Three cities and three cities, my love walks on the road

One year after graduation, I am used to working step by step every day

The whole year did not go far

In the last 15 years, Mr. Yan said he would go to Australia

The sun is still climbing up to the night, it's like the night, it's like three o'clock, some people are sleeping, some people are sober, I leaned on the door and said lightly.

How to take it seriously? In this uninterrupted time

Those literary and wandering seeks mixed in the blood seems to have been willing to be bland in the trivial little fortune, and seems to fall into the echo of the urban metro boom

Until April, Mr. Yan applied for a Gold Coast meeting and invited me to start urging visas

To wait for a long journey in the minute and minute seconds and flowing time and road to observe all the unreachable ways of survival and the people in it

Compared with the high visa rejection rate in the United States, Australian visas are very easy to handle. No visa is required. We did not find an agent.

I downloaded the form neatly on the official website and filled in the form truthfully, but it is not difficult to answer, but it is not used to fill in all the words in English.

There are many certificate templates used for visas on the job certification online.

Go to the bank and print the payroll and credit card flow

I just had work assets, so I took my parents ’asset certificate and asked my parents to write a proof that they can provide funding. There is also a template online

Attached to Mr. Yan's meeting invitation letter, Mr. Yan's relevant information

Remittance to the post office to leave a remittance certificate to the designated agent account

According to the official website requirements, a lot of passport identification information was copied by color printing

Just in case you bought a copy of the overseas travel insurance contract of AIG

The bookbinding work will be sent by SF Express

I received the reply visa in just three days and it was done like this

However, the Australian visa is not paper and there is no way to print an extra page on the passport

At the time of entry, we are a new type of passport with a core and even an artificial passageway. There is no need to walk or queue. Swipe the passport directly on the machine. Even if it is cleared, the convenience is almost comparable to the Shenzhen E Road.

July is the rainy season in Australia

We chose to go to Tasmania, the land closest to Antarctica, and the Great Ocean Road, which was filled with wind

The hail that I saw saw the snow but it did n’t feel cold most of the time

The lowest temperature on Tajima Island will not be lower than 0 degrees. The temperature difference is relatively large. When we go out at night in a deep mountain cabin, we feel the bitter cold, but the indoor heating is so sufficient.

The temperature on the Great Ocean Road is not low, but when the wind is scary, Mr. Yan gets out of the car and takes pictures. When I ca n’t see anyone, I always worry that he will be blown away by the wind.

The winter on the Gold Coast is pleasant. On sunny days, you can even see small suspenders and shorts on the street

After all, thick clothes take up a lot of space. Each of us only brought a thick coat. The clothing mix is ​​not enough.

It is enough to wear a T-shirt and a thin sweater in the down jacket when the coldest is the coldest. The sweater is brought back from the original

Going to Australia in winter is still a bit disadvantageous, it is dark at five o'clock every day

Most of the roads are the speed of local people without street lights and extremely fast rookie female drivers. The night road is naturally afraid to drive, so the bright hours of the day are basically on the road.

Happiness is that you know the beauty is on the way

We have good luck in the rainy season. Although there are a lot of cloudy days, I ca n’t see the blue, but I have n’t encountered a lot of rain.

Especially the weather on the Great Ocean Road is very interesting

You can clearly see a dark cloud floating over and hurry back to the car to rain, then get up and wait for the dark cloud to float away

From sunny to heavy rain to sunny is usually only five or six minutes

So that on the tenth of the rainy season we did not use an umbrella

First of all, if you have a slightly delicate Chinese stomach, then I want to comfort you. A mini rice cooker has a lot of options.

