One person's trip to Australia

Speaking of this trip to Australia, I have to mention that the Shanghai Fourth Ring Race participated in New Year's Day at the beginning of the year. The temperature was only 4-5 degrees on that day, and everyone couldn't freeze it, but when the lucky draw results after the game were announced, my heart was It became very hot. The winning news announced by the organizer included my number and the first prize. After seeing it, I was stunned. Six of the thousands of people were lucky enough to be awarded by me. The award is the 2016 Gold Coast Marathon. The quota and the two-night stay, this is a prize of nearly 2500 yuan. Immediately I decided to use this opportunity to play hard in Australia ~ The following is the story that happened below. Let ’s take a cup of tea and listen to me slowly Elaborate ~

This is a one-person trip, it is more conventional to prepare these before the trip, visa, itinerary, air ticket, accommodation, clothing, medicine, insurance, etc.

Visa: Start preparation 2 months in advance, and submit to TB for processing after collecting relevant materials.

There are 2 points to note here:

1. The phone reserved in the material must be kept smooth, the embassy will give priority to the landline, and the office phone I left is fortunately received by me

2. The travel content filled in TB will be written travel, and the staff of the Australian Embassy will call me to confirm this.

A middle-aged and elderly woman said, "You must go to Taobao to handle it?", "Yeah, what do I need to confirm the code?", "These lists are all travel, so what are you doing in Australia?", " "Marathon", "Oh? Really? What is the latest marathon?", "Gold coast airport marathon", "Oh ~ I see, I wish you good results", "Thank you". In this way, I passed the phone interview happily, so the friends who are going to have a specific and detailed travel purpose.

I booked it on LVMM at the time and gave Cairns a one-night stay. I took Hong Kong Airlines. I regretted it after booking, because I went to the official website to check that the round-trip ticket was cheaper than this agent. It was a bit sad, but in the end I didn't use this series of tickets, I will talk about the history of sadness later .....

agoda and booking are done. Backpackers and economic hotels are involved. The price of agoda is relatively cheaper, but his interface is not friendly. In terms of payment methods, booking provides credit card information to the hotel. The risk is greater than that of agoda. Room deduction. I originally wanted to book airbnb and searched for listings, most of which were shared with the landlord. Like me, who left early and returned early, I gave up this type of listing.

The southern hemisphere in July belongs to the early winter. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are cold in the morning and evening. Long-sleeved trousers are required. The sun is also very hot. The sunscreen is necessary. It basically hoveres at 10-25 degrees. Cairns is closer to the equator It is very sunny during the day, basically at 20-30 degrees, summer clothes are enough, slippers are necessary

Recommend Meiya, be sure to buy, it is the key! There are many guarantees, a wide range, necessary for outbound travel

Universal conversion plug, print various itinerary, medicine with cold, fever, allergies, diarrhea, seasickness medicine, etc., I personally do not like to bring a box, so I bought a 65L mountaineering bag, which way to go, fast and convenient ~

Packed my bags on Monday night, I went home on Tuesday carrying a big bag of subway to Pudong Airport, and the flight was checked. The tragedy is coming. My flight in Hong Kong has not yet taken off, and the delay has no end. I immediately found the Hong Kong Airlines counter for consultation. It turned out that I was the last A passenger on a connecting flight ticket, the first 13 passengers have already traveled to T1 to contact the agreement airline to arrange the earliest flight to Hong Kong, China Eastern Airlines, but after we arrived at China Eastern Airlines, we found that this agreement airline was also late. At the earliest, I have to arrive in Hong Kong at 9 o'clock, and the flight from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast is at 9:20. There are only 2 flights per week. On Tuesday and Saturday, if there is a delay, then we can't get away, so everyone is looking for The airline solved the problem. If this trip was delayed, the arrangements behind it would be completely disrupted. Passengers on the same flight must also have a meeting tomorrow morning, so they went back and forth for an hour. The airline ’s plan was to throw us to Hong Kong. , And then think about other planes flying past or refunding tickets, which is really annoying, because there is no plane behind Hong Kong Airlines to pass by Obviously it is plaguing us, we also thought about going to Sydney to transfer, but the airline ignored it completely, just did n’t give a solution, there was no way, no way, I booked a full round-trip Hong Kong Airlines ticket, which means that once the ticket is refunded, the ticket Need to re-purchase all, equal to the previous work done in vain ... In order to go that day, I did not have too much entanglement, when I opened the phone and directly booked a flight ticket for more than 23 o'clock in Singapore, this can be a waste of money Aoao is high, and after a few hours of calming down, the air ticket in the early morning can be half cheaper and the arrival time is about the same, but in any case, the plan to be able to cross the road in Brisbane on Wednesday became a transit journey. Now that it has become a fact, then enjoy the next trip ~ Come back and complain about Hong Kong Airlines ~

Then the security check (one week from the homemade fireworks event, the degree of strictness is not as exaggerated as online), wait for the plane, go shopping, sit down at the boarding gate, and think carefully, vaguely remember that AIA can provide itinerary changes It is guaranteed that the service call is a sweet voice girl. After describing my situation, she and I confirmed that this is basically within the scope of claims. After preparing the materials later and submitting it to the insurance company, you should be able to get compensation of 5,000 yuan. I am relieved, and compensation can make up for my broken heart, and calm down the anger in my heart, but regret that I did not buy a higher level of insurance. That can accompany 10,000, haha, so greedy ~

China Eastern Airlines transfers to Singapore. This voyage is about 6-7 hours. Every seat has already put a small pillow for the back, and a blanket is needed. The in-flight entertainment system is too weak. The buttons have not responded for a long time. They simply eat something. Put on the H-shaped pillow with earplugs and go to sleep.


