Temple of Dawn, drinking mango juice in the evening glow, blowing the river wind, and seeing the beautiful scenery in front of you. Just ordinary food, in such a beautiful scenery, but also eat with relish.

Thailand's tourism industry is developed and there are many places to choose from. There are always star-rated hotels, holiday villas, short-term rental apartments, and youth hostels. This time, in the three places in Thailand, the hotels you stayed in each have their own characteristics and are worth recommending.

During the two nights in Chiang Mai, I stayed at the Latila Riverside Spa Resort. The style of the Lanna Dynasty, decorated with all mahogany wood, reveals low-key luxury everywhere.

The rooms are warm and comfortable, with a feeling of home. My favorite is the swimming pool by the river, you can swim under the stars. The buffet breakfast can be eaten outdoors, and eating a rich breakfast by the river early in the morning is also a very beautiful thing.

地址 : 33 Changklan Road, Padad Sub-District, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Star rating: ★★★★★

The Legend Chiang Rai Resort

In the two days in Chiang Rai, it was just a glimpse. Many people travel back and forth from Chiang Mai for a day. In fact, how can this see a complete Chiang Rai. It's better to live in Chiang Rai and slowly walk into this palace.

I stayed at The Legend Chiang Rai Resort for two nights in Chiang Rai. The open-air swimming pool, the old trees in the back garden, the swings on the balcony, the simple decoration, and the curtains on the bed are all reasons I like.

Address: 124/15 Moo 21, Kohloy Road, A. Muang, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Star rating: ★★★★

Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok

Two nights in Bangkok, staying at the Courtyard Hotel, the hotel is in the center of Bangkok ’s embassy district, only tens of minutes away from the main shopping area, business district and Bangkok Light Rail. The location is very good, this is the most important choice of hotels in this busy city of Bangkok the elements of.

The hotel is quite satisfactory. The facilities and services are all standard four-stars. The reception desk is warm and patient, and the breakfast buffet is relatively rich, especially with a variety of fruits and beverages.

地址 : 155 1 ​​Soi Mahadlekluang 1, Rajdamri Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Star rating: ★★★★

Thailand's consumption is lower than that of China. It is the production place of many brands and the price is much cheaper than domestic. Thailand's local special products are also worth knowing carefully. When you come to Thailand, buying and buying is also an important thing. In Bangkok, from stall vendors to international malls, there is always one you like.

You can buy and buy in the King Power Duty Free Shop in downtown Bangkok or the airport. Depending on your itinerary, you can slowly shop in the duty free shops in the urban area, buy slowly, and then go to the airport to collect the tax refund.

Some local brands are of good quality and cheap, and some international brands are much cheaper in Thailand than domestic ones.

Bangkok bag, NaRaYa is a famous bag brand in Thailand. The fabric uses high-grade Thai silk or soft cotton cloth. The color and design are elegant, the workmanship is exquisite, and the price is not expensive.

The underwear of Wacoal and Triumph are much cheaper than domestic ones; Lee and Levi's jeans are also equivalent to 50% to 30% off domestically; L'Oreal in Paris is more than a little cheaper than domestic ones, and it is good to buy them as gifts.

When you come to Bangkok, how can you not visit the largest CHATUCHAK MARKET in Asia, where there are the most common clothing, flowers, furniture, antiques, handicrafts, all kinds, old and new, only you ca n’t think of it, you ca n’t buy it To.

It's just that the market is really too big. Before you go in, it's best to do a strategy. Where are the categories you want to shop in, or even if you go shopping for an afternoon, you may not find what you want to buy.

Locals in Bangkok often shop for daily necessities, and as tourists, they prefer to hunt for treasures in handicrafts, antiques, and old things. If they find their favorite category, they can go shopping slowly, without the need for arterial bleeding Next, you can also find your favorite items with stories.

Thailand's cosmeceuticals and medicines are also well-known, and many are very effective. They can be brought in and there are many shops selling medicines, but they are more complete in the BOOTS specialty store, and they are more reliable to buy.

Snail cream, Reclining Buddha herbal medicine cream, Tiger cooling oil, Tiger ointment ointment are all worth buying. It is recommended to buy it in a specialty store in the urban area, and the price is relatively high in the airport specialty store.

