Guerrilla Thailand with parents-everyone was a child

Traveled more than a year ago, travel notes written in 2015! Today I suddenly want to share it with everyone! Everyone was a child and loves to play! At the present age, I occasionally feel that I am a little embarrassed to do something. Maybe I will borrow a reason to play with the child, and I will play more freely and casually! My parents are too.

1. Query the route, and select the corresponding scenic spots and processes according to your preferences (when traveling with parents, you must take into account the feelings of parents and yourself).

I made the decision 3-4 days before departure and booked 3 tickets to Bangkok. I told my mother a day later, ha, the prelude to the trip began. Dad does n’t like to panic and likes to be methodical. Fortunately, he and his mother are still satisfied with the whole journey. Happy ^ ^ After considering a whole family can sleep late, but mother does not get up early, likes voyage, driving, The boat trip is shorter. Mom and Dad like to resort style, I like to play, so I have the following itinerary.

2. Check the distance between destinations and the time required for various transportation to facilitate planning (using Google Maps)

3. Make itinerary & budget table (because I have just worked, my own funds are limited, and the price has risen a lot during the Spring Festival, so I made appropriate adjustments in the choice of hotels. If there are no capital restrictions, of course, you can not do it)

4. Book air tickets and hotels (usually the cheaper the earlier the price)

5. Visa: apply for landing visa at Thai airport, pass passport, immigration card (filled in the plane), application form, photo, boarding card, return ticket, 1000 Zhu ready, present at least 10,000 baht per person Cash spot check (RMB and USD equivalent) Finally, the visa officer will book your boarding card on your ticket, give you a number, and wait for the number to be OK

6. Check the volume and weight of the luggage that the aircraft can carry. General luggage is up to 28 inches, otherwise oversize fees will be charged. In terms of weight, each airline is different.

It's been a long time since, so I forgot which website I ordered at that time. Traveling with my parents, so all the hotels are booked, I hope they can have a good rest. (The assumption is good, but because the itinerary is too tight, it was rejected by my parents and said that it was a guerrilla war.)

You can usually choose: Hotel Booking, B & B airbnb, youth hostel hostelworld; In addition, you can also go to Expedia, Agoda, where to go, Yilong booking.

It is recommended to bring toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers. Phuket hotels basically do not provide toothpaste and toothbrush!

Air ticket: booked on "Where to go", pick a relatively short time, direct flight, the price is relatively cheap. Try to book as early as possible so that you can buy cheap air tickets. It is said that there are quite a lot of flights in Macau, you can check it yourself.

Road traffic: In Chiang Mai, if you bring your parents together, it is recommended to charter a car, which can be booked at the hotel, so that the time is more casual and more convenient. Because LZ is a taxi or chartered car in Chiang Mai, it is impossible to give other suggestions.

To the Similan Islands, it is a two-day one-day tour of the Sea Star, which includes transfers, so at the end of the journey, you can return to the hotel or transfer to the airport.

Sunscreen, mosquito repellent water, waterproof plastic bag for mobile phones and cameras.

Organize your luggage and set off for the airport.

Arrived in Bangkok early in the morning, the airport is not big, and the speed of carrying luggage is quite fast.

Remedy to noon, and then set off to the Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha Temple, magnificent!

The following data collected before:

The Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew

The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are next to each other. If you use an adjective to describe the Grand Palace, it is "Jin Cancan". The largest palace complex in the Thai royal family brings together the essence of Thai architecture, decoration, carving, and painting. Located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, it was built in 1782 during the time of Rama I and was the royal residence of the Kingdom of Siam. The current royal family has moved to Chitralada Palace, and the Grand Palace is only used for a few celebrations. Among them, the Jade Buddha Temple can be said to be the essence of it. The Jade Buddha Temple in the Grand Palace is the most sacred temple in Thailand and the place where important ceremonies are held by the royal families of all dynasties.

* Go as early as possible, one is to avoid the heat, and the other is to avoid the tour group.

* If you are only here for a trip, then the one-hour visit time is enough, most students will spend two hours.

* Visiting the Grand Palace requires long-sleeved trousers. Don't think too much. The staff at the entrance will check and prompt you to provide clothes after paying a 200b refundable deposit.

* There will be many vendors renting clothes near the Grand Palace, just ignore it! Someone will tell you that the Grand Palace will not open the door, just ignore it!

* Live taxis and other taxis at the entrance of the Grand Palace do not use meters. They may be blocked from the road.

Tickets: 500 baht, including tickets to the Royal Decoration Museum and Jade Buddha Temple in the Grand Palace (valid only on the day), and Teak Palace tickets outside the royal palace (valid within 7 days), Chinese audio guide machine rental at ticket office (200 baht / 2 hours ). Website:

It ’s too late to eat breakfast, so 3 people hurriedly ate ice cream during lunch time

Wandered until 3-4, tired of shopping, and ate the first meal in an Italian restaurant not far from the exit of the Wat Pho (combined in the middle and evening, the taste is the most satisfying on the journey, suitable for my taste). After arranging the Wat Pho Temple in the itinerary plan and going to Wat Arun, he was helpless and did not want to leave, so he gave the temple a pass. Later, I heard from a friend from Shanghai that he was going to climb there. .