It was slightly bright, and I arrived at Changi International Airport, which is said to be the most beautiful airport in the world. It is really big. I came to Singapore with my dad two years ago to play with the group once, but this time I want to stay here for 15 hours. It ’s a long time to think about it. If you come here, you can have some fun. After all, there are T123 and three terminals. It takes a few hours to walk through it all. I just comforted myself and started to transfer. journey of.

I walked and found a lot of such massage machines. When I saw it, it was still a free experience. After a night of flight, my feet did have some edema. This arrangement is still very humanized. I will experience it decisively. I pinched it for 20 minutes and sat down. I don't want to go. . . . . .

This machine provides gambling. If you buy 300 at the airport, you will be given a number to participate in the lottery

During the European Cup, the free viewing area provided is playing video of the game, a good place to rest, I am confused to make up for an hour here, too comfortable ~

Changi Airport still provides a lot of services for travelers. Butterfly Garden, Lan Garden, and the newly purchased lens is also very happy to blow the air conditioning here.

Walking around and found this cafe, it looks pretty petty. TripAdvisor checked an old French shop. Bread and pastries are more famous. It is also breakfast time. Cappuccino + blueberry bread, but I feel average taste Okay, it ’s not too special

I took a traveler's manual and found that I could still leave the country for 3 hours for the transfer, and I was free to take a city tour. This time I was happy. Some of the attractions were still under maintenance when I came two years ago. The service just happened to help me spend some time, it was perfect, I did n’t think about it, I signed up decisively

Take the bus to the most famous Merlion and the infinity pool hotel in the distance. At that time, the Merlion was under maintenance. Unfortunately I missed it. It was just this time I finally came to see Fang Rong. This trip also met the first of the ten girls in the entire trip to Australia. She is doing tourism. This time she went to Maldives to work, and it happened to be a transit time for more than ten hours. This photo, take a tour here, haha ​​~

After all, it's tropical. The weather here is really awesome. It's too hot and too hot. It's really unbearable. We didn't take a few photos and we hid under the bridge to shade.

Later, go to the malay heritage centre, visit the temple, and look at these delicacies are quite tempting, but it is definitely not in line with our taste, just look away, it is too hot too hot

The intense heat in the afternoon forced us back to the bus and back to the airport, ready to board the plane. The following journey is from Singapore to Brisbane, operated by Qantas. This is one of the safest airlines in the world. Any details are strict. When flight boarding, the flight attendant discovered that my backpack is very large and may not be possible. Carry it with me and let me go to check it again. This obviously makes me feel very troublesome. I communicated with her that when I came, I was also carrying China Eastern Airlines with me, and it was placed on the overhead luggage rack. There was no problem, but it was small. The girl still insisted on letting me check in. Later, I met another older flight attendant. After consulting with him, the flight attendant agreed to take me to the plane first. Try to see if I can put the bag on. After waiting for less than 5 minutes, I took the lead to board the plane, came to my seat, carried the bag on my body, and put it in the luggage rack perfectly. There was a sentence of "perfect" with the empty silver hair. I will be the first VVVIP to board the plane before the passengers in the first class. The treatment is really good ~ Qantas service is still very good. There are small pillow blankets for everyone, no need to ask the stewardess separately Entertainment systems are also touch-screen control, movies, music, games have a variety of languages, it is convenient meals is also very good, although the taste it is more difficult to accept, chicken salad + beer, drinking to sleep through the night.

Sitting next to me is an old grandmother from Tasmania, Australia, about sixty years old, who flew back to Brisbane from Northern Ireland to meet her daughter and grandson. This is really hard for her. Ireland is doing administrative work. This time I came back to take a vacation in Brisbane with my family and then back to Tasmania. She said she had been to Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. I said to her that the domestic air quality is poor. She talked to me about Tasmania's environment, she said it in a long time I didn't understand it, anyway, the environment is very good, the air is particularly fresh, and I am given an email address, I hope I can give it back She sent an email and she said that she hoped her children would come to China to help them. So I made my first foreign friend and was still an old lady. Oh, yes, I seem to have forgotten the email address. Oh, hurry and find, maybe she is the leader of Northern Ireland!