D1 Chiang Mai University-Shuanglong Temple-Manning Road Restaurant-Chiang Mai Hotel Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai)

D2 Traditional Vegetable Market-Learn Thai Cuisine-Night Zoo-Manning Road Restaurant (Chiang Mai)

D3 Jungle Leap-Chiang Rai-White Temple-Golden Lion Ranch-Chiang Rai Night Market-Chiang Rai Hotel The Legend Chiang Rai (Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai)

D4 Blue Temple-Golden Triangle-Chonsuwan Spa & Cafe- Riverside Restaurant (Chiang Rai)

D5 Blue Elephant Restaurant-Marriott Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott-49-story open-air bar (Bangkok)

D6 Grand Palace-divana spa-Weekend market-Dinner Eat Sight Story-Erawan Shrine, Eros, Elephant God (Bangkok)

D7 RSM Muay Thai Boxing-King Power Duty Free Shop-Shopping Mall TERMINAL 21

The first stop in Thailand is Chiang Mai, a city whose name will fall in love with its name. She is Teresa Teng ’s favorite city. Although it is the second largest city in Thailand, it has the laziness and slackness of a small town, and has a long story of a small town.

Many people do not want to leave when they come, so they stay and live here. Just three days, it is not enough to really walk into Chiang Mai, but it is also able to have an initial impression.

It seems that Chiang Mai University has become a tourist destination in Chiang Mai, because there are too many Chinese people, which affects the order of the school. When we came, we could no longer walk into the school on foot. We could only take a sightseeing bus for a rough tour.

The jungle was shady, and if it wasn't for the students wearing school uniforms head-on, they thought they were in the forest. Girls' school uniforms are well-deserved names, beautiful, and youthful. Study and live in such an environment, spend the most precious time, and think about it is good.

Hovering along Chiang Mai University by car, you will arrive at Suthep Mountain. “Supply” means “Xianyou” in Thai. The local Chinese language is called “Huixian Mountain”. Suthep Mountain is a sacred place for Buddhism, and there is the famous Shuanglong Temple on the mountainside.

When we climbed Suthep Mountain, in addition to going to the Shuanglong Temple to worship the Buddha, we were ascending the horizon and overlooking Chiang Mai. The city under the blue sky and white clouds looks particularly beautiful. There are no high-rise buildings, but it has its own characteristics, a fresh temperament, and a breath of life.

The Ssangyong Temple on Suthep Mountain is a golden temple built by white elephants and built by the royal family. It tells a magical story. It is named after two long dragons sitting on both sides.

Entering the Shuanglong Temple, the golden light shines in front of you. The golden stupa enshrines the relics of the Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddha statues of various shapes surround the stupa. . For a long time, I stood in front of the stupa and felt the power of the Huangpao Buddhism belief.

At noon, I must be a cook and learn to cook Thai food. I wake up early in the morning and go to the vegetable market to study Thai vegetables and fruits. The most common vegetable market in Chiang Mai is, for us, a fresh world, where you can meet all kinds of vegetables and fruits that you have never seen before, and all kinds of magical seasonings. Even if I just curiously look at the pat, there is no meaning to buy, the stall owner will also be very enthusiastic "Savadika", with no language, a smile is enough to communicate.

Originally just to understand vegetables and fruits and seasonings, to lay the foundation for learning to cook, but in such a most grounded place, I saw the most real life and really fell in love with Chiang Mai.

Out of the city, head to the Thai Chiang Mai cooking school, a row of wooden houses, in front of the yard for planting various vegetables, and in the back, a forest, breathing has become smooth.

Put on an apron and a hat, and then follow the teacher to identify the vegetables in the yard, all kinds of spices, smell the natural taste of various raw materials, look at the original look, and know that such beautiful flowers bloom, it can also be used as Food.

After completing the initial identification, wash your hands into the kitchen, and then start to do it, making a pure Thai delicacy. Although I rarely go to the kitchen and stand in front of the stove with a little guilty conscience, under the demonstration of the chef, a familiar Thai dish is actually made in his own hands. Tom Yum Kung Soup, paitai, green curry, glutinous rice with coconut milk and mango, and you will eat one after you finish it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dishes I made myself can be so delicious.