Although it is a country with a lot of Asians, you can easily find Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine

But believe me drinking ice water every day for cold snacks in winter, you will also feel fed up

The first arrival at the destination experienced a night of flight tossing for two days without being settled to the Gold Coast on the night. Only the burger and BBQ were lit and how could not eat

Xianhui is like a little rice cooker, a small packet of rice, a small packet of stomach brown sugar

Let Mr. Yan and I have a warm and comfortable brown sugar porridge

I am a food lover, but I have n’t eaten anything extremely delicious

Australia used to be British. It is well known that the UK has no food. The most common food is fish and chips. Fortunately, I like fried fish, but it ’s too greasy to eat too much.

Then there is Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. You must be happy. Everyone's sushi rolls in Melbourne with avocado sushi rolls are unique. Mr. Yan and I can eat ten at a time.

Have a delicious meal with locals at the Bistro in Evandale

Because we are always on the road to the small town with restaurants. It is always more than two o'clock in the afternoon and all regular restaurants are closed at two.

We are always grieved in front of the closed pub restaurants and then go to fast food restaurants or high-speed coffee

It is also recommended that you choose accommodation with a kitchen early in the morning and dark night, with plenty of cooking time

Australia's two largest supermarket chains Coles and Worthwool have many choices of meat, vegetables and fruits

Beef, mutton and chicken are both delicious and cheap. We can even eat steak and lamb chops and get tired. There are also kangaroo meat and kangaroo meatballs. We dare not try it.

Vegetables are more expensive than domestic ones, so eat more fruits, golden kiwis, cherries, strawberries, and strawberries.

Milk is cheap and amazing mineral water is expensive and amazing. Bring a large glass of water in the car every morning and drink more milk and juice

Travellers before departure, as I have properly booked the accommodation

On the four nights on the Gold Coast, Mr. Yan's reimbursement range booked a four-star Crown Plaza King Room

The large room with forty and fifty square meters, large bathroom, large viewing balcony, gym and swimming pool, except for the lack of a kitchen, we are very satisfied.

All accommodations in the back are booked by Airbnb. They are all my favorite suburban villas.

If you also love these detached cottages, if you also love the big countryside, if you also love life and want to experience the lifestyle of local people

Then I must make you Am Airbnb platform

You can find everything you like about your homestay. You can choose to enjoy a large and prosperous villa, luxury or fresh, novel or simple.

You can also choose to chat with the landlord in a small room

bnb means bed and breakfast

Most Airbnb will provide you with rich breakfast drinks and snacks and even many landlords will provide you with their delicious homemade jam

Freshly baked crispy bread slices jam butter Australian big oats milk juice fruit chowder

We love daily breakfast

The night before, I always thought about leaving early tomorrow.

However, in the early morning of the next day, I will still enjoy the food in the quiet and gentle country town facing the sun blinds

If you come to this land when the season is good, it is really enviable

See flowers, rain and stars in the large private courtyard

Enjoy a piece of food with your lover and a glass of red wine

Let ’s talk about external transportation international flights. We bought Air China ’s flight one month in advance.

Australia's hot tourist season is a few months near the Chinese New Year. It was thought that the deep winter ticket will be cheap.

However, the closer the time, the more we realize that this is China's summer vacation.

A lot of parents who are interested in studying abroad should take their children to visit prestigious schools in Australia. More elderly people take their left-behind children to find parents and children living in Australia.

So that when the plane arrived at Melbourne Airport, the Chinese who were full of the plane called and said yes, yes, we are almost home

Observed clearly that there are only three tickets left for the special ticket.

Shenzhen to Melbourne to and from Beijing to transfer RMB less than 4,000 yuan is already a very cost-effective price

Low-cost Jetstar for domestic flights

Airlines that have to vomit! Crazy late Crazy late Crazy late

We sat four times late, half an hour, two hours, three hours, one and a half hours

So that when we first arrived in Tajikistan, it was almost one o'clock in the morning. The car rental company was already off work. Fortunately, the Airbnb landlord was willing to come to the airport to pick us

I have stayed at the airport many times and I have never seen Jetstar late, so if you have something to do, please choose Jetstar carefully

Then say that luggage check-in Jetstar has a free hand luggage allowance of 7 kg per person

The specific size of hand luggage must be strictly measured according to the official website, because if the luggage cannot be put into the cabin luggage, it will only be more laborious and costly.