Another seven hours or so of flight finally arrived in mainland Australia, Brisbane (Brisbane), the first landing city, filled out the immigration card, and got off the plane to go through immigration procedures. Since Australia has just opened e-visa entry to China, the efficiency is bumpy, there is no queue at all, and you can go with you, but how much I want to go through the artificial channel, the key is to leave a mark on my passport, so I Apply to the manager, he said that you ca n’t go there, you have to take this fast track, I ’m helpless, okay, let ’s go fast ... But in fact it ’s not fast, maybe the X-ray machine has captured my bag What's wrong, I was drawn and need to open the package for inspection. First, let me read the immigration declaration and make sure that I have not carried any prohibited items. As a good citizen, I didn't read it. Of course, I didn't take the signature to confirm. Lado, put my bag on the ground, and let Labrador rush over to sniff my backpack at a distance of eight meters. I am so disciplined and of course there is nothing. The dog smelled it for a long time and there was no result. . But the immigration officer did not give up, opened my outermost backpack, and found a banana, oh, no, I was shocked, this is the after-meal fruit issued on the Eastern Airlines plane ... finished, tragedy, my first I felt that I was about to be shut down in the dark room, and I quickly explained to the other party that this was a meal sent to us on the plane. If I did n’t eat it, I just took off the plane. It ’s not that I intentionally violated the regulations. .. Explained for a long time, the immigration officer came and said, "No problem", a stone hanging in my heart fell down. Fortunately, nothing happened, but the immigration officer was still very strange why Labrador did not detect it, and then Put it back in the bag and let the dog run again, but it's useless. The dog still takes care of me, and it doesn't smell. The immigration officer said that he was helpless, and knocked something on the computer and put me Yes, I carried my bag and ran out quickly, but now I think about whether I will be added to the blacklist, I will definitely check in and out in the future ...

I bought the optus mobile phone card as soon as I came out, and opened a daily AUD 2 package, including 500M data and unlimited local call time. This card is still very useful and the speed signal is good. When I arrived at the station, I bought another go card, a deposit of AUD 10, and recharged AUD 50. I took the train to the city.

When I arrived in South Brisbane, it was very close to the port where I was going to travel on the day. I walked out of the station street first. Brisbane gave me the feeling that it is equivalent to a third-tier city in China. There are no too luxurious buildings and too much modernity However, many paintings on the surface of buildings felt the artistic atmosphere of the city.

The most seen car brands on the street are Toyota, Honda, and Japan-Australia. The relationship is not really good!

The bicycle atmosphere in this city is quite strong. At any time and place, you can see riders wearing helmets, carrying bags, and straddling road bikes. I didn't see sanitation workers on the road, but the street is still relatively clean ~

The parking in Australia is paid through the following machines. Everyone will pay consciously. The overall national quality is relatively high, including the light rail of the Gold Coast, which will be mentioned later, are unguarded.

Most of this itinerary was ordered on itrip. It would be cheaper to order one-day trips at this agency than on the official website, because there will be a cooperation agreement between them, which can be about 20% off the official website price. And, in conjunction with sometimes website activities, it is still very cost-effective. It should be noted that the final confirmed VOUCHER print needs to be brought with you before you travel. All the itineraries here are confirmed through paper materials. If there is no way, you can also check the electronic version in the phone. But serious Australians will still print it for you, they will keep the file for preservation.

The first stop is Brisbane River Cruise + Lone Pine Koala Zoo

Once the wind blows in Brisbane in winter, it is still very cold, so you must bring a jacket when you take a boat ride on the river. If there is no sunshine, it will be even colder. Cruises all the way, the captain tells about the buildings along the river on the radio There is history, that is very advanced, this is the mangrove forest, that is the school, full of pride of the locals, I do n’t think it ’s so powerful, just the first time I saw this kind of villa built by the river, it looks pretty pretty Everyone has their own private pier, parked with private cruise ships and even yachts. The captain said that this is still a junior level. What ’s more is that on the Gold Coast, many rich people own land there, including Mainland star Jackie Chan, I will talk about this later.

Coastal Villa Pier

Below is the cruise ship pier of Lone Pine Koala Zoo. It is very simple, but it still looks very interesting. This park is said to have been visited by Xi Da and Peng Ma Ma at that time, and I hugged the koala here, so I also followed the trend to here. Only koalas in Queensland, Australia allow tourists to take pictures, the reason is also very simple, other regions are more or less inconvenient, haha ​​~

Flying foxes are very common in Australia. It is dark all day, flying out of the forest for food. The bats are all over the sky. They are quite large in size, about the size of a beer bottle.

This is a koala narrator. They look very tired. They have to talk several times a day to introduce tourists to the history of koalas and various habits. Because koalas eat eucalyptus leaves, and this plant is poisonous, so Koalas are resting and detoxifying every day, and each koala can only hold an hour for tourists. It can also be seen on the clothing. If there is no sunlight, it is still cold, and the little girl's down vest is put on

I hold a koala for 18 Australian dollars. My one is small, and the one next to me is bigger. I wo n’t let me hold it. I might think I ca n’t hold it. How can it be? It is better here that the staff taking pictures is still quite professional. If you bring your own camera, he will use the work camera to shoot, and then help you shoot with a private camera. It happens that I am a telephoto, and the buddy shoots well, I am very good Satisfied ~ Koala ’s baby is still quite obedient in his hands and has a sense of lens. The only thing to note is that when his two paws are on your shoulders, your nails will hang on your clothes, and it is possible It hurts to hook your meat.