It is a very special experience to watch the life of various animals in the dark on a zebra carriage blowing the cool breeze at high moon and night. The Chiang Mai Night Zoo at the foot of Suthep Mountain is the largest zoo in Thailand. In fact, it is also open during the day. It only uses the characteristics of carnivores to like night activities.

In the car, observe the animals up close, and in the night, everything adds a mystery. Animals are very comfortable here. They live according to their inherent habits, and can even interact with giraffes in the car.

The Flight Of The Gibbon we experience is in the mountainous area of ​​Mae Kampong, which is recognized as the most beautiful tropical rainforest in Thailand and a natural reserve where primates are wild gibbon.

After the instructor demonstrated the correct posture of the leap, reiterated safety matters, and experienced a few simple jungle leap, it was a trekking route.

Walk across the suspension bridge and take steps to measure the tropical rainforest. The trail after the rain is a bit muddy, and you can breathe the pure and fresh air. What you see is the towering trees, not to mention the new wild animals and plants. Such primitive beauty must be slowly entered and slowly deepened. .

Surprisingly, at the end of the hike, I really saw the wild gibbon, which was not affected by tourists at all. I played freely on the big trees and enjoyed my own life in my home.

I originally thought that meeting the gibbon was only accidental. Later, I learned that Flight Of The Gibbon has long been committed to protecting ecological rainforests. 10% of the total revenue has been invested in ecological environmental protection projects such as the "Gibbon Rehabilitation Plan". In this way, we were able to have a chance encounter with the gibbon. I am very happy to know that participating in the flight of the jungle of Flight of the Gibbon also indirectly protects the living environment of the gibbon.

After watching the gibbon leaping on the tree, and then immediately turned into a gibbon, flying from one tree to another tree.

After a simple leap in the early stage, I was already not afraid, and let the coach push into the air to see the scenery in the tropical rain forest from another perspective. This slide is particularly long, when you look at your feet, you can also take a few pictures of the sky with the camera.

I thought it was just a taste of it, but I didn't want to be so happy. I stayed on the platform of 33 trees, experienced a leap of up to 800 meters, vertically descended from a height of 30 meters, and climbed on the spider web ...

Relatively common leaps are also played by experienced and humorous instructors, and the two wings fly forward and the leaps forward, each leaping has a different surprise.

Challenge step by step, surpass step by step, without any discomfort, without any panic, just withdraw all your mental strength, concentrate in the jungle, focus on every leap.

In the most natural jungle, between trees, it seems to have returned to the most primitive state of human beings, without the suppression of steel and concrete, and the trivialness of wood, oil, and salt. All but the most authentic self, screaming when afraid, Laugh when you are surprised.

Chiang Mai goes north and arrives in Chiang Rai. This northernmost city in Thailand borders Myanmar and Laos. It was located in the once-rising "Golden Triangle". Once poppy plants were widely planted and a base for opium production. Today, it has become the northern Thai art city and a favorite travel destination for girls. .

When I first met Chiang Rai, I came to the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) and walked into the world of Su Bai. The White Temple was designed by Thai artist Chaloemchai Khositphiphant. It was built in 1998 and has not yet been completed, but it has long been famous.

Outside the White Temple, it ’s still the construction site, but when you walk in, you are shocked by the world in front of you. The silver-white buildings and realistic reliefs reflect the dazzling light under the sun. I do n’t know how to walk in. So, standing quietly at the door, waiting for the mind to return.

Before entering, I went to the White Temple Builder's Gallery. Chaloemchai Khositphiphant also had a Chinese name, Xu Longcai. Mr. Xu Longcai designed it himself, but refused other people's funding, and only sold his paintings as funds for building a temple. After the opening of the White Temple, there is no admission fee, no parking fee, no incense money. It is said that after the 11th of this year, a nominal fee of 50 baht will be charged, and a Chiang Rai travel manual for 100 baht will be given away.

His paintings are the past life of the White Temple. They are basically Buddha paintings, but they are not traditional Buddhist paintings. Only in this spiritual world can such a unique White Temple be built.