We purchased a large baggage allowance of 20 kg at the time of booking

Originally, we needed to bring two large boxes, but the cost of checking one piece of luggage could almost catch up with the ticket price

Witty as I decisively chose a small suitcase with a large suitcase and two hand luggage

Legend has it that the shipping limit of Jetstar is very strict, probably we are lucky and do not feel

The Jetstar on the Gold Coast and Tajikistan will weigh, but it doesn't matter if you are overweight by one or two kilograms. The staff will ask you to rearrange your luggage and take out something first

Melbourne Airport walked four times and it was all self-printing boarding pass and self-checked baggage. No check at all! No check at all!

The amount of checked baggage must be purchased at the same time when buying air tickets will be expensive

Last but not least, car rental

This is the first time that Mr. Yan and I have drove by myself

Car rental is a cheaper Suzuki Swift after a lot of comparisons on the website

The road conditions on Tadao and Great Ocean Road are very good. No off-road vehicles are rented and there is no pressure. The point is that the car is too much for the rookie female driver.

When it comes to choosing a car shop, you are naturally more willing to choose a big car shop such as Hertz or Avis. I feel more at ease.

But as a young driver under the age of 25, I am more troublesome. Big car dealers are usually reluctant to rent a car to young drivers or charge a premium for underage drivers that is more expensive than the car rental.

After the comparison, the local Australian car dealer East Coast was selected to charge a lower guarantee fee for young drivers

East Coast car dealers have n’t heard of them before, and they ’re not at the airport.

I bought the whole insurance in the rental car rental. The full insurance provided by the rental car rental is still good. All the circumstances that can be thought of without a minimum compensation are basically within their compensation scope.

It ’s not cheap, but it ’s safe and secure, and you do n’t need to buy another car insurance. In the end, we did n’t use this insurance.

In fact, the East Coast service is reassuring. We arrived at the airport and called the car dealer.

Tower Island is to take a taxi to the car dealership and the car dealership will fully reimburse the taxi cost. Melbourne has a free shuttle bus to wait at the airport. It is very convenient

It's very convenient to go through the procedures and I got the car and it's relatively new and very clean

Even the right rudder does not have to worry about everything but the turn signal turns into a wiper at first.

Frankly speaking, we did n’t know much about Australian traffic regulations before departure

Probably only know that you have to lean on the left to let the car in the roundabout go on the left.

In the first few turns, I always used to turn to the right lane and was surprised how the opposite lane was retrogradely knocked by Mr. Yan many times.

Fortunately, as the most suitable place for self-driving in Australia, Tajima is very rare, very very good. Driving and enjoying the scenery has really become a kind of enjoyment.

Mr. Yan is an amateur photographer

This time I brought a Canon 60D with a large aperture 16-35mm f2.8 lens for instant photography and a slightly wide angle

Without telephoto, use the set lens 18-135mm for shooting animals

Before departure, Mr. Yan finally let me agree to buy a new tripod to shoot the starry sky and take a selfie

However, we did not use tripods throughout the trip.

How much do we want to film the starry sky in the Tajima rainy season?

Needless to say when taking selfies, most of the beautiful places are so windy that people can't stand upright and stand up on a tripod. Taking a crazy selfie is a luxury.

The white borders in the photos are all from my mobile phone

Iphone6s plus and Huawei Mate7

Amway everyone a good mobile phone retouching tool butter camera to make your pictures full of artistic temperament

Let me talk about the precautions

First of all, when you pick up the car, please be sure to carefully check the whole car condition

There will be a staff member to check with you while marking on the drawings. We carefully marked the scratches around the body and the wheels

When the car was returned in Melbourne, the staff said that we had six small pits on the roof. Mr. Yan and I were stunned. We drove so honestly and used the process center to know that there was no damage to the roof. How could there be so many small pits

Then I remembered that we did n’t check the roof when we checked the car.