PS: My parents said that other people take pictures and send pictures when they eat. Why do n’t you take pictures or send them? Follow the trend.

After the meal, according to the itinerary's itinerary, we took a boat (water transportation, so crowded and cheap, folded to CNY 3 yuan) going to see the Siam Dream Theater, the boat is sitting, but the wrong stop, the wrong way , Go round and round, simply stop watching. Three people strolled randomly on the street, tired, and called a tutu car.

The first time I took the tutu car, I didn't expect it to be so short, which caused my sister's spine to be directly red, and the scab has not faded. It's funny here, the driver's uncle wanted to sue me, I said it was too expensive, and directly bargained (although it was still a bit expensive for that distance). The funny thing is that the uncle took the wrong road and drove for a good circle. He didn't find the direction until he drove to a hotel and asked for directions. When he delivered it, he laughed to himself, and the extra part was used in Fuel costs and time are up.

I went back to rest for a while, because when I went out, it was like 9-10 o'clock. The restaurants were closed. I bought barbecue on the road. Because the family rarely ate barbecue on the road, I found that it was cold after I bought it back. Fortunately It's familiar, and I'm drunk when I think about it. If you eat it, remember to let the stall owner bake it.

Day2 It is said that Ayutthaya is worth a visit, with a historical background, because there is no time to know in advance, and directly reported a day trip to Ayutthaya. Because of lack of understanding, I feel like that (preparatory work is still very important). In the morning, I went to the Summer Palace (where the uncle of the king of Thailand lived) and there are many bodhi trees. In addition, that day was Valentine's Day. I met a lot of students in the Xia Imperial Palace under the leadership of the teacher. Are you going to take an exam? Like praying to Wenzhu Bodhisattva to pray for good results.

PS: Remember to bring the camera, memory card, and fully charged battery. I forgot to remove the camera memory card from my computer, but I couldn't take a picture with my camera on my back.

There are a lot of ruins that have been burned by aggression around. I do n’t remember what it is called, there is a desolate and chic beauty. There I learned a gesture of "wish you happiness".

"Wish you happiness": your fingers should come together, please look at the back for the correct gesture.

Mother is very satisfied with the voyage in the afternoon-enjoying the scenery of the Chao Phraya River along the way without having to walk is the key. And I thought I would go to the next scenic spot, and as a result, I rejuvenated all the way until I was woken up at tea time, and it was almost the end of the day trip. After returning to the hotel, I took my luggage and flew to Chiang Mai.

PS: I thought it would be a bit late to play. Some tickets were booked in advance, so my friends still have to calculate the time.

Mom and Dad seem to be very happy!

Continuing to make up, I packed a car at about 12:30 and set off for the Puping Palace. The trees in the Puping Palace are so beautiful, so sensational, climbing up and down, I love it.

Shuanglong Temple does not need to be a cable car, it is not high, but because of lack of homework, the family does not like to climb the slope and directly made the cable car. There is no view in the cable car there, and the view of the cable car is still the beauty of our country (because there are not many foreign countries).

I went to Thapae Gate in the evening and happened to catch up with the Sunday market. Starting from outside the Tha Pae Gate, the entire Ratchadamnern Road street is paved, and the ethnic minority of Thai residents who are dozens of miles away bring their own handicrafts to Chiang Mai to gather and set up stalls. The vast market continued until 11 o'clock in the evening before they began to close their booths. The locals singing and performing on the road, and the massive roadside massage, feel like China in the 1980s and 1990s.

There is a restaurant called Yicon on the road, where many Chinese eat, which is more in line with our taste. (Actually, it ’s time to go, wow, click)

Day4 listened to the experience of tourists on Day2's journey and said that it is possible to report a group by riding elephants and jungle shuttles. After a day of playing, I reported the group on the next night. The riding elephant is a little disappointed, because there are too many tourists, long trip and short trip have become the same short route. The elephant I was riding was so handsome, but I did n’t have the heart to step on my back, and my feet were shaking there (but you ’re sitting on it, it ’s a bit fake, haha)

The jungle shuttle in the afternoon is the most exciting in the journey. Everyone is afraid to play high, from rusty to encouraging jokes together. Anyway, because I like to play with this, I burst high all the way until my voice is dumb. My father was so high, and the first one jumped off. My mother was so scared at first. I encouraged her at the bottom. There was also an aunt who was so scared at first. After jumping and sliding, she let go of her hands. The coach knows that I am not afraid, and I swing the ropeway there, anyway, I am not afraid, it is fun. 32 steps, the longest is 600m, and the highest is almost 20-30m (distance to the tree below), the only shortcoming is that the vertical fall distance is not enough, otherwise it will be more exciting. I would like to thank a young couple who took good photos and helped our family.