Walk out of the gallery, walk into the White Temple again, walk across the bridge of Neihe, cross the ghosts with open teeth in hell, step by step, into the paradise of art.

I thought that a white temple was enough, but I didn't want to, and the next day, I walked into the blue temple again. The Blue Temple is not as spectacular as the White Temple, but it is known by more and more tourists in the Black Temple of the White Temple. When it comes here, it still retains mystery and tranquility.

Soon after the Blue Temple was built, there was no information on the Internet, or even its real name, but the common name of the Blue Temple was the most appropriate. The whole building is blue, and even the Buddha image is also a quiet blue. In the Golden Buddha Kingdom, such an alternative is only in the art of Chiang Rai.

This 20,000-mu land of hops planted by the Golden Lion Group was transformed into a pasture due to climatic reasons, but it became the biggest surprise of this trip. In the landscaped pastoral garden, when I came, I did not want to leave.

The blue sky, white clouds, fruit forest, tea garden, grassland, all the good things you expect can be met here. As a high mountain tea farmer, feed a budding giraffe and visit a scalper that no one cares about. Or, just sit on the lawn and observe the lives of others, play badminton leisurely in front of the red roof house, ride a mountain bike freely along the road, and come upside down with a golden hook in a hurry.

Lost in this land, drunk and do not know how to return. Ride a special car to the ranch, come to the ranch restaurant, dinner in the sunset, and end the most pleasant encounter.

Go to the northernmost area of ​​Chiang Rai, take the golden triangle at the core of the boat tour, board the boat at the Thai pier, left hand Myanmar, right hand Laos.

It may have been a man's world here. Although it has been passed down by word of mouth, now it has long gone. There is no powder, of course, the country across the river and the casino stand, but it does not affect the journey of a group of women at all.

I watched the Three Kingdoms on the cruise ship, and I heard that once I got off the boat, I started to buy, buy, and pat. In the Golden Triangle, you can also be relaxed and happy.

In Thailand, the best way to end a journey is either a spa or Thai massage.

Throughout the afternoon, enjoy an ancient Thai massage in Chonsuwana. In addition to the ancient massage, Qiong Suwana is the most classic coffee exfoliating essential oil spa. Most of my companions choose the essential oil spa, but I would like to have a massage thoroughly. Although the pain is wailing, the technician still uses the little feet of English jokes, which are only a few words, like a baby's, which can be experienced, relaxed, and washed away the fatigue of the journey.

Bangkok is a multi-faceted city with luxurious high-rise shopping malls and grounded market stalls; Bangkok is a city block, but also has its own scenery on the road, even the colors of taxis are colorful. Different people can always find different Bangkok.

With a sense of curiosity, I walked into the multi-faceted Bangkok, but could not say which one I like better. Is it the city of angels or the capital of Buddhism; is it the lights on the top of the Marriott, or the bustling weekend market, the romance of the riverside restaurant, the green courtyard The leisure ... Maybe, what I like is such a multi-faceted Bangkok.

On the first night of Bangkok, climb to the top floor of the 49th floor of the Marriott Hotel, drinking cocktails, eating Japanese food, tasting desserts, looking at the 360 ​​° Bangkok in front of you, the night is blurred.

The hand-held railing, blowing the breeze of the evening wind, looking at the city in front of you, the height of the 49th floor, what you see must be a different Bangkok. I can't find anything more suitable than this way. Take a first look at Bangkok and walk into Bangkok at night.

The Grand Palace, one of the many royal palaces in Thailand, is the most well-preserved, grandest, and most ethnic royal palace in the past. The Bangkok dynasty lived in the Grand Palace from Rama I to Rama VIII. Today's large-scale architectural complex brings together the essence of painting, carving and decoration art.

The Grand Palace is currently only used for coronation and court celebrations. The Grand Palace, which is open to the outside world, has become a famous tourist site in Thailand.

Walking in the early morning, he was surprised by the huge number of tour groups. It seemed that people who had not been seen in other scenic spots had entered the Grand Palace. Squeezing in from the crowd, losing with companions several times, and walking from one point to another is also difficult. If you are not walking through the sea of ​​people, you can feel slowly and the harvest must be different, but in the crowd, you can only glance.