The platypus is also a unique species, cute and cute, shaking its head under the water and filtering aquatic creatures with a flat mouth, which is particularly fun. The speed is too fast, the light is dim, and the flash cannot be turned on. There are only some WeChat videos. The screenshots are just a look. It is recommended that it is more interesting to go to the scene ~

The animal below is called emu, and it is a family with ostrich. Due to the drift of the mainland, life in Australia has mutated into this. Free ranged in the park, tourists can take pictures at will, and they are not afraid of life.

In Australia, kangaroos are everywhere, and they have strong reproductive ability. They lie lazily in the sun and do not see the kangaroo leader with very strong upper limbs. They are all small and unhappy.

I like the colorful parrots very much. They sound like a lot of words. They appear in pairs every time. They are colorful and very beautiful. I stood on the side of the food box and took many soap tablets until they flew. Go ~

The following is the first backpacker inn here. It was renovated in a small villa. I booked a single room with shared toilet and bathroom. The price is more than 300. It is quieter, but the conditions are very general. Owners of this kind of hotel in Australia have very short working hours, most of them start from 10am and get off work after 2pm, so only during this time you can see the boss, you ca n’t find it at other times, If you do not come during this time, then there is a notice board at the door of the house with a piece of paper on it, the name of the person staying today, the room number, and the contact information of the management staff. Check in is completely self-service. Enter the room and you You will find that the room key is placed at the head of the bed. This method is relatively rare in China, but it is almost the routine here. When checking out, you only need to put it in the key house or deliver it to a small box. Just leave it directly ~

How come you can taste the local beer in Queensland? XXXX Beer, this is Queensland's largest beer brand. I didn't expect the factory to be near me. Go here decisively for a drink at night! There is a XXXX ALE HOUSE on the side of the winery. The first and second floors are the history of the winery. The third floor is a place to drink and eat. I went a little late and did not catch up with the last commentary. I ordered a gold and A beef pie, the taste of beer is relatively strong, the aftertaste seems to be so sweet, the taste is good, the beef pie is real, the stew is very bad, the price is ok. In addition, let ’s talk about French fries. I think the French fries are cut by hand, they are thick, and they are very delicious ~~

After drinking wine, go to the supermarket and see if the price of this milk is very powerful. I have n’t told you that it will cost you AUD 2.7 if you take the bus 3 stops. A2 is a relatively high-end brand, and it is also very cheap here. A friend of mine happened to be from A2. He said that before you board the plane, you can drink it, and the price is very high. After returning to China, I compared Guangming Pasteurized Milk. The taste is almost the same, but I do n’t know how bad the nutritional ingredients are. I want to buy 21rmb in Guangming. A2 is only 15rmb in Australia, which is really cheap ~

On the second day, I booked a day trip to Tango Luma Resort, Morton Island. This is the third largest sand island in the world. The island is green and the coast is like a ribbon. Every evening, a group of wild dolphins swims from the sea to Here is waiting for the arrival of tourists, and the shape of the island resembles a dolphin, so the name of the dolphin island. You can step into the water and feed the bottlenose dolphin (bottlenose dolphin) by hand. The whole building is made of sand. Sliding down the sand hill is also an important entertainment item.

I got on the bus at about 8 o'clock in the morning, and after 10 minutes, I first came to a place similar to a tourist distribution center. After getting off the bus, I also met the second and third friends, a pair of sisters, all studying for graduate students in Australia. When I traveled during the winter vacation, I didn't expect that everyone would book the same itinerary, so they would meet and play together. After registering and confirming VOUCHER in the distribution center, the driver master greeted the same batch of tourists to get on the bus and drove to the pier, which reached the destination in more than half an hour.

This kind of small cruise ship is still very common. It has three floors. The uppermost part is the wind and sun, the middle is the captain ’s room and the rest area, and there is a rest area at the bottom. A total of about 300-400 people can watch it. It's quite big, but the wind and waves on the sea here are not small. It is recommended to eat seasickness medicine, otherwise you will not have the mood to play again after vomiting, which is really tormenting.

All kinds of pats and pats are indispensable on the boat. Haha, you can reach Morton Island in more than an hour. There are all kinds of seabirds on both sides of the pier. It is definitely a good place to practice telephoto birds.