PS: The staff will let you store valuables, cameras, mobile phones, etc. in the cabinet before departure to prevent falling during play. However, in fact, as long as you do a good job of protection, you can bring it, so that you can take pictures.

Day5 Because I played away the jungle fly the day before, I was a bit idle. But I thought it would be a good night, but the ticket was booked late. At noon, I called a car and set off to see the Paradise Art 3D Museum, where I had a big brain hole with my parents and had a good time.

I finally have hair ~ I ’m so good!

After the 3D Pavilion ended, I had nothing to do. I asked the driver to send it to the Orchid Garden. I thought it would be beautiful and enjoyable. As a result, the orchids in Thailand are not contained at all. They are still fresh and refined in the country, such as gladioli, gentleman orchid and Tianli like.

PS: The driver is very disgusted with durian. Not everyone in Thailand likes durian. Lost durian ice cream, Kaiken drove away.

After the driver took us to take a few other places, we all felt boring, it was estimated that the day before was too tired, simply went directly to the airport. Fortunately, there is a computer and wifi. When my mother watches TV, time passes.

Day6 The hotel in Phuket does not have toothpaste and toothbrush, I have gum. At noon, I went to Karon Beach next to the hotel for an afternoon, and my father was so happy. Because I have n’t been close to the water for a long time, I was swimming for the first time when I was a child and had a high fever. Afterwards, I almost drowned and died a few times. tour.

On the beach near Centara Villas Phuket, there is a food stall that is quite delicious, and the price / performance ratio is much stronger than The cliff. In addition to the good environment, The Cliff is not worth a try at all. Breakfast is okay, dinner is rotten to the top, super invincible and unpalatable. My parents and I basically didn't eat it.

PS: The dinner at the cliff restaurant is a set meal ordered online. Maybe the set meal is unpalatable. It is recommended not to book an online set meal.

I watched the goddess show at night. I didn't want to watch it. I thought they were miserable, but my parents seemed interested. When I watched the performance, I applauded so much because they performed very well, and there were actually 4 Chinese programs, as if watching the Spring Festival Gala. They can only watch from a distance, the time on stage is dazzling, singing and dancing are very good. After the performance, they lined up with a group of tourists on the road and took photos with the tourists.

Day7 reported 2 days and 1 night tour of Similan Islands. The water of Similan is really clear and beautiful. The sand of White Beach is so soft and fine, much better than Karon Beach. On the first day, I made a long car and boat trip, and I had a cold since I started in Thailand. I didn't go to the first snorkeling. My father said that I saw a lot of fish, and it was clear. In the afternoon, I took a nap in a wooden house and went out to play in the water in the afternoon. My father taught my mother the simplest dog crawl swimming.

There is electricity on Day8 island from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am, no wifi, no signal, no TV, no hot water. Because I went to bed early at 8 o'clock the night before. In recent years, I didn't go to bed so early. I went to bed early and got up early, and I got up at 5:30. It ’s terrible not to know the road, the best place to watch the sunrise is not far from the room where you live. Because Mom and Dad had reached the beach and didn't want to go back, I followed a group of strange tourists to watch the sunrise—the first time I watched the sunrise by the sea in my life (the others have failed). After waiting for a while, the sun jumped out of the horizon. It turned out that it was colorful before sunrise, and it was dark before dawn. I watched it for a long time and enjoyed it.

After having breakfast on the big boat, it's the next day. How can I snorkel without going into the water ~ My mother got into the water with the help of my father and me, but it went up in just 1-2 minutes. According to my father, my mother looked at the seabed for 3s with diving eyes. During the second snorkeling, I was guided by a kind guide, and I took a superb route. Under the guidance of the guide, I saw several colorful fish, a lot of fish and corals. It was really beautiful and so happy. , Meimei forgot to take out his mobile phone to take pictures. When he got on the boat, he snotted and was laughed by the crew. Mom said she would go back to learn swimming and encourage! (More than a year has passed, she has not yet learned)

PS: There is a 5-6 year old foreign kid on the same boat. The diving is super powerful. The air turns and comes casually. His mother's water drop is very small. Perhaps it is a diving athlete. Afraid they were embarrassed, they did n’t take photos at that time, and regretted it.

Day9 arrived on the shore and felt down-to-earth. I wanted to go back to Patong Beach to eat something. When I heard tourists say that the seafood there was not good, I thought of the bumpy road and went straight to the airport. Sea Star's service is very good, originally booked back to the hotel, temporarily told them I was going to the airport, they arranged to send us to the airport.

PS: There is a place for showering at the exit. You can take a shower before leaving.

I did n’t know in advance that there were many flights from Macau, and other flights had to be transferred, so I booked a direct flight to Hong Kong from 3:00 am. Finally got the postcard at the airport. Lucky things happened again. I saw the colorful clouds before sunrise on the plane. The sunrise on the cloud was too dazzling to look straight.

Thank you for the people and things you met along the way, thank you Mom and Dad for following me all the way, and playing with High ~ Thank you!


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