Come on a trip that says go away-Koh Samui trip

I made sure that the itinerary was the day before I left. Without much preparation, I went directly to the travel agency and asked about the free package to Thailand. I chose the itinerary that has a very good price and flight time, so I started a "travel"

· Choose travel agency: It seems to be a youth travel agency that can be seen everywhere on the street

· City selected: Koh Samui

· Selected flight: Departure 16: 30-18: 30 Back to city 20: 50-22: 50 (Flight time period is also one of the important reasons for our choice, the time is very suitable, there is no early morning and evening)

· Selected hotel: Ayers Resort Hotel, which belongs to the standard of 3 and a half stars

Above, including air ticket, accommodation, Samui hotel-airport round-trip private car transfer, welcome dinner, free travel 2580 / person for 7 days.

After paying the money, I went back to pack my luggage and waited for the start of the journey the next day. I was still a little excited.

The first day of the trip is on the road. After arriving at the airport in the afternoon, a staff of a travel agency provided us with an entry slip and asked the staff to change some baht. Because of our landing sign, we need to exchange about 1500 baht per person. Of course, there is a tip. It is recommended that you can go to the Bank of China to make an appointment in advance and exchange the baht for conversion.

After landing, the airport in Koh Samui is really small and cute. It is really a hassle to sign the landing. All the people need to line up and print nearly 20 sheets of paper on the staff when they arrive The names of all tourists in Meidao), our task is to find out their names among these hundreds of people, and then check them out with a marker pen before the staff can apply for a visa for us.

There was a fellow who was always looking for his name, but he could not find it at all. Finally, the helpless staff indicated that they could show the ticket, and they could also apply for it, which was considered lucky. Therefore, it is recommended that you can apply for a visa in advance and do your best in China.

A welcome dinner was also arranged that night, it was Chinese food, and the taste could only be said, but it was also arranged by the travel agency, which was quite intimate.

Fill in the information at the airport before departure, me & sister & mother

When I just got off the plane and saw the scene, Samui ’s airport was very small, but it was particularly beautiful in the afterglow of the sunset.

After checking in at the hotel, we wandered around the hotel. The hotel we live in is next to CENTRAL MALL. It is very convenient. There are Uniqlo, large shopping malls, and there are many cosmetic brands in it. The entire Koh Samui Island is very small, and the traffic here is a one-way street. Driving around the island, even motorcycles cannot be reversed, so sometimes walking to a destination on a retrograde road will be much faster than taking a car. And the taxis here are bargaining, there is no meter.

For a trip that says go and go, there is no guide, it is natural to sleep until you wake up naturally. After having breakfast, strolling by the beach, I feel that time is passing very slowly and I feel very comfortable.

The hotel ’s restaurant is by the sea and you can enjoy a hearty breakfast.

The hotel's swimming pool is next to the restaurant, and the ultraviolet rays in the morning are already very strong, so you must do sun protection before the water falls.

The weather on the first day was not particularly good, so that there was no imaginary blue throughout the day, but it did not affect the mood, because as long as you see the sea, the mood will be very comfortable.

The sea breeze, salty taste


For this "cannibalism" photo, I feel that my face is almost destroyed by the sun, but the effect is still there, I feel very happy. The next day, the self-hi mode was turned on at the hotel's beach, and I had fun with my sister and mother.

Here comes a self-portrait group photo, how did the middle one wear the "autumn pants"

For dinner, we found a restaurant on the street that favors Western food. There are many foreigners [steamed shrimp with fish sauce]

I forgot what squid is, but the taste is particularly delicious, just like the taste of a local chili sauce

The Mojito must be ordered at each table, and the alcohol taste is particularly strong. This store will have a 10% discount on the designated drinks after 9 o'clock.

On the third day, I still choose to play near the hotel. Opposite our hotel is CENTRAL MALL. There is a large shopping mall with skin care products and clothing. There are some preferential prices than the corresponding domestic prices. It's not particularly big here, there is also a supermarket, it takes only half an hour to walk around. Overall, the fruits and seafood here are several times more expensive than those in Phuket. Remember to buy a small pineapple in Phuket for about 20rmb, 60rmb is needed here. It is said that more tourists on Koh Samui are foreigners, and the Chinese still love Phuket.

The cat in the restaurant is very cute and knows how to find you to eat, very polite

This child is not sick

"Tour here" commemorative group photo

This children ’s paradise is really fun, we sat on it for at least 10 minutes before we left

You can turn by yourself hahaha, it feels so childish

We had a little loli while we were taking photos. He was very lens-like with us. She was not shy at all. Every time we took a photo, she immediately ran over to ask for immigration and made her dad watching her helpless. She also told me "sorry" again and again.

She is 5 years old and is here to travel with her family. She is very cute. Finally we left and she said goodbye to us reluctantly.

Plumeria flowers everywhere

Haha, my sister is afraid

I went to the famous night market at night and forgot the name. After I left the hotel, I walked along the side of the road to the fork. There is everything to eat, but the seafood gives me the feeling that it is not fresh, because the seafood is not fresh. The taste is not particularly good. After eating, you can also visit the night market, you can buy some snacks, fried yogurt, cocktails, you can also buy some small things such as bracelets.