After arriving on the island, we were received by a Taiwanese girl. The same itinerary was booked by a total of 6 people in our boat. I was given an AUD 20 meal voucher for each person, which can be used in the island restaurant. A slippery ticket, pay special attention to the need to go to the visitor center to confirm feeding dolphins after 1pm. It was almost 11:30 when we arrived. The three of us happened to join a table and went to a Chinese restaurant on the island. This one was mainly Sichuan cuisine. The three dishes of chopped pork, boiled beef and sliced ​​cowpea were about 80 Australian dollars. , The taste is not bad, and finally having rice is also a very happy thing ~

At 1:30 in the afternoon, I went to the visitor center to take the CMB to the sand dunes in the middle of the island. I did n’t know the concept of the sand island before. This way I did n’t see the soil all the way. The whole island was full of sand, but there were strong and dense plants. Only then is the fine sand stable and quite magical.

Sandboarding is indeed a strenuous activity. If you want to slide far, you need to lift the front board with your hands and your feet are suspended, so that the resistance is minimal, and you are excited when you come down from the top, but climbing the hill is almost dead. As I got older, I played three times. Think about the Mingsha Mountain I went to last year. At that height, I guess I wo n’t go up again. . . There will be dedicated staff to help you take pictures throughout the journey, teach you to set up various POSEs, and if you are a small team, you will also take a group photo separately. After the trip, the photos will be printed at the visitor center for guests to choose. You can take it home for ten Australian dollars ~

It was getting dark at 6 o'clock in the evening, and the dolphins also arrived as scheduled. Everyone lined up, washed their hands with disinfection water, and each took a small fish, so they could get in touch with the dolphins. I have read the online guide that says to tease the dolphin first, not to feed him, and then he will anxiously take his mouth to arch your hand, but the one I feed seems to be not fooled, knowing that I will still give him, not bird me, It's sad, but it's satisfying to see them at close range. ps: Be sure to take good care of the waves of the day, and be prepared for full wetness. One wave can't escape when it comes over ... Vip room can take a shower ~

It didn't take long for the dolphins to leave with reluctance, and we also embarked on a return cruise. A small episode happened when we returned to the pier. After arriving at the place, we searched for a long time and did not see the minibus when we arrived. As a result, we asked the local driver to point to the 55-seater luxury bus and said, this is your car. Surprisingly, there were only 10 people when we came. We will arrange such a good car for the return trip. Will we really lose money? Classmate Zhu knows that I am in a hurry, and also deliberately acts as a guide to pull all the remaining tourists to In the car, I really thank him. After returning to Brisbane, I successfully boarded the train that I planned to rush to the Gold Coast ~ After an hour of shaking, I arrived at Nerang. After leaving the station, there is a bus that can go directly to the Gold Coast Center. , Everything is so smooth, the time is just right ~

Even if the trip to Brisbane is over, I'm here on the Gold Coast ~

Arrived at the Gold Coast at 11 midnight, not far after getting off the bus, I arrived at the second hostel backpackers in paradise this time, this store has a more international youth gathering atmosphere, a large courtyard, a square table placed in the center of the courtyard Chairs, a circle of two-storey bungalows around, a bar, billiard room, kitchen, laundry room, vending machine, dozens of dollars a night bed, you can really stay here for a long time, but I still choose the single room. When I checked in at the front desk, I was an old man. After receiving my passport and paper documents and comparing the names, I handed over the keys to me, but the passport was not given to me. He said he would go to the office next morning to get it. He I want to confirm to the owner that they are all temporary workers. After the boss is off work, everyone comes to work to earn a little money. More than 23:00 and at least 60 years old is also hard enough. It is not easy ...

The Gold Coast is the second stop of this trip and one of the most important destinations. The Gold Coast Marathon, an IAAF gold standard event, attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year, and also serves as the "land" of my land, sea and air trip On the trip, some friends have to say, after seeing it for so long, I finally saw a "land", the other did not appear, don't worry, because the next day I will go to play "air" --- skydiving.

Get up early in the morning the next day, like Brisbane, here is also working at 10 o'clock, I will go to the meeting point at 8 o'clock, the passport can only be pressed in the store, come in the afternoon to pick it up, change the hotel at night, put the key Entering the "return key" mailbox, I left a small note with a large bag on the mailbox and went out. On the way, I contacted the eldest sister in the horse race group to confirm the location. I had met in the country before to go to sky dive, but I didn't see her figure at the place. We were picked up by a young man with blonde hair. He said that the elder sister may be in On the other side of this hotel, there is also an entrance, and I confirmed with the elder sister that she was directed to the other side by other tourists. The elder sister is also very good at the level of 330 in Malaysia, the goddess level, take a circle after taking us There were five other beauties coming up. All of the exchanges were Chinese. I suddenly remembered that there were also Xiaonuo students in the racehorse who said they wanted to play together. It was just that the time was wrong and I did n’t expect it to be changed again. She and two The two friends came together, and the other two were student girls. It is said that they have been staying for half a month, and they have to stay for another half month. They are also good enough. So the seven of us tweeted towards Byron Bay like a chartered car!