How can this be good? It is unclear why even if it is within the scope of the rental car rental payment, it is ultimately a troublesome thing.

Fortunately, the staff checked the detailed records of the computer and saw that it was the legacy of our last tenant.

Then the credit card deposit is frozen. It is known to use the driver's own credit card

I accidentally saw the credit card on other travel notes before departure, or it must be a separate VISA or MASTER channel, otherwise the car rental cannot be brushed

And my credit card is the dual channel of Bank of Communications UnionPay and VISA

This made me nervous and hurried to the Bank of China to apply for an expedited VISA card

The fact is that this is a rumor that the VISA card was expedited and was not used throughout the whole process

Finally, the navigation that everyone cares about

You can rent a navigation at a car rental company, but it is more expensive and the English version is not used to it.

We rent the navigation on the car rental website. After the car rental, the navigation is free. Just pay a deposit of 800 yuan and postage. The deposit will be returned to your bank card soon after returning home

The fact is that we use the Google map of the mobile phone for the entire navigation

Download the offline map in advance, even if there is no signal, the phone can locate the route

The signs on the side of the road also show that it ’s obvious that you do n’t need to worry about getting lost.

When I was younger than younger, I hope to go north

North is a plain and heavy word that embraces a large area of ​​melancholy

Including the wild geese in the wild villages or the wind passing by the fields that are within reach

I think in the season of Huang Huaye, the closed lacquered doors of the old houses, the gray and blue sky, the incomparable sky, the dry air, the clear streets or the sweet aroma of the sugar cane gourd, and the sound of children playing from behind the wall Old alley

These free lives and events will always go so unhurriedly to the unfocused future. The years when the leaves of the old ginkgo swayed and fell like leisurely

This is after all a story that was younger than younger than it was in my life.

Capital Airport is very busy with red-eye international flights one after another

The security screening hall was bustling with all kinds of skin

Air China's international flights are really not comfortable. The seats are crowded. The legs are not entertaining. The entertainment facilities are very old. The meal is far from the domestic chicken and beef rice.

The nearly ten-hour flight was accompanied by turbulent airflow and endless babies crying and fell to the ground.

Arriving at the Gold Coast Airport was at 9pm

It was during the time when the domestic Zhenghua lantern was at its peak and the Gold Coast Airport was already quiet and quiet

All the shops have closed the sparse few people and drove home

Public transportation has also stopped service. Mr. Yan contacted a fat driver of the pick-up company to carry us

The flashing street view is very quiet, warm yellow street lights, empty streets, few flashing billboards

The overwhelming dark blue sky flows like long and short captions from European movies

We came to Griffith University and felt the atmosphere of the school.

The children who grew up in Shenzhen the next day went to the beach and were not uncommon with sea water

The coastline of the Gold Coast, which is a coastal city, is the main axis of the city.

Keep walking, keep walking, can't see the end

Listen to the seagulls singing the sea breeze in Maori, and the time is slow, like the needlework in grandmother's hands

Then take a walk to find a transparent hermit crab to sit down and play with it through the dusk

In the evening, a starlight filled the terrace where I saw the beach and wrote a poem

Um, Amway, a delicious and exquisite fast food restaurant.

I can't remember the name of the store

Only know the location of the intersection of the main road and a community path next to the Northcliffe tram station

It ’s the best fish & chips I ’ve had in Australia for a few days

Big breakfast is really big

We loved the continental breakfast and had a bacon omelette to eat it. The beautiful day started again.

There is no other customer owner in the breakfast shop I went to for breakfast

Learned that Mr. Yan lived in Hong Kong and talked about his experience in Hong Kong.