Without an ultimate SPA, the trip to Thailand was ultimately unsatisfactory. So, in Bangkok, I chose to enjoy the afternoon in the green courtyard of Divana Nurture Spa.

There are a lot of SPAs in Bangkok, but Divana Spa is the top SPA brand in Bangkok. I chose her because it was recommended on the Travel Bible LP, and there are also many Bangkok Tongs.

Divana Group has five branches in Bangkok. In addition to the natural Divana Nurture Spa, there is the urban beauty Divana Divine, the intimate Divana Massage & Spa, the high-end international Divana Virtue Spa, and the Divana Dii, which joins modern medical beauty, will Combination of spa and medical injection for injection.

Several companions in this trip went to Divana Dii to experience the injection. The whitening effect was obvious. The baby did not dare to inject and went to Divana Nurture Spa to be a quiet beauty girl and enjoy the natural spa quietly.

Before coming, it was just a simple impression, very abstract, but I almost fell in love with this green courtyard. The yard is not big, but it is exquisite enough, especially in the bustling downtown of Bangkok, as if crossing.

Walking into the courtyard, smelling incense, listening to music, and eating refreshments in a room with a view, the eyes are full of auspicious sacred lotus, symbolizing youth and longevity. In this atmosphere, the body and mind have been relaxed a lot before the spa treatment.

Before the spa, consult your personal strength preferences and choice of essential oils. It is difficult to choose from a variety of essential oils, and you will carefully and patiently introduce the taste and efficacy of essential oils.

There are many kinds of essential oils to choose from. I chose lemon essential oil to balance oil, cleanse and whiten skin. However, the essential oils of the Rose series are all developed by the Divana Group's own plantation, which is worth trying.

After getting ready for the first time, he walked into the spa room and truly started the journey of relaxation. Although the language is not available, the technician seems to know all the needs and techniques, and they are all in control. Washing feet, changing clothes, and then, it is a long time of relaxation and enjoyment. With the professional skills of the technician, the body and the soul have reached the most relaxed state and slowly liberated.

What I did was just to close my eyes and enjoy the moment.

When the entire spa is over, the skin is cleared of impurities, clean and relaxed. Say goodbye to the technician, return to the tea house, taste the refreshment just delivered, rest and refresh your mind.

After the companions came out with a satisfied smile, they went to the tea house next to them and ate a lovely little meal, ending this wonderful time.

On the second night of Bangkok, I walked into the center of the city and walked in front of the mall, not just for shopping, but for the god of love at night. In Bangkok, many people will stop their hurried steps in the journey and worship the four-sided gods, Eros and Elephants.

The four-faced god has four sides, representing love, career, health, and wealth, and is in charge of all affairs in the world. It is said that the magical experience is very strong and the incense is very prosperous.

The four-faced god is not far away, that is, the elephant god and the god of love. The legendary elephant god is a kind of creative god, so the artist will come to worship specially. The most interesting thing for the beautiful women who are traveling with you is Eros, praying at night with roses, or praying to meet Prince Charming as soon as possible, or praying for happiness for a long time.

Standing at the entrance of the shopping mall, Eros and Elephant God added a bit of romance and poetry to the city.

When you come to Thailand, how can you not learn a few techniques of Muay Thai? In the RSM Muay Thai Pavilion, a Muay Thai experience class finally gave me such close contact with Muay Thai.

Like many sports, before a formal exercise, a wave of warm-up, jogging, rope skipping, and stretching must be performed before the body is ready to start punching and kicking. , Even slowly found the feeling, playing a bit decent.

I do n’t know how high the ground is, and I dared to challenge the coach after only one lesson. So, a game of great strength on the ring began.

I like to walk freely in a strange city, without direction, without purpose, and some are just met in the present; walking on the streets of Bangkok, there are no monuments, no stories, and some are just the daily life of Bangkok.

It ’s just an ordinary street outside the mall, and you do n’t even know what it ’s called, and there are no special buildings around it, just a road, you can feel the style of Bangkok. Small motorcycles running side by side with vehicles, taxis of various colors, cute tuk-tuk, and even the dilapidated telephone booths on the roadside all present Bangkok in their own way.


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