The blond guy will send you a form for everyone about skydiving and personal information. It is recommended that everyone fill in the road and consult each other if there are problems. In fact, it is some disclaimers, safety precautions, and emergency contact. People and other general information. It takes about an hour to reach the destination. It is a large grass field. After getting off the bus, you will arrive at the reception room. The TV on the wall circulates the video of the tourists parachuting. When I think of myself, I will experience this extremely challenging limit. Sports, one by one is very excited. The staff will let everyone register sky dive members on iapd and register to confirm the itinerary of the day. This process can be found at ClubID = 125 registration is completed in advance, of course, if you fill in the local mobile phone when you book the itinerary, they will send you a text message to remind you to register, saving time and avoiding queues. When you confirm, you can choose to buy photos or videos or both. There are two types. One is to shoot with your bound coach. The other is to ask other skydivers to help you shoot. The latter will be much more expensive. But the effect is also better. I chose the first one. For such a commemorative experience, you must record it in the video ~ The photo can be taken from the video. Hey, the poor mentality, haha.

Next, the staff will introduce you to the entire process and the two prescribed actions after leaving the warehouse. This is to ensure the safety of you and the coach. It is relatively simple to learn on the spot. It should be noted that there can be no pendants on the body. , And put on special skydiving pants, we went to the scene with fewer people, and I didn't wait long before I got on the plane with the three girls.

There are about 12 people in a small plane. The coaches are one-on-one. You and the coach are bundled together. You can jump up to 6 tourists at a time. My coach is Peta, a young mother who can take such a heartbeat Sports became her own profession, admire her from the bottom of my heart, and listen to her say that before becoming a coach, he must complete hundreds of accident-free skydivings before he can qualify for this job. It is really very difficult, how much love this is This sport!

Peta has always been very professional, communicating with me from time to time, and recording video inside and outside the aircraft. The aircraft is semi-open, with a shutter door design, which is convenient for the cabin. As the height of the aircraft increases, the beautiful scenery of Byron Bay is in front of you. The little friends who were still excited at first didn't speak anymore. When the plane rose to 14000fit and the hatch opened, the coaches started to coax, screamed to create an atmosphere, glanced at the beautiful sea view below, and the coach and I jumped in, I just watched the plane get smaller quickly. It feels like playing a jumper, but you are completely weightless and fall, about 5 seconds of free fall, the coach adjusts the posture, pats my hand to signal, and my hands are open With the sides flexed and the legs bent backwards, we are like a rocket thruster on our backs, rushing towards the ground at a speed of nearly 200km per hour

After all the buddies have completed skydiving, a group of us followed the blonde guy to drive to Byron Bay Beach and feel the white sand beach barefoot. Byron Bay is a small town known for sandy beaches and lighthouses, located in the northeast corner of New South Wales, Australia Bay, the "Byron Point" in the town is the very east of the Australian mainland, and it is the earliest place in Australia to see the sunrise. Unfortunately, we arrived in the afternoon and did not go under the lighthouse, but it was enough to feel on the beach. The comfort here is cozy.

At about half past three, after visiting the beach, we started to return, and we started to contact nunu on the road to discuss the night view of Q1 at night. Speaking of nunu is also very interesting. At first, I felt that it was boring to go out, so I sent a companion on Ctrip. I did not expect to meet a friend who was traveling together. She turned out to be a horse runner (an extra runner). Australia had discussed the travel plan with nunu here before. It happened to overlap on the Gold Coast during this time, so I met and played together. At that time, I was still on the way back to the city, so she troubled me to help me pack the event, but did not go Marathon Expo is also a little regret.

After I got back, I took my passport and immediately rushed to the watermark hotel provided by the winning prize. Coincidentally, this hotel is on the edge of Q1. I looked at my watch and it was 20 minutes before sunset. I immediately went down to meet nunu and took a look at the door I ’m dumbfounded. I ca n’t see the sunset when I exchange tickets for the elevator. But at the 230-meter-high waterfront observation deck, this is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and the world ’s tallest pure residential apartment building. It still surprises me. Extremely strong, you can overlook the endless Pacific Ocean ~

That day happened to be a 30-year-old Australian girl celebrating her birthday. At the reception, nunu stepped aside. This is obviously much younger, do you say that? Haha ~

Because I have always heard that I had a good night ’s sleep after drinking milk. After going back to the supermarket at night, I continued to take a bottle of A2 low-fat milk and sorted out the equipment while drinking. The next day was the race of the Gold Coast Marathon. This time I put on the equipment I have fought in the previous two battles, Uniqlo quick-drying sleeveless shirt, skins A400 long compression pants, asics N16, and I prepared 3 energy glues and 6 salt pills. I took a bath and rested in bed. In these months of training, in order to prepare for the marathon, usually mainly 10k training, can basically guarantee a variable speed run once a week, and also specially arranged the Chaigu Downs PLUS 30k cross-country race in the previous weeks, and then signed up again The hugely cruel 33K Tianmu Mountain off-road Shanghai station, these two competitions are heavy rain, friends who have been to must understand, and hope that through these different types of competitions, their bodies will be stimulated differently to minimize the risk of hitting the wall.