I like to watch foreigners dance and dance when they talk

On the morning of the third day, Xiang, who was sleeping at five in the morning, was lifted from the bed by Mr. Yan

I washed my face indiscriminately and took my face to the coast with the light of morning light

Good morning to this city road that does not belong to us

The rest was bad due to the crazy delay of Jetstar the previous night

The first day of the Tajima itinerary was very easy to just drive from Hobart to Swansea

After picking up the car at the East Coast near the airport, drive in the direction of Swansea across the two sea bridges and leave the city

Even if it is not sunny, it gives us a shocking lake and mountain scenery, which is a peaceful force

Not far from the city, there is a large Coles here to prepare supplies for these days

Inside the body are all excited blood rookie female drivers set off for Tasmania.

After leaving the city from Hobart, there are two roads to choose a big road and a small road

The roads on Tajima Island will be marked with ABCA which is a well-built road or high-speed B. The road C is also very good.

At the beginning, we didn't know that Mr. Yan took a small section of the road.

So turn the trail

Oh, muddy roads, potholes, muddy roads under the rain, water flooding, bumpy, muddy roads

Our little Swift does n’t dare to exceed 30 miles

Well, this road is not very long. After an hour, we can finally step on the accelerator and watch the scenery with peace of mind.

Carefully choose the road away from the pitman navigator

An emergency brake

Pay attention to the roadside grass and mud horses!

This long-haired sheep looks like a Korean idol group.

Airbnb in Swansea is a beautiful red villa

The decoration is both luxurious and very high quality. A large fireplace, many books and paintings on the wall, and toiletries are all Bvlgari.

The host is working exclusively with Airbnb and has three rooms for rent

We come very cheap in the off-season because there are no other tourists to share the room, the whole mansion is ours

At five o'clock in the winter, the island is completely dark.

I sat at the table to watch Mr. Yan's busy dinner

Slightly warm yellow lights and the scent of food that keeps coming, and the sound of the second hand beating can be heard calmly

If this can be the norm in life

If this is as always, if this is a long stream of water

Talk to Mr. Yan along the way and sing Lige

The air is clear and misty. The clouds are very low and very bright. The plants are also hanging with morning dew

Suddenly, I remembered that I liked the literary and warm vocabulary of the summer and the years when I was a student.

However, the time in the diary is too long and too long

In the mediocre time drowned in the crowd, I forgot to describe the things worth describing in life

Along the way there is your windy and gentle sunshine and the beautiful scenery that penetrates into your heart.

When you have leisure time, you will look like the old man and look at the scattered photos in memory. At that time, the air is also so fresh.

And the warmth that once passed through a world finally reached the other side after countless twists and turns.

See on the guide notes before departure

Say that the visitor center of Freycinet National Park is easy to be overlooked and have to turn around to find the ticket office

So after entering the Park for a distance, we still didn't see the visitor center and were anxious.


In fact, the visitor center has a very obvious continuous sign in the relatively inner position

Bought a pass for Tadao National Park

It's a pity that the time is too short and you can only go here to visit Wineglass Bay and Cradle Mountain

The entire island of Tajikistan is a national park. It is a deep tour.

Wineglass Bay rated as one of the ten most beautiful bays in the world

Climbing the hill to the observation deck in mild weather is a glance of blue color

There is a path to go down to the beach. It takes about three hours to go back and forth. Obviously, because of the delay of the first day of the trip, we no longer have enough time to get here. After signing in, we went down to Sheffield

What does it matter to us? We are thinking about the large grasslands along the way and the strangely shaped eucalyptus trees standing in a lonely posture for a hundred years.

A little kangaroo caught for food in the Wineglass Bay parking lot

Everything is perfect and the sun is shining

We arrived in Sheffield at night

The houses along the main street are all murals and are worthy of being called mural towns

However, it was too late to stay at a distance from the place of check-in

Follow the navigation

The sky is dark and the view is unclear

It is an independent two-storey wooden house with unique decoration and warmth. The landlord is a white-bearded farmer.