On the fourth day, I finally arrived at the W Hotel I missed. I took a taxi from our hotel to get 80rmb. The driver ’s phone was left on the way. The driver said that it was not a good taxi because the hotel ’s gate was on the mountain. On the return trip, you can call him in advance and come to pick us up. I saw a lot of people post this hotel on Xiaohongshu, and I saw 6000rmb in a night at the price of the hotel environment and room photos.

After reading a lot of guides, I said that the afternoon tea at W Hotel can not be missed. When you arrive at the door, you have to pay 600 baht per person to enter the door, which is also the guaranteed per capita consumption inside. You can order food inside, and finally pay the bill with this ticket. We didn't order the "net red" afternoon tea set. It seems that it is 1500 baht, and I feel that the price is not high.

We chose some snacks, which are really not to be missed. The best food is his fried chicken and fried squid.

The beautiful scenery comes into your eyes as soon as you enter the hotel door

Another panorama

There was no one when we went, so it was perfect for taking pictures

Two of the drinks ordered, the ice cream cup on the left has a high value and good taste, recommended

The fried squid is really super delicious, tender and tender, it melts in the mouth, crispy and delicious, hahaha then it is delicious and delicious

Go down the stairs, there is an infinity pool, almost no one swims, but unfortunately we did not bring a swimsuit out

In the corner of the hotel, so cute chess, we all played here for half an hour ...

Another beautiful photo ~~

The beach of the hotel feels that the sea water is deep, and almost no one is going to the sea, but it is quiet, lying in a hammock with the sea breeze, enjoying a quiet and beautiful time

On the fifth day we launched the first crazy SHOPPING TIME. We took a taxi to the BIG C supermarket, which was close to the W hotel yesterday. The taxi used to be 300 baht. Supermarkets are no different from Chinese supermarkets. We have lunch at the “big food generation” on the 2nd floor. There is a Vietnamese rice noodle that tastes first-class and is particularly cheap. The doughnuts here are also particularly delicious. In the afternoon, we went shopping in the supermarket for 3 hours, that is to buy local snacks, a bag of 1mmb of Tom Yum Goong soup powder, I regretted not buying more, and brought it back to cook oyster mushrooms, which is especially delicious. Of course, there is also the Ponce's BB powder recommended by everyone in Xiaohong Book. It is 7rmb. The main purpose is to use it as loose powder, but I use it to touch my hair. The hair is too late to wash. It is an effect to catch the bangs and wash it, and it will not be oil in an instant, hahaha, love.

After visiting the supermarket, we walked back. Not far from CENTRAL MALL, it is regarded as a famous seafood restaurant on Koh Samui, where all the Chinese eat here ...

Every weekend 2 days, it is CENTRAL MALL night market time, we DIY our passport holder at the night market, the price is 40rmb, cute

Doughnuts, each looks delicious.

This is the place to eat. Every rice noodle is delicious and the soup is clean.

We who hailed in the supermarket

Mitra Samui seafood stalls, this is a front view of the restaurant

We got two crabs and a catty of shrimp. Eat 600rmb, much more expensive than Phuket seafood. There is a 140rmb big lobster in Phuket, 600rmb here.

Garlic scent

mango juice

Cute passport holder

The Library Hotel is also one of the more famous hotels in Koh Samui. The most famous one is its red swimming pool, which looks more like a blue swimming pool. Today, I spent a whole day swimming at the beach, launching with snorkeling things, you can see many transparent small fish underwater. However, due to the serious pollution of seawater, the water is still turbid, and the color of seawater is dark gray. After swimming for a while, I lay ashore and rested, and continued to swim. Finally, I made a horse to kill chickens by the sea, blowing the sea breeze, listening to the song, closing my eyes, and enjoying the comfort of the moment.

After returning to the hotel for rectification and rest, we decided to eat a famous local buffet for 60rmb per person. The pot is very unique, and you can barbecue or cook hot pot. There are also many delicious cooked foods, especially the strawberry ice cream is recommended. It is too delicious. It is hundreds of times better than other ice creams. There are two flavors of strawberry and chocolate. I can't help eating 6. There are many locals who come here to eat. The bean sprouts, seaweed and their own wontons are boiled in the hot pot, which is very fresh. After eating, the wall back to the hotel.

Library Hotel's swimming pool

The hotel is a small building, a small building, 1700rmb a night

Volkswagen T1 seen on the road, super cute

Killing chicken ing

The name of the cafeteria is guru buffet

All kinds of snacks

Local specialty rice noodle rolls

Ingredients for boiling hot pot

Shrimp is raw, but it tastes delicious

There are three kinds of sauces, the best is the one in the middle

Favorite strawberry ice cream

On the last day, we slept naturally until we woke up and left the room at 12 o'clock and had lunch near the hotel. Before going to the airport in the afternoon, we are ready to feel the horse-killing technique of the SPA outside. We chose one of the largest spas, selected full body oil massage, 900 baht per person for one hour. Pressed down, the whole body is very comfortable. But the intensity is still a little bit biased for me.

One hour after killing the chicken, we chose to visit the BOOTS drug store. There is everything here, there are 3 minutes cucumber moisturizing mask, NO7 ice cream mask, tiger shoulder and neck ointment and many more. Good quality and low price, my sister can go shopping for 2 hours alone ...

Samui is about to leave, this is an easy and pleasant trip. The next stop, I also hope that it is a trip to go.

Boots drugstores are everywhere on the street

I really bought a lot ...

Goodbye Samui

The afterglow of the setting sun sets off our way back ...


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