It was early in the morning the next day. I met Xiaonuo and took the subway to the starting point. The Gold Coast in the early morning was indeed a real winter, and I did not bring a raincoat to keep warm. It was still a bit cold. Fortunately, this Friends of horse racing around the world, the inside of the car is still very warm ~

In an international event, as a Chinese, I did not hesitate to put a national flag on myself. The square-shaped sunscreen that I posted before was accidentally touched. I am too second-handed and can only feel it ... .

Due to the coincidence of our full horse route and half horse route, we set off an hour before half horse. And the organizer of this event is to arrange the starting area according to the results filled in when the players register. The fast runners are in front. In this case, the people around you are almost at the same pace, and there will be no traffic jams when starting. This hopes that domestic events can also learn.

Another interesting point is the setting of the temporary toilet at the starting point. The toilets are surrounded by a circle. Everyone is lined up in a team. Anyone in the vacant team will be connected. This is also very efficient. Avoid someone from causing a large team. Will be tragic.

The track is relatively stable along the way, with few bends, few slopes, and good scenery. Half of the track is on the shore of the Gold Coast. It is pleasing to the eye and very conducive to the creation of PB. The only thing is that the sun comes out after halfway, or Very sun-drenched, sweating a lot, eyes can't be opened, and it also interferes with the sight. A magic towel that is purposely brought on your hand can play a role, but it will be useless after the full wetness in the later period. It seems that it still needs to be equipped in the future Empty top hat and glasses.

In the previous section, it was relatively easy to follow the 330 rabbit. At about 25km, the rabbit also found that the surrounding runners gradually became overwhelmed, and came over to chat with everyone, give some encouragement, and hit the chicken blood. He came back to me and asked me, "Which country are you from?", "CHINA", he asked, "Are you the first time to come to Australia?", I said "Yes, come here to play, by the way "Run a horse", then he came to the sentence "Is the girl who ran in front of you your wife?", I was shocked, and asked him "Why do you ask me this way?", He answered "I think you have the same skin color", I Khan Khan, I said "certainly not, she is Japanese", he said "Are you so sure? Then I go to ask", then he briskly ran to the front to ask, and then smiled back at me , Say "you are right!", I still feel strange why foreigners think so, haha ​​~

Along the way, I saw the returning Asian faces shouting "Come on", and the residents on both sides of the track cheered me on, and shouting the name "flyingzou" on my directory was very exciting. At about 28km, I saw Xiao Nuo on the opposite side. She was trying hard to catch up. The speed did not decrease at all. She looked very relaxed. At this time, I began to have a sign of thigh cramps. It is estimated that I will hit the wall soon. . Sure enough, at 31km, I suddenly slowed down, both thighs cramped, and I could only continually twitch to try to relieve the symptoms. At this time, Xiaonuo overtook me. Although my legs could not run, I still spoke very hard Yes, struggling to yell a few words to her, "Come on, continue to rush, 330 is in front ~", she started late, if you can catch up with 330, then she will certainly be able to complete her BQ goal of 335 before the match, like a gust of wind, she I rushed to the front ~

I dragged two thighs like lead blocks slowly, thinking in my heart, it should be that LSD is not pulled enough, the next 10k, how to play ... At this time, the energy glue is gone, and the salt pills After eating, think about it, and there is an energy glue supply in the back. You must eat one. Drink more functional drinks and drink less water on the road to avoid excessive salt loss. A supply station at 2km, if you rely on 6-7 There is still a chance for PB to pace, for this goal, fight ~

The sound of cheering on both sides, people shouting your name, players who constantly surpass themselves, are inspiring themselves to keep running!

Before finally reaching the finish line, the voice of the Chinese announcer suddenly came to my ears. I really did n’t expect to hear the native language broadcast "ZOUXIANG, from Shanghai, China, when I was in a foreign country. Congratulations on completing the Gold Coast Marathon. Race! "This experience is very special, I am proud of myself, and finally finished the game and PB3: 41: 36, which is nearly 4 minutes faster than before. The results are quite satisfactory. I concluded that I am still not enough LSD, once every 2 weeks It must be changed to once a week, and the accumulation of no running amount is irresponsible to yourself!

Although the supply on the track is not strong, only mineral water and functional drinks and one-time energy gel, but the supply after the game is still good, Australian sweet orange, gold kiwi bananas and so on, eat until you are full ~

The staff brought medals, came out after wearing the uniform, and met the two goddesses, Xiaonuo finally 326, even more than 9 minutes BQ, she exceeded 330 rabbits in the second half, she also rushed for a while, the girl has such a result is really too It ’s amazing, just look at her daily training and you ’ll know that it pays to sweat. Another one is also a master of 330. The elder sister who jumped together after the photo came, also a big god character within 4H ~

After running the horse, of course it is necessary to have a break ~ Hard Rock Cafe is located in the central district of the Gold Coast. It sells souvenirs on the first floor, and the coffee shop on the second floor also provides staple food. Steaks and corn flakes are the specialties here. Only a meal of meat can satisfy the stomach of a hungry morning ~

In the afternoon, I met with Queen Nunu to go to the movie world. This place is a bit far from the urban area. I checked online before that there was no bus to get there, so I chose to take a taxi and called an uber. The price is not as cost-effective as domestic. More than 100 RMB for more than half an hour is indeed slightly expensive. But in fact, when I returned, I knew that the TX2 bus can also go to Surfers Paradise ...