The wooden house was built by the landlord and grandfather himself. All the decorations in the room are also made by the landlord and his wife.

What a happy old couple with life sentiment and ability to live

You can feel their love for life without much communication

The journey to Cradle Mountain is reflected in the vast and lonely mood

The hail came down suddenly

In this warm winter July, the mountain temperature is relatively unrelenting.

Mr. Yan didn't walk too far with me to hide my face

Running and running, Mr. Yan suddenly stopped and quickly turned over the camera

Take a closer look, oh my god I do n’t know where I got a fat guy

What kind of animal is this?

I said it must be Mr. Xiong Yan but firmly said that this is a huge rodent to go to your house to grow like this

However, this fat guy does not give us more opportunities to observe it

In this bad weather, I turned around and twisted my fat ass for food.

When it comes to eating on the road, you can only find a few restaurants in the town

The rest of the large and large farms or uninhabited areas are invisible

If you take the high speed, there will be several high speed coffee

The food provided in our domestic service area or crossing store is difficult to swallow

In Tajima, you can rest assured that high-speed coffee only provides a small amount of fast food options, but the taste is still delicious.

Arrived at Evandale, the check-in town of Airbnb, at night time

The detached cottage with the hostess as a neighbor has already turned on the heating for us.

Arrived at Evandale, the check-in town of Airbnb, at night time

The detached cottage with the hostess as a neighbor has already turned on the heating for us.

Evandale is a historical town

You can see the church war museum of the last century and the post office of the last century

After enjoying a lazy breakfast we strolled around the town

The sunny breeze always reminds me when it is sunny

Because of Mr. Yan ’s busy time, we have to stay in Tadao for only four days

How can this be able to

About this wild at the end of the world

Mr. Yan was so jealous of seeing me drive that he was happy to wait for him to get a driver's license

Be sure to give yourself plenty of vacations for a complete trip around the island



We will meet again

The big burgers at the roadside convenience store are so amazing they ca n’t wait to put all the ingredients in the store.

I can clearly smell the scent it emits. Mr. Yan and I are still looking at each other. I do n’t know where to go for this towering big bag that I ca n’t hold.

When I ran in Ruoergai, I realized that I was a person with a prairie plot.

It's tranquility and distance, it's open and open-minded

It's a flower, a poem, a big distance

I am a wild horse but there is no grassland in my hometown

This makes me want to leave Mr. Yan

Airbnb in Apollo Bay is a very large independent villa with a front lawn and a backyard with large horses

Large particles of hail clashed in the night

We ate steak fruit on a soft carpet in a heated room

I saw his most affectionate face and the softest smile

From the first time I was in this cool world, the warm sun generally gave me the ability

Love while walking

After a big hail overnight, I didn't expect the next day to be a sunny day

In addition to Apollo Bay, it entered the territory of the Great Otway National Park not far away

Legend has it that the probability of encountering a koala in this park is very great

In fact, if you have more time, the Great Otway National Park is also worth playing

If it is really a big, big national park, the unmarked drive has been driving for two hours

All the way the lake and mountains shine in the sunshine

The essence of walking to the Great Ocean Road happened to be July 13, 2016

On the 4th anniversary of the engagement with Mr. Yan

The magnificence of the Twelve Apostles is still caused by wind and waves

I have never seen such a big storm in the past 20 years. I have been holding Mr. Yan and will be blown away a few steps by accident

It's a face that screams and winds that won't stop

The sea wave was rolled up several meters away, and the claws of the teeth slammed on the stone pillars, and it seemed to be swallowing all this away

Reminds me of Dunhuang's Yadan Devil City

They are all treasures bestowed on us by the creators

Mr. Yan, we will join hands to see the storms and waves in this world

Settled lunch at Port Campbell

The water in the small bay near the parking lot is inexplicably chaotic, and the boundary between green and turbidity can be clearly seen

There was a rushing sound after the rushing water

This rough sea gives a special accompaniment to the quiet town

The sunset beyond the distant mountains is like a dream, the sunset is magnificent

The salty and wet sea water of the waves scattered the endless vine grass along the plank road, and the white flowers bloomed over the steps. They didn't know where to return to the rocks. The moss slowly climbed to the parking lot.