When you come to the door, you also need a paper voucher to exchange tickets at the leftmost kiosk at the door. Here everyone needs to take a picture of the window, and the children are no exception. We went in immediately after the ticket exchange. The music sounded and the float parade began. The characters in all kinds of movies appeared one by one. It is really better to come early than it happened. During the float parade, there will be a bubble machine on the roof to create a bubble effect. I was tragically hit by the soapy water leaking from above, and my luck was too bad. Please be careful.

We were a little late when we went and did not see the speed stunts, but after that we played all the roller coasters. Although nunu is a bit afraid to play, after all, the queen has two brushes. Where there are items that she is afraid of, store the package, we took the roller coaster of the Superman series below, this acceleration is super fast, it seems to be 100 per hour How much is still there, anyway, the back feels super strong, when I rushed out, I felt that I was on the rocket launcher, rushed into the sky, and then dived a few times at a very fast speed, in order to match the degree of stimulation, sharp The cries are coming up one after another. Those foreign friends open their hands completely and enjoy the excitement ~

The last one is scooby doo spooky coaster, a four-person ride in a minecart, a roller coaster that travels in the dark. At first, we did n’t have much preparation. Looking at the several-year-old children who were also waiting in line, listening to someone screaming, all I thought it was the background dubbing, there wouldn't be a too amazing experience, but the result was just the opposite. It was dark after entering, only faint lights looked at the hovering track vaguely, occasionally flashing the shadow of the minecart in front, suddenly the minecart started to fall down Going forward, and then followed by a 70-degree dive, which really shocked me. The following changes are completely unpredictable. Let the minecart ravage us, so the whole house is full of miserable shouts. The sound I heard is true, not pretended at all, it is really fun ~

The roller coaster here must go to experience ~

Every year from July to September, Australia ’s east coast, whales will migrate more than 1,000 kilometers from Antarctica to the near-tropical Cairns area to raise the next generation. Because of the existence of a large number of shallow water bays, the Gold Coast socializes to become a whale retreat. Ideal place. This behavior has lasted for nearly 20,000 years, and the number of whales passing through the Gold Coast during the migration season is about 18,000-20,000. The whale colonies on the Gold Coast are very active among the whales: Humpback Whales. This whale loves to express himself. Sometimes, the dragon swings its tail, and sometimes it jumps and turns. Of course, our itinerary is also indispensable. Check in at Sightseeing Cruises Terminal more than 9 am three days in the morning, double-decker yacht, depart along the Gold Coast inland river, pass a row of high-end wealthy area holiday villas, including Jackie Chan ’s mansion, the guide said humorously never seen Jackie Chan's figure, haha

The wind and waves are relatively large. For safety reasons, we still took a seasickness medicine. After about an hour, the yacht reached the whale watching area and began to slow down to slowly look for whales. Sometimes car-sized humpback whales would quietly walk from the side of the boat. A fountain came out of my head, and sometimes a big wave came in the distance. The first time I saw this behemoth playing in the sea like a child, as soon as I saw the movement, I would completely involuntarily pick up the camera in my hand and click and click. ~

I am a little impulsive to jump into the water and their free travel ~

Unconsciously an hour passed, the scene where I expected the whale to jump out of the water did not appear, I can only regret the return ...

In the afternoon, I will arrive at the Pacific Shopping Center for large purchases. It can be reached directly by the light rail. It is very convenient. It is exactly the discount season in Australia. Queen Nunu has been buying and buying, and I naturally became a labor ... I accidentally saw a small wild man Backpack, I remember a pig head said that this is a famous Australian camera bag. I decided to go in and look at it. The backpack is 20% off. I really like it, but the price is still not so good. I hesitated and left reluctantly, but what happened afterwards Things make me extremely regretful ... stay tuned for later.

We are not idle when we come back in the evening. The blue fireflies in Chunxi National Forest Park are waiting for us ~

Because I want to know more details, I ordered the service in Chinese. The whole service is really intimate. The Chinese-speaking guides on the bus were very enthusiastic, and various funny links and award-winning Q & A activities quickly enlivened the atmosphere. At the same time of the game, some common knowledge of the blue fireflies was also given to everyone. It is not like the flying yellow light fireflies we usually see. It is a mosquito-like larvae. It is shaped like an earthworm. Attracting flying insects by emitting blue light, drooping curtain webs catch food, and live in humid places. There are only two blue fireflies in the world, one is Australia and the other is New Zealand.

After arriving, you can only use a small flashlight sent by the tour guide throughout the journey, and it is not allowed to shine on the blue light, otherwise the fireflies think that it is coming during the day, and they will not emit light. Absolutely not allowed. Going in is a virgin forest, and slowly descending into the deep cave, you can see the Yingying light covering the top of the cave. It really feels amazing ~

The story continues


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