The seagulls roared against the wind, struggling to move forward in the continuous blowback, the sunset was scattered, the fog reflected the water, the golden light and the green water formed a bright color contrast, the air is full of magnificent rush

Booked an independent villa to share with the hostess at Airbnb in Warrnambool

It was too late by the time, and I was hungry, foraging, and not taking pictures.

In a very peaceful community, the front and rear courtyards are independent, comfortable, clean and warm rooms, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and two cute fat cats

The hostess told me after waiting and welcoming us warmly that she would go out and we could freely enjoy the entire villa

And she has prepared enough breakfast and snack fruits in the refrigerator and cupboard

Need to trouble us to feed two fat cats the next morning

I am naturally 100% happy

The hostess discovered that I love animals

I took out the map and strongly recommended to us a local free park tower hill, but it ’s only 15 minutes by car.

A good point of natural scenery is that there are many small animals and the most important thing is the koala!

This can make Mr. Yan and I have a bad time. The trip is coming to an end. We did n’t see the koala, which makes us feel regretful.

Immediately thanked the hostess and gleefully discussed the itinerary

Mr. Yan said that I looked up to see Koala leaning up for half an hour.

It ’s so cute, so cute

It ’s really not easy to find. They are always hidden in the bushes or sleeping on the very high and very high eucalyptus trees.

We asked the staff at the visitor center. The staff warmly showed us

And said that I knew it slept here yesterday morning

How long does it take me to laugh a little lazy bear

On the way back, the scenery is a bit similar to Tadao Grassland

Under the touch of the sun for nearly six hours, I began to desperately sleepy

In order to refresh, we even heard Guo Degang's cross talk and talk show after 80 in this quiet Australian village.

In the empty gears where even the second hand on the clock is carried by the rack and disdain to jump

We filled up the layers of morning and evening flowers and endless years with a lot of stories

Melbourne's itinerary is also unplanned

Stop and go

Let's talk about traffic

Due to the unclear traffic regulations and the complicated road conditions of the city, we returned the car at the airport after returning from the Great Ocean Road

Store luggage at the airport and take the sky bus to and from the city for two people.

However, in fact, the monopolistic business that only takes half an hour to drive can't be distressed.

Wandering around the city is basically in the free tram zone

We wanted to take the 35 free tram for sightseeing, but the fact is that the basic stations with many people on the bus are not stable!

The other trams are also free in the free tram area, but I am not sure if I will be out of the free area after two stops.

It ’s really not cost-effective to spend a hundred dollars to get a transportation card for most of the day.

Forget it, fortunately, the central area of ​​Melbourne is very small

Time is not bad and life is not short

Turn on the runaway mode again and use your steps to measure the city

Lonely days on busy roads

Coffee Bell Tower Old Bricks and Tiles Happiness Agreement to Accompany You

At the end of the itinerary, the crowded streets are delusional to listen to the snow, which constitutes my love for this winter

Um, the title has already passed, and I will take Tu Amway again

Mr. Yan and my favorite sushi roll with avocado on this trip

In daily life, we do n’t like to eat avocado and do n’t want it to be a perfect match with sushi.

The half-moon itinerary is fleeting without fear of severe cold but fear of scorching heat

When the accumulation is not enough, always go back and continue to work hard

Life returns to the essential state of rush and rush and will continue in the old way of saying goodbye and meeting

If it weren't for a long journey, how would you know every strange and beautiful life path of a distant place

I really like the Qinian

To have the simplest life and the most distant dream, even if the road freezes tomorrow

Then come on

You must walk out the most prosperous scenery on your own way

-The End-

May the kind you have the perfect journey


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